On Do 1 Thing Baby Just Do 1 Thing

My 1 thing is to finally call the doctors on this list of recommendations from friends and schedule a physical and hopefully I will like this doctor and then I can finally have a regular primary care doctor to fix stuff that goes wrong in my body area. Oh, and hopefully get my $3 back from the secretary in my department who "borrowed" it (AKA saw that I had it in my wallet and took it from my hands - WHO DOES THAT?)

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend should be fairly low key, which is probably necessary due to the huge expenses incurred during vacation funtime. Friday: Meeting up with a friend for drinks, and then progressing together to meet up with her friends for more drinks. I'm thinking that despite the guarantee for fun, I'll pass out fairly early due to jet lag. Maybe $25 for the whole night. Saturday: Brunch is planned with another friend before she has to head into work, maybe $30. I'll probably just trek somewhere and work on a paper for a while at a coffee shop for the rest of the day, $10 for coffee and possible food items. Oh and a small grocery store run (saving the big one for when I'm near a Trader Joe's next week) - around $30. Sunday: World Cup viewing at Governors Island! Apparently this is supposed to be the most fun ever, with food trucks and other various appealing things. Probably another $30 or so on food and requisite beers for the day. Total estimate is around $125. Yeesh.

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

@andnowlights @frumious bandersnatch Hahaha well I did get back Monday night so I'm not being super active yet about any sort of unpacking. I keep waking up early, taking two things out and putting them in a pile next to the suitcase, then wandering away and finding something better to do with my time. But maybe piles are their own form of progress?

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

I'm back from my epic Europe trip, and am now struggling with jet lag. Boo. My one thing is to manage to stay up past 8:30pm tonight, and my other thing is to finally unpack my suitcase and clean up my messy room. Oh and say farewell to the poor lil plant that died while I was away. I'm a bad plant parent. So that's actually 4 things, but they're all related to each other so it's okay.

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On Riding the Chinatown Bus, and Considering Its True Cost

I can't handle Mega Bus or Bolt Bus anymore - the staff are all so rude! And Mega is astonishingly difficult to get to here in NYC. My usual go-tos are DC2NY and Vamoose. Both are usually $35 (I think they have some fancier buses for a little bit more?). You get free water, wifi, super nice staff, and I've never had a negative incident yet.

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On The Extra Paycheck Club

@OllyOlly The number of pay periods is actually 26.1 (Source: I do finance for a university and calculate pay CONSTANTLY). So that might account for some degree of discrepancy.

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On Friday Estimate

Woo hoo, the weekend is here! Too bad it's rainy and miserable out. Friday: Had to buy breakfast and coffee this morning, $5. Just bought a ticket to the Beach Fossils/Craft Spells show tonight (Northside!), $25. Will probably have a beer or two at the show or after, $15. Saturday: Astoria beer garden! It's a friend's goodbye party, which is sad, and I really hope the weather clears up before we all get there. Will probably end up eating there, and getting a few beers for myself and others, so maybe $50 total? Yeesh, I hope it's not that much. Don't know what the plan is for after, but hopefully it'll be cheap, $20. Sunday: No plans, but maybe brunch ($25) and the gym if I can motivate myself. Let's add another $10 for miscellaneous coffee necessities. Hopefully I'm overestimating, but it's looking like a total of $150 for the weekend.

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On 1 is the Loneliest Number That You'll Ever Do ...

Can it still count as my 1 thing if I did it yesterday?? I FIIIINALLY went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to return something that I'd bought over a year ago, with no receipt, and I didn't even have the right credit card with me. And they took it back and now I have mass quantities of store credit. Whoo hoo! My other thing, if that doesn't count, is to book hostels for my Europe trip. It's starting next week - get your booty in gear, self!

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On How I Paid Off Nearly $80,000 in Student Debt in Less Than Five Years

@polka dots vs stripes Exactly! As for me, sure my field isn't exactly niche, but I *hate* the idea of teaching. Someone with social anxiety or introversion would have no way of applying these totally amazing lessons to one's own life. All those eyes staring at you...

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On How I Paid Off Nearly $80,000 in Student Debt in Less Than Five Years

@polka dots vs stripes I hope it's just as informative and helpful as this post

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