On Deciding to Buy Renters Insurance

You only have only a few hundred dollars worth of clothes? No way.

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On Promo Codes Are The New Credit Card Points

@lisaf You should find a better card; it should not be difficult. CapitalOne Quicksilver gives 1.5% cashback with no fee, and there are lots of other cards that give up to 3%. Bank of American gives 1% on all, 2% on groceries and 3% on gas, while CapitalOne Venture (has a fee) gives 2% back if you redeem points on travel or gift cards. Shop around a bit. The points game is opening new credit cards that you don't need to take advantage of good points promotions. Often you can find 40,000+ airline points if you spend $1000 in three months or something. You perhaps throw these away in the mail every day!

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On 24-Hour Daycares Accommodate the "Forever Clock"

@E$ Vote for a politician that gives cash transfers instead of subsidizing daycares; everyone will be better off. These arrangements are stupid and should not have to exist. See below.

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On 24-Hour Daycares Accommodate the "Forever Clock"

These daycares are a terrible reflection on our society from a resource allocation standpoint. It sounds like the state subsidizes up to $250/week per child from the article, and since the clientele will be primarily retail/service workers, I'm comfortable assuming that most of the parents are receiving this subsidy. On an annual basis, this is something like $12,500, or $25,000 for two children. Just giving this money to the parents is equivalent to something like $37,000 in pre-tax salary, a 40 hr work week hourly wage equivalent of something like $18, which is probably well above what the parents are probably making. The article included a mom who worked ~60 hrs per week, but even the $37k equivalent wage of $12/hr is probably high for entry-level retail. My goodness.

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On How to Order Chinese Food

@LookUponMyWorks People looking for ethnic food in DC should look at Tyler Cowen's (of Marginal Revolution) guide. Sichuan food has become fairly trendy in the mid-Atlantic thanks to the success of the itinerant Peter Chang. You should have plenty of options.

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On Going "Gluten Free" is for Rich People

Rice, corn, potato and oat-based foods are widely available and dirt cheap. Products labeled gluten-free may indeed be expensive, but gluten-free starches are certainly not.

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On Everything You Need to Know About Diapers, Part 2

@NoReally @NoReally I think that both you and the author of the post of missing the intended connotations of "real" here. It seems to me that Kelly's Closet wants us to take the meaning that diaper pail liners were first thought of actual moms rather than a company coming up with the product and marketing it to them. Any connotations about "real America" or "real moms" is probably reading too much into it.

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On Jimmy John's Non-Compete Agreement Bans Employees From Working at Restaurants that Serve Sandwiches

@annev17 Non-competes are mostly unenforceable.

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On "Shortsighted, Cheap, and Unethical: Cash Only."

@SterlingCooper05 Erm, 5% discount for cash is cray, and I would never pay with a credit card if they gave me a 5% cash discount!

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On Secret Debt Threatened My Marriage

There is a big difference in interest rates for student debt vs credit card debt. Having high amounts, or even any, CC debt is a big problem, and the writer definitely needed someone to motivate her to get that consolidated into a loan with a manageable interest rate. Apparently, threats from her husband-to-be were the only thing strong enough to work, so it was a reasonable move on his part.

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