On Do You Get Annual Checkups?

My insurance pays for annual exams, and my doctor's office sends me reminders to schedule appointments. It's in my best interest to get that exam, not anyone else's, plus if it'll cost me nothing and just take an hour and a half of my morning, I'll do it. Ditto with how men don't have a carrot to get regularly screened- UGH.

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On Turkey Planning

I have a fun tradition of celebrating Tgiving with my best girl friends from high school (we made a funny pact that we would celebrate throughout college because we went to high school abroad and most of our families at the time were still overseas). We're doing it in my apartment and I already ordered the turkey off of Freshdirect!

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On What a Deal

Woof! That's so cheap (or I just have a lot of clothes). How much is it per lb, Logan? WHERE IS THIS MAGICAL LAUNDROMAT?

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On Monday Check In: A Wedding Upstate

$25 for birth control $21 for wings and beer with a friend Friday night $5.25 for gelato dessert $12 for manicure, plus tip $20 for a cab ride Saturday night $12 for cigarettes $10 for drink and slice of pizza $2.25 for tall boy $8.88 for butter and other various groceries on Sunday. $116.38, y'all

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On Tuesday Check-In: The Long Weekend

$245.50, total. This involved: groceries from farmers market, two beers, smoothie and a burger at the beach, bottle of wine for a friend, Indian dinner, beer for a dinner party on Sunday, a round of drinks for friends, brunch, movie ticket. Woof. I'll try and make myself feel better considering it was a three day weekend...

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On Money and Tourists

I understand your irritation with white people prices, but you have to understand that to them, 2 dollars to them means a lot more than 2 dollars to you.

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On Monday Check-In: Let's Talk About Heirloom Tomatoes

Friday - had a cup of coffee and a slice of olive oil cake with my friend, 5.50 Got a bikini wax, 24.04 Picked up my laundry, $18.08 Withdrew 40 dollars from bank, spent it on three drinks and a late night sandwich Saturday - Round trip train ticket to Croton Harmon for day birthday party - 18 Sunday Spent $14.98 at Whole Foods and got $20 cashback, so $34.98 With the $20 I had I got a pedicure. Total, $140.60

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On Breakfast for Beginners

Also, avocado toast makes a great breakfast and is quite filling.

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On Reader Mail: Starting Out as an Adult

What are the pros and cons of a traditional IRA and a roth IRA? why are you always promoting a roth?

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On How to Make Money by Moving Abroad

I grew up abroad because my father was an expat my entire childhood (and still now!). The benefits of living abroad as an expat are boundless especially if you work for a multinational corporation (banks, oil, natural resources, etc). Subsidized housing, private school for your kids is often paid in full for by the mother company, the 'worse' place you live in you can nab free trips back home, if you have to renew your visa you can go on another free trip...I know these benefits also run slightly true for teachers in international schools. Also, you end up racking up a ton of mileage/hotel points so it even pays vacations. It lead for a wonderful and perfect childhood.

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