On Are You an Unwitting Participant in The Athleisure Market?

@garli Can you send me a coupon please, too? My email is my user name at yahoo. Do you really wear those pants to yoga (or whatever workout), or are they just super comfortable wear-to-work pants?

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On Concerning the Moral Obligations of the Wealthy

@Josh Michtom@facebook "I will admit that I don't really understand the people for whom this is not true: why work harder when you have more money than you can spend?" My motivation is that I'm risk-averse. Especially in this economy, there is no guarantee that you will be always be employed/employable. I save money to hedge against that possibility.* *I do contribute to charity, but probably I should do more. ETA: I do think there's a moral obligation to use your assets -- in the form of money, expertise, etc. -- for the benefit of the community (to whom much is given, much will be required). But putting this in practice is not always straightforward.

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On Blame the Patriarchy For Your Lack of Social Mobility

Was immigration figured in? My mother's family has been in the United States for a long time, and has remained pretty much the same class. My father's family immigrated from Ireland in the early 1900s. My paternal grandparents didn't have much money or anything beyond an 8th grade education, but my dad was the first in his family (and only one of his generation) to go to college, and my brother and I both have graduate degrees. So his family has gone from lower class (I think?) to middle class in about a generation.

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On "If the guys are hot, too, then sure, they can get a hot girl.”

@HelloTheFuture But Val Kilmer and Helen Mirren.

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On ReservationHop Makes Money by Squatting Over Something That's Free

I read about a group of Stanford students doing this as part of a class project to come up with and implement a business with $5 + 2 hours labor (planning time as long as desired). So douchey and terrible.

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On How I Paid Off Nearly $80,000 in Student Debt in Less Than Five Years

@Samantha I taught English for a year through a program run by the French government. When I did it (2001-2002), the stipend was 600 Euros/month for about 16 hours/week of work, and they provided decent housing. 600 Euros/month was enough for me to live on and travel as a dirtbag (my preferred mode of travel), but it wasn't enough to pay back my student loans.

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On I've Fallen Into the 'Lifestyle Inflation' Trap

@MollyAuden I work in a satellite office (located in a not-expensive area) of a larger company that is based in New York. In my town, nobody cares what I wear, if I buy all my clothes from Target I'm still more fashionable than 80% of the people on the street. But when I interact with colleagues from New York, I feel like a gross frump. So, that's what motivates my lifestyle inflation (which is mainly clothing-based).

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On Monica Lewinsky, Job Hunter

As much as I love Hillary and want her to be our next president, what she, her husband, and the Clinton political machine did to the women Bill had affairs with is abominable.

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On When There Are Different Points of Views About Money in a Relationship

@Allison If you have so much wine lying around that you need to buy something to put it in, wouldn't it just be cheaper to drink the wine instead? I'm only halfway serious. If you like having wine around and you can afford it, then go for it, buy something to store it in. (Wine doesn't last that long at my place.) I'm in this situation with books, though - I can either buy another bookshelf to store the 100+ random books I have stacked in piles on the floor, or I can sort through those books and give away the ones I'm not going to read again. The second option didn't even occur to me until I had been searching for the perfect bookshelf for upwards of a year.

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On The Financials of Five Years of Teaching English Abroad

@la peagoise I did the same thing! I think I worked 16 hours/week, though, but free housing. And I didn't supplement my income (I found it impossible to spend 1,000 Euros/month when my roommate and I cooked our own food and we didn't have to pay for housing), but I joined a bunch of clubs as a student and got to go on these incredible hiking and skiing day trips in the Alps for about 5 Euros.

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