On When There Are Different Points of Views About Money in a Relationship

@Allison If you have so much wine lying around that you need to buy something to put it in, wouldn't it just be cheaper to drink the wine instead? I'm only halfway serious. If you like having wine around and you can afford it, then go for it, buy something to store it in. (Wine doesn't last that long at my place.) I'm in this situation with books, though - I can either buy another bookshelf to store the 100+ random books I have stacked in piles on the floor, or I can sort through those books and give away the ones I'm not going to read again. The second option didn't even occur to me until I had been searching for the perfect bookshelf for upwards of a year.

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On The Financials of Five Years of Teaching English Abroad

@la peagoise I did the same thing! I think I worked 16 hours/week, though, but free housing. And I didn't supplement my income (I found it impossible to spend 1,000 Euros/month when my roommate and I cooked our own food and we didn't have to pay for housing), but I joined a bunch of clubs as a student and got to go on these incredible hiking and skiing day trips in the Alps for about 5 Euros.

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On The Whelps of Wall Street: What It's Like to Work as a Junior Banker in the Post-Crisis Era

@jquick If you don't mind answering, what did you do when you quit? Did you have something lined up before you quit, or did you figure it out after?

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On And When I Did 1 Thing My Fingers Ran With Blood

I just cancelled my unlimited enrollment at a yoga studio - I've been meaning to for some time. My plan is to continue attending, but branch out and go to other studios as well (making monthly membership at any one studio expensive and unnecessary).

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On Computer Predicts the Balance of Your Bank Account

@ragazza your question must have been added already, because I just took it and it asked me if I have received money in a legal settlement. I suggested several questions in the box at the bottom - I hope it's not automatic, and I didn't screw things up?

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On Oh, the Quirky Job Interview Question

I think it would be fun to throw a Roman Triumph parade through Zappos.

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On The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

I won't go into specifics about my previous terrible bosses, just to say that after 3 years with them, I left thinking I was terrible and the best I could hope for was to hide how bad I was at my next job for long enough to build a safety cushion. Turns out, it was totally them, not me! At my next job (I managed to get a job at a place that's both more prestigious *and* more demanding), they like me! They think I'm really good! And it's a positive reinforcement cycle -- the more positive feedback I get, the more I believe I'm actually competent, and the better I become. I can't believe I wasted 3 years of my life at that other place. It sucked my soul and self-confidence. If it's at all possible to get away from your horrible bosses, do it.

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On An Unreasonably Frugal Person Tries to Figure It Out

@ellabella Vanderbilt is a top tier law school, and if you get good grades there, you legitimately have a chance at a BigLaw job. If that's what she wants, then law school might not be a terrible economic risk.

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On An Unreasonably Frugal Person Tries to Figure It Out

@jquick in this economy, I would think law school would be a frugal person's nightmare. Srsly - at $45k a year, that's $135k total, and the median salary for a starting lawyer is $60k (unless you have good grades at one of the top schools). At least she seems to have her eyes open re: her employment prospects . . . but as a frugal person who graduated from law school into a better economy, there is no way I would go to law school now.

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On It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like 1 Thing

I FINALLY called a plumber to check out my drain that's been clogged for ages. And I'm about to call the pharmacy about a prescription.

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