On Monday Check-in

I had estimated around $285, but was a little under. This was mainly due to my dog's vet fee being much lower than I expected. I thought it would be at least $200, but because he's a rescue and I adopted him from an organization that the vet knew, they waived the checkup fee. I did have to pay for a few extra blood tests he needed, but the total was $105. Unfortunately, I did need to buy him some new flea medicine, which cost $62. I also spent $41 on Amazon purchases (mostly for the dog). Total = $208. Without the dog, my life would be much less spendy, but it's worth it!

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On Friday Estimate

A wine and meatballs party is a GREAT idea! Life has gotten really expensive lately, and I sure would like to keep my expenses down this weekend. I think I'll accomplish that by eating in as much as possible and doing low-key activities. Today, I brought my lunch to work. I'm taking my dog to the park after work, and may pick up an iced tea ($2). Making dinner at home and chilling out this evening. Tomorrow, I have to take the dog to the vet; I'm not sure how much that will cost, but he needs blood drawn. I'm going to say $200 and hope I'm wrong. And I may pick up some food afterwards, which will be hopefully no more than $15. On Sunday, I'll go grocery shopping ($50) and then we are meeting friends for a picnic - I'm making the food, so no extra expenses there. And I'll add in another $20 for whatever. Total = $287, although without the vet visit, it would only be $87. Fingers crossed that I pay less than I'm anticipating!

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On Friday Estimate

I wish I were on a plane to Portland this weekend! Today, I need to go grocery shopping - $60. Tonight I'm making one of my favorite dishes (chipotle mango chicken) and staying in with the husband and the dog. Tomorrow, we're going to see friends in the afternoon, but I don't think we'll spend anything, and in the evening we'll probably just lounge around and watch TV. We are big homebodies! Sunday is my friend's bridal shower. I already bought her present, and I'm bringing a homemade dish, so I don't think that will cost anything. Afterwards, I'm going to see my parents and get dinner with them. I feel like I'm missing something... but I ALWAYS find a way to spend more money, so I'll throw in another $40 for who knows what. Totla = $100

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On Friday Estimate

After work I'm getting a haircut; I already bought it on Lifebooker, but I'm guessing the tip will be up to $20. Tonight we're staying in, and I'm cooking dinner (found a yummy recipe for teriyaki meatballs on Budget Bytes). Tomorrow I plan to pick up some coffee in the morning - $5. I don't think we have anything planned at all, which sounds kinda lovely, and I'll make food at home. So nothing else the rest of the day. On Sunday, I'll do a small grocery shop - $30? In the evening I'm meeting up with my family to celebrate my brother's birthday. I already bought him his presents, and I think my folks will pay for dinner. Oh, have to fill up the car with gas - $30. And I always seem to buy something online over the weekend, so I'll add another $25 for that. Total = $110

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On Convenient Cooking, But at a Cost

@CMD+click Fourth'ed!

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight I'm going grocery shopping; I think it will be about $50. Then we're eating dinner at a friend's house - I'm bringing fruit salad. Tomorrow will be spendy, because our dog is particularly smelly and needs a bath and his teeth brushed. $50 - I know that's a lot and we should do it ourselves - but we're exhausted and would prefer to throw money at the problem. Other than that, I don't think I'll be spending any money on Saturday. On Sunday I have to do some work from home, poo. I will probably go out for coffee and a snack ($10). I plan to make a lot of food for the week ahead but I don't anticipate spending much. So, if all goes according to plan, $110.

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On Friday Estimate

YAY weekend! I've been traveling for work for the past two weeks. I'm so happy to be home with my husband and our dog. I can't wait to relax, watch House of Cards, and enjoy doing nothing. Today after work I'm going to make dinner for the two of us; I already went grocery shopping yesterday. So I don't think I'll be spending any money today. Tomorrow most of the day should be mellow; might go to a friend's birthday party in the evening, but I'm leaning towards no. Sunday might be spendy. I'm meeting up with a friend and we'll probably go on a hike or walk on the beach. I'm sure lunch will be involved - $25. Then I'm going to pick up a big spread for our book club meeting that evening - another $25. And I may need to run some errands; can't think of what, but you never know. I'll throw in another $30 for that. Total = $80. Not bad!

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On Friday Estimate

TGIF indeed. I've already spent $20 on Amazon, and will spend another $10 on some groceries before going home. Tonight, we're hosting about 5 friends for dinner. I have a LOT of cooking to do! Tomorrow, I'm going to my friend's daughter's birthday princess party. Already bought her a present. I will probably see my parents for breakfast or lunch, too. On Saturday I want to stay in and relax! On Sunday, I'll surely spend about $5 on coffee, and hopefully go for a run with the dog. I think I will spend about $30 on groceries. I feel like I'm missing a lot of things. Let's add another $25 for good measure. Total = $90

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On Friday Estimate

It's Saturday morning in LA and I only just remembered that I haven't yet done my estimate. Here goes! I think this weekend's expenses will revolve entirely around our dog. He has major separation anxiety, and there are times when we just can't be with him, so we're trying out different things: a pet sitter, doggie daycare. Happily taking suggestions! Yesterday (Friday) I had to pick some stuff up for our dog at Petco. But I had a gift card there (birthday present), so no cost. We had dinner at home (I made chicken tikka masala - it came out really well!). Today a pit sitter is coming ($35) to give my husband and me some freedom for the afternoon. In the evening, we're going out with my family for a belated birthday dinner. Happy to say that won't cost anything on my end. Tomorrow I plan to go to the beach and do some running (with the dog). Then in the afternoon it is our dog's first trial at doggie day care. It will be $20 for 5 hours. This will free us up to go to our friend's Superbowl party. I'm bringing chili, and I already bought the ingredients for it. At some point I should do a little grocery shopping too - maybe $25? And I am going to order a few more things for the dog online, which may come out to about $50. I'll add another $20 for any other expenses that arise. Total = $150, almost all of it for the dog.

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On Monday Check-in

Our weekend in San Diego was super fun! I'm counting Monday in my total. In terms of money, a highlight was when my husband found a tiny rock in his dinner (that was not the good part) and so they comped the meal (that was the good part). Other things we spent money on: 7 toll road (Waze directed me to a toll road! Damn you Waze) 50 dinner 22 movies 8 cab 12 museum 44 breakfast 21 gas 30 groceries Estimated $250 ish, came in at $194, although I think I might be forgetting something.

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