On Friday Estimate

After three weeks of searching, my husband and I finally have an apartment in LA, and we're signing the lease today! And moving in next week. Yayyyyyyyyy Today or tomorrow I need to do some grocery shopping - $20. My friend is having an Oktoberfest party tomorrow and I need to bring a dish that has been as an ingredient. I'm thinking beer black bean soup? On Sunday I'm going to a friend's birthday brunch. I already bought her a present but will go in on the brunch for her - plus my own - $40? I need to go to Walgreen's for some errands that will probably be about $10. And pick up my dry cleaning - $15. And maybe coffee tomorrow - $5. Plus $20 for any other expenses while I'm out and about. Total = $110

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On How to Make Meatless Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week

This sounds so yummy! I am not a vegetarian, but I try not to eat meats most nights, since it's better for the environment and for my wallet. The beans in this dish will give you plenty of protein, and I bet it's super filling. I live recipes like this that give you a lot of options - templates, not ingredient-specific. Would love to see more of it in The BIllfold!

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On Monday Check-in

“My goal is to always get you to break your estimate," love it. This weekend was devoted to apartment hunting, and I've found not one but two that I love! Now, fingers crossed things work out. On Friday I didn't spend anything, just came home and had dinner. Not very exciting, but cheap! Saturday was a big apt hunting day. Didn't cost anything though, except $7 at Fed Ex to copy and scan some documents. Yesterday was more spendy. I went to Ross, the best place for clothing shopping, and spent $68. I bought a bottle of wine for $26 for a friend who's hosting me this week. Spent about $10 at Trader Joe's, and $9 on lunch. Oh, and $17 for my monthly Weight Watchers fee. Total = $127. Estimated $90.

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On Friday Estimate

I've been staying with my folks for the past few weeks while searching for an LA apartment, and wow, it's a great way to save money! Free rent and free food, I'm not complaining, even if staying with my parents means... staying with my parents. Today I may treat myself to a dessert or drink for getting through the work week. $5? Will probably eat dinner at home. Tomorrow, going to look at a whole bunch of apartments. Might grab lunch while I'm out, hopefully no more than $10. A friend is having a birthday party tomorrow but I don't think I'll make it out to her neighborhood. But if I do - $20 on drinks. I don't have any plans for Sunday yet (maybe more apartments?), but I'll probably need to put more gas in my car - $35. And if I go out, I may be tempted to shop, so I'll make a limit to myself of $20. Total = $90

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On Money Talks: An Advice Column for Women in the Workplace

@wafflez I second AAM. I have asked her many questions, and she almost always posts them. You can get very helpful advice from her!

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On Money Talks: An Advice Column for Women in the Workplace

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On Friday Estimate

Hi Billfold! Last I wrote, which was a few weeks ago, I was preparing for a big cross-country move, from NYC to LA. I'm now living in LA and started my job here this week. The Mr. is coming out in a couple weeks, and right now I'm staying with my parents. So far, so good! I spent $35 on gas this morning, and I may spend another $5 or so on coffee this afternoon. Living with my parents has its pluses and minuses, the obvious plus being FREE RENT AND FREE FOOD. Tonight, I'm planning to eat dinner with them - Yom Kippur starts this evening, so I need to get in a big meal before the fast. Tomorrow will be a very quiet day - I'll be fasting and maybe going to synagogue, but I won't be spending any money on food or social activities. In the evening though, I plan to eat a lot of my mom's cooking and maybe treat myself to a big coffee and dessert. $10? On Sunday I'm going to a fair and plan to buy some food and tchockes - $30. I may need to buy a couple things on Amazon - another $25. Total = $105. Well that's not much different from my typical weekend spending in NYC. No grocery shopping to do though! Whee.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks @annecara @CeeEm Thanks so much, you guys are so sweet. Everyone should move to CA!!

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F G Thanks so much!

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina Just our things (a very full apartment). I'd LOVE to do a cross-country trip, but we don't have time!

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