On Monday Check-in

We had a great weekend in Suffern visiting friends. Yesterday, we drove back and stopped in Nyack, which is also a great little town I'd never seen before. We ate brunch in a restaurant that had a violin player - so cute! Brunch was $18, and then I bought a shirt for my husband for $22. $10 on gas, and $26 on groceries. On Saturday I didn't spend anything. On Friday I bought wine for my friends ($19), fruit at the farmer's market ($7), and lunch ($11). Total = $113; estimated $132

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On Friday Estimate

@halloliebchen Congrats on leaving a shitty job! Someday I hope to write the exact same status :)

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On Friday Estimate

We're spending the weekend in Suffern visiting friends, so today I'll pick up a bottle of wine for them - $20. Also I might get sushi for lunch ($12) and buy some farmer's market goodies - $10. Saturday: We'll just be hanging out with our friends and their small children, so I can't imagine we'll be spending much, if any, money. (Famous last words?) We should fill up the car with gas to say thanks to my husband's parents for loaning it to us; $25 each? Plus maybe a snack and coffee, $10. Sunday: Grocery shopping ($40) and maybe lunch out ($15). Total = $132

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On Life in the Desert: The Troubling Need for Cars

Terri Gross with the bass turned up. Yes.

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina Thanks! I did! Shoulder rubs help too :) Boo for depressing happenings.

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On Monday Check-in

Didn't do an estimate but am curious to count up my spending: After reading the depressing news this weekend, which keeps getting more depressing, I made a $36 donation to an Israel-Palestinian coexistence group. My dad was in town visiting, and very generously covered a lot of meals and outings this weekend. I think we spent $40 on Yankees tickets, but other than that my husband and I didn't pay for anything this weekend! Very grateful to my dad for that. Also, about $10 on groceries. Total = $86

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On Monday Check-in

Sunday was my friend's wedding. We spent $20 on a cab. The night was beautiful, super fun - weddings are a great way to spend the day. Also did a kinda pricey grocery shop before we went to the wedding ($45.) On Saturday I don't think I spent anything - I went to a brunch for the bride-to-be, but her parents covered it. Then I went home and lazed around the rest of the day. On Friday, I spent $6.50 on a cookie and a drink, and $8 at the farmer's market. Estimated $95, spent $79.50. I love it when my spending is less than the estimate - it doesn't happen nearly enough!

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On The Hair Classifieds: How I Put My Hair Up for Sale

I have long, un-dyed red hair and think all the time about selling it. I wonder if perhaps selling to a place that make wigs might net you more money than selling it to artists? Curious to hear updates!

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On Friday Estimate

The husband is away today and tomorrow, and I am looking forward to a low-key evening, cooking for myself and watching TV. Dinner = $0, there's lots of yummy stuff in the fridge. I may spend $5 at the farmer's market and another $5 on some sort of icy caffeinated beverage to get through the day. Tomorrow the wedding festivities begin for a friend getting married on Sunday. It won't cost too much, but maybe $20 for brunch and maybe $20 for shopping? Sunday is my friend's wedding (sadly, overlapping with the World Cup final! Oh no!) We already bought the gifts and I'll do my own makeup and hair, so $0 I think. But I should do a grocery shop ($25). Add adding in another $20 for whatever random things pop up. Total = $95

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On How I Got $1,000 Back From My Pot-Dealing Ex

I'd really love to see a Billfold post on how to get money back from friends/lovers. Or maybe there's been one that I missed?

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