On Home for the Holidays / Open Thread

@sherlock That's wonderful, congrats!

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On Reader Dilemma: Can I Take My Bonus and Quit the Next Day?

I don't have my own advice to give, but I would recommend taking your question to Ask A Manager. I suspect she will give similar advice to Mike's above (which is great advice!), but one of her strongest suits is the right way to phrase things. Highly recommended!

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On Monday Check-in

I came in way under my estimate this weekend, but only because I didn't do everything I needed to do. Grocery shopping, for example - that's happening tonight. Finishing my gift shopping? Not sure when that's happening. On Friday, husband and I went to a potluck. I already had all the ingredients I needed to make a yummy brown rice salad. No money spent on Friday. On Saturday, I bought a coffee in the morning ($3.50). Didn't spend any more money that day - we stayed in and watched a really good movie that evening (Snowpiercer - highly recommended). On Sunday, I got brunch with a friend ($15). Then I met up with another friend for coffee, but he bought that for me. I also got my brother's holiday gift ($15). So I estimated $145 and came in at only $33.50, but what I didn't spend over the weekend, I'll definitely be spending this week!

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On Friday Estimate

YAY weekend. Tonight we are going to a Hanukkah party. It's a potluck and I'm bringing a side dish. Let the fried-oily-fest begin! I need to do some grocery shopping, I'll go either today or Sunday. That will probably be about $50. Tomorrow, I'm not sure what our plans are. It's raining in LA - if that continues tomorrow, we may just stay in and watch a movie. I'll add $20 because sometimes I get bored and buy things online. On Sunday, I'm going to pick up a couple more presents - I need something for my brother and his girlfriend. Probably that will cost $30 total. Although I'm going to Cost Plus World Market for the gifts, and whenever I go there I end up buying stuff for myself, so let's bump that up to $50. Also on Sunday, I am getting brunch with a friend ($25). Total = $145

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On Careful What You Put In Your Work Email, Sony Edition

@kk I learned it as: "Never put anything in a work email that you wouldn't want on the front page of the New York Times." Words to live by!

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On Monday Check-in

It seems that someone used my credit card fraudulently this weekend, so needless to say my estimate was off. Fortunately, Chase is ON IT and they are removing the charges. Still, it sucks feeling vulnerable like this - I keep retracing my online footprint and trying to figure out where someone got my info. The truth is, it could have been anywhere. Anyhow, besides that, I did OK this weekend. On Friday, I spent $21 on gas. We had a fun night on Friday at a potluck, and on Saturday we met up with some friends and actually didn't spend anything. In the evening we watched a movie on Netflix. Hurray for cheap dates. On Sunday, I spent some money on gifts - but only about $30. I still have a lot of shopping to do. I also did some grocery shopping at a co-op, but it was really expensive, so I only spent $20 there. I went to the 99 Cents store and spent about $5. And in the evening we met up with friends for dinner at a place that has happy hour on Sundays (!) - only spent $8 total. Total = $84

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On Friday Estimate

Hoping this week won't be too expensive. I need to buy some people gifts, and I have no idea what to get them. So if I find anything good, the weekend could end up costing a lot more. But at least I'll finally have presents for everyone? Or something? Tonight the husband and I are going to a potluck. I'm going to make a dish for it when I get home - we already did our grocery shopping. Oh I need to put some gas in the car - $30. Tomorrow, nothing planned at the moment. Saturdays are our mellow days. Maybe a walk in the neighborhood and Netflix at night. $0 (this is a ridiculously optimistic estimate). Sunday, grocery shopping ($50) and dinner with friends ($25). And presents. Where will I find the presents? I'm adding another $75 in the hopes that there are good presents out there, somewhere. Total = $105 without presents, $180 with

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On We're All Shopping At Our Desks Today Right? OK Great

The Billfold introduced me to MileagePlus Shopping, where you get double/triple/sometimes way more points if you visit stores through the MPS website. It's been a blessing and a curse! Today MPS has lots of deals, and I've already bought way more than I should. But I'm getting so many miles!

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On Adjusting Your Life to Your Partner's Career

That Devil Wears Prada tag is a good point. I am very lucky that my husband is the one who flexes for my career. It's a big part of why we moved cross-country (for a job I landed). This piece makes me wonder if I'm pulling my weight equally.

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On Monday Check-In

I was able to stay on track with spending this weekend, mainly because we did a lot of activities that required little or no money. Yesterday, we went to the beach - it was a beautiful Santa Monica day. I spent $3 on a frozen banana and $3.50 on coffee. The beach was the highlight of the day - other than that, it was kind of boring. I went grocery shopping ($25) Oh, and I put some gas in the car - $23. And watched a lot of "The Wire." On Saturday night we saw a play that my husband's student was in - it was surprisingly good. And it was free, bc his mom really wanted us to go. In the daytime we ate with some friends, which didn't cost us anything. On Friday night, we also ate in (no cost.) I estimate $75; total = $54.50.

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