On Share, Don't Scroll: How to Do Internet on Vacation

Love this: "why would we deny ourselfies?" This is a really tough one. I am not on Instagram, but I'm very active on Facebook, as are most of my peers (I think I just really aged myself). It's hard not to read through my friend's posts, even if they're boring and have nothing to do with my vacation. I check my phone so much that it's just become a habit.

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On Friday Estimate

Hurray for getting out early! I'm going to go to the gym after work, because I haven't gone all week, and because I don't really have an excuse (I don't have anything going on this evening). Once I'm home, I think I'll watch a movie on Netflix and cook dinner. I'll probably spend $5 at the farmer's market and $10 on lunch today. I also need to buy a dessert - maybe macarons? - for my husband's family. $15. Tomorrow I'm headed to the Berkshires to spend the rest of the weekend. I'm spending it with my husband's family, which is important to them since we're moving across the country soon. I am a bit nervous about it, and also they brought their cat with them (to spite me maybe?), and I'm allergic. Will go armed with lots of Alegra. Bug spray too. I may spend about $10 on a coffee and snack along the way. Sunday we may do some shopping - $25? Other than that, I don't think I'll be spending much. On Monday, when we get back, we'll need to buy groceries - that's another $30 - and I think that's it? Total = $95

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On The Billfold Book Club: David Allen's 'Getting Things Done'

I actually stopped reading the book after about 50 pages. I have to be honest, I was having a really hard time visualizing what I was supposed to do. He was talking about all the ways to divide up and title the work to be done, but I still didn't feel like I knew what to do. If it's what you're saying above (write it all down), I think I missed that. Or rather, I was expecting a little more. Maybe more tangible examples followed, and I just missed them because I stopped reading too early.

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On How Much More Are You Spending at the Grocery Store?

@therealjaygatsby I completely agree. I'm not a vegetarian, but I try to be conscious of where my meat comes from and how it gets there. It's a disturbing system that impacts everything from our carbon footprint to water consumption. I really wish people would think about it more, and at least moderate their meat consumption. If higher prices are what it takes, maybe that's a good thing.

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On Monday Check-in

My goal of a cheap weekend was achieved! I spent very little, mainly because I did very little. Friday: spent $13 on sushi with friends, and $4 at the farmer's market. Saturday: I wasn't planning on doing any online shopping, but oops, it happened. I spent a total of $31.50 on Etsy. Most of the day was spent with #EverySimpsonsEver On Sunday I did a quick grocery shop that only added up to $10. And I had to pay my gym membership to Blink ($21). Total = $79.50; estimated $80. Woohoo!

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On Friday Estimate

@nuy Thanks!!!

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On Friday Estimate

Last weekend, the husband and I went to LA to evaluate a job offer I got there, and see if we could move there. We concluded: yes! So we are moving from NYC to LA in late September. It's going to be crazy expensive (and crazy exciting), but none of the madness has started yet. It will soon though. This weekends is probably going to be one of our last mellow ones before things get crazy. We're having friends over for dinner tonight; I need to buy some groceries for that, $10. And I'm going out to lunch with friends today, $15. It's time to start telling everyone that we're moving.... Tomorrow we are going to enjoy a quiet day, maybe go for a walk or visit some friends. I might spend $5 for coffee, but that's about it. And we don't have any plans for Sunday, but maybe we should get out and cross something off the NYC bucket list. $25 for an adventure? And another $25 for groceries. Total = $80. Hopefully the finally tally will be even less, because soon things are going to get really pricey!

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights Thank you! :)

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On Friday Estimate

@erinep Thank you! I'm not even sure how I want it to pan out (a new job is exciting, but transitions are scary)!

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