On Friday Estimate

This weekend I'm headed to Arizona for 4 days, to celebrate my grandmother's 88th birthday. I'm meeting up with a bunch of family there which should be lovely. The flight is already paid for but the train to the airport will be about $15. I am planning to pack most of my food for the plane, but I can NEVER resist a frappucino or muffin or some other unnecessary food at the airport. (I never buy frappucinnos nor muffins normally... but there's something about the airport that makes me go, "MUFFIN!!!") I guess $10 for airplane snacks/food? My parents are picking me up from the airport after that, and will be covering most meals. (Thank goodness.) But I like to go shopping when I'm out there so I may end up spending about $50 at the outlets. Oh, today I spent $10 on lunch. I don't anticipate any more expenses today. Famous last words? All told = $85. That's not for the whole trip, just the weekend expenses. Not bad!

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On Monday Check-in

It was indeed a gorgeous weekend! (In NYC.) Couldn't have asked for better weather. Investing in a deep clean of our apartment was worth every penny - now our place is sparkling. Psychologically and aesthetically, it feels so good. Plus we were motivated to go through the closets and find a ton of stuff to give away - we donated about 10 bags to Goodwill. Also a huge psychological bump overcome. My portion of the cleaner's cost was $92, plus $20 for tip. To celebrate we went out for pizza and fro-yo: $18. And then the ultimate reward, back-to-back Mad Men and Game of Thrones! w00t On Saturday, I went to a film festival at the Museum of the Moving Image - $12. I brought my lunch but bought some fro-yo afterwards for $3. It's been a fro-yo kind of weekend. There was also a grocery shop in there, $25. Sadly I sliced my finger up while preparing Friday night's meal - $7 for a big old box of bandaids, since I will need them for a while. All told = $177. Worth pretty much every penny (minus the bandaids)

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On Friday Estimate

Passover is coming up next week, and we're hiring someone for a big clean of our apartment ahead of time. So we'll be spending about $200 for a deep clean. It's kinda pricey, but we use a green cleaning cooperative owned by the cleaners to ensure decent wages and healthy work conditions. It's consistent with our values so we're willing to pay more (also, we only get a deep clean once a year). So $200 + tip = I don't know. How much do people tip their cleaners? Today I may buy a snack ($5) and my husband is picking up groceries as we're having friends over for dinner tonight - $20? Tomorrow I'm going to the Museum of the Moving Image to see a movie ($12) and may buy lunch after ($20). On Sunday, besides the cleaner, we plan to spend time going through our stuff and then making a big donation to Goodwill. I think we'll need to do another grocery shop too. $30 Total = at least $287. Ouch!

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On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

If you don't feel that you can confront your roommate about this, one passive-aggressive option is: find a way for her to stumble upon this article.

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On Monday Check-in

Usually my weekends are relatively quiet, but this was an eventful and full weekend. It's nice because it makes coming back to work feel different - it feels like I was away for a much longer time. Also, thankfully it didn't involve too much money. On Friday night I made the Chinese lemon chicken I mentioned and it was sooo easy and so good! Here is the recipe if anyone's interested: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/01/chinese-lemon-chicken-crockpot-recipe.html. I made it in a pot, not a crockpot. On Friday I also did a grocery shop at Trader Joe's that cost $59. On Saturday we went to a potluck in the afternoon, then went on a looong walk through Inwood Hill Park (up-up-uptown Manhattan), which is beautiful and woodsy. I spent $4 on a coffee. Yesterday was my husband's cousin's wedding in Brooklyn. Thanks to a car ride from the in-laws, it didn't cost us anything to get there, and we had bought the present a while ago. It was fun - I had trouble getting into a dancing groove because I didn't love the music, but who cares, it's not about me. The bride and groom were super happy. Came home late and watched Game of Thrones, which I've been waiting anxiously for for so long, and it did not disappoint. I estimated $87 and spent $63.

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights Thanks! I'll report back if, indeed, it is.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight I'm making Chinese lemon chicken and chili roasted carrots, mmm. I need to do a pretty big grocery shop at Trader Joe's - $60? Tomorrow we're going to a potluck and taking a walk in the park - it's supposed to be a beautiful day! I suspect that much Mad Men watching will also happen. Also I might buy coffee and a newspaper - $7. On Sunday my husband's cousin is getting married in Brooklyn. It will actually be a low-cost day, since we already bought the gift, and our in-laws are giving us a ride to the wedding. Should be fun! + $20 to cover anything random that pops up. Total = $87

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On Monday Check-in

I would classify this weekend as lazy but thrifty. But it was worth it because MAD MEN SEASON 6 IS NOW ON NETFLIX so this means lots of worthwhile TV watching. Friday: Spent $7.40 on lunch and things. Dinner was at a friend's home. Saturday: Spent $0. Yay-yuh! But we didn't do anything the whole entire day except nap, eat, watch TV and say how sad it was that it was raining so much. Sunday: Mad Men went up on Netflix and my life was complete. Spent $34 on groceries, went for a nice morning walk, and otherwise didn't leave the house. My muscles may have atrophied from lack of movement this weekend, and my eyes may be hurting a little from sitting in front of a glowing box for so long, but the silver lining is that I only spent half of my already low estimate. ($41.40 total, estimated $83.50.) And I am well on my way towards catching up on Mad Men before the next season premieres in a couple weeks.

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On Friday Estimate

@sariberry @beastlyburden Thanks! I'm very lucky that I get to travel for work. It's what keeps me at my job, which otherwise I don't like.

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On Friday Estimate

OMG TGIF TGIF TGIF big time. Today: I just spent $3.50 on a PDF of a Lonely Planet Brussels guide... going there soon for work, whee. I think I will take a long lunch today because our office is dead, budgeting $10 for that. Dinner tonight with friends... making a salad for that with ingredients we already bought. Saturday: Dunno? I just want to read and relax. Maybe go for a walk if it's not raining (which it most likely will). Might buy a coffee? $5 Sunday: Grocery shop, $40. I feel like I'm missing something, because my count seems pretty low, although I guess that's how it goes when you have nothing planned for your weekend. I'll throw in another $25 for who knows what. We do have to pay rent but let's not count that. Total = $83.50

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