On Monday Check-in

This weekend was a nice one, and not bad financially. Friday was my last day of work - it was a really good day, my co-workers made me feel very loved. I spent $12.50 on mini-pies for my fav co-workers; they took me out to lunch and covered it. Also spent $5 at the farmers' market. On Saturday we visited friends for lunch (no cost), and stayed in the rest of the day. Started watching Season 2 of The Wire. Yesterday, I went bike riding in Central Park with friends - $20 for the bike rental. We also had some snacks for $10. Did a small grocery shop - only about $6. Total = $53.50. Much lower than my estimate of $97.50. Yay!

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On Friday Estimate

@lizziefresh Thanks!

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On Pros and Cons of "The Uber for Housecleaning"

@doodlebug Yes! We use one in NYC (Ecomundo Cleaners). They're affordable and we're glad our money is going into an organization that empowers, rather than exploits, its workers.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Thanks! My fingers are crossed too!

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On Friday Estimate

Our cross-country move is in 1.5 weeks, and my new job starts in a little over two weeks. Today is the last day of my current job! I've disliked it pretty much since the beginning, although I'm getting a little nostalgic this morning. I spent $12.50 on mini-pies to give to some of my favorite co-workers. They are taking me out to lunch today, which I presume will be free for me (although you never know). I will be spending about $10 on farmer's market purchases today as well, to make dinner for my husband and me tonight. Tomorrow we hope to have a very low key day, eating lunch with some friends. We don't have a bucket list for NYC - we want things to stay calm and not too busy so that we don't feel stressed as we get ready to leave. On Sunday we're meeting with friends to go bike riding in Central Park. I have no idea how much a bike rental is - $30? Plus lunch and some snacks, maybe another $25. We'll also do a grocery shop for the week ahead - probably no more than $20. Total = $97.50

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On The Costs of Living in Kazakhstan

Interesting read, thanks for sharing!

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On Monday Check-in

The Billfold just did me a big favor! I looked at my credit card spending this weekend in order to write my Monday check-in, and found that I'd been charged for something by Amazon that I don't think I bought. I'm looking into it now. Thanks, Billfold! Yesterday weekend I donated $20 to an animal rescue shelter after they posted some very sad photos online. Also spent $30 on dinner with our friends. Did some grocery shopping on Saturday - about $25. On Friday, spent $10 on lunch and $5 at Duane Reade. Total = $90 (estimated $65)

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On Friday Estimate

Huzzah! Friday! Our friends are having us over tonight as a farewell, since we're moving to the West Coast soon. I'm going to make a cake. I'm trying to use up all the ingredients in our pantry and it's quite an endeavor! I think I will spend about $10 on lunch and another $15 on groceries today. Tomorrow, I'm not sure if we're really doing anything. No plans at the moment. I'm going to be an optimist and go with $0 for Saturday. On Sunday, we're seeing friends for another farewell meal. I think it will be about $30 each (maybe they'll pay for us but I don't want to be presumptuous?). And we will be spending the rest of the day doing a big purge of things we don't need to move with, and donating them to the Salvation Army. Maybe I'll budget $10 for rewarding ourselves with ice cream. Total = $65

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On Tuesday Check-in

I did very well this weekend! Although it's a little bit penny-wise and pound-foolish, because we're about to hire some pricey movers for our cross-country move. However, things were mellow this weekend. I bought macarons for $14, lunch for $9, and a fancy Coffee Bean drink for $6 (!!). Also about $5 at the farmer's market. Spent the rest of the weekend in the Berkshires with my husband's family. I had already purchased the Amtrak ticket, so I think on Saturday I only spent $5 the whole day, for coffee. On Sunday, I didn't spend a thing - they were very generous and drove us around, paid for family movie tickets, etc. Yesterday we drove back into NYC. I made a small grocery purchase - $10 - we still have to do a bigger shop. Total = $49 (estimated $95)

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On Share, Don't Scroll: How to Do Internet on Vacation

Love this: "why would we deny ourselfies?" This is a really tough one. I am not on Instagram, but I'm very active on Facebook, as are most of my peers (I think I just really aged myself). It's hard not to read through my friend's posts, even if they're boring and have nothing to do with my vacation. I check my phone so much that it's just become a habit.

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