On Monday Check-in

Our weekend in San Diego was super fun! I'm counting Monday in my total. In terms of money, a highlight was when my husband found a tiny rock in his dinner (that was not the good part) and so they comped the meal (that was the good part). Other things we spent money on: 7 toll road (Waze directed me to a toll road! Damn you Waze) 50 dinner 22 movies 8 cab 12 museum 44 breakfast 21 gas 30 groceries Estimated $250 ish, came in at $194, although I think I might be forgetting something.

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On Friday Estimate

Oh boy. This weekend will be pricey. We are going to San Diego for a little vacation, and we don't really have any plans to hold back. I suppose most of our money will go to food because there's SO much good food there. We're staying in an Airbnb we already paid for, so at least that's covered. Tonight I need to do a little grocery shopping ($25). We're eating dinner at home. Tomorrow we leave for SD in the late afternoon and I need to put more gas in the car ($25). I think I'll pack some food to eat on the drive down. Sunday: eating and playing. Probably $50 (each) towards breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe another $20 for museum entrances and/or parking. And another $25 towards small stuff - a souvenir or snack. Monday: more eating ($50), more playing and parking ($25?). And more gas ($30). Total = $250ish

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On Monday Check-in

I think I did pretty well this weekend! Got a Thai massage on Friday - I didn't think much about it beforehand, or learn anything about it, and was NOT expecting my masseuse to get up on the table and literally walk on the back. I am not sure if I would get it again but I did enjoy the pleasure/pain element. $50 plus $12 tip. Plus there was a little grocery shopping and laundry, another $20. Nothing at all on Saturday! It's our quiet day and we stayed in, read, and watched TV. Yesterday I got a delicious iced mint coffee at Philz in Santa Monica - it's sooo good! ($4 plus $2 parking, but I got my money's worth by reading in the cafe for an hour.) Then I went to brunch at my friend's where I brought muffins I made. Did another grocery shop, $30. The highlight of the weekend was that my husband and I met with a dog we are thinking of adopting. He was SO wonderful and although my husband was very reticent, now he wants to adopt too. So that's a very exciting development in our household! Total = $118 (estimated $135)

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On Friday Estimate

My first estimate of the year! Today: some grocery shopping, some laundry - $20. And I'm getting a massage later in the day, huzzah! It's $50, plus tip ($10). Tomorrow: nothing at all planned, probably lunch and dinner at home. Sunday: going to my friend's for brunch and bringing pumpkin muffins. Will get coffee before, $5. In the afternoon, we are going to meet a dog that we are interested in adopting! So excited. Also, grocery run, $30. And an extra $20 for who knows what. Total = $135

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On Da Do 1, 1 Thing, Da Do 1 Thing

I know this sounds ridiculously easy, but I need to mail a letter, and it's NOT easy in Los Angeles. I can't mail it from my home (our mailboxes at the apartment building are these little outdoor boxes with no place to put outgoing mail) and it is SO HARD to find a mailbox. I would prefer not to go to the post office if possible. I looked up mailboxes in the neighborhood and found one a few blocks away from my apartment; it's on a street that often has tons of traffic, but I'll make my way there (maybe by foot) tonight. Mailing a letter should not be this challenging!

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On Happy New Year! Here Are Some Pointless Or Obvious Savings Tips!

@jmdj I recommend unroll.me, which rolls all of your listserve emails/sales notifications/promotional stuff etc into one daily email. A great way to avoid tempting sales emails!

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On Home for the Holidays / Open Thread

@sherlock That's wonderful, congrats!

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On Reader Dilemma: Can I Take My Bonus and Quit the Next Day?

I don't have my own advice to give, but I would recommend taking your question to Ask A Manager. I suspect she will give similar advice to Mike's above (which is great advice!), but one of her strongest suits is the right way to phrase things. Highly recommended!

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On Monday Check-in

I came in way under my estimate this weekend, but only because I didn't do everything I needed to do. Grocery shopping, for example - that's happening tonight. Finishing my gift shopping? Not sure when that's happening. On Friday, husband and I went to a potluck. I already had all the ingredients I needed to make a yummy brown rice salad. No money spent on Friday. On Saturday, I bought a coffee in the morning ($3.50). Didn't spend any more money that day - we stayed in and watched a really good movie that evening (Snowpiercer - highly recommended). On Sunday, I got brunch with a friend ($15). Then I met up with another friend for coffee, but he bought that for me. I also got my brother's holiday gift ($15). So I estimated $145 and came in at only $33.50, but what I didn't spend over the weekend, I'll definitely be spending this week!

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On Friday Estimate

YAY weekend. Tonight we are going to a Hanukkah party. It's a potluck and I'm bringing a side dish. Let the fried-oily-fest begin! I need to do some grocery shopping, I'll go either today or Sunday. That will probably be about $50. Tomorrow, I'm not sure what our plans are. It's raining in LA - if that continues tomorrow, we may just stay in and watch a movie. I'll add $20 because sometimes I get bored and buy things online. On Sunday, I'm going to pick up a couple more presents - I need something for my brother and his girlfriend. Probably that will cost $30 total. Although I'm going to Cost Plus World Market for the gifts, and whenever I go there I end up buying stuff for myself, so let's bump that up to $50. Also on Sunday, I am getting brunch with a friend ($25). Total = $145

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