On Adjusting Your Life to Your Partner's Career

That Devil Wears Prada tag is a good point. I am very lucky that my husband is the one who flexes for my career. It's a big part of why we moved cross-country (for a job I landed). This piece makes me wonder if I'm pulling my weight equally.

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On Monday Check-In

I was able to stay on track with spending this weekend, mainly because we did a lot of activities that required little or no money. Yesterday, we went to the beach - it was a beautiful Santa Monica day. I spent $3 on a frozen banana and $3.50 on coffee. The beach was the highlight of the day - other than that, it was kind of boring. I went grocery shopping ($25) Oh, and I put some gas in the car - $23. And watched a lot of "The Wire." On Saturday night we saw a play that my husband's student was in - it was surprisingly good. And it was free, bc his mom really wanted us to go. In the daytime we ate with some friends, which didn't cost us anything. On Friday night, we also ate in (no cost.) I estimate $75; total = $54.50.

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On Friday Estimate

This is super late, but like grandma_nancy said, I want to stay accountable, so I'm posting here now. Tonight I stayed home with my guy and made dinner, and I don't think we'll be going out tonight (it's only 9 pm here in CA but I can hardly keep my eyes open). Tomorrow should be low-key, we don't really have any plans, and in the evening we're going to see a play that one of my husband's students is in. I don't suspect it will be a riveting event, but tickets are free :) Sunday I'm going for a run, and then I'm going to a screening to be tested for Jewish genetic diseases, because that's how I spend my Sundays. Then I think I'll go to the farmers' market ($15) and pick up something to eat ($10) on the beach. In the evening we may watch a football game at a bar - another $15 for drinks. I also need to do a small grocery run ($15) and I'll throw in another $20 as a buffer. Total = $75

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

In my particular situation, I am salaried and exempt, but my contract said that my work hours are the hours that the office is open, which is 9-5. The culture of the organization (a non-profit) is to check email at home. I decided not to do this, and I have been lucky enough that no one has bothered me about it. For my colleagues that do check email at home, I think they feel that they have to answer any email immediately; but as I've found, there's pretty much never an issue that can't wait until the next morning. Maybe one day, my organization will come to me and say I need to be online in the evening. If they do, I will point to the contract I signed that says 9-5, and ask for my salary to be adjusted accordingly if I am expected to work beyond that. Of course, this situation doesn't work for a lot of people and a lot of organizations. But I do think that sometimes checking email online in the evening is nothing more than culture, and if you don't do it, people will adjust.

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On Friday Estimate

Doing this quickly before I head to a meeting, but I must write an estimate so that I keep to it this weekend! Today: groceries, $25 Tomorrow: ummmmm I dunno? Could be nothing, since we don't have any plans. Might go out to dinner, $25 Sunday: $5 coffee, $20 farmer's market, and I'm adding another $25 for whatever else may come up. Total = $100

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On Jews Who Write About Money Talk About Being Jews Who Write About Money

@Josh Michtom@facebook YES

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On Jews Who Write About Money Talk About Being Jews Who Write About Money

What an interesting post and conversation. I'm Jewish, but unfortunately my own family was never included in any "Jew magic" (to use garli's term) when it comes to money. (My parents are both teachers, and we grew up a solidly middle-class life. Then I married a teacher, and now our lives are solidly middle-class. I'm actually amazed at how average we are.)

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $170. Let's see what the total is... I also saw Interstellar, and also had some free passes, and also thought it was less than stellar. Parking was $5, which really pissed me off - we should have gotten there much earlier and parked far away. On Sunday I enjoyed a beach morning in Santa Monica and spent more than I intended. I bought a smoothie ($5), got a pedicure ($23 with tip), bought lunch ($20). But I didn't pay a dime for parking (I was still bitter about the night before). Also put some gas in the car, $15. We also went to Costco, $125 - and now we have so much good food in the house! Total = $193 Mike, can't wait to hear about Malta!

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On Friday Estimate

Hurray for Friday! Since my husband and I are new to LA, we are looking to build community, and are headed to a potluck this evening at a local synagogue. We need to buy some groceries before - $10. Tomorrow, we are still trying to figure out what to do. We want to relax and be lazy, but we also feel like we should be putting ourselves out there. I dunno. I'll just budget $20 for whatever plans we come up with since we want to keep it cheap. My husband works Sunday mornings, and I may check out a local cafe to do some reading or writing - $5. Then we're visiting my parents and doing a big Costco shop. I love Costco! $100? Dinner with my family, and then getting some gas - our tank is actually pretty full but gas is way cheaper where my parents live. $15. Plus another $20 for who knows what = $170. But we'll have enough toilet paper and shampoo to last a lifetime.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend I'm going to Miami for a wedding. It's a very fast trip and I'm afraid I won't get to see a lot of Miami, but it should be a lovely event. I'm parking at the airport and I pre-paid for the parking. I'm making sure to pack enough food that I won't need to buy anything at the airport, except maybe water ($2). When I arrive in Miami this evening, I'll need to get a cab - maybe $50? I'm meeting my husband at the hotel - he arrived last night. Tomorrow I don't think I'll spend anything because there will be wedding events all day. On Sunday, we're going to a wedding brunch and then we have about 5 hours to kill before our flight. So we'll probably wander around Miami Beach and soak up the sun. I'll budget $25 for an early dinner and maybe $50 for shopping. (Hopefully I won't spend that much though!) Our cab to the airport will be about $25 each. And when we get back to LA, I bet we'll stop at In N Out for dinner #2, so $5. Total = $157

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