On Monday Check-in

@Stina Thanks! I did! Shoulder rubs help too :) Boo for depressing happenings.

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On Monday Check-in

Didn't do an estimate but am curious to count up my spending: After reading the depressing news this weekend, which keeps getting more depressing, I made a $36 donation to an Israel-Palestinian coexistence group. My dad was in town visiting, and very generously covered a lot of meals and outings this weekend. I think we spent $40 on Yankees tickets, but other than that my husband and I didn't pay for anything this weekend! Very grateful to my dad for that. Also, about $10 on groceries. Total = $86

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On Monday Check-in

Sunday was my friend's wedding. We spent $20 on a cab. The night was beautiful, super fun - weddings are a great way to spend the day. Also did a kinda pricey grocery shop before we went to the wedding ($45.) On Saturday I don't think I spent anything - I went to a brunch for the bride-to-be, but her parents covered it. Then I went home and lazed around the rest of the day. On Friday, I spent $6.50 on a cookie and a drink, and $8 at the farmer's market. Estimated $95, spent $79.50. I love it when my spending is less than the estimate - it doesn't happen nearly enough!

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On The Hair Classifieds: How I Put My Hair Up for Sale

I have long, un-dyed red hair and think all the time about selling it. I wonder if perhaps selling to a place that make wigs might net you more money than selling it to artists? Curious to hear updates!

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On Friday Estimate

The husband is away today and tomorrow, and I am looking forward to a low-key evening, cooking for myself and watching TV. Dinner = $0, there's lots of yummy stuff in the fridge. I may spend $5 at the farmer's market and another $5 on some sort of icy caffeinated beverage to get through the day. Tomorrow the wedding festivities begin for a friend getting married on Sunday. It won't cost too much, but maybe $20 for brunch and maybe $20 for shopping? Sunday is my friend's wedding (sadly, overlapping with the World Cup final! Oh no!) We already bought the gifts and I'll do my own makeup and hair, so $0 I think. But I should do a grocery shop ($25). Add adding in another $20 for whatever random things pop up. Total = $95

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On How I Got $1,000 Back From My Pot-Dealing Ex

I'd really love to see a Billfold post on how to get money back from friends/lovers. Or maybe there's been one that I missed?

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Kristy

Love this! Good old Watson!

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On "Vegan, Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie: $4.50"

You know you've lived in NYC for too long when: $4.50 for a brownie sounds pretty normal. Also, yes, please, "Shut Up Brooklyn" should be a regular feature.

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On Monday Check-in

Going backwards: Yesterday I found myself covered in bug bites, probably from spending a lot of time outside the day before. I LOATHE bug bites, and out of self-pity and fear of more bites (and the World Cup), I spent pretty much all of yesterday indoors. (I already had Caladryl on hand, and will be utilizing bug spray from this day forth!). Spent $7 on groceries. Saturday: had a nice day out in Brooklyn. Spent $5.75 at a coffeeshop, $13 on lunch where I got to watch the soccer game. Also bought a great scarf at a thrift shop for $7.50. Also spent $58 on things we need for the house on Amazon. Friday: $12 at the Farmer's Market; $10 eyebrow threading. I estimated $100; spent $113.25.

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On Friday Estimate

Next weekend we're going to Montreal for the jazz festival and a wedding - it will be quite spendy, so I'm hoping this weekend I can keep my spending to a limit. Today I think there will be a grocery shop before dinner - $25 - and I need to get my eyebrows threaded - $10. And I feel like today is a buy-a-snack-outside-of-the-office kind of day. So I'll add another $5. Tomorrow I'm going to a dog adoption event - not to adopt a dog (I think), just to get to know the people who run this adoption agency. Then I'm going to a friend's potluck birthday party - hoping I'll have time to cook something for that before, so that I don't have to buy anything. I suspect that I'll spend about $20 tomorrow in my outings. Sunday, another grocery shop for the week - $25. I think I'll just be staying in the rest of the day, but I'll add another $15 for anything that might pop up. Total = $100

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