On Cities That Are Not New York: Tucson, Ariz.

Loved this article when I read it earlier. Tucson resident who loves the place. I can say we have all the vegan-farm market-sustainable-trendy restaurants and grocery stores you could want now. It's funny how we identify, or don't, with certain places. Cord growing up obviously felt stuck in a small town. I moved here from an even smaller town and think it's the perfect mid-sized city. It certainly has its own culture and feel that's different from any place I've ever been.

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On A Case Against Telling Your Coworkers What You Earn

I'm in a similar work situation where morale is low, everyone knows each other's salaries, and job descriptions are weird and fluid. There is absolutely jealousy and "why should I do that?" sort of anger floating around. That being said, this was never a good work environment to start with. I think I would say that the type of people who will be especially spiteful and comparative in terms of work/salary are people who were like that already. What I mean is, there's a certain work personality that can make everyone miserable, and that's based on the person, not the particulars of that office. I'm not saying this isn't a problem, but let's figure out exactly what the issue is, not just the signifiers.

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On The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

Oh, I have so much job sadness right now. :( I have been looking for about 3-4 months and had some interviews, but nothing yet. So right now I'm just sitting around waiting for something good to happen. I was hired into a situation with an awful boss. He was (still is) going through personal stuff and was just entirely checked out. Until he wasn't, and suddenly became an angry, kind of scary micromanager. He didn't support any of the staff and we were all on our own and at risk of being thrown under the bus at any moment. He was (fortunately) reassigned and we're getting a new boss next week. Finally. Unfortunately his lack of mental presence in the office let my (horrible, bullying, awful people) coworkers fill the power void. It's been a depressing disaster since the first week I started. No guidance, no autonomy, no authority, surrounded by a bunch of frustrated coworkers who hate me and have run rampant with their bullying and meanness. One of them applied for my job and didn't get it, and I've been feeling the fallout. It absolutely has affected my performance and my well-being. Panic attacks, depression, trouble focusing, etc. It makes it even harder to stand up for myself and try to get things to change because I know I'm not doing a good job. I feel like a complete wreck. With the new boss starting I'm trying to be hopeful, but a part of me feels like this is a bad situation and it's never getting better. I just need more jobs to be posted. :( Sympathy to everyone else in this situation.

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On Taking a Pay Cut

Ugh, I am probably facing one soon. I took a fancy new job not quite a year ago that paid much more than my position typically pays. I found out why: horrible boss, horrible office. I've been looking for a job for a few weeks now and just trying to get myself prepared for probably a $10k paycut. But every morning I've started singing a song about how I hate my job and my life, so it will be worth it to be happy and productive again.

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On Embarrassing Things I’ve Done When Looking for Work 

@stuffisthings I used to think I was pretty fancy with Excel, until I saw what our accountants were working on. There are layers upon layers, my friend.

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On Open Thread

Ok guys - how do you tell your boss you have too much work? I work in a small department and we've been strapped for cash for ages. It's been a continual two-year process of combining positions, people changing positions, people leaving, etc. I think we're more or less stable now, and even making some more money in the next fiscal year, but we're all under a lot of stress. My office within the department has been cut in half staff-wise in the past five years, while our clients/workload has increased almost 25%. Honestly? I just can't get all the work done that is asked of me. I take work home on evenings and weekends and it's starting to take it's toll. And this isn't some high paying field. . .I work in higher education and make a pretty good, but still modest, salary. I love my job and want to do a great job, but we've been in emergency rush mode for about 6 months now, and something's got to give. How can I have this conversation? Can I even have it? The only solutions I'm thinking of are he finds some money somewhere to hire some more help, or I get to somehow pick some duties that we no longer have to cover. I can't really see either happening. What to do?

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On Our Favorite Gadgets And Tools

@mirror_father_mirror It IS the best pen. I have loved that Pilot for years. I just bought a box yesterday and started thinking about how awful it would be if they ever stopped making them, and how I'd have to spend $100 just stockpiling.

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On Follow Your Passion? No. Follow The Money

@beatricks@twitter Agreed - I was definitely NOT told to follow my passions by everyone, and often the opposite. It's not like my parents told me to be unhappy. But my dad wanted me to be employed and smart with money. However, he seemed pretty unhappy with his job all the time, and I vowed as a kid to spend my best years doing something I loved and not saving up for retirement. Of course, with age I realized my dad was just kind of an unhappy person and it didn't have much to do with work. I love my job, even though it's not my passion per se, and one thing you don't always learn as a kid is that money can bring you a kind of safety and independence that can be a great reward. Not the only one, but still a good reward.

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On Going, Going, Sold!

Mike Daaaang! I love eBay. I recently bought socks on there and have been buying Christmas presents as well. When I get shopping fever but I don't have a lot of money to spend, I'll search for things that are under $3 with free shipping and buy away. It's probably an addiction, but it's also fun and cheap.

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On Getting Paid to Whitewash History

I had a friend who spent 5 months in Hawaii on a sort of field trip for her masters degree in environmental education. She said she would never go back to any of the islands unless she was invited there by a native person.

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