On 'The More Your Job Helps Others, the Less You Get Paid'

Totally with you, nonprofit work ftw - just not the financial win.

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On It's Time to Choose Another Book for the Billfold Book Club

Millionaire Next Door, or I will Teach you to be Rich are my two votes.

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On This Woman Does Not Want to Pay For You To Swim With Dolphins

I'm gonna go with if you're going to give something, think about the recipient and not yourself, you selfish brutes lol. I understand wanting to give something tangible, but isn't the point of supporting this new marriage to give them something they...you know want? And maybe it's just a cash gift without specifically saying "romantic dinner number 1" or something.

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On On Class Rage And Green Juice

@NoReally Wow. This is insane to me, but you know what? Thanks for my daily dose of be-grateful-that-you-have-so-much-but-not-TOO-much.

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On My Landlord Ratted Me Out to the Cops

How am I just now seeing this post? This is effing hilarious!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: April 2014 Check-in

@ThatsMyOtter nicely done! Maybe take a staycation. Or a closeby-cation? Take advantage of the great outdoors and nice weather this summer.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions

I liked this! Dad, you're raining on the parade all right, but you can't always just massage over the potentially grim details! Meghan though: seriously loved your advice, I think it's so responsible to keep looking at each day and how it's helping you toward your goal. Not sexy to do grunge work day after day, but you know what IS sexy? Being able to feed yourself and pay your rent (still managing to find time to go after your passion too.)

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On Rides for a Dollar a Minute

This was phenomenal, I agree with samburger; I want to read more about this job. *claps *

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On The Torture of Giving Critical Feedback at Work

@polka dots vs stripes this is also my question. I wasn't sure what that really meant.

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On The Tricky Business of Criticizing Big Philanthropy

I'm in nonprofit and I agree. They are not all of comparable quality in terms of making data driven decisions, and more importantly, ensuring that they are in fact doing the most good in the best possible way. No business, nonprofit nor community-based organization is above scrutiny.

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