On How Can I Prevent Myself From Overdrawing My Account?

I would've picked option 2, but then again my old bank's overdraft protection acted like a credit line that was completely separate from my checking account, and when it kicked in the internet on that puppy was absurd. So not worth it. I'd rather the humiliation of getting my debit card rejected than to deal with the bullshit of getting tons of fees tacked on a separate account. There are very few instances when I need cash that badly or am that far away from civilization where my credit card is insufficient.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2013 Check-In

I'm too timid to join this but a big group hug to everyone!! Solidarity! Maybe next time I'll be brave ...

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On Judging What We Don't Know: The Intangible Value of Status Symbols

I would love it if The Billfold could continue this conversation with Tressie McMillan Cottom or have the "How I Got My Job" series feature someone who is employed in "blue-collar" work. Let's hear more of their stories!

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On I Would Like You to Meet Frank

Thank you for introducing us to Frank, Logan. This is an important story and this is so decent, on many levels.

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On How I Got My Job: Senior Associate at a Public Relations Firm

@vanderlyn Isn’t it obvious that this is a wise strategy? I won't speak for @Ambie, but for someone who grew up in a low-income household, it truly might not be obvious. The OP's contact is her mother, who is "head of account planning at a large ad agency in New York City." That is a huge, huge connection (it doesn't matter that OP's hiring manager didn't know who her mother was, the *president of the company* was her mother's contact -- any minor praise from her/him is going to give OP an edge), and it is reasonable that those who grew up in the suburbs with connections only in low-wage or blue-collar jobs wouldn't think to or have the resources (conference dues, cost of transportation) to network (plus how necessary is networking in low-wage jobs?). With the Internet and the normalization of electronic communication, hopefully those introductions are now easier, but just declaring that this worldview is embarrassing sounds frustratingly "bootstrappy".

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On Money Lessons From My Rich Relatives

The 1% uncle's response is sooo telling. Reinforces how out of touch they appear as a stereotype! sigh.

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On The Homeless Person with a Cell Phone

@bgprincipessa I'd say that Siri has definitely upped her hustle from iPhone 4S.

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