On The Internet as Safety Net

I don't know that I'd use it, although it's hard to say when you're not facing a crisis and have exhausted other options. I'm very lucky that I have four or five different resources (savings, credit, family) I could turn to first in a time if real need, but I recognize that's not the case for many people, or they've gone to those sources already and are still in need. This is timely though, as I contributed to a GoFundMe campaign for the first time today. Expenses for a family from my small hometown that really needs help covering the costs of staying in a big city while their baby receives cancer treatment.

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On The Poverty-Stricken Half-Jewish Brooklyn Christmases Of Our Youth

Such a good story! Every bit of your time with your mom is described so well, I can picture it easily. Another great piece.

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On King of the Christmas Jews

This was really good, I could have read pages and pages of you making money on Christmas! And it's nice to hear people are being so generous with those who are working on holidays.

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On The Ways We Make Money As Minors

Apparently the whole thing was made up! The only investments they've done are simulated ones at their high school. The makings of future Yes Men? http://observer.com/2014/12/exclusive-new-york-mags-boy-genius-investor-made-it-all-up/

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On How a 26-Year-Old Singaporean Does Money

@Kthompson I second the request for more interviews with people from other countries on their take on money. I loved this article and would be interested to see more like it! In Canada we here so much about US finances so we can compare and contrast against that, but I know very little of what people in other countries are facing for the financial future.

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On Earning $100,000 After Nine Years at a Company And Feeling Guilty About It

I really liked this one! It has some strong parallels to where I am in life, so it was interesting to hear someone else talk frankly about dealing with money and in their situation. The whole Doing Money series is one of my favourites, but it's neat to see something a bit reflective of my reality in this one.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Air, Power, Berries

@katastrophe That looks good and totally doable! I have a vodka pie crust recipe as well, courtesy of an aunt who makes the best pies I've ever tasted. Thanks for the recipe, dessert for this weekend is now planned!

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Air, Power, Berries

But what kind of crust should one use for a goat cheese tart?? I love goat cheese but don't have the cooking sense to know what would taste good.

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