On Earning 315,000 Credit Card Points in Less Than a Year

@MrDannyOcean Right, it is a game. And you have to remind yourself when doing something like this that when you play a game, some people win, but some people also lose. And credit card companies make money off of the people who lose.

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On The State With the Highest Minimum Wage Is Outpacing U.S. Job Growth

@garysixpack So to the Republicans like John Boehner who don't want to see the minimum wage raised because they believe it will kill jobs, you can argue the same thing: "It's pretty deceptive to single out just one--the minimum wage--and make claims one way or the other without lots of qualifications."

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On 18-Year-Old Sues Parents for College Money

@Josh Michtom@facebook But there isn't a lack right? The article says that her parents say that "she is entitled to money from a college fund they created"

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On Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

@WayDownSouth What also helps is having parents who are able to take on the minimums of your student debt payments the first year after you graduate college while you figure out how you're going to take over those payments. Having that privilege in the first place helped a lot more than cutting out iced coffees did. Marnie and her husband deserve all the credit for doing what they did, and she could have easily left out all these little details and made this into a "bootstrap" story. But as she admits: NOPE.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Eric18 Does it cost more or less than the American system? Didn't we just raise our debt ceiling?

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On A Shore Thing for Valentine's Day

If SNL has taught me anything, being on a boat is the way to go.

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On In-N-Out Burger Has Remained Popular and Profitable While Treating Employees Well

@pissy elliott Oh, I've heard about the Bible verses. I was just confused about why "treating employees well" would be some kind of hidden agenda.

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On In-N-Out Burger Has Remained Popular and Profitable While Treating Employees Well

@garysixpack Huh?

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On Duh, Amazon is Bad For the Book Business

Amazon has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to put competitors out of business through price-cutting and selling items at a loss, money they probably were okay losing after sheltering billions in a tax haven overseas that the IRS is pursuing. They're bad guys in my book.

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On The Cost of Getting Knocked Up (So Far)

@Meaghano I know you only started writing here a few months ago and I've appreciated your writing thus far. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

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