On Paying For Ink And Intimacy

@MemphisBlues Do you tip your hairstylist? I do, so I would tip a tattoo artist (if I had a tattoo artist).

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On Talking to Millennial Homeowners Who Just Bought Their First Home

@Renleigh I found my realtor by going to open houses at the very start of my homebuying process. Every agent will ask you if you already have an agent, and once you say no, be prepared to be bombarded. Most agents put me off by being too pushy or desperate, but I just clicked with one who seemed very smart and personable. I took her card and continued going on open houses, and the more agents I met the more it felt like she was the one whose style suited me, so I contacted her. @garli is right, it's mostly about finding one you can work with. Most realtors can do the nuts and bolts of the job (especially if you're buying -- selling is trickier, I find) so I'm most interested in finding one who can make the process pleasant.

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On New York on $70 a Week

@TheLifestyleCreep Yes absolutely. I'm pretty sure I could live on $70 a week... if you discounted my mortgage, utilities, and food from the total.

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On 'People Call, We Fix Their Instruments': An Interview With a Luthier

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On 'People Call, We Fix Their Instruments': An Interview With a Luthier

I love this post! I just happen to be in the market for a fine violin and I have been obsessively reading up on violins for months, and my worlds just collided with this Billfold piece. I’ve wondered about the luthiers I’ve been to and it’s weirdly true about it being such a word-of-mouth industry. Violin-making and -repairing is such a specialized but highly skilled craft that I’d wondered how luthiers stay in business — one fine violin could sell for so, so much money but also, you’re not selling fine violins every day, or even month.

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On Keeping the Junk

@yellowshoes Yes, this totally resonated with me and helped me cull my collection! There are things about the KonMari "method" that I won't do, but there's so much helpful commonsense stuff in there. Mostly I like that she's advocating for everyone to develop an intuitive approach to cleaning, rather than reading lots of articles and adopting "rules" to follow that we'll eventually break. If having books makes you happy, her method is perfectly fine with you keeping those books!

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On Lessons Learned From Condo Life

@sally885 That sounds terrible! On the other hand, my HOA is the total opposite -- it's very small and everybody always wants to do everything cheap and never hire a professional when you can "just do it yourself" (but nobody wants to do the work themselves) and then we hire some stoner "handyman" who takes forever to do anything. God I wish we could just hire a pro sometimes. All the times.

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On Talking to a Millennial Homeowner Who Wants to Sell Her Home

Can you pleeeeeease do an article about what you should do with your money when you sell your home? I'm a millenial-ish age person about to sell my first home and don't plan to buy again anytime soon and the thought of having (and frittering away frivolously) all that cash at the end of the transaction puts me in nervous fits. Tell me what to do with my money!

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On How Living at Home at 31 Taught Me Nothing and Everything About Saving

I chafe at this article too, but not because there's anything wrong with living with your parents as an adult, or that it's wrong for parents to help out struggling children. It seems problematic, however, that rather than treat the parental help as a privilege and safety net to be grateful for, it sounds like the author is accepting it as a given and not adjusting her spending to account for the possibility that this privilege may not always exist. It's fine to spend money on yourself, I don't think we should all be miserable if we're not where we want to be financially. But let's not kid ourselves - these expenses are unnecessary luxuries, and the author has put herself in a position where she can't afford to spend her money on luxuries before basic necessities like housing.

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On Planning a 2015 Budget: Revised and Updated

@guessed Yes, freelancers have to pay self-employment tax, unless you do something like set up an LLC to act as a pass-through entity. I ended up doing that (I hesitated to do that for a few years because it seemed like such a headache) and managed to save some money that would have otherwise gone to the IRS. But I'm just putting my numbers out there because I'm afraid Nicole may be in for sticker shock if she plans too low! I did that, and it was SO painful to have to pay a huge amount in taxes in one lump sum (five figures!) because I hadn't fully understood what my liability was.

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