On Women At Work, At Home, & At Rest -- JK, At Work Again

@eatmoredumplings If you're very lucky your job might be able to make some accommodations to help ease the cost? My husband and I both work in nonprofit, so the salaries ain't great, and while my HR department shot down my request to work from home one day per week, they do allow me to work a Tuesday-Saturday schedule so that my husband is on kid duty on Saturdays and I'm on kid duty on Mondays. Saving a day's worth of daycare makes a huge difference.

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On Talking to Tracy Moore About the Financials Behind Her Happy Unexpected Pregnancy

Yep, this sounds almost to the letter exactly how my husband and I dealt with our unexpected pregnancy (except with a way more boring job on my end). I was 30 and making about $40K (still am!), he was 31 and barely employed, and we were pretty much coasting along as a couple of functional but semi-irresponsible potheads, not thinking too hard about whether or not we might eventually have kids one day, when all of a sudden I woke up pregnant. And you know, it worked out okay! The surprise pregnancy lit a fire under my husband's ass to finally land a proper full-time position, I promptly cut out the weed and booze, we read some baby books, found a bigger apartment, and now we have ourselves a baby and the world surprisingly did not end. Our baby is cute and healthy, we're both way more in the mindset of responsible adults than we were a year ago, and things ain't so bad! Daycare does cost a fortune, though. Figure out your childcare situation and you've pretty much unlocked all the secrets of the universe.

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On The Great Greek Yogurt Grocery Shelf Takeover


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On What's Your Fantasy?


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On WWYD: My Mother Opened a Credit Card in My Name

@navigateher For serious! LW, your mom is a grifter. I have a friend who has severed all contact with her mom for yeeeeeears after her mom had pulled stunts like this.

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On Very Specific Reasons to Buy and Eat Dessert

I agree and identify with every word of this interview. ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE SNICKERS BARS. Not only are they the most delicious and satisfying of all the candy bars, they are the ULTIMATE anti-passing-out food. As a person with low blood pressure who is prone to fainting spells, nothing brings me back to life quite like a Snickers bar. I would happily do TV commercials for them.

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On The Open-plan Office

Ahhhhh, thank god this news came out! My office is threatening to convert to an open format, and I'm dreeeeeeeeading it. I can't concentrate without at least a tiny drop of privacy! If there are people everywhere and there's no way to escape them, how is anything ever going to get done??

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On Open Thread

@OllyOlly I would second the Golden West recommendation - one of my very favorite places to eat in Baltimore. Or for a nice date-like dinner, the Helmand is a good Afghan place in Mount Vernon, and then for a cozy ambient place to have beers afterwards, you could go down the street to Brewer's Art.

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On I Hired an Esteemed Cat Photographer to Take Photos of My Cat

@omgkitties I am also on the reference desk right now, and quietly peeing myself.

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On Pro: There's a Place to Hang Clothes. Con: Everything Else

@redheaded&crazy For Union Square, I'd say lower it to $750 and you will find yourself a taker soon enough!

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