On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

I work in a primarily male-dominated industry, and the guys who work in my office have gotten lectures about tucking in their button downs on "casual Fridays." On the flip side, because all the managers are male, they're not comfortable telling the women what to wear, so we actually have a more lax dress code (we're still business casual, but no lectures on any slight infringements).

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On Buying A First Car: The American Dream

@Derbel McDillet YES! I moved somewhere where I needed/wanted AWD. Looked at Audis but used to drive a German car and the maintenance costs were insane. "Your xyz needs to be replaced, unfortunately since your car is German, it will be 5x as much as any other xyz." Got a Subaru, it is the best.

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On And Then They Came For Our Sandwiches

Meaghan, I worked briefly for a start-up and this is something I think a lot about too, although I think your experiences were a bit more lucrative than mine. :) Your question "and then what" worries me a lot, in particular. I imagine you're still friends with at least some of the people you've worked with - the start-up world can be quite a little bubble once you get into it, and it's easy to stay in it, hopping from one to another - do the people you talk to have any thoughts on this? Or is this something better to not think about?

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On Friday Estimate

@BillfoldMonkey Also speaking as a female, agree 100%, particularly when they are forced baby showers AT WORK. Also, if I am forced to attend one at work, why shouldn't the men have to attend too? There should be no gender discrimination in awkwardness. I am also a monster.

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On Fronting

When I was a kid, I KNEW I would get a BMW/Mercedes when I grew up - no idea why because I hate driving, but I guess it was my definition of "success." I recently just bought a new (used) car, and looked at BMW/Mercedes...and then looked at the prices. I could afford the payments, but I would still be just frontin'.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@Heather Funk@facebook Agreed, when I write something that is my opinion meant for an audience, whether it is on Twitter, Billfold forum or an email to a friend, I re-read and make sure I don't sound like a jackass. Not because you can please everyone, and nor is that my goal, but if nothing else, catching flaws in your own arguments makes it easier for you to sway other people to your views. Also, you don't sound like a jackass, which is nice. :) That said, I wonder what the author meant to sound like with this piece.

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On Real Talk Résumé

@sea ermine I have heard that, too. I think it is supposed to speak to your work ethic, ie working through college. If I were hiring and saw that on a resume, it wouldn't affect my decision, but we did interview someone in my office once because he stated that he paid for college himself on his resume and one of my coworkers was very impressed by that, so ymmv. Depending on the job/industry/etc., I don't think it's a dealbreaker to put on your resume.

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On Student Loan Debt: Bad for the Economy

@Sarah Rain@facebook Agreed, it's basically just one big Ponzi scheme. Very twisted, and scary when a company's stock price falls because it didn't grow by x% every quarter (therefore failing to meet artificial projections)...and everyone thinks this makes sense. How is any of this sustainable?

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On A $429 Blender?

@bgprincipessa Eek sorry for the late response, not sure if you will read this, but basically, small kitchen space = storing Vitamix in closet and my bf accumulates and loses change everywhere. The dime was already in the blender! If the Vitamix starts to overheat, it automatically shuts down, so perhaps that's why so few employees needed? The engine basically isn't allowed to burn out. Unless there are errant dimes, in which case YMMV. :)

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On A $429 Blender?

@bgprincipessa Because these suckers are amazing. We accidentally blended a dime while making a smoothie (ugh), heard a couple of weird thunks but nothing else, and when we poured out the smoothie, found a chipped dime. No damage to the blender.

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