On Amazon Pays Kindle Unlimited Authors $1.33 For Every Book Read

@tw0lle Oh also people can request a reimbursement if they read the book and "don't like it" within a few days, so if you have a short book you'll have a lot of people engaging in fraud so they don't have to pay. It's pretty great.

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On Amazon Pays Kindle Unlimited Authors $1.33 For Every Book Read

As I understand it, if people are using Kindle Unlimited and you publish through KDP and price your book to get the 70% royalty, they can borrow your book for free and you don't get paid. Personally I have a few short self-published ebooks and I noticed that when Kindle Unlimited happened my sales went from about 10 copies a month to zip (paid copies) because everyone was "borrowing" through KU. It was extremely frustrating, especially because I opted for a paper check for royalties and you don't get those unless you reach (I think) $100--and I was so close before sales jumped off a cliff!

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On The Cost of Becoming Interested in Fencing as an Adult

I went to a pre-college camp/program (sort of an offshoot of CTY) at Bryn Mawr College and they had fencing lessons, which is where I learned. The equipment was old and borrowed, smelled bad, and didn't fit correctly. However some of the people in the class were REAL fencers and brought their own stuff and were much, much better than everyone else. I don't think any amount of technique could've overcome the stench of those helmets, although I was also just naturally very bad at it…lots of fun though, especially because I was obsessed with Revolutionary Girl Utena at the time (I even had a partner--a girl from Hong Kong--named Anthea! it was quite a summer).

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On Monday Check-in

On Friday I spent the cash in my wallet on drinks ($14). On Saturday I unexpectedly spent about $20 in Indian groceries in Jackson Heights (lots of boxed curries, "masala" popcorn, a bag of Punjab mix for a friend, mini eggplants, okra, red lentils, and a kulfi popsicle for myself), which I hadn't anticipated. Then I spent another $6 on laundry (quarters I found in a bag) and $11 on Greek groceries (pita, tzatziki, olives, feta). The next day I spent $8 on coffee for a friend and myself, then picked up mozzarella and mortadella, a baguette, and a bottle of rose on my way home ($24). I anticipated spending around $60, and I spent $83. The snacks on Sunday were unplanned, so that made the difference (man were they good though).

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On Fond Memories Of Take Your Kid To Work Day

My dad is an engineer at Dupont and they had a great program for Take Your Daughter to Work Day (it wasn't "kid" at that time, it was just girls). It was awesome! I'm not engineer-brained at all, and I didn't end up working as an engineer, but I *loved* the presentations because of all of the history. I think I was 8? They also gave us some great swag, including a somewhat inscrutable button with the words "I was in full motion today" on it.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight I'm going to the cat cafe! I already paid for me and my friend ($4.39 each I think), but I want to buy at least one cat macaron ($3.50). We'll probably go out and get food and/or drinks ($20). Tomorrow I'm going to the gym and will probably buy a bagel and coffee ($5) after. I may pick up some vegetables on my way home ($10). I'm getting a Freshdirect order that I already paid for ($30 + $6 delivery fee) that will contain the rest of my groceries. On Sunday we're going to Spoons Toons 'n' Booze at Nitehawk Cinema, which I paid for about a month ago (it was $16/ticket for cartoons and unlimited cereal). They sell cocktails too, but I doubt I'll get one because they look very rich/cream-based. Blegh. I'm budgeting another $20 for miscellany while we're looking around Williamsburg. If I can keep it to around $50 that would be nice, but we'll see.

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On Open Thread! Free Cone Day

The line at Rockefeller Center yesterday was insane. I thought about it, though!

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On Everything About Being An Assistant Is Awful

@yellowshoes Aw, I love being an editor, but I think it gets much more enjoyable when you begin acquiring for yourself :) Being an assistant was VERY hard work.

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On Friday Estimate

It would be great if I could spend less than $50 this weekend, because instead of going on my usual 3-stop, multiple-bags, muscles aching grocery world tour to get the best prices, I just threw up my hands and ordered them online. So I spent $78 on that (delivery fee waived as a special promotion, which was nice, although I tipped the difference, so really it was $83), but hoping to get another week or two of those groceries. I'm staying in tonight but conceivably might buy a movie on Amazon Instant ($3.99), some additional groceries (I don't really buy produce from FreshDirect because I can't see it, so $10 there, plus wheat germ for the cookies I want to make). Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding, which hopefully, free. Sunday I might go to MoCCA though, and I rarely get out of there without spending $20 plus the $5 entry fee. I really like the Eleanor Davis poster for this year which would be a cost in and of itself if I purchased it. So, $60? With hopes to beat that?

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On The Cost Of Things: A Visit To The Cat Cafe

So jealous! I've been trying to book a spot at this place since it opened. I thought interest would die down but it never did!!

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