On Agonizing About Vacation Expenditures

As a recent "snack pack" purchaser on American Airlines, at first I was going to be like, "Don't get the snack pack!! It's a ripoff!!" but then I remembered how much I enjoyed getting it. It was like a Birchbox, but with food! Yes, the crackers mentioned are definitely two Saltine-sized crackers, the cheese is pat-of-butter-sized, etc, but the snack pack kept me entertained for a solid 20 minutes, I felt very "treat yo self" that I ordered food whereas most people didn't, and it actually left me kinda full? If only because you can't really shovel that much individually-wrapped food into your gullet without at least pausing to remove the packaging, which helps in terms of satiation. So, my advice is: get the snack pack. It may be the best $8 you've ever spent.

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On Friday Estimate

I've already spent $57.39 + $33.23 on groceries this week, and this includes a large amount of beer for my Superbowl dinner. (Also, I ordered from Freshdirect, so delivery costs, etc.) I usually don't tip my Freshdirect delivery guys, but since it's so cold I'm planning to give him or her $5. I think that's appropriate? Lunch on Saturday after working out: $10 Possible extra groceries in case I forgot something $20 Laundry: $10 So about $50 for this weekend, which doesn't include the massive amount I already spent on groceries to prep.

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On "Your Children Deserve To Know What You Make" Uh OK

I disagreed with this article so hard. But maybe in part because my dad made a fair amount of money but my parents chose to live frugally, and I feel like that was their right. My dad made the money--he could choose whether or not to disclose how much he had. And yeah, I feel like if I had known when I was young it would have altered my worldview, probably for the worse. Then again, that anxiety and frugality coupled with not-knowing about finances is something I have replicated in my own life, for better or worse. It's one thing to know that you have to spend less than $250 on groceries in order to save $300/month, and it's another to make weird value judgments about what brand of beans you "can" buy because you don't have a firm grasp of how much money is going in and how much is going out. I think what I would want to teach my kids the most would be how to make independent judgments about using the money you have to produce the lifestyle you want.

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On Monday Check-in

@tw0lle haha I messed up, I forgot the moisturizer/exfoliant, so it was actually $296. [has a seizure]

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On Monday Check-in

I'll make you guys feel better about yourselves. In my defense, it was my birthday weekend. Friday: My friend took me out for dinner, and I bought the first round of beers ($16) after which no one would let me pay for anything. Saturday: $8 on a delicious breakfast $12 at Sephora (because I was too embarrassed to ask for my birthday gift without buying anything, so I got a bottle of nail polish) $10 tip on a free brow shaping (at Benefit) $20 facial at an aesthetician school…but then I bought a moisturizer ($49) and exfoliant ($13) $25 pedicure ($15 + $10 tip because my feet were such a mess and I feel that my pedicurist went above and beyond. I *never* get pedicures, and I run.) $3 kimchi bun for lunch $26 in groceries at H-mart $10 in groceries at the Greek grocery $32 groceries at the regular grocery store $40 on Afghan food for dinner (I took a friend who is between jobs, so I paid for him) $10.50 on REALLY good desserts at Chikalicious dessert bar $16 on a round of beers at Barcade $5 in quarters Sunday: I didn't go outside or spend any money, thank god. = $234 for the weekend This wouldn't be SO extravagant (I guess…) except that I'm going on vacation later this week. But…at this point I guess I should just enjoy my expensive moisturizer, thank the universe that I could afford a nice meal, and move forward frugally into my 31st year on this planet….

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On The Working Life of Gwyned Filling, the 'Career Girl' of 1948

Wow! We come a long way baby?

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@Scoville Your budget/take home is closest to mine in this thread, and I'm gratified to see that we have the same grocery budget. High five.

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On Monday Check-in

Somehow managed to spend $67 on groceries (I had just purchased $50 in groceries earlier in the week). Oh well. I was making a two fairly complicated recipes (bread from the Josey Baker bread book and the whole roasted chicken from Pok Pok) so I had to pick up a few things I didn't already have. Man, lemongrass is expensive. On the plus side, the only other money I spent this weekend was $6 on laundry, most of which I already had in quarters.

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

@HelloTheFuture I was gift wrapped the roll of tape I was using to wrap the present with. So…yeah, maybe I shouldn't give handmade presents, actually. Unless they were of the "infused liquor" variety or something similarly non-crafty.

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

1. How much did you spend on presents this year? $167 2. How much did your most expensive gift cost? $59 3. How about the least expensive gift? $23 (or, a $9 book in a present that also included a more expensive shirt) 4. Did you make a budget before you began shopping for presents? No u__u 5. If yes to #4, did you stay within your budget? n/a 6. Did you put any presents on a (gasp!) credit card. Yes, but I pay off the balance every month. I used the points from my Discover card to buy most of my Dad's gift. 7. Do you feel like you spent “the right amount” on presents this year? I always feel like I could've spent less if I handmade some gifts. My parents do give me some money for living expenses, so it's always weird using money to buy them gifts. I suspect that they'd be just as happy with less expensive but more thoughtful gifts? Idk.

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