On Mass Transit is Amazing For Everyone (Else)

I remember when I was a high school student in a suburban area, and I flunked my driver's test, and I was just like, "Whatever, I'll walk everywhere." But then I realized you simply *can't* walk everywhere, because my home was bordered by major highways. And the bus system in that area was a joke--very unreliable, didn't service much of the suburbs, etc. Now I live in a major city that has a great public transit system (I never got my license), and I walk everywhere. I wish everyone had the option.

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On Visiting Hogwarts When You're Broke

Wizards aside, your writing is MAGIC

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On "When Leon dies, Bard will perhaps die as well"

I feel guilty for not giving money to any of the schools I went to…maybe I'll start this year. Part of it is because I don't make a lot of money, part of it is because I feel ambivalent about some of their financial decisions in one case (but really, should that be part of your decision to give? idk), part of it is simple irritation at their balls-out fundraising techniques. I was thinking about giving money to the art museum at one of these schools as opposed to the school itself, because I love the museum but feel conflicted about the school. But that does seem kinda fiddly...

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

@Cass I think part of it is because they're somewhat overpriced, part of it is because they don't pay their workers as well as they could, part of it is an ecological concern because they have huge trucks that idle outside while they make deliveries (emissions, plus annoying if you're trying to park), and they also use excessive packaging for their products sometimes (although that hasn't been my experience). Also I wouldn't buy their produce because it's sometimes really crappy and banged up, but obviously you can't look at it first, so that sucks. Oh, and if you don't have free delivery via the promo it's $5.99.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

I'm adding that my monthly bill is $250 for one person who doesn't eat out much.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

Monday check-ins made me realize I was spending too much on groceries. I tended to shop at many different stores to get the best deals, but in the process was picking up a bunch of unneeded extra stuff. In addition I was wasting a ton of time and energy. So--and I know people hate Fresh Direct--but I switched to Fresh Direct, where I can make 1-2 big orders per month and take a critical look at my cart before I click "buy." Plus I found out you can add CSA boxes to your orders which is kinda fun, if a little overpriced. I augment this by buying local produce from my neighborhood wholesale vegetable/fruit market. Cuts down on food waste too, because if I'm out of food, I'm out of food.

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On Remembrance of College Interviews Past

I remember the first interview I ever did…at Washington College in Maryland. I was so, so nervous. The interviewer asked me what my best quality was, and I answered that I "thought outside the box." And then (after a painful silence) when she asked me to expand on that, I just stared at her. Then she asked if I had any questions and I said I did not. I didn't end up applying to the school anyway. I ended up going to a kind of non-traditional college. I was interviewed in my home state, and the interviewer asked a bunch of questions, then, based on my responses, commented that I seemed to care a lot about what my friends and family thought about various things. It turned into a weird CBT session. But it was actually kind of an interesting talk, and his comment got the conversation moving (we talked about forming your own opinions on things, and how that can be difficult). And I got in, so it couldn't have been that bad, I guess...

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With a $20 Flip Phone

@tw0lle Sadly it was all very uneventful--mostly just threads of conversation drying up because it sometimes took me 12 hours to respond. Modern love!

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With a $20 Flip Phone

I had a flip phone for a long time (until last year), and I found the inaccessibility nice (it was VERY HARD to adjust to getting push notifications for email, etc on my new phone). However the technical difficulties that accompanied possession of said phone, such as not getting photos in texts and not being able to participate in mass texts, was annoying. When I did OKCupid I also wasn't able to use the app, so I didn't answer messages promptly in many cases, which was problematic. Twitter was a whole different experience. However the most major thing was that I couldn't use Google Maps, so I had to print out a map before I went anywhere (and I usually got lost anyway). Oh, also I couldn't look up hours or phone numbers, so sometimes I called information or, until like 2009, texted Google (remember that?).

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On Monday Check-in

I didn't spend any money on Friday evening (which is when I usually start estimating for the weekend) because I was at my office until 11 working. On Saturday, I spent about $8 on fruits and vegetables. On Sunday morning I spent $12 on groceries, then went back again and spent another $12 (friend came over, had nothing for lunch/snacks). So all told, a pretty cheap weekend, mostly facilitated by working through most of it.

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