On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

Holy shit.

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

I'm pretty sure I have no direct heat in my basement apartment--just residual heat from the pipes that snake all around my kitchen and bedroom. That's why it's always cold as hell. And probably illegal! Whatever.

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On Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get for $295,000

@Ester Bloom Seems cheap! Based on my limited knowledge, which includes the fact that my friend's father pays $26k/year on his extremely modest split-level in Bergen County.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I'd really like to stay in that woman's house in Detroit, if she's AirBnB-ing it. Living in NYC, I've heard a LOT of Detroit romanticizing lately. When I first got here in 2006 I felt like when I went to parties it was "moving to Berlin." Now it's "moving to Detroit." I'm curious about the city, myself, and it'd be cheaper to visit than Berlin...

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On Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get for $295,000

Wow, that Kentucky house! Wonder what the property taxes are like there.

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On The Price of David Sedaris' Briefcase in 1993, in 2014

I bought a pair of $140 Club Monaco pants when I got my first promotion, egged on by a friend of mine. They are very nice pants--I wore them to several important presentations--but first they fell off a hanger and her cat kneaded them, and then I lost some weight and they don't fit (and it would be a hell of a tailoring job to alter them). Still, I don't entirely regret the purchase, since I'd never owned "nice" pants to wear to important business occasions.

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On How to Make Buying Things More Like Having Experiences


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On Group Fall Getaways

Would love some info on what parts of upstate NY are reachable by train alone. I looked earlier in the season and it seemed very "train + cab" or "rental car."

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On Monday Check-in

I spent a ton of money this weekend. I have a grocery delivery coming this week, but I was out of a bunch of stuff, so I spent maybe $80 on miscellaneous food items and cleaning products and a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of Four Roses bourbon, $20 at a Thai grocery on various things, $4.25 at the farmer's market, $5 on a coffee and a snack, plus I got my hair cut ($60 + $13 tip) and got a slice of pizza after ($4 for a "Tony Clifton" at Two Boots, which was red pepper pesto, mushrooms, and onion…delicious). I've spent almost my entire grocery budget in the first week of October, so hopefully this means I can just stop grocery shopping for the rest of the month??

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On Book It! Alumni: Get a Free Personal Pan Pizza

I loved this program. But there aren't any Pizza Huts close to me in NYC :( I guess I could go to the Ridgewood one??

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