On Places I've Lived: Paris, St. Louis, NYC

funny story (funny, is that the word I want to use?), I know two friends who moved out of your east village building august 2013 because of a massive tiny-roach infestation. Wonder if you moved into their apartment!

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On On Safety Nets vs. Spending Now

I've put off traveling in hopes of growing an emergency fund. But recently I realized that it will be much more difficult to travel like I did at 23 when I'm 33, which is a bit scary...

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On WWYD: Bring Bottles In Yourself Or Leave Them for the Less Fortunate

I used to package up the bottles and leave them hanging on the fence when I lived in a two-unit building with a fence out front (where the garbage cans were). Now I live in a 15-unit place with a "garbage alley" so I follow the rules.

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On For Whom Is The New York Times?

Affluent with…uh…cultural capital?

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On On Food, Cancer, and the Illusion of Control

When my mom was getting chemo for cancer (this was back in like 1998), she stopped eating not-organically-farmed meat and drinking all dairy milk because her doctor told her to. I think it was because of bovine growth hormones or something. We also started eating a lot of seaweed salad for some reason. It was kind of funny because my mom, being in treatment, stopped cooking, so I started to subsist on a diet of processed foods. Likewise, the only thing she could really stomach during most of the chemo was a certain kind of Progresso soup (which now that I think of it had chicken in it, and probably not organically farmed chicken). So…cognitive dissonance.

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On Thing I Did Not Buy On The Internet Today: A Leather Party Hat

Ha, I saw that. I think Need Supply is just trolling right now.

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On The Cost of Halloween, Part 2: Candy and Parties

Costume: $17 very cheap wig, $2 t-shirt. Party at a docked pirate ship: $25 ticket (friend bought me a drink) Chipotle "boorito": $3 Dos Caminos margarita: $11 Mayahuel cocktail: $16 Bag of peanut butter cups: $6 TOTAL $80 could've been worse

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On Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $199,000

I visited Portland ME for a wedding last summer and loved it so much. I'm sure this is a stock response, but I'm not sure about the winters, though.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

Perpetually, slowly growing my emergency fund. Seems like it's taking forever… Sept: $2275 Oct: $2571 ($250/month plus some money from my "Keep the Change" match) My goal is almost $7k (hahaha ugh) but my Mint goal is $3375, which I should hit by January.

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On Lunch Spots and Budgets

I almost always bring my lunch, so when I accidentally forget it, buying lunch feels like a treat. That's why I'm always so flummoxed by how BAD some of these lunch joints are. I feel like if I pay $8 for a sandwich it probably should be really delicious, and stuff like those pre-made Pret falafel sandwiches just aren't. They taste like nothing.

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