On Friday Estimate

@menspraetrepidans Congrats on quitting! Definitely spend to distract/indulge/reward yourself!

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF @LookUponMyWorks @Stina Thanks! I like the suggestions, wish me luck finding a basic athletic suit. (I don't even want to know what fluroescents are...)

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On Friday Estimate

I need to cook the food I've bought and freeze/store it, and then buy a new swimsuit (my current one needs to be relegated from laps to lounging). Any recommendations on good places to look for a ~$60 suit?

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On Worth Waiting For: A Love Story

This is the kind of story I want to be able to write. Beautiful, Ester.

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On January Is The Cruelest Month -- For Layoffs

@erinep Are you in DC? (I ask because of the election reference.) I think we should do a Billfold DC meetup!

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On The Cost of Feeding Myself On Travel

I permit myself to buy an Auntie Anne's pretzel when I fly, and occasionally a soda - both things I don't do when I'm not traveling. However, I do try to come prepared with a book/magazine/empty water bottle.

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On January Is The Cruelest Month -- For Layoffs

That's so interesting, because I've been job hunting (while employed) for the past year, and for the first time since August I've had movement (three interviews!). But I can see how it would depend a lot on sectors as well. Interesting stuff.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday night is in fact the best time to go grocery shopping! (Or do laundry in your building.) I ended up spending way more on groceries than anticipated ($74), mostly because I stocked up on baking supplies. It does mean I have food for the storm tomorrow (making soup tonight! plus brownies!) and fresh bread. Otherwise, I didn't spend any money. Good times!

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On Friday Estimate

Grocery shopping (I need flour and brownie mix for weekend baking) so probably $30-40ish. If I'm on my game I'll get a picture matted, which was free last time I went but this poster is a little bigger, so ?. And I should find a place to get a Christmas skirt taken in. Also, @Erica above, I do my tithing with every paycheck -- I paid earlier this week. Finally, if I'm really good, I'll go by a u-haul store and buy mattress bags to get rid of my current one (it's fine, but a little lumpy, and my new one was free). happy weekend!

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On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

I heard then Sen. Obama at a rally when he was running for President, and was inspired. I remember going home and calling all my relatives in primary states and being unable to describe how powerful a speaker he was. (It didn't hurt that I got a half-hand shake at the end.) I've started working in politics since then and have become a lot more realistic, but I do like this new phase of Obama. Even if it doesn't have many ramifications in the next two years, it could set a good stage for down the road. Not a bad way to wind down a presidency.

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