On Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

Ahhh, I have the draft of a post on how much various water bottles cost at airports I have been to! Maybe we should crowdsource and we could all compare price/oz/brand/airport? My airport treat is buying an Auntie Anne's pretzel. Guilty pleasure of carbs and butter and salt.... (-:

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On The End of Signatures at the Checkout Counter

My signature isn't at all consistent. I once went to the bank to make some changes to my CD; I signed something as verification. They noted that my signature had changed and I wanted to say, what am I, the queen? I don't have a "John Hancock".

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On Your Waistline = Your Boss's Business

@Sean Dailey@facebook It's great *if* you can afford a membership to a pool/gym/buy rock climbing gear/buy crossfit classes/etc.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $500K

Oh I want what looks like a small liberal arts college in my backyard! Or even a lake I could jump into. $500k goes so much further in some parts of the country.... (wonderful writing, ester!)

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On The Most Vain Thing I Have Ever Done Cost Me $96 And I Regret Nothing

My aunt who lives in Southern California was informing me at the latest family gathering that *everybody* in her neighborhood has at least enhanced eyelashes, and she went and got hers done and I swear they are four times as thick as yours. She has refused to do more extensive altering to her body but I think it is much more A Thing out west. My aunt in Texas was informing me how she went and drove several hours to get her eyelashes done but probably wouldn't be doing it again because her husband didn't trust the doctor or something like that. Despite the wonders it would be of not having to deal with mascara rubbing off when exercising/swimming, I am too chicken and too cheap to do it myself.

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On Point/Counterpoint: Does Empowerment Sell?

I'm definitely feel more of the latter. Why don't men apologize more? It's like the Dove ads, you can be beautiful regardless of your shape/size/color -- but why are we still focusing on beauty as the Feature We All Want? Ugh.

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On The Year We Saved $10K: Cue 'Braveheart' Soundtrack

We should have a DC Billfold hangout!

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On Who Benefits When Mike Dang Dies? Chatting About Life Insurance

Wasn't there a This American Life story about a lawyer who read the fine print and said you could get the benefits of a policy even if you weren't directly related? And so then he got a bunch of people who were terminally ill to sign up for a policy; their family got a good chunk of the funds and he got the rest. Legal? Ethical? Moral? Etc.

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On Everything I Needed to Know About Money I Did Not Learn in Kindergarten

--I remember being given a quarter or two as a child when I went out "in case I ever needed to use a pay phone, it's good to have change on hand." -- We all learned there are people on the street who will try to scam you and most strangers who approach you with a gold ring they found and will give it to you to sell assuming you give them money are in fact not telling the truth about the value of the "found" ring. -- When my parents were first married they budgeted for one parking ticket a month (though they did pay them off). -- No allowances. Sometimes my sister and I could earn 1 penny for every two weeds we pulled. -- Quality over quantity, with everything, but especially food. -- Watch out for exchange rates! They can get you.

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On Saying Yes to the Dress! (For Other People)

Somebody should really set up a rental shop for bridal gowns. I know rent the runway has some, but oh please, I don't need to keep this dress or spend thousands and thousands on it. Also, @noreally, that is so excellent to know! I will tell my sister.

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