On Grocery Shopping Never Ends

@Duckles I bake my bread and then cut/freeze it. When I'm ready for it, I take it and and let it thaw/toast it.

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On The Cost of Getting Your Eyes Checked (When Your Health Insurance Does Not Include Vision)

The only downside to my Warby Parkers ($130) are that they are a little tight around the nose and it takes a little more work to find someplace that can fix it for me.

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On Cannes To Female Stars: Heel!

Do heels actually get more scuffed up than regular shoes, though? When I wear heels to work I always commute in a regular shoe (read: pair I don't mind getting dirty) because usually I do care more about how I look for work than when I run to the grocery store. But definitely definitely you should be able to wear flats/wedges/whatever other nice shoe to these parties. Seriously.

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On Uber Aversion

I have become less thrilled with Uber lately, for reasons you describe, privacy, and bad experiences with the app itself. Also, the latest experience with Uber was with a driver in Boston who didn't know where South Station was or how to use his GPS to get there. Oy. As a side note, though, I wonder about that female driver service in New York (SheRides, I think) - how are their drivers compensated compared with Uber/Lyft? (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/08/nyregion/new-service-offers-taxis-exclusively-for-women.html)

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On Pretty Sure I Deserve A "Wife Bonus"

I think it's just a whole other world, between pre-nups and life insurance. Plus, many of these women, UES or no, probably have considerable networks they could turn to. That would be my guess, anyway.

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On A Life Lesson from My Mother, a Freelance Financial Writer

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On A Life Lesson from My Mother, a Freelance Financial Writer

"Children cannot utter a “sorry” big enough to fill the caverns they have clawed in their parents’ bone marrow." <-- And this is what I tried to express in my mother's day card, or the "thank you" version of it, but there is just no possible way. No possible way. Thank you - I may just be bawling the rest of the day thinking about this essay.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: picking up produce from my CSA (already paid for) and maybe getting a few other groceries there. Tomorrow: Book club at a restaurant, so maybe $10? And then a grocery run at least. But hopefully under $50.

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On Disloyal Grocery Shopping

CSA! I get a bag of produce every week and then will make a run to a "regular" grocery store for supplementary stuff. Sometimes that is the store by the subway, but it's definitely marked up so I try to make a schlep elsewhere.

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On The Moral Dilemma Posed by the Mani-Pedi

Horrible, though not entirely shocking. Did anyone read the Q&A how it came about? One of the reporters was treating herself to a pedicure on her birthday at 10am. She was at a 24 hour place and commented how funny that was, who works there then? And the woman doing her nails said she worked the night shift, and was still working at 10am, and would only go home once a week. There are such awful working conditions here and around the world, I know I definitely don't appreciate my own situation (or know how to fix anything, boycotting seems only so useful/practical).

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