On Did Your Parents Lie About Your Age To Get Lower Ticket Prices, And Did That Scar You For Life?

One or two days before my 8th birthday I went with a friend to a candle-making workshop and it said you had to be 8 years old to do the activity. My mom took me anyway and it was mildly scandalous; I may have fudged a college id entrance once or twice but I always feel sooooooooo guilty about it that I don't do it often.

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On M4F: Married Mormon Dad Seeks Companionship, Pays Price

Ugh. I know it's economics and the market but I still dislike this for a few reasons. 1) Stop giving the Mormons a bad name. Most are nice and friendly and pretty boring. 2) Your last name is Boston? That sounds like a name you would make up if you were 3)paying women to hang out with you, which I know is kind of what a date is but this yiggs me out. Oy.

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On This Halloween, Everybody Wants to Be a Magical Blonde Woman in a Blue Dress

@Ester Bloom Ha! The West Wing. You are all probably right. At least we agree, though it's sad that we are all so susceptible to looks.

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On This Halloween, Everybody Wants to Be a Magical Blonde Woman in a Blue Dress

I don't understand why everyone is a fan of Elsa. Anna gets to do all the saving and heroics; Elsa just freezes the kingdom.

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On My Spouse Confessed to $4,500 of Debt Right Before We Applied for a Mortgage

I was thinking it would be Amy, like Nick and Amy in Gone Girl...

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On How to Stay Married: Splurge on the Honeymoon, Not the Open Bar

@Ester Bloom @ATF I have no immediate plans to be married, but when it happens, I would like my wedding to be fun. I have this theory that many people attend wedding receptions like teenagers/some adults attend church: because they're supposed to, because their friends might be there, because there might be food. (See how I used all forms of there/they're/their in that sentence??) So I would like for all the family and friends that have to be invited to enjoy it. I'll be investing in crowd funding science experiments and/or "build your own lego minifig stations". It's the only part of wedding planning I ever think about.

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On Witchy Feelings About My Index Fund

I put mine in a Merrill Edge account and it is sort of linked to my bank of america but not enough that I see it every time I check out my bank account. I try really really hard not to think about it, and just treat it as my "in case something really really horrible happens" but when I read the news about stocks going down I do fret some, even though I really shouldn't be worrying about it. Mostly it triggers a "what if everything bad happens and I end up with 14 different horrific disorders and in poverty" feeling. Ugh.

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On Would You Be More Likely to Freeze Your Eggs If It Were a Work Benefit?

I think I'd prefer for companies to set up quality day care on site. Then we could all commute together, nursing would be easier, and we'd save money. I can see freezing eggs but like others, I have real questions and it yiggs me out a little.

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On These Boots Are Made For Walking

Oh! Ester, you are such a wonderful writer. But I don't know what to do with those boots. Maybe ask more friends to chip in and buy a new pair? Put them in a trunk? Use the leather to make a bracelet/watch band/necklace? (Also, I'm very sorry about your panic attacks. I get them too, sometimes. We should start a Billfold support group/technique swap.)

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