On How Networking Can Work

Yes! Informational interviews sometimes feel like a waste of time or repetitive but most people are genuinely happy to help you out and if can be useful, even if you don't know what you are looking for. Plus, if you talk to a lot of people and are "off" with one of them, your batting average is still high. Not always fun, but usually bearable. Most people are happy to talk about themselves.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Stayed in, so nothing. although! I donated blood and since it was my first time at that facility they gave me a lunch bag and snacks. Which was great because I was considering buying a lunch bag, but now it's a win-win. Saturday, I spent $35 on groceries and $20 for a basketball game with friends (not a huge fan but it was a good social activity and the game was good.) Sunday, I went to church but otherwise cooked and stayed in so nothing then. Not horrible, though I have a nice medical bill to pay today that won't be fun.

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On The Cost of Throwing Money at the Problem of Getting Sick

My aunt got Crohn's recently, I'm so sorry! Hopefully you have a good friend(s) who can help when you need it.

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On Life Hacks

A hodge podge of things: 1. I try to be overly polite and interested in people. (Not creepy, though.) I've been surprised what a small world it is. 2. Cook a big meal on Sundays and freeze the leftovers. Seriously, freezing food is amazing. 3. I sit at a desk much of the day and have started forcing myself to go for walks or stretching on a semi-regular basis. I know exercise is good for you, but I have to remind myself that short bursts of getting up also help.

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On Monday Check-in

It was a wonderful weekend because my family came to town! So I had very very few expenses because my parents covered food/etc. I ended up with just some parking and metro costs ($15 total?). Win - win for me.

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On One Shall Be the Thing Thou Shalt Do, and the Number of the Thing Shall Be One

So I have a bunch of stuff on my laptop I have to put into a form to send out in a job application, but I can't do it today (won't be home until late and I'm not submitting an application at 10:30pm) but I need to prep it for tomorrow! Today, maybe I just need to stay warm.

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On Job Of The Day: Antarctic Post Office, Shop, Museum Manager

Yeah, the daylight at all hours definitely makes it manageable. If you want to go down there but don't want to have to be super friendly all day there are often dishwashing (or similar) positions at other bases.

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

Yeah, I get this. I have enough money I could buy something, except that 1) I'd like it for retirement but more relevantly to the discussion 2) What if I meet someone and we have to move in two years when he finishes grad school/post-doc/etc? I don't feel permanent enough to buy.

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On Friday Estimate

@A-M Oh PS Mike feel better! My tip: RICE really works. So does chocolate.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: pick up some snacks for a movie night. ($7-10, no more). Tomorrow, maybe a grocery run but that might get pushed to Monday. Still, it would just be some produce so maybe $15? And $5 tomorrow night for a friend film festival.

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