On We're All Shopping At Our Desks Today Right? OK Great

@TrotskyHoldsMyiPod Thanks, they totally did! I had all sorts of snarky comments ready but in fact I just overthought things and jumped to conclusions way too quickly. Still, I have a better fitting skirt and jeans from it (on sale too)!

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On "If That Thief Counts as a Customer, I Had Two Customers That Week:" A RadioShack Story

I was in RadioShack maybe a year or two ago and bought some headphones, or maybe a wall charger? Either way, it cost me $17 and they tried to sell me a $21 warranty. I laughed and tried not to sound too condescending as I said no.

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On We're All Shopping At Our Desks Today Right? OK Great

Yeah, this furthers my decision to stop at J.Crew on my way home tonight. I've lost weight so my clothes don't fit very well. Plus I may be on the receiving end of a break up tonight. Plus I have a broken foot. Those are three good reasons to splurge a little for nice work clothes, right?

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On Friday Estimate

@pterodactylish I just broke my foot, too! I have to go to the DMV and The Container store tomorrow (when better to break your foot than at the end of the move?) but otherwise will be hanging low and doing some cooking/walking with friends. Take it easy and definitely be nice to yourself! I'll be thinking of you while I hobble around.

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On You Can't Afford To Be Fat At Work

@WhyHelloThere Oh I really like the way you put that. I've been having these conversations with some friends and trying to elaborate on why some of the Title IX/harassment laws are necessary and while women do experience some benefits, it is small in scale compared to the benefits white men do. They kind of get it, but I wonder how much of the "well you're ugly so we don't care" stuff is still going on. Too much.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm doing laundry tonight ($4.50, for my sheets and colors) and then tomorrow I may or may not go to IKEA. I moved a month ago and still need to get some things, but I also don't know exactly what I want, plus I broke my foot so I kind of think I should rest it. If my design savvy friend can help me I'll go to IKEA (plus they brought back the Swedish chocolate!!), if not, probably just a grocery run. So, anywhere from $35 - $235.

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On The Argument Against the Penny

Totally late to the game (darn elections) but I recently went to the American History museum and they had a small exhibit on this. The arguments for keeping the penny were that we would have to make more nickels, and that would be even more expensive than all the pennies we make now. Which I thought was a reasonable point. Maybe I'll go back and find more specifics...

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On Did Your Parents Lie About Your Age To Get Lower Ticket Prices, And Did That Scar You For Life?

One or two days before my 8th birthday I went with a friend to a candle-making workshop and it said you had to be 8 years old to do the activity. My mom took me anyway and it was mildly scandalous; I may have fudged a college id entrance once or twice but I always feel sooooooooo guilty about it that I don't do it often.

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On M4F: Married Mormon Dad Seeks Companionship, Pays Price

Ugh. I know it's economics and the market but I still dislike this for a few reasons. 1) Stop giving the Mormons a bad name. Most are nice and friendly and pretty boring. 2) Your last name is Boston? That sounds like a name you would make up if you were 3)paying women to hang out with you, which I know is kind of what a date is but this yiggs me out. Oy.

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On This Halloween, Everybody Wants to Be a Magical Blonde Woman in a Blue Dress

@Ester Bloom Ha! The West Wing. You are all probably right. At least we agree, though it's sad that we are all so susceptible to looks.

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