On Quarter Mil in Loans, But 10 Years to Forgiveness

@lawyeryof Phew! I was worried about that after finally reading some of the fine print for my loan. I only have 6 years to go!

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On Quarter Mil in Loans, But 10 Years to Forgiveness

How did you get your payments so low! I'm on andincome-contingent repayment plan that has me at 3 times that for a similar salary. Also, warning, your forgiven debt load may be taxed as income!

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On Pixie Cuts: The Right Financial Choice for Your Head

Another cheap salon alternative is a salon or beauty school. They often give free haircuts and all you have to do is tip. If you're in Boston, the Dellaria at Kenmore Square has a salon school on Monday nights. Just call up and ask to make an appointment at the school. The stylists are a mix of people finishing up their schooling and those going back for a refresher. When I went, I chopped off about 10 inches to get a chin length bob and I love it. Short hair is the best.

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On Buy New Food, But Keep the Old (Syke, Don't)

stilltasty.com is another good site and actually breaks it down by type of food and how it's stored (fridge vs freezer). 3-5 days seems to be the limit for most perishables, so that fruit cup probably won't kill you yet. Though you might get sick.

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On Things to Purchase for Young People Entering the Real World

Real Simple is the best for easy recipes, but I let my subscription lapsed because I couldn't take anymore advice on how to store my non-existent garden tools.

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On Cheap Eats: Mussels

Oh that sounds marvelous. Mussels are so good and you can never have enough bread for mopping up the sauce.

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On Things I Have and Have Not Called My Landlord About

This reminds of moving into my first apartment in college. Not 3 days passed before a crack appeared in the bathroom wall and water gushed out of it. Thus began a long and fruitful relationship with the maintenance staff of our building's management company. Seriously, people, call your landlord! They can be very helpful.

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On Bankrupt at 23

@Sarah H. Phew, I felt the same way! I didn't want to be too judgey, but damn, girl, look at your life; look at your choices.

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On What's an Unpaid Internship Worth?

Unpaid internships always make me think of this cartoon: http://bit.ly/LG2PMa. I think the value of internships depends a lot on the field your in and obviously the work you will be doing. Being a glorified gopher is probably the worst thing ever. I've worked two unpaid internships in museums that luckily were pretty great. The first was in college for a small museum's fundraising team. I mostly made copies, filed, stuffed envelopes for events, and updated the database. It was menial stuff for sure, but I got to know that copier inside and out and learned generally what it meant to work in an office. As a perk, I also got to go a couple exhibit preview parties. It may not be the most exciting thing on my resume, but it definitely provided me with some necessary experience. My second internship was much more fulfilling. I was in a graduate Museum Studies certificate program that required a 300 hour internship. I was lucky enough to one in the education department of a large museum. I hadn't had any experience in museum education and I got a crash course in it. I also worked on several major projects and after my internship I was hired to work one of the programs I had helped develop. So, I guess that is a long winded way of saying that I agree with the daughter.

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On People Will Pay for What They Want to Hear

Logan, I share with you my million dollar diet book idea. Do with it what you will. The "F" Diet: F is for financial/freegan. Based on a scientific study, researchers have found a new way to increase your bank account while decreasing your waistline! Save money by eating from the trash. Save hundreds on groceries and lose 25 pounds in just two weeks!

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