The Anxiety of Returning Things

“You can do this,” I whispered under my breathe. “You can return these gloves.”

A Windfall

Last October, The Billfold asked a bunch of people what they would do if they got a surprise $20,000 windfall. Most people said they would use the money to pay off their debt, then save and invest some of it, and then use a little bit of the money to travel. My thoughts then were pretty much in line with everyone else’s.

And then last week, I got a windfall. My parents were left some money by a relative, and they gave me $6,000 to use however I wanted.

Another Life

In another life, I might have been a chef. I would have skipped paying thousands of dollars to go to culinary school, and instead started as a bus person, and then a prep cook, a line cook, a sous.

Thoughts While Considering Buying a Bag of Dried Cranberries

Oh look a bag of dried cranberries.

Some Costs Associated With a Relationship

The cost of a relationship, starting with two coffees.

Saying No Is Half the Battle

I would have no money at the end of the month to pay my bills if I said yes to everything I’m invited to do. Saying no half of the time and deciding what is or isn’t worth doing helps keep my spending in check. Here, I provide three examples.

The Apartment Hunt

Hi Ben — I saw this ad you posted for a 1-bedroom: (link to ad). When is the move-in date?

To Budget or Not to Budget for a $500 Dinner

Bob! My sister is running the New York Marathon in November so my family is flying in to cheer her on. Make sure you’re free that weekend!