On Riding the Chinatown Bus, and Considering Its True Cost

My favorite Boston - NY Fung Wah story happened to a friend of a friend... she was on a Fung Wah bus that rear ended a passenger car. Both the car and the bus pull off into the breakdown lane. Eventually along comes a second Fung Wah bus to pick up the stranded passengers...and while pulling over the new bus proceeds to collide with the first one.

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On How Evangelical Christians Do Money: On Tithing

Wowww I really liked this. I have some trouble with the "money is a gift from God" thing, just like I really side-eye televangelists who preach all that "God wants you to be rich" stuff... But I really do like the concept of tithing as it pertains to making giving a part of your life and budget, whether you give it to a church or another organization that you believe in. As I get older and make enough money to give some away, I believe more and more in that last part of what Tara said-- our wallets indicate our allegiance. How you choose to spend your disposable income really does say something about you and how you choose to live your life, and I think building some structured giving into your budget is a great idea. (I try to make charitable donations on a somewhat regular basis but I just became a scheduled donor for the first time -- a recurring monthly donation to Planned Parenthood in the same amount that my birth control would cost if I didn't have insurance.)

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

there really should be a trigger warning for tiny snakes.

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On Friday Estimate

@ceereelyo @Heather F G This all sounds awesome and a lot like the trip to Paris I took in March! We did an AirBnB apartment and it was an amazing deal and so convenient. I would add that if you're planning to go to a decent number of museums/cultural things, the Paris Museum Pass is a really good deal, particularly if you're going to Versailles--most importantly it lets you skip 90% of lines, including at the Louvre and D'Orsay.

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On The Billfold Book Club: Suze Orman's 'The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke'

@Beans Yep and anyone who has suffered the humiliation of Buffalo Exchange can tell you that reselling clothes is a fool's errand. Maybe if you had like, heaps of designer handbags to consign at a high end shop you'd make a dent, but a $12 store credit ain't never solved anybody's financial problems.

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On The Cost of One Resolution, Halfway Through the Year

@shopgirl @boringbunny Agreed! I often ask someone else to bring dessert because I can't bake to save my life, or ask someone to pick up a loaf of bread or a bag of tortilla chips. I think if you're talking about a gathering of good friends it's totally okay to ask if you want people to contribute something.

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On Can I Give You $1,000 and NOT Be a Bridesmaid?

@Lily Rowan Yep, this. Both of the weddings I've been in were low-key, low-financial-commitment. Probably most importantly they were both just a few hours drive away, not a plane ride.

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On Can I Give You $1,000 and NOT Be a Bridesmaid?

I...kind of really like being a bridesmaid? I guess my friends have so far been pretty sane but I have had so much fun being a bridesmaid. It's definitely sort of goofy and somewhat crazy making, but especially if you're friends with the other bridesmaids you'll probably get into some weird/funny situations over the course of the preparations, get dressed up in a fancy dress, watch your friends make a pretty beautiful commitment, and then drink free booze. (I am also a huge sap and get very emotional when people ask me to participate in their weddings)

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On Battle of the Budgets: YNAB or Mint?

@chevyvan I've stopped using Mint because it kept disconnecting from my main account -- after the third time, and the third very laborious back-and-forth with their support team, I gave up. (This could just as well be a wonky thing with my bank, I don't mean to blame Mint necessarily.)

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