On New York on $70 a Week

@Aequorea Victoria Yeah I paid through the nose for my dining plan as long as I was living on campus, and I had a pretty crazy schedule that almost never allowed for three meals/day in the dining hall, so I often grabbed a peanut butter sandwich or something for later. It's not stealing if you already paid for it.

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On Billfold Housing Survey: What Is Your Dream House?

"Old rambling home with lots of soup pots and pets" is pretty much my sweet spot, but I'd have to be pretty flush to even think about buying an actual old house. My parents really regret buying their first house, a small, beautiful Victorian (in a crappy neighborhood). They fixed it up really nicely, but old houses are a real drag when you don't have the money to pay someone else to do all the many, many repairs they need. They sank so much time/energy/money into that house and then lost quite a lot on it when they finally sold it, just to add insult to injury . (When I got married my mom said something like, "go ahead and have a baby whenever, but think long and hard about buying a house" which is dubious advice but illustrates how bad of an experience that house was.)

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

@ATF My parents were also in the "this is our house, everyone helps out, you get no points for doing the bare minimum" school of thought. I was SO jealous of kids who got money according to their grades-- this was a huge thing in my town.

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

From age 5 to maybe 11, I got a dollar a week...just enough for the whole "power of money" thing, I guess. I mostly saved it up to buy Polly Pockets, which would take at the very least 5-6 weeks--pretty impressive for a six-year-old. I remember that my mom would also occasionally pay me a few bucks to do an extra chore like vacuuming the car. From 11-16 I got $7 a week, which was basically just to cover school lunch if I wanted it. In college my parents sent me $50 a month. For obvious reasons I got a job when I was 14 (it was a farm, no rulez) and I've had some sort of job ever since. Looking back my parents were not super strict and I think if I ever sat them down and made a rational case for needing a larger allowance they probably would have given it to me, but I've always been pretty stubborn about wanting to have my own money and not having to explain how I spend it.

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On CA Money vs Midwest Money, & "Relative Wealth" at U Michigan

@highjump The whole tone is so defensive and odd -- kinda reads like it belongs on Thought Catalog.

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On Valentine's/St. Cyril's Day Estimates!

I've never had a good experience at a restaurant on Valentine's Day - this year we're going out for a kinda splurgy dinner on Friday night instead. On actual Valentine's Day we're planning to go skiing with friends and then stay up in NH for the long weekend. We're staying with my in-laws so that's free--probably will spend a little over $200 for one and a half days of skiing and a tank of gas. Unless we can't get out of Boston because we really get another foot of snow, in which case we'll probably just stay home and attempt to cry/drink ourselves to sleep until spring.

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On Valentine's/St. Cyril's Day Estimates!

@ATF I just....cannot with Boston anymore. The MBTA, the endless political finger-pointing, the SNOW. I pretty much had a breakdown yesterday when I got the call that my office was closed for the second day in a row.

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On Tithing To The Church Of Stop Shopping

Ughhh I feel this so hard. I live in New England and we're suddenly having an absolute beast of a winter. I've worked from home three days in the last few weeks (always leads to online shopping), and a lot of the classes, volunteer work etc. that I signed up for with the express intention of not spending the winter on the couch have gotten canceled repeatedly due to weather. I have spent SO much money as a result...lots of e-books, TV episodes on iTunes, new winter boots, several random items of clothing bought out of boredom. I seriously think I'm going to give up all shopping for Lent.

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On Your Friendship Is Above My Pay Grade

@scn231 It's okay but if you care about the friendship, be sure to send a gift and a card (with an actual message), and maybe do something celebratory the next time you get together. And for the love of God, send back your RSVP card! Chasing people's RSVPs was my absolute least favorite part of wedding planning.

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On Americans Help Man Get Car, Are Still Generally Selfish And Myopic

@annev17 @annev17 Vox had a good post up about this same guy, as well as the recent thing where Humans of New York raised over a million dollars for a school in Brooklyn - pointing out that the current vogue is for these feel-good individual stories but that no one seems to connect it to the systems that allow things like this to happen. People will be horrified by crushing poverty like this on the individual level (and will open their wallets) but somehow don't connect it to policies that could strike at the source -- living wage, education funding, etc. (Link: http://www.vox.com/2015/2/3/7970677/people-have-donated-over-180000-to-a-man-detroit-man-who-walks-21)

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