On Would You Ever Tell a Friend That They Were Making Bad Financial Decisions?

@Moxy TeehyphenRex@facebook Yes, this is great advice. Sometimes someone just looking you in the eye and asking "how are you doing?" and making it clear that they care about the answer can open the floodgates... I think LW would do better to start there than with ambushing this coworker with advice.

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On Let's All Run Away to Europe Together

@Allison I went to Europe twice in the last couple of months -- went to Ireland with my best friend and then tagged along on my husband's business trip to Paris (on points). I bought some euros before each trip but the exchange rate I got from my bank was just OK -- I got a better rate just using an ATM in the country. Credit card purchases, though, were at an *insanely* good rate -- like, $1.09/1 Euro (I think it's slightly higher now). I would definitely recommend booking accommodations (if you pay at time of booking) or things like tours, tickets, etc. right away so you can capitalize on that.

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On The Cost Of Things: Looking Effortless

@littleoaks Yeah I know they're going for dramatic effect, but their estimates seem silly high. I find it takes *forever* to use up face products - takes a full year to go through a 2 oz bottle of my fancy tinted moisturizer.

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On Will Breakfast Sandwiches Save The Day?

I'm a kale-and-lentil-eating hippie but I love McDonald's breakfast for days when I overslept or just have to be up wicked early. (I get an egg mcmuffin without meat). An egg is a much better way start to the day than the massive hit of sugar you get from a muffin, danish etc., and McDonald's actually cracks an egg to make your sandwich-- they don't use those rubbery microwaveable egg patties that you find at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Finally there's nothing faster or cheaper, and they have great (and fair trade!) coffee.

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On Return of the "Good Guy Discount"

Please don't do this, unless maybe if you're talking to a manager. As a teenager I worked at a small farm+gift shop, obviously not the most high-tech outfit... occasionally missing price tags, credit card machine freaked out if you tried to use it while someone was on the phone, etc., so it occasionally just took a couple extra minutes to get someone's purchase completed. I frequently got the "well, guess it's free!" routine while I was getting more and more flustered and apologetic, either trying to flag down somebody who could check the price for me, or resetting the credit card machine over and over until it worked...anyway. Kind of a crummy thing to do to a cashier who's just trying to do their job (and probably has zero power to give you anything for free).

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On Success: It's In The Bag

People really use Tiffany bags to carry their lunch? This all just reminds me of the popular girls at my high school who would bring cupcakes to class parties in the Abercrombie and Fitch bags with male chests on them. Also when I finally figured out the little totes that say "friends are more important than money" are from Lululemon and that's why every girl on the subway is carrying her lunch in one. Plus ca change, etc.

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On What's Your Limit When Waiting for a Table?

Yup I agree with Mike, it depends a lot on the scenario....sometimes you want to just grab a burger or a salad on a Wednesday (0-20 minutes), other times you're relaxing with your SO or catching up with friends and a long wait is fine (personally I'll do up to two hours, as long as there's a decent bar). There's a tapas place in my neighborhood that reliably has an hour-plus wait even on weeknights -- we know to not even bother unless we're okay with settling in at the bar for a drink or two. I'm embarrassed to even admit this but I'm pretty sure I once waited four hours at Roberta's...only "pretty sure" because we obviously ended up getting extremely drunk while we waited.

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On Friday Estimate

@eatmoredumplings I'm like, reeling in horror at boss-mandated drinks every Friday. That is not what Fridays are for! Hang in there.

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On On Being An OK Person In An Age of Personal Brands

So this is a crazy story and I'm glad it finally worked out, but I don't really get the kicker at the end. The pseudonym ensures that there's no damage at all to "DJ"'s brand and she'll probably continue being a straight up criminal, albeit with a nice Instagram. I totally understand that there's a family connection and that the author doesn't necessarily want to flame that relationship by naming this awful person publicly but it makes the whole conceit of this piece a little empty.

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On How Networking Can Work

Thanks for writing this! I am in a similar situation --in an OK job but trying to take a deliberate (rather than desperate) next step, though I'm not sure what that is yet. I'm also on the shyer side and hate big networking events SO MUCH. Going to try this.

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