On 1 Thing: Endless Summer Edition

@Aconite I got married in July and just completed the social security part of changing my name...I have not tackled a single other thing yet and I am *dreading* starting it. Considering taking a personal day and doing it all in one miserable slog of institutional phone calls.

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On How Much More Are You Spending at the Grocery Store?

@ATF YESSS Market Basket! I am filled with fist pumping populist joy this morning and I'm so excited to go grocery shopping this weekend. I definitely have noticed that I've been paying more for groceries but I have been chalking it up to the Market Basket fiasco. (background for non-New Englanders: http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/specials/market-basket)

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On True Value: One Pair of Black Pumps From Payless ShoeSource

@CaitlinChats Thank you! I just found out that I have plantar faciitis and lately I have been wearing Birkenstocks every minute that I am not in a client meeting. Definitely need a more permanent solution.

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On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

@lalaland I was once the only woman employee on a team that had a rotating slate of interns and I was always the one who got stuck taking aside the 20-year-old girl in an American Apparel tube dress and asking her to please not wear it again. (Respect to anyone who has found a way to make this exchange a chill, friendly mentoring moment and not the most awkward thing imaginable.)

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On I Have a Savings Account for the First Time in My Adult Life

@cryptolect Like you say, not really the point of this article but I also really endorse Capital One 360. I have both savings and checking through them--it allows me to easily create separate savings accounts earmarked for different things (emergency, grad school, etc.) Pretty much the only way I reliably save money is by immediately hiding it from myself, hence this system.

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On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

@RiffRandell Heartily second the work pants hatred. I cannot figure them out and why I just hate the way they look on me. All about skirts and dresses for work (with a number of pairs of tights commensurate with the temperature).

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On Monday Check-in

@erinep I really like Clear (I got it as an app of the week from Starbucks but I think it's maybe 2 or 3 bucks in the app store). Very simple interface, lets you create all sorts of lists and also prioritize your to-dos, which my Seven Habits-indoctrinated brain really likes.

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On To Refund or Not to Refund, A Tumblr Message Exegesis

@Worgchef I usually agree--finding out who dies is kind of not the point of reading/watching a TV series--but Gone Girl's whole trick is the twist in the middle. But yeah, you get like...a week for TV, maybe six months for a book, then bets are off.

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On The Most Vain Thing I Have Ever Done Cost Me $96 And I Regret Nothing

@andnowlights I also love 'They're Real'!--I also like that you can get a smallish tube for $10, because I cannot justify spending 20+ bucks on something you're supposed to chuck after 3 months.

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On The Discreet Charm of Commuting

I used to have basically the prettiest commute in Massachusetts -- I rode the commuter rail from Newburyport into Boston. The route goes through the Merrimack Valley and North Shore, through all these beautiful salt marshes full of blue herons and red wing blackbirds, over many different waterways where you see kayakers and fishermen, and basically straight through Salem harbor. Especially at sunrise or sunset, it was a joy. (I also loved the commuter rail in general- so spacious! so jovial!)

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