On Return of the "Good Guy Discount"

Please don't do this, unless maybe if you're talking to a manager. As a teenager I worked at a small farm+gift shop, obviously not the most high-tech outfit... occasionally missing price tags, credit card machine freaked out if you tried to use it while someone was on the phone, etc., so it occasionally just took a couple extra minutes to get someone's purchase completed. I frequently got the "well, guess it's free!" routine while I was getting more and more flustered and apologetic, either trying to flag down somebody who could check the price for me, or resetting the credit card machine over and over until it worked...anyway. Kind of a crummy thing to do to a cashier who's just trying to do their job (and probably has zero power to give you anything for free).

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On Success: It's In The Bag

People really use Tiffany bags to carry their lunch? This all just reminds me of the popular girls at my high school who would bring cupcakes to class parties in the Abercrombie and Fitch bags with male chests on them. Also when I finally figured out the little totes that say "friends are more important than money" are from Lululemon and that's why every girl on the subway is carrying her lunch in one. Plus ca change, etc.

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On What's Your Limit When Waiting for a Table?

Yup I agree with Mike, it depends a lot on the scenario....sometimes you want to just grab a burger or a salad on a Wednesday (0-20 minutes), other times you're relaxing with your SO or catching up with friends and a long wait is fine (personally I'll do up to two hours, as long as there's a decent bar). There's a tapas place in my neighborhood that reliably has an hour-plus wait even on weeknights -- we know to not even bother unless we're okay with settling in at the bar for a drink or two. I'm embarrassed to even admit this but I'm pretty sure I once waited four hours at Roberta's...only "pretty sure" because we obviously ended up getting extremely drunk while we waited.

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On Friday Estimate

@eatmoredumplings I'm like, reeling in horror at boss-mandated drinks every Friday. That is not what Fridays are for! Hang in there.

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On On Being An OK Person In An Age of Personal Brands

So this is a crazy story and I'm glad it finally worked out, but I don't really get the kicker at the end. The pseudonym ensures that there's no damage at all to "DJ"'s brand and she'll probably continue being a straight up criminal, albeit with a nice Instagram. I totally understand that there's a family connection and that the author doesn't necessarily want to flame that relationship by naming this awful person publicly but it makes the whole conceit of this piece a little empty.

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On How Networking Can Work

Thanks for writing this! I am in a similar situation --in an OK job but trying to take a deliberate (rather than desperate) next step, though I'm not sure what that is yet. I'm also on the shyer side and hate big networking events SO MUCH. Going to try this.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: $7 for a bottle of wine to bring to a new book club. I was needlessly apprehensive about this because I only knew one other girl there (and not that well) but it was actually super fun. Later watched the first ep of House of Cards w/husband but we were both falling asleep by the end. Saturday: $15 on breakfast out for two, $8 on fish tacos, $12 on afternoon beers for a friend's birthday, $20 on bread, fresh pasta and pastry from the North End. Boston may be awful at the moment but the wonderful carbs definitely help. Sunday: Yoga, $0 (included in my gym membership) and then $0 on futile jeans shopping --I love a particular Levi's cut that it turns out they've gotten rid of, and I went to the Levi's store thinking I was basically going to run in, grab the exact ones I used to have and be done (ha!) but nope. Also, the store (including the dressing rooms) is staffed entirely by attractive hipster-y men which is just... not who you need around when you're doing something as fraught as jeans shopping. They are very professional and earnest but not who I need asking me about my crotch. Probably not going back there again. Finally, $30 at H&M to buy two casual black skirts because I need something comfortable and packable for an upcoming trip, and screw pants anyway.

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On New York on $70 a Week

@Aequorea Victoria Yeah I paid through the nose for my dining plan as long as I was living on campus, and I had a pretty crazy schedule that almost never allowed for three meals/day in the dining hall, so I often grabbed a peanut butter sandwich or something for later. It's not stealing if you already paid for it.

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On Billfold Housing Survey: What Is Your Dream House?

"Old rambling home with lots of soup pots and pets" is pretty much my sweet spot, but I'd have to be pretty flush to even think about buying an actual old house. My parents really regret buying their first house, a small, beautiful Victorian (in a crappy neighborhood). They fixed it up really nicely, but old houses are a real drag when you don't have the money to pay someone else to do all the many, many repairs they need. They sank so much time/energy/money into that house and then lost quite a lot on it when they finally sold it, just to add insult to injury . (When I got married my mom said something like, "go ahead and have a baby whenever, but think long and hard about buying a house" which is dubious advice but illustrates how bad of an experience that house was.)

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

@ATF My parents were also in the "this is our house, everyone helps out, you get no points for doing the bare minimum" school of thought. I was SO jealous of kids who got money according to their grades-- this was a huge thing in my town.

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