On Friday Estimate

@GiraffeGaffe An occasional Zzzquil can be a lifesaver (sometimes you just gotta get a good night's sleep *tonight*). I definitely recommend taking it for the first time on a weekend or other night when you can dedicate 9+ hours to sleep. It's pretty gentle - it doesn't knock you out, just winds you down - but personally I'm super drowsy all morning if I don't sleep it off fully.

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On Agonizing About Vacation Expenditures

@ronswansonluva Don't know which island you're going to, but in my experience there's a lot of great snorkeling in Hawaii that you can just go do by yourself -- no boat or guide needed, just rent the masks for maybe $7/day, drive to the right spot and hop into the ocean. If you're going to the Big Island definitely go to Two Step! It was possibly my favorite part of the whole trip and completely free.

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On Your Uber Has Arrived... For Your Job

@Mike. A @ATF Taxi drivers are just as subject to demand as Uber drivers, though- if they're not driving they're not making money. In a lot of cases they pay a set amount to the company that owns the car and keep what they make on top of that. And I think it's important to differentiate Uber drivers from other wage employees, because in a world where hourly employees can and do get fired for taking a sick day, drivers can work whenever they want --when I talk to Uber drivers they're all thrilled to choose their own hours. They're able to take a break and pick up their kids from school, or work early in the morning doing a few airport runs and then go work at their other job -- that's freedom you'd never have in a service job, for instance. I agree Uber is problematic for a lot of the reasons you mentioned, but (just based on conversations with drivers) I also think there's some positives.

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On Spiritually Bankrupt: How I Went Broke Trying To Teach Yoga

@Samantha I know only one yoga teacher who does seem to make a living, but she has to hustle incredibly hard and is running all over the city seven days a week to make it to her classes. It seems sort of miserable. All the others I've met either taught yoga as a side gig or owned their own studio.

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On WWYD: "I May Have Just Fallen For My 1st Scam"

Pretty much this exact same scam happened to my sister-in-law recently. She was in a huge time crunch and needed somewhere to stay for two weeks between the start of her new job and the start of her new lease. She was all set to take an apartment that seemed perfectly legit...right up until they gave her the "by the way I'm out of the country can you wire me the money" thing. The non-existent apartment was in a condo building with a doorman/receptionist type situation so my husband and I just went over to to the building and asked the woman working the desk about the unit and the "landlord", she immediately confirmed it was a scam. (Needless to say this story ends with my sister-in-law sleeping on our couch for two weeks).

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On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

I got 1000 new business cards about six months ago and I think I have maybe given out 20? I work in a kind of old fashioned field so people do ask for them occasionally. I think they're also handy for conferences and I usually trade cards with vendors I'm meeting with. Still, 1000 cards was ambitious.

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@breakdownhat My parents paid for my college and most of my study abroad, too (aside from books, car, groceries and personal spending money). I went to a state college with some small scholarships, so it was semi-accessible, but they started saving for it the week I was born. My dad did not get a cent from his dad starting the day he turned 18, even though his family was pretty comfortable -- he's worked really hard to make sure that my siblings and I have been able to get our undergrad degrees debt-free, which is something that I try to never take for granted. I'm 24 and currently don't take any help from my parents (although I know it's there, which is a huge privilege in itself). They were paying for my cell phone and health insurance until last year, and my dad actually wanted to continue paying the phone bill, but I definitely feel a need to live up to the fact that they gave me a huge leg up in paying for college.

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On How "Women's Television" Does Money

Shameless is all about money, and especially in early seasons focuses on the lengths the oldest daughter goes to trying to keep her siblings housed and fed. It's uneven--some of the plot points are kind of bananas and it has Showtime's requisite gratuitous nudity--but it is definitely a money show!

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On Brown Bagging It

@dotcommie Ugh yes. Salad in the winter is something I just cannot do. When I get my act together I make a big soup or chili over the weekend, and I always make more dinner than necessary so I have leftovers. Having a warm lunch in the winter is key.

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On One Is The Loneliest Number But Also An Okay Number Maybe

I'm the oldest of four, and I wouldn't trade my siblings for anything in the world, but having four kids meant my parents went 11-12 years with kids in diapers, probably 15 with car seats, at least 12 where one or more of us had to be in a stroller or backpack if we were traveling....it's basically just a massive chunk of your life when accomplishing anything is a huge undertaking. my youngest sibling is now 16 and my parents are kind of beside themselves with how much freedom and flexibility they have, for the first time since they were in their late twenties. I actually do still want a big-ish family someday (so I guess it was a net positive experience), but remembering the sheer logistics of doing *anything* with four small children boggles my mind.

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