On An Airport Mixup and a Text from Mom Helped Me Ask for What I Wanted

great story. thank you for sharing

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On My Brain Made Me Do This Thing

@bibliostitute hahaha well that is the most useless thing ever then!

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On How My Danish Friend Paid Off His Debt By Becoming A Gay Prostitute

funny, informative, awesome piece

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On Lemonade Weather

hahaha i like how kids are so well trained with the "saving for college" line when they really are going to buy pokemon cards and pillow pets, and in my case my parents were paying for college

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On Haircut Negotiations

interesting article. i haven't seen a lot of salons that have one price for men's haircuts and another for women's. often it's broken down in terms of length. if you develop a personal relationship with your stylist and begin complaining about cost, they may agree to cut your hair at their house, usually discounted from the salon price by $20 or so (on a $60 haircut) because the salon isn't taking the cut. i did the same thing for personal training and was paying $30/hour instead of $80. but definitely don't frame it as "you charge mad cheddar for haircuts!" say something at the end of the appointment like "wow, you cut my hair so well. i wish i could afford to keep coming here."

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On A Reminder That Ticketmaster Fees Are Atrocious

@Anon I call BS!

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On A Reminder That Ticketmaster Fees Are Atrocious

@Tuna Surprise the worst!!!!!!!!!!!

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Necessities, More Necessities, and More Necessities

@RosemaryF Because we have the same name, I find you the most credible commenter, and I am going to try this.

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On My Brain Made Me Do This Thing

@bibliostitute hahahaha that is definitely NOT what a 99 cent store means

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On Breakfast for Beginners

@Brunhilde I'm gonna assume you've been to a doctor about this, but here is my unsolicited, unqualified medical opinion anyway: it could be your hormonal birth control!

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