On Cheating on Taxes, and Getting Away With It

I hate it when writers are innumerate. "Last year the IRS budget worked out to $33.55 per American, a 20 percent reduction compared with 2002, even though the number of taxpayers has grown 11 percent." If something is priced per American, then it doesn't matter if the number of taxpayers has increased.

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On Why Is Everyone Getting Acquihired Without Me

@Meaghano Well, "the team" probably didn't cut the deal, one way or the other. The investors did. I doubt if the investors knew Amy or any non-founder/CEO on the team. It sounded like the company was pretty marginal and probably would have shut down if not for the acquisition. Amy would have been out a job either way.

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On Why Is Everyone Getting Acquihired Without Me

It is pretty unusual to not get hired in an acquisition, so I read the original article. As it turns out, unmentioned in thebillfold btw, Amy is not a coder; she's marketing. So it's still unusual that she was not offered a position in Google, but it's not completely inexplicable. The acquisition was just for heads. Google is going to dump the product and reassign the engineers to other projects. I can imagine Google not picking up someone if it's a particularly bad match. Did Amy interview with Google during the acquisition/hiring process? She did not mention how that went.

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On How We Think About Class

When it happens to me, I always assume it's a race/culture thing. I'm a native Chinese speaker. When I am dealing with Chinese businesses, I can often get some consideration if I asked. My wife, who is much more presentable than I am, get about the same treatment. My brother, who is not a native Chinese speaker, does not.

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On Two Sides of How Businesses are Dealing With Minimum Wage Increases

@j a y In cases where I have a clear preference, 50c doesn't matter. For fast food, it might make me go elsewhere or order a cheaper menu item.

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On Two Sides of How Businesses are Dealing With Minimum Wage Increases

It's unfortunate that, for a business, the worst time to raise the minimum wage is when times are lean. The business will have limited ability to increase prices and pass the wage increase onto the customers. The added salaries will have to be offset by either reduced earnings or reduced costs. On the other hand, it's when times are lean that the employees need a raise. Unless you're one of those who get fired, anyway.

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On Debt in America

@Allison When Reagan became governor in 1967, UC tuition was $110 a semester. Tuition was $300 when Reagan left office. That's almost a 3x increase. OTOH, I have trouble believing Ross's claim, because: 1) The huge free speech and Vietnam protests were 1964-1965, a couple years before Reagan took office. The campus had already quieted down by 1967. 2) An extra $190, even in 1970 dollars, isn't going to stop anyone from protesting.

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On Working in Retail After Losing a Job

@mean terry gross body shamer Don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'd like to know if a guy applying for a job is convicted of beating his wife (or ex-wife in this case). I'm also pretty sure I can distinguish between a guy who has committed a crime years ago and a guy who just recently (5 months ago, in this case) pled guilty.

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On Working in Retail After Losing a Job

For some reason, when I googled "2nd degree assault", I got pointed to the state of Washington's definition. 2nd degree assault covers things like assault with a deadly weapon, poisoning, knowingly inflicts bodily harm that causes pain the equivalent of torture, or suffocation. So, yeah, 2nd degree assault. Don't do that, or you might have trouble finding a job. Your otherwise forgiving friends and professional contacts might dry up after you're convicted of it. I guess you can at least say that you only beat up your ex-wife. It's not like you beat up a kid or something. And she probably deserved it anyway.

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On MIT's Living Wage Calculator

@jillcool I don't think you'd be looking at a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment for a family of 4, if you were making near living wage level.

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