On Why SF is So Crazy Expensive & DC/NY Are Better

@MrDean As a property owner in San Francisco, I am a vocal supporter of all policies and propositions that limit the supply of new housing units. The price of my property will drop if we allow more development. To be honest, I am not sure why the renters are against more development. You'd think they would figure out that more development means more supply, and that ultimately will flatten or lower rents.

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

@Allison I would think that "Oh god, in 4 years my oldest will be leaving us for college" could be quite the wake up call. Or maybe just a teenager pushing against rules by saying "What do you care, you're never home/in this state." Could be. In that case, I would hope the next CEO has a better sense of timing than this guy.

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

@Aconite I'd assume the same for both sexes. In general, you don't get to the C- level by being a family person. You get there by sacrificing family life (and everything else) for your career. In this case, it's especially telling that his kids are 14, 12, and 9. You generally don't start thinking about spending more time with the family when the kids are in (or approaching) their teenage years.

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

@jr I don't know the person and only slightly know the product. However--and I freely admit to being a cynical bastard--"I'm quitting to spend more time with my family" is corporate talk for "The board is firing me, but they're gracious enough to let me make an excuse so I'll keep my dignity".

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@Josh Michtom@facebook For some people, the issue is being able to work and eat while waiting in lilinene. If you are waiting for your green card or work permit, you are not a legal resident here. If you are nevertheless living here and waiting, then you are not here legally. For other people, there is no line to jump because there is no possibility or getting legal status. If you are living here without an official immigration status, then you are here illegally.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@avianbonesyndrome Depending on where you live, immigration can definitely get in the way of hiring someone you want. If you're a STEM person in the DC area, immigration can *absolutely* be a huge factor in getting a job/hiring someone, because most of the STEM-related jobs involve government contracting somehow. So move somewhere else. It's a big country.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@avianbonesyndrome companies (mostly investment banks and the big consulting firms) wouldn’t pay the $10-20k extra to sponsor a visa while the person was awaiting permanent residency approval. To be fair, this was late 2008/early 2009 in primarily investment banking. So? Like you said, it was 2008/2009. Lots of people (native, foreign, and otherwise) couldn't find work. However, my experience is that it companies do not want to sponsor a visa on the way to a green card if they can hire someone who is already a US citizen or permanent resident. And this a bad thing? Don't you want a company to hire an American, if one equally qualified can be found to do the job? Heck I'm pretty sure it's even the law of the land. Tbh I think you are the first person to suggest affirmative action for non-resident aliens.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@cmcm Fair enough. In the US, you can immediately apply for a Green Card post marriage, but you have to wait--thinking... it's been a long time--5 years to apply for citizenship. The Green Card by itself gives you the right to live and work in the US, but it does not give you the benefits and rights of a citizen. A Green Card holder, for example, cannot vote and can be kicked out of the country. When does a UK spouse become a full-fledged subject if they only gain permanent residency after 5 years? Can they work while waiting for their 5 years?

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@Allison I wonder if peacheater's husband also had black marketeers fake research articles and letters of recommendation. Probably not.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@cmcm I’m only really familiar with people marrying to get residency in the UK, where I live. The way it works here is that you can get a spousal visa valid for five years, and then if you’re still married at the end of that time, you can apply for permanent residency. Of course fees and dates differ, but it works about the same way in the US. There are also other paths to permanent residency (work, being a distinguished person, family reunification, etc.), but they involve long delays. Josh is writing about the people who want to jump the line and not go through the hassle of applying legally, hence the need for black market fake documents.

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