On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

I have business cards provided by work at my current job. They're helpful as I work in special events and it's an easy way to close a walk through of the space I manage.

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On Do You Hold Back on Buying Items You Want So People Can Give Them as Gifts?

thick, black, opaque tights - i can never have nearly enough and they're great for stockings (heh)

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On How Wizards Do Money: Ron Weasley

My favorite of the series so far. So glad to see that Ronbledore is spreading to all my favorite blogsites.

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On Find-My-Phone Vigilante Justice Sweeps Nation

Broad City. It's seriously some funny television. On Comedy Central, EP'd by Amy Poehler, developed from a web series. The leads have some great chemistry and great comedic chops. I've been recommending it to everyone I know.

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On Five Women

Please keep writing. This was fantastic and I must have teared up and sent it to at least all of my friends who've worked in the food industry and have Cheryls and Sandys of their own.

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On What Happened After Two Friends Went on a Trip Together

If they go to China, please do this series again! What a fun read.

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On Employee Stock Options as Explained By an English Major

@Olivia2.0 Probably because it's Tumblr, and not just some random startup. To which I say, good on Meaghan! I think a lot of the writers here are bashful about money in all contexts, (the haves, the have-nots) and frankly given the fact that a lot of the content is aimed at a younger not quite with-it demographic, not totally unexpected.

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On Employee Stock Options as Explained By an English Major

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On An Unreasonably Frugal Person Tries to Figure It Out

@astauff Yeah! I want this opportunity to come my way please.

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On I Sold My Bone Marrow for $300 and You Can Too

Just read this entire post with my shoulders hunched up to my ears, teeth grit, whispering 'no no no no no no...'

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