On The Culture of Eating Out

oh man. this is my vice. I LOVE eating out. especially for brunch. But it has been bad on my wallet and on my width (i.e. I get fat every winter because of eggs benedict) BUT. I do it for the food and the good times with friends. I do not care about crossing places off of lists. (Also I live in Edmonton, so the list wouldn't be all that long anyway) I will say that I basically don't ever buy clothes, I go to the bar extremely rarely and I don't have cable or really any other spendy habits. The last couple of months I've gotten a lot better and have only eaten out a few times. PROGRESS

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On The Downsides of Trying to Retire 'Inside of Your Screensaver'

Is that supposed to say "six countries on three continents"?... or are there continents within continents that I don't know about?

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@nell YES!!! My partner has chronic pain and it would be completely insane if we split every bit of contribution down 50/50. Being in my current relationship has really taught me that it's not about how much you do vs how much they do. It is exactly what you said.. does this person and the things they do make my life better! Do I feel like I am in a partnership where we enrich each other's lives? What makes that happen is about how things are done and with what intention, not whether everything is split equally.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@longjanes Yes! I agree! I also really felt like the author believes that his lifestyle and his fiancée's lifestyle are separate, so I can see her worrying about the future and how they might merge into a team. My partner is probably going to make a lot less money that me in the long run but we have taken turns bearing the bulk of expenses in times when it has been harder for the other. We also change our lifestyle TOGETHER depending on what we are making/how employed we are. It's not that one of us will necessarily pay for everything, but we are a team and if one of us is financially stressed, we take it on as a team and maybe make it easier by changing how much we are spending together. Honestly, it doesn't sound like these two have a financial plan for the future where they work together to achieve their goals. Maybe that works for them, but it would be hard for me to have a partner who wanted to live a totally different kind of lifestyle from mine, and not collaborate.

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On Is It Weird For a Brother and a Sister to Share a Room?

I shared a room with my little brother when we lived abroad for two years. I was 6-7 and he was 4-5. We had bunkbeds and my older brother had his own room. It was never weird for us and probably helped us feel close, especially with moving to a new country. I probably wouldn't have wanted to share beyond around age 10 because I became intensely private, but not because of gender. All children are different and should be evaluated separately and have different needs. It's damaging to use inductive reasoning about ALL children just because it might not work for SOME.

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On Vlad in the Snow on Broadway

@aetataureate I totally agree!

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On DIY Christmas Decorations

Wow, that's a pretty cheap pulp mill! Also: this is awesome.

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On Ralph Hicks Bought and Saved an Independent Bookstore

Be still, my heart! This is like reading a fantasy novel. I'm sure the people of Creemore know how lucky they are!

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On The Apartment Hunt

Bob Benson!? Just ask Joan, I'm sure she can help you find something!

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On The Best Thing I Bought for My Trip Around the World Was Travel Insurance

@Stowaway I saw a doctor in New Zealand and needed to get some perscriptions.. I had travel health insurance but was completely blown away by how inexpensive the perscriptions were... what would have cost me $60 in Canada was only $10 in NZ! I heard from other travellers who had to get emergency dental work done there that is was incredibly inexpensive aswell (compared to Canada).

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