On Taking a Different Flight in Exchange for a Voucher

I would suggest always saying yes and putting the maximum amount. You aren't required to take the offer they give you. On my last vacation, my husband and I were offered a flight that arrived at our destination a mere hour after we were originally scheduled for $400 each. It was 100% totally, completely worth it!

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

1. I'll estimate somewhere near $400 2. About $65 3. $4 4. Nope! 5. N/A 6. Yes, but I put everything possible on a credit card for points and then pay it off at the end of each month. 7. I think so! I spent about $100 on my mom and dad (the gifts technically are from me and my husband), $50 on my husband (we agreed to a limit), and then smaller amounts on my sister and 5 close friends. All of these gifts are from me and my husband, so does that mean I really only spent $200? :)

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On On My Own: Doing a Personal Finance 180

I'm not sure what the exact regulations are, but you might want to look into public benefits like food stamps. I know that the qualifications depend on whether you're in school and how many hours you work. It's certainly worth checking out since the majority of your income is going toward food. Also, congrats on doing so well in October!

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

@highjump The costs of providing a full 4 years to both my sister and me were more than they could afford and more than they estimated. There were really no negative feelings; I understood why they couldn't afford it even though it didn't make me particularly happy. On a side note- I also went to a state school. Though there were certainly less expensive state schools in my state I could have gone to.

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

This sounds exactly like me in college. My parents promised they would pay all 4 years until they cut me off the spring of my sophomore year, right after I had put down a hefty down payment for a study abroad trip. I ended up taking out 30k in federal loans and another 30k in private loans to fund my final 2 years of schooling. I took out more than I needed and spent money on things like purses, coats, etc. like you mentioned doing away with. And I ended up with quite a bit of credit card debt. I'm 8 years out of college now and am finally seeing the end of the pile of crud I got myself into. Good for you for being careful and recognizing that you'll need to cut back. It's certainly not easy. My private loans aren't too terrible- just make sure you read the fine print and compare interest rates. Good luck :)

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On Things I Am Looking For in The Mid-Sized City of My Dreams

@ATF I second Ann Arbor. With the exception of the oceans and mountains. BUT the Great Lakes are basically freshwater oceans and the upper peninsula has the Porky Pine Mountains which aren't exactly mountains, but still!

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On Pre-Nups: Maybe Necessary, Necessary, Offensive, or Harmless?

I had the same immediate reaction to the suggestion of a pre-nup! I was pretty annoyed and hurt. Then my now husband said that he wanted one because of the way we do our retirement savings. Pretty much all of our retirement is in his name, through his job. And he reminded me that if we ever did get divorced, I'd have next to nothing in that realm, and he'd have enough to support two people. We actually never got a pre-nup, but I never thought of it in a way that it's not necessarily the money we have NOW, but the money we'll have in the future that's important too!

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On Budget Super Bowl Snacks

@bgprincipessa Haha the same thing happened to me

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On Volunteering Doesn't Need to Be a Drag — Ask Me How

Thank you for your AmeriCorps service!

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On When Your Boss Is a Twenty-Something

I'm a young boss. Well technically I'm 27 year old program director who oversees compliance on a federal AmeriCorps grant that is awarded to organizations throughout my state. I guess that doesn't technically make me young or a boss in terms of the article cited, but I'm going to give my two cents anyway. It's my responsibility to ensure that the organizations we fund have the opportunity to receive AmeriCorps members in the upcoming years. I manage a hefty grant, it takes a lot of work and it means that I have to tell executive directors or senior staff when they're doing things wrong (and right!). It's not always easy, and they often don't want to listen to me or want to go over my head to make sure I'm not providing them incorrect information. No one wants to look up the federal regulations themselves, but no one wants to believe me when I tell them I know the answer ha! I think my age has something to do with it. I will say, I've been doing this since I was 23 and now that I'm a little older, it has gotten better. Or I'm now working with more respectful people, I'm not sure which. On another note, the other day at a compliance visit, one of the AmeriCorps members mentioned something negative about someone in the office and chocked it up to it being the product of the other, younger person's generation. I thought that was extremely rude and insulting to me. The person in question is probably 2 years younger than me.

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