On Thanksgiving Estimate/Open Thread

I spent just north of $50 for Thanksgiving groceries. I went to the renovated fancy grocery store and without all the people there, it might have been my Graceland. I'm making roast pork shoulder that will be Cubano sandwiches as leftovers. I don't have a crock pot or a roasting pan so I am going to slow cook the roast in a fake Le Creuset dutch oven for 5 hours and hope for the best. The only other spending this weekend will be happy hour on Friday, $20.

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On Monday Check-In

@LookUponMyWorks I hope it will be good! I have a small kitchen so I wasn't going to do a whole turkey. Everything will be homemade except for the quinoa, which will come from a box

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On Monday Check-In

@LookUponMyWorks raw salmon is THE BEST. I can't even eat it cooked now. The lady with the cake=amazing.

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On Monday Check-In

"warmer in both home and friendship." Mike, you are so great! I didn't estimate, but I was fairly reasonable in my spending. Friday $100 + $3 ATM fee. So great to work for a bank and yet there are no bank ATMs nearby. This cash will last me for two weeks. Saturday I put up plastic on my AC unit and over the fireplace. You could feel a cold breeze walking by my fire place even with the flu (sp?) closed. I had purchased the plastic a while ago. Groceries $20.74 for pears, apples, bananas, lettuce, ham, and some other things. I will be getting groceries again on Wednesday for my Thanksgiving meal of marinated pork tenderloin, rosemary quinoa, "massaged" kale salad (this is a thing? I saw it on pinterest) and blondies for dessert. Alllllmost bought new winter boots but I am going to wait until the end of season. Total spending: $123.74

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On Working Over the Holidays Horror Stories

I used to work in TV, and as you know TV is a round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I worked most holidays, except one year I think I got Labor Day off. One holiday I worked 13 consecutive days over Christmas and New Years. Sad, but my saddest day in TV was when I was working for a Fox affiliate on Christmas day for my regular pay ($6.35/hr in 2004) and had to air movies like White Christmas while I sat in the control room eating off-brand spaghettios, waiting for Jerry Springer to download so I could air it that night.

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On 1 Thing Will Make You Jump (Jump)

I need to get quarters for laundry. Since my bank is far away and it is balls cold outside, I will be using the change machine at the bus station to change my $5.

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On Building a Better Pancake

I'm in the light and fluffy camp, too, but I am allergic to milk so I use this recipe http://silk.com/recipes/almond-pancakes Topped off with blueberries and maple syrup, of course.

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On Monday Check-in

@grandma_nancy Not sure how big the space between the cabinet and the refrigerator is, but there are those snap traps that look like big clothspins (made by Tomcat, I think). I put one in the narrow space between the oven and my fridge and a few mice ran right into it. It is loud when it goes off, but they are effective in tight spaces.

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On Monday Check-in

I had a no spend weekend because I was sick. Either it is a weird cold or a reaction to all the dust that is stirred up at work from the furnace finally turning on. I stayed in bed and watched soccer, saw all three of the teams I follow lose. Upside: my friend brought me chicken noodle soup. Estimate: $32. Actual spending: $0.

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On Friday Estimate

Happy Friday/Pay Day Tonight I am doing yoga after work and then cleaning my kitchen, because mother of pearl, it looks like racoons went on a food bender in there. $0 Tomorrow I am seeing a film, $7. Might get Thai food at some point, $15. Sunday I will try to get people together to watch soccer at a bar. If that happens, $15. If not, I will watch at home and then see Citizen Four later on, $10. Total: $32-37

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