On How To Become a Math Person, Vol. 1

@Punk-assBookJockey THIS. I did not have to work at school much until high school, and then it was hard when I started hitting roadblocks like Calculus because I actually needed to put effort into learning and I didn't know how to do that. I gave up trying, barely passed the class and didn't test high enough on the AP Calc exam to get any college credit. I wish teachers/my parents had told me that it was okay to struggle with something.

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On The Discreet Charm of Commuting

I have to echo what Josh said about seeing a city in the early morning -- beautiful. My total commute time is an hour each way, which includes two bus rides and a seven minute walk, though in the evenings I will sometimes skip the second bus and walk the last mile home. Seeing the same people on the bus everyday, despite never interacting with them, is sort of calming. I use the commute to ramp up or wind down from the workday. I have a hard time reading on the bus, so I will usually crochet or just watch the scenery outside my window. I try to keep my commute free of screen time because my work day is staring at a computer monitor for hours and hours.

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On A Room in an Elderly Stranger's House, and Other Places I've Lived

I love this series so much

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On Friday Estimate

I'm shooting for a somewhat responsible August so that my extra paycheck this month can go into savings. I spent way too much in July. Today I'm going out to lunch with a friend, $15 Shopping for black work pants, $100 Groceries $30 since I have quite a bit in my pantry that I want to use up Sunday I'm going to watch soccer at a bar, $15 for drinks Total: $160

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2014 Check-in

@Tripleoxer Nope, mine are through AES. I'm assuming it's Mint because AES's site says I had too many login attempts and Mint just keeps trying to refresh my accounts when I access it from my phone

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2014 Check-in

Thanks to Mint, I'm locked out of my online account access for my student loans & the servicer is never open when I call June - $12,853.25 July - around $12,748, I think Vacation savings June - $11,147.45 July - $11,264.45 Slight increase because my state tax rent credit was deposited Short-term savings June - $1,978.17 July - $1,800.00 Overspent a bit in July, so I had to pull money out of my savings. Goal for the end of the year is to have $40k in my 401k accounts Current value of all accounts: $38,620, putting in 4% pretax and 6% after tax, plus my employer matches 6%.

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On Life in the Desert: The Troubling Need for Cars

I live in the Twin Cities, having recently moved from Minneapolis to an inner ring suburb and while there is still decent public transpo in the suburbs, it runs less frequently and the area is not nearly as walkable. Sidewalks just end or turn abruptly away from the street. No bike lanes either, so people bike on the sidewalks all the time. As soon as I can afford it again, I am moving back to the city. I don't own a car and haven't for almost two years. I do miss having a car occasionally, but it's so expensive and my last car was just a gaping mouth into which I had to keep pouring money.

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On Family Plan Shame

I was on my dad's plan and paid him $25/month once I got out of college. Then I landed on my mom's plan and paid her around the same, until I got my own plan at 26 because I wanted a local area code when I moved (fitting in?). My parents gladly accepted my money.

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On Monday Check-in

Went to the doctor on Friday, left with two new prescriptions filled for $11. Saturday I was supposed to go to brunch with my SO but he dumped me instead. $0 Sunday groceries (reigned in the urge to binge eat ice cream sandwiches, but only because my brand was out of stock) $31.50 Total spending: $42.50

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On Fear-Based Spending

A radon test kit. Seemed like a good idea but I have yet to open it up and use it. Last year, I paid $7 per biweekly paycheck for an employee benefit that was sold to me as discounted legal assistance. I actually needed legal help for a dicey living situation, but the discounted hourly rates were still higher than my student loan payments, so I never used it.

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