On Friday Estimate

@EmilyAnomaly clearly my mind is going because I am repeating words in sentences.

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On Friday Estimate

I have so much to do at work today I don't know where to start. My weekend plans are to see Finding Vivian Maier, $12? I go to the movies maybe once a year so I don't know what they cost anymore. Laundry $1.75 for wash/dry a load of whites. I will probably pick up dinner on my walk home from the bus home tonight, $10 for fruit and some sort of meat/seafood. $14 admission to an art gallery on Sunday though it will be 70 on Sunday, in which case I might forgo the gallery and romp around the sculpture garden instead which is free. I'm really going to get new running shoes this weekend, $120. Total estimate: $157.75

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On Going to the Bathroom at Work

There is a children's book called Everybody Poops. The other ladies where I work must have read it be cause they have no shame. They will eat lunch, talk on the phone, and read novels while doing the deed. The custodial staff is in constant rotation because the ladies room on our floor always looks like a war zone by 3 pm. I couldn't believe grown women treated facilities that way when I started working here. I use the lobby bathroom whenever I can.

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On Monday Check-in

@andnowlights exotic pet expo and 1860's baseball sound pretty rad!

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On Monday Check-in

So I spent money this weekend but not on the things I was planning to spend money. Friday night I went to a fabric/craft store “just to look” and scored some iron-on embroidery transfers that I may never use but they are cool and I haven’t seen anything like these before. I also got some fat quarters and this is a local business, so I don’t feel bad about spending $23.08. The wedding I went to was not fun. Everyone started drinking immediately following the wedding and was tanked before dinner. At the end of the reception, no one was coherent enough to navigate and my phone didn’t get reception where we were, so got lost for a bit trying to sober cab everyone home. Sunday, bussed it to Target for allergy meds and some groceries $39.13 (the allergy meds were $12.99). I bought plane tickets to see my sister in June $414. (I do have travel savings earmarked for this) Total: $476.21 (estimate had been $258)

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On A Case Against Telling Your Coworkers What You Earn

Where I work, there is a rule that you can't be granted more than a 15% raise when you change positions within the company. For this reason, there are people who are in the same position and at the same level (I, II, III, IV) but are paid differently based on how they were paid where they were before they transfered. It's really disheartening, because why try hard to move up quickly in the company?

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On A Case Against Telling Your Coworkers What You Earn

@danyell do you have a source for this information? I don't doubt you, I just want to have it on hand. Where I work, it's in our hand book that discussing our pay with coworkers is grounds for immediate dismissal

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On Soon Small Dogs Will Supplant The Human Race

I'm guessing that it might have something to do with weight restrictions that landlords/condo associations have on dogs, too. My dog (now deceased) was a spry border collie/cocker spaniel/miniature pinscher mix who weighed in at 20 pounds exactly so I didn't have too much trouble, but my friends with bigger dogs had difficulty finding landlords who would allow their dogs. When you're a homeowner in the suburbs, you have much more flexibility.

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On Banning Laptops, Making More Money

@EvanDeSimone I always bought more coffee/pastries than I normally would out of sheer guilt whenever I went somewhere just to use the WiFi, but I am in the minority, apparently. Darn my midwestern upbringing

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights @fivetoolmike I am realllly bad about getting new shoes. I'm pretty embarrassed by how bad my shoes look when I go in for new ones and there's the inevitable "why did you wait so long?" The wedding should be fun because I won't know anyone & I will get to be a mysterious stranger with sweet dance moves (i.e. The Sprinkler) and I can make up a back story

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