On Friday Estimate

Happy Birthday to Logan!!! Having lunch today with a former coworker from my underwriting days, $20. After work I am going to yoga (prepaid). Saturday I have nothing planned. I might finish Animal Dreams? I will probably do a little cleaning. Sunday I will probably watch soccer, $0, and then yoga (prepaid). I need to pick up a housewarming gift for my mom and I have no idea what to get her...she says she is cutting back on sweets and booze, and she kills most plants. Any ideas? Aiming to spend around $40. Monday I am going to visit my sister, BIL, and new nephew! Transpo & snacks, probably $100. Total estimate $160

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On It's The Real Do 1 Thing

@EmilyAnomaly thanks everyone! It does feel weird. Numbers just moved from one place to another; like the money was never real. Not because I didn't value it, but because I never saw a huge wad of cash at origination or at payoff. At one point when my savings was at $10k I thought "I should withdraw it so I could see what 10,000 dollars would feel like to hold." I'm glad The Billfold exists as a place to talk about this kind of thing. I probably won't tell anyone IRL about this for a while.

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On It's The Real Do 1 Thing

I did my one thing already and that was to PAY OFF MY STUDENT LOANS. I checked this morning and the payment cleared my savings account and my student loan online account dashboard says $0. A transaction in the 5 figure neighborhood from money I have been squirreling away for the last 3 years with work bonuses (which I no longer receive), income tax refunds, and monthly deposits. Getting rid of my car and not taking vacations helped, too. It feels good to have that debt gone, though now I worry that something will happen where I'll need that money for something else.

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On Friday Estimate

I haven't estimated or checked in for a while, mostly out of spending shame, but I have a new plan for May which entails budgeting by the week instead of by the month. Tonight: hot yoga class ($34 a week, already paid). If I can make it. I ate 3 big cookies today at work and I forgot my protein shake shaker thing at home. Then getting groceries, $65 which should be more than enough to last me a week. Saturday, finishing crocheting a monster face bib for my nephew just born this week, $0 since I have all the materials. Reading Animal Dreams (free). Sunday, hot yoga, prepaid, then afternoon hang with a friend of mine from my college workstudy job, let's say $15. Total estimate: $80

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On Do or Do Not 1 Thing; There Is No Try

My one thing is to make an appointment with an ear/nose/throat doctor. I've been putting it off because the provider is in another city and it will take 3+ buses to get there when I have the appointment.

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On Do or Do Not 1 Thing; There Is No Try

@ronswansonluva I use the mobile app and like it! I mainly use it to make sure I get plenty of calcium and not too much sugar, but it is amazing to see calories add up. Especially when your breakfast includes two Tbsp of peanut butter :|

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On Friday Estimate

@Erica @mbl thank you both so much! I'm even more excited to go now :)

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On On MBAs, MFAs, and Selling Soft Pretzels in China

I had wanted to pursue an MFA but couldn't even afford the fee to take the GRE (I know it's not exorbitant, but I was extremely broke even after working two jobs). I don't really regret not going these days, though who knows how I'd feel about it if I had gone.

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On Friday Estimate

Aiming for a tame/low spend weekend. I realized that I started reading the book I'm on right now over two months ago (reading a page or two here or there, on buses usually) so I want to finish that $0. My passport finally arrived so I will be booking a flight to Montreal (any recommendations of affordable accommedations/restaurants? I will probably wait until Tuesday to buy my plane ticket though. Grocery run $25 and I really need to stick to that because I did the math and I only have $75 left in my grocery budget for the rest of the month. I also need to get quarters for laundry $20 and mascara $14, I think. I'll go to yoga at least once, and that will be prepaid. Total: $59

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On Monday Check-In

@BillfoldMonkey "$60 in the Target vortex" is the perfect way to describe what happens there

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