On Home for the Holidays / Open Thread

Tonight I get the keys to my new place and then I am moving this weekend. Moving will cost a minimum of $302.75 plus tips ($60-90). I am moving to a place with a dishwasher(!) so I will need to get dish detergent and some household things, $30. If I am not completely exhausted, I will watch Arsenal vs. Liverpool at a pub on Sunday, $20 for food/drink. Not traveling at all for the holidays because I have to work. I'm not working Christmas Day however, so if I have internet by then I will probably just watch non-holiday movies and unpack. I will maybe get groceries the day before, $50.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $30 for the whole weekend. Friday night I stopped for a few groceries and the protein powder I like was on sale, so I blew my estimate right away $33.85. Saturday I packed and packed and watched soccer at home $0. Sunday I shipped xmas gifts, $29.25. Also stopped at Target for packing tape and mac & cheese $12.23. Total: $75.33

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On Friday Estimate

@EmilyAnomaly Another thing I have to deal with this weekend is figure out if I will hire movers or just beg my friends. May not cost me anything until moving day. I feel like asking people for help AGAIN in such a short span of time is not cool. I'm also moving in December and it will probably be 25F that day. How much do I tip movers?

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic "maraton to-do lists" YES. For every one thing I cross off, I have to add three more things, ugh. Slutcracker sounds great

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On Friday Estimate

@Tripleoxer Congrats on the new job & moving on!

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On Friday Estimate

I finished my holiday shopping last night, so tomorrow I will be sending gifts in the mail, $15 or less, I hope. Tonight I am going to pick up a few groceries, $15. Trying to eat up everything in my house before I move next weekend but I'm out of some essentials. Tomorrow I will be packing up as much as I can so I can see if I need more boxes and if I need a moving truck. This will be my 3rd move in 16 months and while I have a sense that I've purged somethings during my last two moves, my mom dropped off some things I had at her house so I have to go through that stuff as well. $0. Boring but hopefully productive weekend, $30 estimate. I am going to be so. broke. the next three months.

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

I used to live in the downtown area of a majorish city and didn't leave my apartment much except for work, groceries, and the occasional social outing. I moved to an inner ring suburb a year ago and I really dislike it because it is not very walkable, I'm a 30+ bus ride from the activities I'd like to do, and I am the only childless, single young professional in my neighborhood (or so it would seem). I finally started doing city things like films, concerts, and art galleries just to get out of suburbia for a bit. I'm moving back to the city. Partially for the big city activities, but also because I am carless and childless and want to be in an area where I can walk/bike everywhere. I'm giving up a few luxuries like cable, but I really only got cable because I lived in the suburbs and it seemed like a reasonable thing to have.

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On The Cost of Figuring Out a Guy Isn't Right

My ex (and now friend) once told me that he looks at expenses accrued in a relationship as "sunk costs." I chuckled when he told me this. It's such a business way of looking at things, but it does sort of make me feel better.

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On Monday Check-in

My estimate was $15 and I spent $0! I got some things done around the house (except for packing) and watched the MLS cup game. I still have 90% of my xmas shopping left though, ugh.

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On Friday Estimate

@ThatJenn at first I thought, "who goes camping in December???" but then remembered you're in FL (?). Have a blast!

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