On Working Over the Holidays Horror Stories

I used to work in TV, and as you know TV is a round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I worked most holidays, except one year I think I got Labor Day off. One holiday I worked 13 consecutive days over Christmas and New Years. Sad, but my saddest day in TV was when I was working for a Fox affiliate on Christmas day for my regular pay ($6.35/hr in 2004) and had to air movies like White Christmas while I sat in the control room eating off-brand spaghettios, waiting for Jerry Springer to download so I could air it that night.

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On 1 Thing Will Make You Jump (Jump)

I need to get quarters for laundry. Since my bank is far away and it is balls cold outside, I will be using the change machine at the bus station to change my $5.

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On Building a Better Pancake

I'm in the light and fluffy camp, too, but I am allergic to milk so I use this recipe http://silk.com/recipes/almond-pancakes Topped off with blueberries and maple syrup, of course.

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On Monday Check-in

@grandma_nancy Not sure how big the space between the cabinet and the refrigerator is, but there are those snap traps that look like big clothspins (made by Tomcat, I think). I put one in the narrow space between the oven and my fridge and a few mice ran right into it. It is loud when it goes off, but they are effective in tight spaces.

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On Monday Check-in

I had a no spend weekend because I was sick. Either it is a weird cold or a reaction to all the dust that is stirred up at work from the furnace finally turning on. I stayed in bed and watched soccer, saw all three of the teams I follow lose. Upside: my friend brought me chicken noodle soup. Estimate: $32. Actual spending: $0.

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On Friday Estimate

Happy Friday/Pay Day Tonight I am doing yoga after work and then cleaning my kitchen, because mother of pearl, it looks like racoons went on a food bender in there. $0 Tomorrow I am seeing a film, $7. Might get Thai food at some point, $15. Sunday I will try to get people together to watch soccer at a bar. If that happens, $15. If not, I will watch at home and then see Citizen Four later on, $10. Total: $32-37

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On Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do 1 Thing

@erinep Good luck!

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On Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do 1 Thing

My one thing is to go through the pile of mail sitting by my door. I know most of it is junk/catalogues but I got something from Capital One and I have a feeling it's a letter saying they are closing my account due to inactivity after two years of no spending on that card.

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On "I survived the cancer but was fired from my job"

"our for-profit, tied-to-employment health insurance system is a horse poop cupcake topped with FML sprinkles" so accurate and hilarious and sad

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

@ThatJenn It seems almost attainable! My goal has been to have at least my annual gross income in my 401k. My big savings account is with Discover. I've had a credit card with them for over 10 years and one day a few years ago I got an offer for a high yield savings account, but I am sure it is open to anyone, especially if you already have a card with them. It's online only and separate from everything so it has been easy for me to stash my money there and forget about it. I get 0.85% interest. I have always been very happy with their services/customer support. Even though I work for a large national bank, I get such a better rate with Discover.

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