On Life Hacks

@Wendy T Yes! There is a trick: turn your clothes inside out when you wash them, and don't turn them right side out until they are completely dry. Any line will be less noticible because it will be inside out (if that makes sense?) I also shake my clothes (like hold a shirt by the shoulder seams, shake once like you would shake out a rug) before I put them on the rack so there are no creases. @JaneA I have the opposite problem! I handwash my bras and I'm able to make them last for years. It's not until I start to feel like my boobs shrank (that is, the elastic gets to a point where it is stretched out significantly) that I realize I need to buy new bras.

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On Life Hacks

@callmeprufrock "trying to be more environmentally friendly is how I find a lot of 'hacks'" YES!!! I tupperware almost always instead of aluminum foil/plastic wrap/sandwich bags. Buying a Brita pitcher and a few Nalgenes will save money (and reduce waste) compared to buying bottled water all the time.

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On Life Hacks

@A-M #3 yes! I find it refreshes my thinking too if I am stuck on a project.

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On Life Hacks

@callmeprufrock I tried to hang five dresses from my shower curtain tension rod once!!! Collapsed seconds after the fifth hanger touched the rod. Lesson learned. I used to hang bras/pantyhose from the cabinet over my kitchen sink. That worked pretty well.

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On Life Hacks

I do not use a dryer for 70% of my laundry. Shirts, pants, workout clothes, and some linens dry instead on a collapsible laundry rack I got at Target for $19.99 in 2005. This has benefitted me in the following ways: 1. I save $1.50 per load not using the dryer (though I still put towels/socks/non-bra underwear in the dryer). And that's just savings on the machines. A box of Bounce dryer sheets lasts me years. 2. I do not have to iron my clothes. When you air-dry, you do not have to worry about taking things out of the dryer IMMEDIATELY to avoid wrinkles 3. My clothes last longer. Using heat to dry your clothing will make it break down more quickly, so air-drying prolongs its life. I have black long-sleeved T-shirts I bought 5 years ago that still look fairly new. 4. I don't have to worry about high-water pants anymore. Most clothing shrinks lengthwise and a lot of the shrinking happens in the dryer. For a woman who needs a 34" inseam to stay 34", this is huge. 5. In the winter time, doing laundry and having laundry air dry puts moisture in the air (instead of using a humidifier). Con: not so great in the humid summers of the upper Midwest. I know not everyone can use this method (because of time/space), but it has worked for me for years. Tip: get an enamel-coated metal rack instead of a wood one. Wood can snag microfiber and will probably grow mildew eventually.

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

I got an allowance from about age 8 until I graduated high school. Allowance was tied to completing chores each week (and I agree, it shouldn't be this way). I got $5 every two weeks until I reached middle school (7th grade) and then $10 every two weeks in middle school. In high school I received $20 every two weeks, but that money almost always went to gas for my car and I used the car to get to extra-curricular activities and transport my brother and sister to piano lessons. I supplemented my allowance with babysitting, dogsitting, and later an afterschool job. My parents paid for school field trips and piano lessons, but I was expected to pay for things like blank CDs, a dress for homecoming/prom and lunch at day-long weekend meets for extracurriculars, as well as anything else I wanted (like a class ring, which I stopped wearing long ago because high school is meaningless). I didn't have a cell phone so I bought a phone card to use to call my parents when they wanted me to check in. I wasn't very good at saving money, because it seemed like I never had any. Once I got a realish job as a cashier at 16, I did start to accumulate some savings, but part of that was because my mom would demand to see my paystubs and credit union statements to make sure I was saving 95% of what I made and would berate me if I spent money on things like make-up or clothes. I relearned most money lessons once I moved out of the house, haha. I wasn’t allowed to have a checking account or credit card until I got to college; I opened those accounts on my own without my parents knowing about it.

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On Keeping the Junk

LOVE THIS. But I am sort of on the other side of this right now. I had to move 4 times in 18 months, and I find that some of the things I had gotten rid of (in a fit of panic over my living situation) are things I now wish I hadn't parted with, like my kitchen table and chairs, my slender standing oscillating fan, and my microwave. These are things that I would use now if I still had them, but I haven't replaced them yet.

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On Get Interest-free Banking With Digit, a Terrible New Way to Save

If you are someone who never puts money into savings, I could see this method as being a good start. But I agree, this will not be my preferred method. Discover Savings account made me $95 richer last year (.90% interest rate).

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On Monday Check-in

Overspent this weekend so I am going to try not to spend any more money until March 1. Friday I spent $67 at a fancy grocery store because my friend insisted we get a rotisserie chicken and fancy deli ham for movie night. I also picked up a few things I needed; it's not that I spent $67 on meats (though I am not against doing that.) Watched The Interview which was pretty silly. Saturday I watched soccer ($0) and then went to a new art exhibition with a friend. $20 for my ticket. I paid for dinner after, $35 including tip. Sunday I went to yoga (prepaid, $0) and it was -2 outside and 90 in the studio. Sooooo nice. I got groceries after that, $26, because soy milk was on sale. Total spending: $148, over my estimate of $65.

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On Friday Estimate

Late to the estimate party again . . . Tonight I am staying in and watching a movie, $0. Tomorrow I am going to an art museum with a friend; tickets $20 each and I will probably pay for my friend's, $40. Sunday will be yoga class, prepaid so $0. Following class I will go to the grocery store and try to only buy lettuce, tomatoes, and almond milk, but I will be hungry after yoga so I might buy snacks too, $25. Total: $65

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