On Millennials Apparently Good With Money

@samburger neither...idk really. I thought I was going to start doing something better/more active with it once I hit 6 months of expenses but that was over a year ago and I haven't done anything yet. I have something like 15 months of full (not in cut-back mode) expenses saved now which I know is really conservative so I need to do something more.

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On Millennials Apparently Good With Money

@samburger I'm a 20-something and my savings are all in ultra-conservative 48-month CDs. I think most of my friends just leave theirs floating in savings accounts but somehow locking it away (in a breakable-at-any-time CD) helps me not touch it

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On "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?": Estate Planning for Millenials

I trust my family to respect my wishes so I have never actually done a full will. I do have a Word document on my computer with some specific details of where I want a few special items to go and then where I want whatever cash is left over after settling my estate to go. My dad and stepmom's estate is much larger and more complicated and they recently had my step-brother and me over for dinner and went over all the details of how they have things set up. We are going to be co-executors when they pass. They are both in good health at this time, so there was no pressure to the situation which I think is a nice way of handling it.

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On Piggy Banks vs. Savings Accounts for Kids

I still keep a piggy bank and I'm 26. In addition to being a great place for change, I also put extra cash in it. It's a nice once a year surprise to see how much it all adds up to.

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On Renters Insurance, Renewed

I keep 20,000 in renter's insurance on hand which gives me peace of mind for the easily replaceable things. Another thing to look into might be some sort of fireproof box for some of your not-so-easily replaceable papers. I got one for like 75 last year, and it's nice knowing I would have some of my info even after a fire

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On Talking About Money And Splitting the Cost of Child-Rearing After a Divorce

Assuming the interviewee quit a job making more money to work at his start-up then he is likely wrong about how the court would view his responsibilities to his children. The judge would tell him to get a job. There is a tinge of MRA on this article btw

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On Tax Records and "True Detective"

@dmdmdm you shouldn't be able to write it off. if you get goods or services from a non-profit in exchange for your money then it is not deductible.

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On 18-Year-Old Sues Parents for College Money

According to another article I read about this, one of the things she is using for is for her parents to pay for the rest of her high school education. Her parents likely do have a legal responsibility to pay that as I'm sure they signed a contract but she shouldn't be party to that suit. It should come from the school

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On Employee Stock Options As Explained by An English Major, Pt. 3

The idea of earning these types of compensation is one I am struggling. My company gives everyone carried interest in our funds and I keep thinking of it as a gift in my head. Like I shouldn't say anything about the percentage I have, it's just a gift so complaining would be tacky, etc. But that isn't really true. We work hard and this money (or really, possible future money that may or may not exist ever)is part of what we earn.

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On 1 Thing Is a Tragic Misstep in Evolution

My 1 thing was to return 200 dollars in clothes that I bought in DECEMBER to the store before the return period ended. And I did it during my lunch. So now I'm done which feels super good. Now I am going to spend that money plus other money on a chair

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