On Ellen Pao Eliminates Salary Negotiations at Reddit

One of the things I love about biglaw at most firms (including mine) is the lockstep compensation. My firm does have bonuses based on hours billed (a base level and then additional cash at certain points) but those aren't negotiable either

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On "I survived the cancer but was fired from my job"

@jquick she didn't have a spare/guest bedroom, she had a bedroom her child had recently vacated because they went away to school. i'm sure staying was a complicated choice but also her remaining children were going through tons of change and staying in the same house might have been helping them. And how would she fill out an online application that required every blank to be filled (as they all do) without including her alma mater? You really sound very judgmental here

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On Donating To Your Problematic Alma Mater: Do or Don't?

My uni isn't on the list but I don't give to the major fundraising drives anyway. I have given to a couple of groups that I was active in on campus. I prefer to control where my money goes more closely because I disagree with some of my school's fundraising goals (specifically major sports-related building projects)

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On WWYD: Husband Can't Find a Job -- Except In Asia

I do think it is perfectly appropriate for the letter writer to just say no, but I also think that if she chooses to go there will likely be upsides to the experience. I also noticed there was no mention of her job. I am hoping this is not because of something I have seen a number of times recently, which is that it is just assumed that women should be willing to give up a career and becoming a trailing spouse without regard for their future earnings/opportunities. A friend is dealing with this currently, and her husband is SHOCKED that she is refusing to move to benefit his career when that move would tank hers completely.

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On Dinner Reservations: Out

I love reservations so much. If we go to dinner at 8, I don’t want to get to the restaurant and be told that it’ll be another hour. I’m not some fancy Spaniard who likes to get my main course at 10pm. I do understand that restaurants hold some tables for walk ins and that’s great too. That seems to solve the whole problem of no-shows too. Be a hot ticket, have plenty of walk-in traffic, any no-shows are easily replaced. I do love the move to text message notifications of your table being available though. At least I don't have to stand right there awkwardly

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On This -- Deficits, Layoffs, Sadness -- is NPR

I think we save public radio by supporting it and also by thinking of and suggesting other creative methods of fundraising. I wasn't able to give during the last pledge drive because I had a looming bill of unknown size so I was in saving mode but this post did remind me to renew my membership now

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@garli but i didn't find it depressing. i found it so hopeful. these tiny, small, cheap changes can be made and it will change everything for lots and lots of kids. also, i sometimes forget but i shouldn't, to be proud of my state for the top 10% rule. it really is an ingenious piece of legislation

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Did y'all all read this article from earlier today? http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/18/magazine/who-gets-to-graduate.html?hp&_r=1

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On FYI: Caviar Is Cool Again

I like caviar okay. but like lots of other things I like, thinking about how they come about makes me like them less

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On This Woman Does Not Want to Pay For You To Swim With Dolphins

Wedding gifts are one of the few places where my Southern grandmother's training comes out in me. The only things I ever give at a wedding (note a bridal shower is different and has different rules) is china (or their formal dishes), crystal, or silver. I've been to 30+ weddings in the past 3-4 years and that rule has stuck hard and fast. And I never, ever give cash for any occasion. Ever. Honeyfund wouldn't be a true cash gift but would feel too close imo.

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