On Monday Check-in

@PeggyDear I know *exactly* how you feel about finding the thing that actually fits just right and makes you feel the warm fuzzies. It's few and far between for me. I'm happy for you!

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On Spring Shopping

Oh boy this is super relevant to me. My parents just booked a last minute trip to Disney World week after next and since they are the best parents in the world I am going too! I am so excited because I have been indoors and unemployed since the beginning of the year and it has been cold as hell. ANYWAYS I haven't bought shorts not of the athletic variety in at least ten years because I just don't like the way they fit on me and I've never found a comfortable pair. I'm just kind of funny shaped. And around here in the summer I wear jeans or wear yoga pants or something completely lazy. It's too warm down there for that so I am going to go grit my teeth and look at shorts at Target and Old Navy, because I know they'll only be worn sporadically after my trip. And I need some sleeveless tops because I want to get some tan. I'm actually considering making a few. I was going through my closet last night to see what I could take, and I haven't worn 90% of my clothes in the last three months with not working. It's kind of strange. I'd love to get a job where I don't have to wear half that stuff ever again.

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On 13 Ways Daylight Saving Time Can Cost You Money

Between the sudden thaw this weekend and DST giving us more sun in the evening, I feel better than I have in months! I think this is the first year I've really noticed the stark difference in mood and seasons.

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina I've done four or five beer fests in two years and I think I'm good for a few years. Or ever. It is so hard to find the balance of wanting to try a bunch of stuff and get your $$ worth with not going overboard and paying for it later. I did pretty well at beer and cheese this year (though we won the tickets) but I just always feel like a bloat mess for a few days after. I am glad you had fun and good move on the subs :)

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina ooooh I think I know which one you are going to? If Door Co Brewing is there, try them! They're my new favorite. Have fun!

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On Fifty Nifty Small Town Rankings

The small town for Wisconsin has a crazy high median income for that geographical part of the state, but it's about 45 minutes from Green Bay, so I'm wondering if a Packer or two lives there? I know most of them don't live in GB.

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On Life Insurance Ugh Why

Ugh this is probably my One Thing for the week. I had it for something like $1 a month through my old job and now don't have any with no job and it just ran out a few days ago. No kids or mortgage, just long term man partner and dog but I should get something so that in case something happens my parents could pay for services, etc without worry and then give some to my partner to help with the money sucking pup and my share of our expenses. Related side note: We had a neighbor pass away just before Christmas and she wasn't that old, just retired, and was single and had a dog. Relatives took the dog (there were a few neighbors who offered to adopt) and in her obituary asked for donations for her care.

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On Monday Check-in

@nell My boyfriend bought a pair of Levi's that he loves, especially since he's got an atypical body shape for his measurements, maybe 6 months ago, and he has tried the grab and buy both at JC Penneys and the Levi's store and they changed the fit! It's been a sore spot in our house.

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

@OllyOlly I'm on a 2009 MacBook Pro that can't handle more than two apps running but otherwise still runs well. I've been driving my grandpa's 1998 Camry since 2008. It only has 165,000 miles!

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On Pay to Play (In the Comments Section)

@Stina lulz

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