On Friday Estimate

I need to go to my garden plot today to finish putting down weed cover, but the city ran out of leaf mulch, so I think instead I'm going to go to the grocery store and get some empty boxes to take apart and lay flat, then drench with water so they'll stay. I'm also going to pick up some tomatoes at the store $3. Job applications this afternoon, work tonight. I need to fill a growler while I'm there, and let's face it I"ll probably eat something unhealthy and have a beer after my shift, $12. Saturday morning, probably the farmers market, $15ish. Then I'm taking my new to me but pretty old road bike to a friend, who used to be a bike mechanic, and we're going to figure out what it needs to make it rideable and to fit it, and I'm taking the growler I'm filling up at work tonight. Work again tomorrow night, probably more food, $7. Sunday the man wants to go see Mad Max. I haven't looked at anything about it, but he said he's been seeing that it's pissing off mens rights activists, so sounds good to me. $15? It's supposed to rain Sunday and Monday, and I need to start working on measuring and cutting out a pattern for a tee shirt class I'm taking in two weeks, so I'll do that. We're also planning on purging a bunch of stuff since we move in about two months or even less! And going along with that, figure out what freezer/pantry staples we can work into menu planning. No more than $60?

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On It's The Real Do 1 Thing

@Stina Oh man the Red Cross has been calling four times a day and I need to just go online and make an appointment!

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On The Cost of Getting Your Eyes Checked (When Your Health Insurance Does Not Include Vision)

Echoing the love for Zenni! With my eyes, contacts are just too cost-prohibitive, so I've collected a few pairs of glasses. I got some regular glasses from them, and some prescription sunglasses, which are amazing for someone who doesn't wear contacts. They're in pretty good shape! I went to Costco for my last eye appt when I still had vision insurance in the fall and got some Vera Wang glasses from them that would have been about $160 before insurance.

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On Monday Check-in

I just about got the weekend that I wanted! Friday I worked on my skirt for a few hours before I spent $1 on a mt dew kickstart before work. $5 at work for post-shift meal and beer. Saturday morning I did my required work search actions for unemployment - luckily a few actual decent jobs popped up on Friday that I applied for. Then we walked over to the botanical garden to see a bonsai display, free. Then I went back to work on the skirt - the instructions were NOT clear and lots of time was spent ripping stitches. I finished that, and walked the dog and ate before going to work, which went well until 25 drunkards showed up for their fourth brewery stop of the night. One of them poured his beer into a tealight holder. Lovely. $7 for a sandwich and fries to go, but I was too tired to eat much when I got home so that was sunday's breakfast. Sunday. We had the laziest of all the Sundays and it was perfect. Napped a bit in the morning as the dog got me up way too early to go out. We ducked out to the grocery store - $23 my half. Then we had a perfect spring rain shower for a bit and napped again. Did a few chores, made dinner and had a beer on our porch, then watched the Amy Poehler/Paul Rudd rom com satire "They Came Together", which I did not know existed until Netflix recommended it to me. Delightful. $36. Woohoo for a low spend weekend! And both of my post-work meals came out of tips that had just been handed to me, so I barely noticed the money was gone.

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On Friday Estimate

It's supposed to be dreary and rainy this weekend and I have to work tonight and tomorrow night. I don't really feel like doing much other than cozy indoors activities like reading or sewing. Or napping. Allergies have kicked my ass this week. I have pieces cut out for a skirt that I want to make this afternoon. The man wants to go to a bonsai exhibit tomorrow? It's on campus I think, so if it's not free it'll be really cheap. Other than that, just groceries. $50.

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On Because Doing 1 Thing Feels GREAT (Afterwards)

I was thinking that I didn't have a One Thing, but I should probably figure out how to schedule a meeting with a career counselor through unemployment or the university. I"m sure there's resources i'm underutilizing, and I'm debating going to the tech school for a year long program or something. Or, the economy could not suck so bad here. That would be nice.

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On Because Doing 1 Thing Feels GREAT (Afterwards)

@Marille Good luck!!

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On Monday Check-in

Hahahaha Friday I was going to spend $25 on that sewing book plus $10 in fabric. Whoops. $65 total BUT I got the fabric I need for the class I was asking her about - chambray dots. And a little more for a skirt I'm starting today. Worked all evening and ate afterwards ($9 for beer and huge fish fry). Saturday we went to the plant sale - $27 - and I still need to get three more plants, but will hopefully have loads of tomatoes and basil! Picked up the dog's medication, $9.50. Nap, priceless. Trader Joe's for flowers and candy for mom, plus I got some flowers for the house and a bottle of their Carolina gold bbq sauce $15. I got called into work a few hours early because of a beer week associated bar crawl. I didn't mind going early but customers were just pretty drunk. They were supposed to go to three certain bars in particular order, have a certain beer, get card punched that they had the beer, and at the third bar they get a pint glass. Well this being Wisconsin it seems they had a few beers at each bar and when they ended up at ours they were already tipsy enough. BUT at least they all tapered out pretty early and I got home at a reasonable time after getting a burger and beer $6. Sunday my parents came and we had pizza for lunch, they treated. We were going to get ice cream but it was rather chilly so we drove around campus and looked at flowers, then went to costco, $13 my share for TP and tomatoes. I ran to the store for a a bag of apples, $2, and cooked for the week. About $140? Not bad. I would have bought that fabric anyways in a few weeks.

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina I've been feeling the head stuff too, but I've been keeping up on the neti pot followed by flonase and it's made all the difference! This is the first year I've done that and the headaches/mucus gunk is so much more manageable. Also May Day party! Sounds fun!

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On Friday Estimate

I need to go to my sewing shop today to ask a few questions about preparing for a class I'm taking in a few weeks, and a skirt I want to make, and she finally got a book that I had pre-ordered. I think that's $25, plus $10 more for some fabric? I have a lot of stuff to do today, like get my work search actions for unemployment in. Still need to find two more to apply to. I also have to go to my garden plot for little bit and dig up the few weeds that have grown since I turned the whole thing over. Work tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to a plant sale at the community center ($20), then hopefully just taking them right over to the garden for planting. I need to find cardboard to put down as a weed barrier too. We need to do a costco run too $35. Work again. I'll probably get about $40-50 in tips from last night-Saturday. Sunday my family is coming for Mother's Day, so brunch somewhere, and my dad will treat. I am assuming that I will want a nice nap, since work is bananas this week. Maybe it's good to start working at a brewpub during beer week, because it can only get easier after that, right? No more than $120

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