On Monday Check-in

@andnowlights Oh man I was wondering why you didn't tweet about it but realized I hardly played on twitter all weekend! That's hysterical. Like different kinds for her pet to try out? or a bunch to donate to a shelter?

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina Thanks! When I get it up and going I'll send you the link. Maybe I'll send you some Buster pictures sooner!

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On Monday Check-in

I kept my weekend pretty low key. Was still home sick on Friday from work. Walked the dog to the neighborhood pet shop where he got spoiled with treats from the ladies who work there and I bought his noms: $13.70. I then ran to the grocery store, $28, and then we both took a nap because that was a long walk for a small dog and a sick human, but it was nice to get out in the sun. That night I bought a webdomain/hosting plan as part of my plan to start a blog thing to keep up/develop some web skills in conjunction with this website content class I'm taking. $20. Saturday I listened to the Badgers game and sewed up two piped pillows for my mom, who visited last week and bought all the fabric. Then I started on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, on the months-ago recommendation of some Billfolders and I LOVE IT. Thanks guys! I made it through about 6 of those this weekend. Sunday morning we went to REI but they started fall hours and didn't open until 11 so on our way home we stopped at Trader Joe's, $28. We got the "pub ale pies" which are like two small pot pies but all crust and no bowl and they were pretty delightful for freezer food. Watched the Packers game, yelled A LOT, and just hung out the rest of the day. Split all those numbers in halfies with the fella, except for the website: $55ish, and I estimated $50. Oh! Like @kentuckienne, I also got the class action settlement check for $250 in the mail. I think I'll keep $50, and put the rest in savings and towards the dog's surgery payment.

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina awww hi Simon cat!

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On Monday Check-in

@kentuckienne I got that same check! It was amazing and I am also pretending it didn't happen.

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On Friday Estimate

I feel you Mike, I've been home sick since Tuesday. Antibiotics kicked most of the sinus infection, but I've still got some bronchitis going on. Still plan on laying low this weekend and am aiming for only spending on groceries. I made a list of all the sewing projects I have - both promised and ones that I've planned for Christmas gifts, and I think I'll tackle some of the easier ones this weekend. And the skirt that I've been putting off because it's making me anxious. Crap, need dog food. That's $13.70. No more than $50 for the weekend, though!

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

This is timely because I feel like we need to firm up our grocery shopping habits. Generally, we both pick something that we'd each like to take for lunches and make that on Sundays. Usually it's a pot of something - soup or curry or pasta. I like to try and find something from Budget Bytes. I prefer to eat a big lunch and breakfast and snack at work and then kind of throw together a few small things for dinner - like cottage cheese and a salad and half a sausage or something like that. The fella is the opposite and likes big dinners, so he usually has another pot of something for his dinners. Since we have a pretty stable pantry with lots of canned goods and spices - his mom always sends him back with cans of tuna and tomato soup and beans, plus I stock up when there are good sales on these things, we rarely have to add those kinds of things to the grocery list. In our fridge we always have plain yogurt, hot sauce, lemon juice. I also started making the ranch dressing from the BB book and so now I use it more sparingly. Other things always on the list are bread, onions, potatoes, bananas, and lettuce. I do most of our grocery shopping because he is notoriously horrible at impulse buying. I go probably twice a week to the big, cheap grocery store pretty close to home. Trader Joe's is kind of on his way home from work, so sometimes he'll stop there for trader joes-y things. We tend to go to the small neighborhood market for meat and especially in the summer for produce if we can't get to the farmers market. We also have a Costco membership gifted from my parents and as a result are still working on a 25 pound bag of rice from last December (the dude is also not allowed to go to costco unsupervised, anymore, especially after bringing home a pack of 6 cupcakes bigger than my head). In the winter they seem to have the best produce, and we get things like nuts and dried fruit there, and sometimes canned goods - the best idea ever was tomato paste, because it was one of those things we could never remember if we had in the cupboard. We go to Costco every two weeks or so.

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On Out-of-Network Horror Stories

Aside from the fact that the system sucks overall, it is infuriating that you have to do all this crap yourself. (I'm talking about your experience in particular, though all the cases in the article make me upset as well) All of these people (on the admin side) are there to make those things happen. You shouldn't have to be making all these calls and keeping track of who was looking at your cervix and at what time. Good grief. I am incredibly fortunate to be the child of public employees and am now one myself, so while I have no hope for advancement here and my pay is well below scale of my peers, at least I have always had amazing health insurance. I had emergency gallbladder removal a few years ago and never even saw a bill at all. I had a cyst removed a few years before that and got a bill that said "you owe $0".

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina Try Underdog pet Rescue in my neighborhood! They have a few office cats at any given time and the rest are in fosters, so their fostering humans have a pretty good idea on their temperament. Check out Randall! http://www.underdogpetrescue.org/adopt/

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On Monday Check-in

@halloliebchen Yay! I was wondering if your new job was making you uber busy!

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