On Friday Estimate

@erinep And i just got an email telling me that the Amy Poehler ebook is ready for my from my library. SO there's a chunk of my weekend!

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina do you need someone to film this so it can go viral on youtube? Because I have no Saturday plans.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic ooooh. My shop owner/instructor/magic lady made the Linden a few weeks ago. I requested the sailor top class but she's going to do the Scout Tee instead, which I'll take, and then said if I needed help with Scout Tee I could bring it in. I still haven't made any apparel because I'm anxious about sizing! I'm funny shaped. I saw a woman on instagram last night doing a cute take on the hedgies. I should tag you on that. I'm so excited for you and your foxes!

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On Friday Estimate

Hopefully it will be a low key weekend. We're both kind of sickish, not debilitating sick, just enough congestion, etc where there won't be much guilt about crashing on the couch and watching Friends. He does want to go get drinks tonight at a new classy place that opened up by his office. Since it's his idea and I don't really want to go, I'm hoping he'll pick up the tab. Otherwise no planned spending for me, just groceries. Hope to get some jobs applied for and patterns cut out. $50

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On Do That 1 Thing You Forgot To Do

@franceschances Thanks. I tried going to a local navigator at the job center and it was crazy busy, called two other places, only got a call back from one two days later. I actually just got an automated voicemail from healthcare.gov that basically said, don't panic! You can still enroll! Someone will be calling you soon! I'm just really glad that I understand all of these things (basically) and it seems to be a system issue. I can't imagine a person not proficient in computer use doing this (i.e. my mom).

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On Friday Estimate

@BillfoldMonkey He must be so confused. In the house, he stumbles into things like he's at a kegger. Outside, he is bounding forward and just wants to walk walk walk and do his business as an afterthought. We're lucky it warmed up to high 20s, we went on I think nine 15-20 minute walks yesterday.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic The people are demanding foxes!!

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On Friday Estimate

Today I'm just checking out job postings and snugging with the pup. He has been "drunk" and belligerent all week when he's not completely passed out from this medication transition we're doing and kept me up late last night. An the night before. Tonight we're going to a concert thing (ticket already paid for, don't plan on drinks because I'm driving) that doesn't start til 9 (ugh, so late) so I think we'll kennel him in the back room and sneak in and go to bed when we get back. Today is the last day of the heavy dosing so hopefully he is back to normal soon. #billfoldlivejournal I don't really have any other set plans for the weekend other than watching the Packers game on Sunday. I haven't done any sewing yet this year and I was thinking about cutting out pattern pieces and pulling fabric for a bag I've had on my list. I shouldn't need to spend on anything but groceries this weekend. $50 at most.

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On Do That 1 Thing You Forgot To Do

Mine was to enroll in the exchanges, and I spent all day screwing around with it. The first try was entirely my fault, in estimated income i guessed what I would make if I got a job and I just should have put in the max unemployment I could get and my vacation payout. I had to call the healthcare.gov 800 number to ask how to fix that (they were super nice and helpful, and all of this made me really angry that our dumb governor refused to set up exchanges). So I got back in and fixed that, got all the way to the marketplace, and my tax subsidies weren't showing up, and I think at the projected income levels I might even qualify for medicaid? So then I went back in AGAIN to redo it all just to see if I missed something, and when I got to the end, it said, oh we'll save this but the system is down so you'll have to wait. Luckily I have extra time to do it since I have a "life change" in losing my job. And that is how my One Thing has extended into today. Stay tuned for next week's One Thing of filing for unemployment!

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On Highlights From A Year of Emotional Spending

@Stina bwahahaha did you see the state tourism campaign in Chicago last summer? The Camp Wisconsin thing? Also, there is apparently a boat you can take between Lakefront, MKE Ale House and Rock Bottom? Billfold summer field trip!

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