On Friday Estimate

@blueSF OK I'm glad it's not just me! It's unusable in Safari. I'm in Chrome now it's working ok.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Thanks! I've never worked in a restaurant before. I've worked the last two nights and I've liked it so far. It probably helps that I already know just about all the front of the house staff.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic Yes! Did you ever finish your foxes?

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On Friday Estimate

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem for for a few days the billfold has been loading slow and weird or flashing in my browser window. For once all of my things like flash, etc are up to date. I had to write my comment in email because it was running so slowly! Hoping for a cheap-ish weekend - aside from rent and all my other first of the month bills! I have to go pick up my prescriptions, one is free and the other should be $3 I think (first time using my obamacare!) I might swing by the Asian grocery after and grab a bahn mi for 3.50. I think I need to get more dog treats too, $6. So that brewpub I'm always saying we went to in our estimates? Well, my friend got me hired on as a host this week, and I work tonight. It's not much money, with the calculations with my unemployment I come out maybe $20 better a week, but then theres small tip outs. Plus I'm getting out of the house and moving around and everyone is really nice. And now I get cheap beer and discounted food. SO I work tonight which should be pretty busy with fish fry. Tomorrow we're heading to my parents for the day and at the outlet mall I'm going to look for comfy shoes to wear hosting with skirts, but setting a limit of $50 for that. We're going to the Replacements in MKE while my parents watch the dog. Tickets already paid for, but $15 for dinner before. Work on Sunday, we have a bottle release so I might get one of those, $12, and groceries, $25. Could be $60-ish, could be $100ish.

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On The Cost of Things: Taking Care of LadyBusiness

I have never really worn make up. I don't know how you wear it without smearing it! I have allergies maybe 5 months out of the year and so there's nose blowing and eye running. Plus I have never figured out the right tones of eye or lip stuff. I wear BB cream if I feel like it's an occasion where I'd wear make up. I should also really be better about moisturizing, though I've gotten to be WAY better about sunscreen. Now I'd spend a LOT more money on lady products if I could figure out away to tame my hair for a reasonable amount of time/money. It's just out of control. It's super thick, straight on the top and getting curlier on the bottom as I get older. It's like a texture mullet. I have maybe two good hair days a year and they're always by accident. I'm not willing to spend an hour every other day to blow dry it.

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On Monday Check-in

I'm not going to go in to the gory details but I ate out three meals on Saturday and one huge one on Sunday, plus beers. Was definitely in an ill-thought out "it's your birthday weekend treat yo self mood" By last night we were so full all we had for dinner was sautéed brussels sprouts and birthday ice cream sandwiches. I did do a lot of biking around town and worked in my garden plot, so I feel a little better about all the food!

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On Friday Estimate

I;m just getting over a hangover (oops, nothing like a hangover to remind you that you're getting older). Need to get moving for an apartment showing. Might stop at Culver's after to get a burger to really get over it $6. We fell behind on chores this week so I'm going to do a bunch of those I think. The man is going to a dinner with his dad tonight so I'll just eat in. Tomorrow he's running in a huge race downtown. I'm meeting a friend (if she gets out of bed, she's still in college and young and likes to sleep in :)) for bloody marys $12 while he does that then meeting him after. Not sure about the afternoon. Maybe some spring cleaning and reading? I need to get to my garden plot at some point too and see what I need to do to clear it. I have a bogo birthday coupon for the pizza place on the corner and I think e're using that tomorrow night, $10. Sunday is my birthday. We're going to "our" brew pub, where my friend works and she's going to buy me brunch and give me beer cheaply. We're going to take some vinyl andy and out for a few hours. $15? I'll tip her well. Not sure what else we're up to! Maybe some sewing or reading. It was a silly spendy week, so hopefully under $50.

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina Watch out for Crazy Legs at the market! They should clear out a bunch by 10. A is running and I'll be at the Old fashioned having a bloody mary before I bike to meet him at the stadium.

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On When Colleges Open Food Banks On Campus

Some librarians from my alma mater posted in January about how they took up a small collection for one of their students who didn't have a winter coat and was walking around in Wisconsin winters in two sweatshirts. Ugh.

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On Monday Check-in

Pretty sure I went over. We've been eating out on the weekends way too much and really need to reign that in. And saturday I ended up being out of the house about three times longer than planned. Friday our friend came over to meet the dog for future dog sitting and that went really well. We went to get a beer and I ended up also getting a huge bowl of fries, which the bf showed up for just in time to help. $15. Then we dropped her off and on the way back home there was all sorts of parking outside this dive bar that supposedly has a burger that is awesome. So we did that. And it was awesome. $15. Never got the groceries we were supposed to pick up! Saturday we went to the first farmers market, but not actually. We went to the empanada food cart that was there and got a few $7. Then got my mom a birthday card and a Hillary pin $6 that has the picture from "texts from Hillary" that says "Bitches get stuff done" to put on the bag I made for her (she loved it). We rode our bikes to look at an apartment that was nice and cute but just too small. Then we went on to a nearby coffee shop that happens to be next to my sewing shop. You can probably see where this is going. After buying an iced tea $3, I went next door to just get a zipper and came out with two zippers and three fat quarters. Oooops $13. Got the dude to ride home to walk the dog because we'd been gone for a while. Ordered another coffee $2 and he picked me up with the bike rack on the car and we went to Trader Joe's, $10 my share. We drove by a place we are looking at today and saw a TON of "for rent" signs which makes me feel so much better about this whole apartment search thing. Stopped at the record store for record store day and bought the new Brandi Carlile, $11. Then bf treated to tacos. Sunday we went grocery shopping, $35 my share. I did manage to start some kitchen spring cleaning, mainly getting the stove top cleaned off. My parents came for birthdays brunch, as my mom's was last weekend and mine is this coming. They treated to brunch and ice cream. We stopped for dog food, $20. After they left we went to play with and let out a friend's dog since she was working a double, free and full of puppy lovin! I think I estimated around $65 and was close to $110. ugh.

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