On Job Of The Day: Holiday Dog Sitter

I'd do something like this as a side hustle, but my dog HATES other dogs and having another one in "his" house is not an option. We'd probably be fostering if we could. Right now our only option for a dogless sitter for him is my parents, and they are two hours away. I do have a former intern who last spring said she would come stay with him. I should check back in with her. I was getting emails from DogVacay for some reason, and people around here seem to charge $18-25, which to me is not enough? Or maybe because my dog can be difficult to walk and needs medication so I would think a sitter deserved more?

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On On Seattle and Small Apartments

I'm surprised your fridge is that big! I lived in a studio once for a summer that had a microwave and a minifridge/freezer.

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On How to Eat Right, Office Lunch Edition

@Ester Bloom popcorn is definitely one of the best snacks ever, though I only have it at work when my coworker is out because even though I eat carefully and as quietly as possible I know anyone eating popcorn really bothers him. Also, I think it was @Allison in a snacks comment thread a few months ago who called it a "butter delivery device" ftw.

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On Monday Check-in

@ronswansonluva Nice! I've thought about taking the train (from Wisconsin) to visit family in Colorado, but I've heard it's just as boring as the drive and the timing/pricing has never worked out.

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

Our landlady lives down stairs from us in our two-apartment house, and she actually turns the heat on way too early - she turned it on a month ago and it's been on and off since. Especially nice when she turned it on overnight for a 40 degree low, but then left for the weekend that had a high of 68. Fun! This will be our third winter here, and I was always puzzled as to why our front bedroom was so much colder than the rest of the place, even more so than the guest room that has a door to the porch. It even has new windows! So, I was rearranging the room a few weeks ago and moved a desk out of a nook in the corner and found that the one heating vent into our bedroom HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR TWO YEARS. I am hoping this means that I will not be sleeping in a full sweatsuit plus long underwear again this winter.

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On Monday Check-in

@BillfoldMonkey This was for diazepam (generic valium). They do have dog meds - we got a years supply of heart gard for dogs up to 22lbs for $52. There's a sign that says "get your dog's prescriptions here!" so I'm assuming they have more? Give your local Costco a call! you don't have to be a member to go to the pharmacy.

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On Monday Check-in

I don't have the time to look everything up, but I only spent $6 at costco on the dog's pills but $55 on the fabric sale instead of $25 so everything just about evened out in theory. I think I was just over $100.

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On Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get for $295,000

@lindseykai That's awesome! My last apartment had a claw foot tub and I miss it SO much. of course it was under a slanted ceiling so you had to sit down to shower, but I miss those hot baths.

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On Friday Estimate

Omg you guys this has been A WEEK. Just silly busy at work and things after work and hardly any time to chill. So of course tonight we are schlepping up to the alma mater, about an hour and a half away, to go to an alumni dinner to watch other alums much more distinguished than us get awards for that. Bf was on alumni board until this fall for 6 years, so we get to eat for free! I am making him pay for gas and road trip sodas and a glass of wine at the reception because what I really want to do is go home and zombie in front of Gilmore Girls. I just went to walgreens to get the shoe polish from my One Thing and a bag of dill pickle Lays because they sounded perfect and they are. $8 Tomorrow morning we are going to try to get student rush tickets to the Madison Symphony for Saturday night- bf is taking one class and so he is a student! I think those are $15, if we get them. That is by the farmers market, so empanadas from the car will be necessary, $7 Costco for dog's drugs and maybe a few other things, $20. Some groceries, $25? Sunday is usually a spend free day - chores until the Packers game, then game, then hopefully some sort of productivity like jobs apps stuff or cutting fabric for all the stockings I need to make! Aaaaand a bunch of fabric that I have been eyeing is on a pretty good sale but I won't let myself go over $25 if I pull the trigger on that. hoping to hold it to about $100.

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On Friday Estimate

@garli That sounds like an awesome weekend. And your husband's employer sounds awesome too!

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