On Friday Estimate

@Stina oh! I get it now, haha. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

I want it to be a low spend weekend, but we shall see. I'm having a networking coffee this afternoon, $5ish. Bf is going to try to get rush tickets to the opera tonight, $20. He'll want to go to dinner before if we get tickets. $25? $6 for a drink during the intermission, if we remember to take our theater sippy cups (you have to have their lidded cup to take a drink back in the theater with you). Tomorrow we have to go to Costco for the third time in a week - we bought a box of three Brewery Ommegang bombers and got home and there were only two in it. Sigh. I might get a fleece balaclava I saw there last time because it is already stupid cold and I just can't handle it anymore. $10. For the rest of the day I just want to get to the gym, do chores, and cut all the fabric for all of the projects I have on my list and put them all in bags so I can easily take them home with me for thanksgiving to work on there. That should take some time. Sunday, probably more chores and then watching the Packers game at noon. I'd like to get some reading done too. Should need a very small grocery run, since I'm heading home on Tuesday for the week. Goal is to keep it under $75.

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina slumming whaaaaat?

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I had a roommate in college who had an eating disorder. She would only eat yogurt out of measuring cups and once in a blue moon have dense german bread with imitation crab meat. Ok fine. She was also vegetarian and would get raging drunk and fight wit her boyfriend in her bedroom to the point of him stomping up and down like a child, and then she'd go eat a tub of country crock, or other prepared food of another roommate, like my order of chicken enchiladas I'd had boxed up earlier that evening (STILL angry about that). Then they'd have make up sex in the shower while we other roommates had our friends over. The finale was when she didn't move her stuff out on time and we all had the fee deducted from our otherwise perfect security deposit.

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On I Tried to Watch Star Wars and This is What Happened

@garli But where?!

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On I Tried to Watch Star Wars and This is What Happened

I have the VHS of Star Wars, swiped from my dad, from before George Lucas changed all that stuff. My dude got me the DVDs last year for Christmas, but we'll still watch that old VHS here and there.

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On Monday Check-in

I think I came out about where I thought I would. Costco glasses were $90 after insurance, then I got those wool socks (and they are awesome!) and some merino wool baselayer pants, and went halfsies with bf on TP and a bottle of gin, another $45. Then gas at Costco, $25. Then, predictably, he got antsy to eat out because it was Friday, but we knew anyplace we wanted to go would be packed, so we got Chinese takeout and he paid. Saturday, I drove over to Milwaukee to see the Lion King. It was great! I paid $12 for parking, and my mom's friends generously paid for my dinner. It started snowing on the drive back, so it took twice as long. Trucks in the ditch and cars spun around. I stopped for a coffee and cookie $5, then stopped at the outlets to get a new pair of jeans because I ripped a pair last week $25. Finally made it home and we watched Lego Movie on HBOgo. Lego enthusiast bf was blown away and now I think it's going to. Sunday, went to the gym, stopped at Culvers for a snack pack $5 before the grocery store, which was only $5 my share? Can't wait to see what we forgot there. Watched the Packers, then went to our pet shop's Holiday party and sale and ate tasty food and bought the pup a santa dragon toy, a bag of treats, and a coat - $25 my share. The coat is so awesome, but now I feel bad that we spent $32 on a coat for him that I'm going to make sure to get one for a child for the gift drive at the Y this year. And the coat doesn't fit so I have to take him in with me to see if the next size up does. $237. I think I hoped to keep it under $250.

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On Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $290,000

We have a few more replica European villages around here. New Glarus is a Swiss village (and home of the epic brewery of the same name) and McFarland has a little Norwegian downtown. I'm sure there's more I'm not thinking of too.

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina I just emailed some of him in the first fleecie to you!

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On Friday Estimate

It's going to be a spendy one. I'm staying home sick today because I have the beginning of a migraine and I'd just like to head that off before it gets worse. Second one this week, bah. This afternoon I'm going to drive the dog to our pet shop for his food and so he can get spoiled by them with treats, $14. Tonight we're going to costco for TP, I want some of their store brand wool socks, and I'm going to order glasses. I'm also assuming there will be a few more purchases. With glasses, I'll estimate about $125. Oh and since I figured out how to sew up a fleece vest thing for the dog, bf wants me to make him a bunch more in other colors. $15 on fabric? He's a small dog. Tomorrow I'm going over to Milwaukee to see the Lion King matinee with my mom's friend and her daughters. My mom has a broadway subscription with them but since my parents are on vacation I'm going to use her ticket, free. But gas $25, parking $8? no idea, and dinner after $25? But it'll be nice. I went to K-12 with the older daughter and they're lovely people, so it will be nice to catch up. Sunday is chores, packers game watching, and hopefully some sewing. Groceries, $25. Oh and the pet shop is having a customer appreciation holiday party with 25% off, so I'm going to go stock up on his treats. $12. Let's just not go over $250. Oh and my student loan gets taken out tomorrow. fun fun fun.

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