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@Stina *high five*

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On Alumni Giving Season

My boyfriend and I graduated from the same state school, in different years. He was immediately voted on to the alumni board of directors right after graduation - a friend was on it and nominated him, and it was a pretty sweet gig with some nice events and dinners. But he graduated in 2008, right into the recession and was underemployed until 2011. The phonebankers kept hounding him to donate, even more so as a board member, even as he was super broke. I think he's given them a total of $100 in the past six years and he just "retired" from the alumni board. I've never been solicited once. ha. I have a student loan with a monthly payment of $105, and if I did donate I'd want to figure out a very specific thing to donate to. They don't really offer anything in the way of scholarships, but they seem to try and fund enrichment opportunities that students probably couldn't afford otherwise, like research trips, etc.

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On Alumni Giving Season

@Samantha Good skills to pick up even if you don't want to pursue it - as I'm job hunting in communications-type areas, those are some desired skills in non-profit land!

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On How To Define Productive: A "Do 1 Thing" Inspired Meditation

@andnowlights Thank you for that reminder. I forget that good really is relative all too often. Also, this job I'm leaving is like 90% extrovert and I am also maybe 50%. On really bad days I would get home and shut myself in the bedroom for about 20 minutes of quiet or meditation and it made all the difference in being able to be a human being to my boyfriend.

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On Friday Estimate

@Tripleoxer Happy last day!

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On Friday Estimate

Today is my last day of work (lost the soul sucking job in the elections)! Considering my pending unemployment and the fact that my coworker and I went out last night to "celebrate", not to mention December is just a spendy month with holidays, the dog's annual checkup, and my car registration due, I really do need to keep it quiet this weekend. I am very glad to be able to walk away from this job and I'm getting 5 weeks of vacation paid out, so I have a cushion. I bought a bagel and cream cheese and a san pellegrino this morning, $6 and no regrets. I'm going to do some grocery shopping tonight because over the next 4-5 days I'm going to make ALL the cookies - if anyone has a favorite to recommend I'm still not settled on what I'm going to make. So cookie ingredients plus a few other things, $25. I need to get my dad's present - a cast iron skillet, so if I'm near Target I'll get that, $15. I can't think of anything else I need to buy this weekend? I need to submit a job application tomorrow, and just have chores and sewing for presents to do. We have beer for the Packers game watching. And now I'm clearly procrastinating finishing desk cleaning and HR paperwork. No more than $50. Anyone hiring in their small, cheap city?

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On The Cost of Fixing Up a Free Bike

@lisaf i did the same as her on #6 when I put not-clippy pedals (totally the right term, right?) on my new to me but nearly as old as me cannondale road bike. I though, oh shit, I just left that damn bike shop after they did a bunch of work convinced that the one thing I could do was switch the pedals. took a while but I figured it out. And I will totally remember to "back off", thanks! PS, am keeping clippy pedals, just wanted easier pedals for testing it out as I work on it/get work done on it, etc.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Minerva McGonagall

McGonagall's back story on Pottermore was easily the most interesting to me. I really love what you did it!

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On In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

I think the thing that is most intimidating to me (definitely not pregnant and not anytime soon) about having a child at this point is paying for childcare. I can't even. I mean every other reason you listed is also concerning and has weighed on my mind, but holy crap to day care.

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On In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

@ThatJenn seconded!

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