On On the Purchase of New Pillows

@Stina Tennis balls are great for drying things you want to remain fluffy! My fiance looked at me like I was crazy when I dried my winter coat with them but it came out so nice and puffy!

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@julebsorry No, I get it. I live in Boston, have for a decade, and pay through the nose to do so. When I made less and spent over half my income on rent, I entered in various housing lotteries. The one I coveted most was the Mandarin Oriental in the Back Bay. But I would have been PISSED if I'd won that and had to enter in through a back alley off of Boylston St. I would have definitely felt like an inferior resident of the building and it never would've felt like home. If you have won the right to live in a building, you should have the right to live in the building as a full resident of said building. Just because your rent is cheap doesn't mean you are not paying rent.

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@julebsorry Yes but they have the right to live in that building. Making them use a separate entrance leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Like it highlights the fact that they don't really get to live there because they're not good enough to do. How could you ever actually feel at home in the place you live if you are given the sense straight up that you are not welcome? And it seems especially awful when it's usually the circumstance of your birth - and not personal merit or work ethic - that determine if you're rich enough to live in those buildings by your own funding.

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@thegirlieshow I think that's where I'm at as well. It's not an actual harmful thing for humans to all use the same door.

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On Monday Check-in

Weekend was lovely and too short and I am so tired right now. Friday: left work early and got a marriage license (enginerd paid because I still don't have a debit card and city hall only takes cash). Gorgeous out, so we decided to get drinks and a bite to eat. A few beers and some nachos were had and the enginerd paid for that. Then we went to the Donna Summer's roller skating event (free and tons of fun). Have decided I am more than willing to lead the committee to make roller skating a permanent summer thing Boston. If we can have ice skating rinks in the winter, why not a roller skating rink in the summer?? We stayed there until 8:30sih or so. Then headed back across town to the Back Bay. Got burgers and drinks at Boston Burger Co. I paid for this and I can't quite recall what it cost. I think around $50 with tip. Saturday - up early to go to Beavertail in RI. Had a super fantastic day swimming and jumping from rocks into the ocean and hanging with friends. It was fantastic. Beers bought on the way there and dinner after swimming were paid for by the enginerd. I would've gotten dinner but the only card I have at the moment is Amex and the restaurant didn't take Amex. Sunday: supposed to try on the wedding dress for the wedding next week, said dress was not ready or at the dress shop. Am oddly calm about this even though it does seem like a clusterfuck in the making. Spent $79 on shoes to wear next Sunday, so my feet'll look nice even if I don't have a dress to wear. Then went out to dinner/drinks with my good friends as my version of a bachelorette. The food was sooooooooooo good. So all in all, I spent just under $130.

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On A Call To End Birthday Dinners

I don't know. It all depends on your friend group. I have a close-knit core group of five girlfriends and we do spendy dinners/birthday celebrations for milestone birthdays (30, 35, etc). Everyone makes an effort to attend those and you kind of know in advance it'll be $100 or so. And we long ago did away with any sort of expectation for gifts. At this point in our lives, having our friends there is more than enough. For non-milestone birthdays, it's whatever. Back yard bbqs, drinks and burgers, etc. But for any of these, if someone can't afford to attend, they can't afford to attend. They will be missed but no one is ever made to feel obligated to come. I turned 35 in April and did a co-birthday tasting dinner with another lady of the aforementioned group who was also turning 35. One friend couldn't make it due to finances/being unemployed. Most of us saw her the following week and bought her drinks and some brunch because we could do that in our lives at this moment. Someday if I can't, they will get it for me. But for the bill, the rules are always figure out tax and tip and divide by the table. Then you add that sum to whatever you ordered. You got four expensive cocktails, you pay for the four expensive cocktails, not me. People always gripe about this system because it seems unfair in the abstract but it generally isn't. The four expensive cocktails add to the bill making the ultimate tip higher than it would've been but you are paying a fraction of a percentage in the end. At most you wind up paying a few dollars more than you would otherwise because you have likely also gotten an entree that costs roughly the same as everyone else. And for those that really only get something small compared to the larger order (water and a cheap entree), I sort them out separately. Bill splitting is not hard and it doesn't need to be.

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights It might have. Boston was still cash or check just a few years ago when I had to go do something at City Hall (I'm blanking on what now though) but last year when I went to get the no parking signs for moving they took cards. Which was a pleasant surprise. They still don't have any sort of voicemail though, so there's that. Although at the rate things are going, that's starting to look progressive. :)

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Happy birthday!

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On Friday Estimate

@samburger and @andnowlights - I love the huge difference in prices. I've put the enginerd in charge of this, so hopefully he knows how much it costs. He'll also actually be the one paying as my wallet had an incident earlier in the week (since recovered) but I canceled all my cards in it and am waiting on replacements. I got one American Express card already, so that'll bear the brunt of what I do spend this weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic I find out about them on twitter. Universal hub, Bostoninno, Boston magazine, will have lots of things. @BostonChefsNews @EaterBoston @eatboston are good follows for food based things like pop-ups and dining events.

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