On Friday Estimate

We're planning to get away for a night, so it could be a spendier weekend than we've been having. Tonight: home after work. Will run (free) and make dinner ($10 grocery stop). Tomorrow: up eaaaaaaaarly. Going to check out Blackbird donuts in the South End ($15?) and then hit the road before the snow starts. First stop is Troy because he has a frat alum meeting at RPI. I'll probably hang out in a coffee shop ($5). Then we're driving to Burlington, VT. I would imagine we get a snack or lunch at some point ($20). Then we have dinner reservations at a fancy place but I may change this because I am craving a giant bowl of pasta. Mmmm...carbs.... ($85?). Sunday: brunch plans and walking around ($45). Then not sure. Driving home (will probably need gas, $20) and more eating ($50?). May stop at this ice castle thing in NH ($40 I think for two admissions). All in all will likely spend a touch north of $200 this weekend.

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On Which Is Cheaper: Living Like A Model Or Becoming A Tree After Death?

I kind of like that turn into a tree thing. I would definitely consider it.

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On Tax Season

They raised the price of turbo tax? That sucks. I will definitely be looking around then. My taxes are super simple. I don't need to spend $$$ on software to do them.

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On Take the Vacation

Having unintentionally spent several years as a contractor with no paid time off and precious little financial ability to take unpaid days, I feel no guilt about using my PTO. None. I missed being able to take a day to do nothing when I was a contractor. I cherish that now.

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On If You're Wearing Dockers Today, This Is Why

I would like to go to a Dockers sponsored in-office fashion show. I think it would be hilarious.

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On Friday Estimate

There are a lot of moving parts for this weekend and things still aren't set. Tonight: making dinner (need to get a few things at the grocery store ~$10), then hopefully also squeezing in a run before heading to a friend's party (we should have three beers at most, so $25 because Boston prices). Tomorrow or Sunday: ice skating and dinner with husbandman's friends. Skating should be cheap and I have no idea about dinner because I don't know where we'll go. I'll estimate $60 for the whole thing Tomorrow or Sunday: taking Little Sister and her older sister to get properly fitted for bras. They each have some money towards that from my mom that they got at Christmas and I'll be covering the rest if need be ($30?). Also probably going for a run (free). So should be a fairly cheap weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

@halloliebchen Happy birthday!

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@JNC Musings Factory - Grazie for the daycare numbers. Husbandman and I plan to spawn in 2016, so we're trying to get realistic numbers on what daycare in a city can run (we're in Boston). At the moment my job subsidizes at Bright Horizons but I doubt I'll still have this job when it comes time to find daycares.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@PicNic - I'm so surprised at the renter's insurance for you. It must have to do with your exact address. I've only ever paid $25 a month for it. Hopefully it improves when you move.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

This is super timely. I think it should be a monthly thread so that we can check in with each other as to how we are doing with our budgets. Husbandman has a crazy detailed spreadsheet that we are working on using to closely track our expenses so we can make a realistic budget. The goal is to save $30K this year towards a down payment and we should hopefully be able to do it. So far it breaks down like this: We take home about ~$8000 a month after taxes and deductions (medical, dental, 401Ks (he puts in 10% with no employer match, I put in 6% with a 6% employer match), supplemental life insurance stuff). Fixed expenses are: - $2500 in rent - $411 in student loans - $160 on cable/internets - $25 renters insurance - $2350 in automatic savings contributions - $60 for my gym membership - $165 for our phone plans - $100ish for electricity (heat and hot water are included in rent) Total: $5766 So that leaves us ~$2200 a month to play around with. Right now a big chunk of that is going towards eventually paying for our honeymoon in April. And other miscellaneous expenses like gas (he drives to work), food (we're budgeting $500 a month for groceries for two people. I think it'll wind up being fair), eating out, hair cuts, booze, etc. But still. I want to up the savings. We make a lot but we live in Boston, so the numbers are something of an illusion because hellooooooo cost of living, but I still think we can be saving more. Which is why we have the crazy spreadsheet. Track every dime and adjust accordingly.

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