On What's Your Limit When Waiting for a Table?

I prefer to just make reservations wherever and whenever possible. Even if it's for a place I'm fairly certain won't have any sort of wait. I don't mind waiting a half hour or so but I do get annoyed when it gets longer than that. Unless I can hang out at the bar with a drink. You can't make reservations at Toro but they're more than happy to let you drink while you wait. The only problem with this is sometimes it leads to accidental drunkness because I'm usually sipping a cocktail on an empty stomach.

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On Monday Check-in

Pretty much went as expected with a few surprises. Friday we did just stay in. I ran at the gym because it was being stupid outside and snowing more. Then we ate leftovers I made into tacos and vegged on the couch. Saturday: husband tried to go get us Kane's donuts from their new Boston shop but they were not open. :( So then he biked over to Blackbird and texted me a photo of what they had to determine what we wanted. I jokingly responded with "one of everything and two chocolate old fashioned!", which is the text he read, not the one I sent immediately after with the actual "get these donuts, pls" list. So $36 later, we had a dozen fancy donuts for two people. And breakfast for both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Needless to say, I'm kind of donut-ed out for a bit. Then I was supposed to meet the LS for Korean food in Allston at 3pm. The latest in the T-pocalypse meant that the entire underground part of the green line lost power and was a mess. I waited at Kenmore for a B line train for over 40 minutes before having to give up and get an Uber. Which took a further 20 minutes to arrive. So that was $8 of unanticipated spending. Plus the poor kid had to sit at the restaurant and wait for me by herself for over an hour. Such a mess. SUCH A MESS. Spent $48 at what wound up being dinner. Then husband spent an additional $20 on take out for himself. Sunday we went to the niece's 2nd bday. Had a lovely time and spent $0.

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On Friday Estimate

@CMD+click - The recipe didn't actually give a per serving estimate. It was literally "combine these things in a blender and then drink" and I saw it and was like "SOLD". We plan to share with birthday girl's parents and my in laws. But I could probably do some significant damage just by myself. :)

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On Friday Estimate

@eatmoredumplings - Haven't tried it out yet but the basic recipe calls for a quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream, 1/3 cup Bailey's, 1/3 cup whiskey, and 1/3 cup creme de menthe. Blend all together and top with whipped cream.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight - low key evening at home. I'll run either inside or out depending on the snow and then we'll eat some tacos that I'll make with the leftovers from earlier this week. Shouldn't spend anything today. Tomorrow: taking LS to get Korean food at some point ($30-$100 depending if it's just us or us plus her sister and/or my husband). Sunday: niece's 2nd bday. Will need to buy wrapping paper ($5) and possibly things to make boozey shamrock shakes ($40?). Might also get donuts at some point. So it'll be $100ish this weekend. Maybe a bit more.

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On Traveling Lighter

@megra - Interesting. I love the look of it and am looking for something along those lines for a trip to Europe this spring. I'll be bringing an actual suitcase because we're going for a bit over two weeks but I'd like an additional nice looking carry-on for misc. items and to have extra packing room if I wind up buying anything other than cheese while I"m over there. Do you find it heavy or awkward at all?

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On Convenient Cooking, But at a Cost

@Lily Rowan - I need to start doing this. Especially for things like celery. More than anything I wish they had an herbs bar at the grocery store. I'm kind of tired of buying a huge thing of cilantro to use like a tablespoon.

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On Convenient Cooking, But at a Cost

We did Blue Apron for a bit and I haaaaaaaaaaaaated it. It was entirely too much prep work for a meal that you ate once. And the dishes. Mon dieu. I felt like every meal involved dirtying at least six different bowls or pots and 30 pieces of cutlery. If someone came up with the same service where you cooked one elaborate thing and then used the leftovers in two different but easy to make meals, I would be all over that. It's how I cook anyhow. I made a green chile pork slow cooker stew yesterday. We ate it with some rice for dinner. We'll have the leftovers in soft tacos on Friday with cilantro and sour cream.

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On Chores, Then and Now

@Lily Rowan - I know someone that is marrying someone that had at the age of TWENTY EIGHT never done his own laundry. The worst part was that the laundry was done at the laundromat, so his mother was schlepping his laundry to the laundromat to do it for him.

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On Monday Check-in

Weekend went somewhat as expected. Friday: dinner and opera with friends turned into post-opera drinks. I wound up spending $75 on Friday night, which was far more than anticipated but we had fun. Saturday: never made it out of my pjs. It was gross and rainy out and the LS was sick, so I saw no need to interact with humanity. Husband went to the grocery store and made dinner (baked ziti) but I don't know what he spent. Sunday: Craicfest 5K. Had a total blast and then went with some fellow racers out to brunch ($35 for myself and husband). Then went home and watched the final four episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (I LOVED that show. LOVED) and watched it snow like crazy outside. We broke the record for most snow in a single season in Boston yesterday, which ...... yay? I give that a single golf clap and a sarcastic bravo. Total: $110 of my own money plus what husband spent (??), but definitely in the predicted $100-$200.

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