On Friday Estimate

@PicNic No way! I shall tell my husband not to stop by on his way back from errands then. Alllllllllllll the sads. :(

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina I did! I got married! Last Sunday (the 27th). And thanks!

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On Friday Estimate

Since I got married last weekend, this weekend we're going away for a breather (the actual honeymoon will come next year for a variety of job related reasons). And we're going to Miami because you know what is super popular in the summer? New England. Do you know what is kind of impossible to do with little notice? Stay somewhere nice within driving distance of Boston for a few days. It was going to be ~$800 to stay somewhere crappy and kind of underwhelming vs spending ~$1200 for airfare and a really nice hotel somewhere else. So Miami it is! I just want to sit on a beach and drink for a few days and not entertain anyone. Anyone have any suggestions? We'll be there Saturday - Tuesday. And no estimate because we have $500 in gift cards leftover from my husband's (that still feels weird) Christmas bonus and $300 in cash we got from the wedding. Checks are going straight to the "Must buy an apartment someday" fund but we decided to have fun with the cash.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic Wait. Which farmer's market is this? And what stall sells the tarts? I might need eleventy. Also, sorry about the lady parts biopsy. Been there, done that (probably for a different issue) and have to go through it again soon. :(

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On America Runs on Dunkin' (In Secret Pools)

The North End in Boston has a public pool and I loooooooooooooooove it. LOVE. It is everything you'd want in a public pool and more. Yes it's two pools (one a deep diving pool, one an olympic sized lap pool) surrounded by concrete but it's right on the Harbor, giving you a birds eye view of the USS Constitution. The pools are always sparkling clean but never too heavy on the chlorine. It costs $15 a season to join and you can bring friends for the day for $3 per person. And there is no need to live in the North End to belong. Marilyn Rappucio will let you know that anyone can join. She will also talk to you in depth about her lady parts cancer when you first meet. She continues to very well, thankyouverymuch. You are admonished not to curse on the membership card or bring weapons. There's a splash pool out front for toddlers and a park next to it with a baseball diamond, basketball court, playground, and a bocci court. There's also a snack bar (with a new pizza oven even!) that'll sell you a slice for a $1.50 and a can of soda for $0.75 and a whole host of other treats. The people watching is fun but honestly it's mostly just families with kids and post-work professionals. There's always a group of 11-16yr old boys playing the tennis ball game - one throws a tennis ball against the wall and someone tries to catch it as they jump in the pool. Last time I was there we all cheered on this little tiny girl as she passed a swim test to be allowed to swim in the deep pool. In short, it's awesome and I love it and I could easily go to one of the many hotel pools in Boston but WHY. This is so much better. If you want to know more about my pool, read this. It is everything - http://www.dateeats.com/2014/07/17/date-spot-review-mirabella-pool/

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On Friday Estimate

@ceereelyo @Heather F G - yes, there is this old, kind of derelict entrance to the T just across the street. We are planning to sneak away and get some shots there in the rain if we can. The problem is doing that without my mother noticing because she would FREAK.

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On Friday Estimate

@Heather F G Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck! This is what everyone is telling me right now because it is supposed to be stormy in Boston on Sunday. Luckily my wedding is indoors as it is but we'd wanted to do outdoor photos in the Garden with the swan boats in the background and there is little chance of that happening. Whomp whomp.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm getting married this weekend! So technically I'm spending just shy of $10,000 because that is what the actual reception is costing and it's gone on my credit card for the miles. ;) But for actual spending: Tonight: Roof Deck Friday (tm) is champagne themed. In that we will be drinking cheap champagne with our pizza and chips. But I also made cupcakes! Everything is bought except the pizza and tonight's RDF is on us, so I anticipate spending $50-$60 on that. More if more people show up. Tomorrow: Nails need to get done. I need a manicure and a pedicure. That'll probably run me around $50 with tip. Will probably also grab a meal out at some point, likely coffee and a bagel or a sandwich, so I'll say $10 for that. Then we head down to my future in-laws for a both sides of the family bbq. Since we have no wedding party, there is no rehearsal dinner. Sunday: I get married! Crazy! Hair and makeup will cost me $150 and $75 each plus tip. Must remember to hit ATM before Sunday. And that should be all I spend on Sunday. Open bar for a chunk of the wedding will serve me well! I am so excited for that. I love their cocktails. And I looooooooooove the food we're having. It should hopefully be so, so, so good. So, in summary will I be spending $10,000 + ~$400.

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On Expenses Relating to My Wedding That I Couldn’t Possibly Have Anticipated

@Heather F G @Allison @theballgirl - Right?!? I mean, it's not like there's a hard and fast deadline I needed it ready by. OH WAIT. I would've have deeply preferred her being all "the deadline will be tight" instead of giving me a date and then just blowing right by it. I was strangely calm about it because there wasn't much I could do. I think the fact that what was being altered - shortening the straps and removing the train - was minor enough that if it went terribly it wouldn't change the fact that the dress fit over all.

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On Expenses Relating to My Wedding That I Couldn’t Possibly Have Anticipated

I'm getting married on Sunday. I don't think any of the stories that have caused me stress so far will be funny in retrospect as they've mostly involved my mother being furious at me. So there's that. I do have a super similar dress story though. Bought dress, brought dress to tailor for some minor alterations. Dress was supposed to be ready on July 15th. Call before going over to make sure it's ready. NOPE. Come next week sometime! NOPE. Agree to come on this past Sunday at noon. Show up. No dress! No explanation beyond it wasn't ready yet. Can't see said dress because it is "away". Am told we will be called Sunday night with an update. No call. Call on Monday, told "later in the day". Not ready. Not ready on Tuesday. FINALLY it was ready yesterday. Thankfully the alterations were good and nothing needed to be changed last minute.

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