On Whoops, the $522 Haircut

My hairs cost me $145 to get cut and colored (one process) before tip. Then I usually tip $30 because I've gone to Robbie for forever and sometimes she does nice things like throw in a few highlights for free. But always, always, always ask before getting hairs did. Good haircuts cost $$$. Especially in fancy salons. I have crazy curly hair and a lot of it. But it's not so curly that I can't blow it out and have it look great. So I need a cut that works for wearing it curly and straight and that's not an easy thing to do. So I am totally willing to pay to have nice hairs but it is an expense that I plan for.

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On The Suburbs Want More Young People

It is because if you live in a big city today, it's a great life (provided you like density). I've lived in Boston for almost ten years now (the North End from Sept 2004 to June 2013 and in the Back Bay for the last ten months) and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. It's so freeing to know that you can pop over to CVS a few blocks away if you need something. Just step out the door and be there in two minutes. You never have to go do big grocery shopping orders because it's so easy to go to a grocery store. There are restaurants all over the place and parks for lazing in or running in. Sometimes it drives me nuts in bad weather to have to walk these same places but it's still preferable to getting in a car. I don't have to commute an hour each way. I walk or bike. And I just flat out like living in a smaller foot print. I have no desire to have a dining room I'd never use or a formal sitting room. That's not the life most of us lead anymore. They just wind up being rooms that take up space and need to be cleaned. And as someone pointed out up thread, once you factor in property taxes and the cost of having and maintaining two cars, it's not actually cheaper. I could go on and on but there is nothing about apartments built in the burbs by the commuter rail that would ever hold the same appeal as the city. They're too ... isolated still. Too designed in a way. I think as planned as cities are, there's still a degree of old and new mushing together and changing all the time.

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On Friday Estimate

@Caitlin with a C She's doing a really good job and she's super excited about it, so that's good. I'm excited for the wedding - it's in a speakeasy style bar called Stoddards, which is where we had our first date. I'm just kind of dreading the amount of work the wedding will be. I'm not really into putting on grand affairs. I like to show up to them.

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On Friday Estimate

Three day weekend for me! Hooray! Today: my parents are in town and we're all doing dinner over at my brother's. I probably will not spend any money today. Tomorrow: getting my hair cut and colored ($175 including tip). Then we'll be meeting with the event planner at the restaurant we're having the wedding at in July. There will be much trying of the food and I will definitely be drinking (only way I'm going to survive) but I have no idea how the cost of it would break down. Plus both sets of parents will be there in addition to my sister and her wife. My SIL is killing it as my event planner (which is good because I have like negative interest in this event) and she's the one that's been talking to the restaurant. So at the very least I will be making sure she doesn't pay for her food. So like $80? No idea. Then my mom and I will probably go shopping. She wants to look at dresses for the wedding and I need new shoes. I'll probably spend some money here but may surprise myself and not. Sunday: Fancy easter brunch. $65 per person. I will be covering the Little Sister and her sister, and then my fiance can cover us. With tax and tip, it'll probably run me $150-$160. Then later we're going to the Red Sox game. I hope to not really spend money there but I'll say $20. Monday: Patriot's Day! Also known as Marathon Monday and the BEST holiday in Boston. I will be at the Pour House drinking cheap mimosas and eating kind of terrible eggs while I watch the elites go by and the Sox play on tv. Then at some point we'll go outside to cheer on friends. Probably get more food and booze later in the day. I'll say $50. So looking at things, I see I am spending a stupid amount of money. Ugh.

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On $45 a Month for a Bottomless Cup of Coffee

I think it would depend on the coffee houses doing it and what it included. $45 a month is $1.50 per day, weekends included. If you were actually spending more than a $1.50 on coffee every day, 7 days a week, sure. This would likely be great. But if you only drink coffee M-F, you'd need to be spending slightly more than $2/day on coffee to break even. And it only goes up from there if you drink coffee out only a few times a week. So for those out there that make a $3+ cup of coffee a daily ritual, this would likely be a great deal. But I don't know how many people would actually save money with it.

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On Monday Check-in

@Stina HA! No, Storrow is short for Storrow Drive, which is a kind of major roadway in Boston. It's four lanes and runs along the Charles River. So on one side of it you have the Charles River and the Esplande (which a big expansive park with boats and playgrounds and running/biking trails and the Hatch Shell (4th of July Fireworks location)) and then on the other side you have the Back Bay, which is where I live. And our apartment faces out towards the river. Which gives us the great view but gross windows from the traffic.

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On Monday Check-in

We spent all the money this weekend and ate all the food but since it was my birthday, it wasn't my money that was spent! Technically. I mean at this point his money is my money and vice versa but whatevs. Friday: went for a run and then got North End chinese. I gave him $20 towards the total and now we have leftovers for at least six more meals. Saturday: slept in, biked to the Greenway to hang out in the gorgeous weather, got coffee and bagels (he paid) and bought coffee beans and coco powder at Polcari's (I paid, $13.99). Then I started to wash our windows bit they were so gross that I ran out of paper towels before I ran out of window. I love the view of the Charles we have but living so close to Storrow makes for some grimy windows. But that was free. Then dinner at Toro, which is fancy tapas. I had three super excellent cocktails, squid ink risotto, grilled corn, bone marrow, and so many other delicious things. But he paid because it was my birthday so I have no idea how much it cost. I also gave him $10 towards the cab we took over. Sunday: it was freaking raining when I woke up which did not work well with my plan to go have a picnic on the beach. So we got brunch and then it had stopped raining, so we got in the car and drove to the Cape. Went on a hike and sat on the beach for a bit. Got dinner at a gastropub on the way home and dessert at Finale. All I spent on Sunday was $34 at CVS. So I spent $74.

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison Happy birthday!

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On Friday Estimate

@kentuckygal Happy birthday to you as well! Super jealous of your bourbon tour. Sounds awesome.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic Serioulsy. I have so many single lady friends who are lovely people and they go on all these dates that don't work out. I was 33 before I met my fiance and it wasn't like I hadn't been actively looking for five full years before I met him. My fiance was the same way as well. He's fantastic but he somehow went on many, many first dates that went nowhere. I don't know why this is. I will be rooting for your third date as hard as I"m rooting for a friend's fourth date.

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