On Friday Estimate

@HelloTheFuture We were ON IT at noon exactly when registration opened and somehow both made it through the ensuing clusterfuck. I'm really, really, really excited for it.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight I get on a plane to go to Seattle for a long weekend. WHOO! We planned this months ago and it seems so strange that it's actually here. Tonight: leaving work around 3:30-4, heading home, grabbing suitcase and husband, and taking free awesome bus from Hynes to Logan. Then I'll be checking a bag but that is also free because JETBLUE FTW. We will also be grabbing dinner in the airport because our flight is at 7 and it's direct. So I'll say $25 at the actual airport. Tomorrow: So much to do. So much. We've got an airbnb right near Pike Market, so we'll check that out. Then we'll head to the Space Needle and Chihuly museum (it's a joint ticket). And I think we'll go on the Underground Tour tomorrow as well. Those last three things will cost roughly $60 in total. Plus I'm sure we'll spend $$ on eating out and whatnot. So I'll estimate $100 for the day. Sunday: Beat the Blerch race! http://www.beattheblerch.com/ There will aid stations with cake and nutella sandwiches and people in blerch costumes chasing us. Can. not. wait. We're doing the 10K, which I am super grateful for given the predicted high temp of near 90F. Race is long paid for, parking will be free, and the zipcar will come to around $100. After we're doing having fun at the race, we plan to hike around Snoqualmie Falls and hit a brewery for dinner. Monday: our flight isn't until 11pm, so we have all day to do something. Not sure what yet. Estimate: ha ha ha ha. It's vacation. Everyone knows that's not real monies.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic Wonderful news about it not being cancer! Been there in the sense of mystery illness = poking/prodding/so many doctors, done that, do not wish it anyone. Awful. But the sense of relief is so, so, so wonderful.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Parvati Patil

@HelloTheFuture That always bugged me. She was so specific about it being robes in the book and there was everyone in regular evening wear.

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On Horrible Job of the Day: Hitler's Food Taster

@beet hummus - Yup. There were no good parts. The bit about how she was left unable to have children was horrible.

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

@TheDilettantista - I have no idea when it became standard and I can't tell if it's become more common or not. I grew up with my parents always tipping housekeeping when we stayed in hotels. My husband grew up with parents that never tipped and it never occurred to him to tip until he met me. He had legit never heard of the practice being routine before whereas it was a completely standard, routine thing in my world. If it helps sort out this puzzle, I grew up in the northeast (my family has lived in MA for generations on both sides) and he grew up all over, with his parents hailing from PA (mom) and navy brat (dad).

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

I've always tipped housekeepers when I stay at hotels but I feel like the outcry over this has do with the fact that we're reaching critical tipping mass in this country. I feel like every day the list of who I need to tip grows ever larger and I've reached tipping fatigue. And it really does come down to the fact that these people are doing their jobs and they deserve liveable wages. I shouldn't have to subsidize their ability to survive, nor should they have to depend on me if they are, you know, WORKING. I am quite tired of the disconnect between being told that people need to work, dammit, and yet that very same work being so devalued people can't survive off of what they make.

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On WWYD: Porn Star BF Asks Porn Star GF to Quit Work Because Love

Yes but you can’t make your friends listen to you. That is the problem with this. You can say your piece if you disapprove but you can’t force someone to break up with someone. I have a friend who is determined to settle down with someone most of us think is far from her equal. We (the universal friend group) talked about this very early on quite in depth and there will be no changing her mind, so we’ve all just let it be. It’s not even so much as her settling for someone to settle. It’s more that I don’t think she realizes how much better it could be. That relationships don’t have to be so much work. That it can exist where you are both taking care of each other, not one of you doing all the work. You know? So if/when they get married, I will cheer them on with the pang of knowing she deserves so much better.

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On Job of the Day: Silicon Valley Home Stager

Not considered in the actual sense of buying it, but I'm HELLA judgey when fantasy viewing homes out of my price range. You'd be astounded at how little it takes to make me stop considering a place.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $125 and I think I spent far less than that. Friday night: spent $8 at Flour Bakery on a brownie and two homemade oreos. Husband grabbed what I needed for groceries while I was at the store, so I didn't need to stop after all. Then he made dinner and we debated jumping in the car to chase the Northern Lights. In the end we did attempt it but driving 2hrs north into NH was not far enough north. :( Saturday: Up super early to get donuts and go apple picking. He paid for the donuts and his parents paid for the apples. Then we went to a food truck and beer garden thing with friends. Lots of fun and I spent $25 or so. Then took Little Sister to the movies (we saw The Drop, which was kind of weird but good). That came to $26.50 for the tickets and $18 for two small drinks and a regular sized popcorn ($44.50). Then Sunday I spent nothing. Woke up and used ingredients on hand to make buttermilk biscuits. Used them to make breakfast sandwiches. Then we cleaned ALL THE THINGS! because our landlord was coming over to look at our radiator (it was entirely too chilly in our apartment last year and we don't want to go through that again) and that meant that our baseboards needed to be scrubbed. Then we went for a run out of doors and I made ribs in the slow cooker for dinner and some chocolate stout brownies. We did not plan our weekend in Seattle. Whomp whomp. Anyone have any good Seattle suggestions? We'll be there for three days (Sat-Mon) next week.

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