On Friday Estimate

Ah. Friday estimate. It was going to be a spendy weekend for several reasons but then a life event happened and now it will be spendy for different reasons. My Nonna passed away on Tuesday afternoon. It was not unexpected as she was 97 and in failing health but I shall miss her greatly. She was a real live wire once she decided she no longer needed to filter her thoughts. So tonight is a pre-planned dinner and movie (Gone Girl) at the new Assembly Sq place in Somerville (like a big outdoor outlet mall with restaurants and a movie theater and apartments). I'll be heading there directly after work to see about finding a dress to wear to the wake or funeral. I won't estimate for this because I have enough clothes to make it work if I don't find something, so I might spend nothing. Movie is paid for ($27 for husband and self). Husband will likely pay for dinner ($50 for the two of us). Tomorrow: parents get into town. Will likely facetime with Little Sister to go over test prep for the ISEE (exam you take to get into the exam high schools in Boston) until I head over to my brother's for dinner. I'll say $30 towards the cost of takeout. Sunday: we'll eat breakfast at home and then head to the wake. I'm assuming there will be dinner afterwards, but I don't actually know the details so I won't estimate. So looks to be $80ish with the possibility of more.

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On Kids Trick-or-Treating Across Class Lines Makes 1%er Feel Faint

This letter! I read it earlier today and have been ranting about it in my head ever since! I take the Little Sister (and once upon a time her older sister) trick or treating in Beacon Hill every year. She gets TONS of candy. And she most certainly does not live there, nor do most of the kids roaming the streets. And do you know why we go there? Besides the fact that it's all crazy decorated? Because when I first met her, she lived in a horrible housing project where someone was stabbed right outside her door and a puddle of blood stayed there for a few days, leaving a permanent stain. There was no trick or treating where she lived. It was the very definition of not safe. And before I took her to Beacon Hill, she'd never gone trick or treating. Hell, the first year I took her she didn't really even have an actual costume because it somehow didn't occur to me that her mom wouldn't be able to buy/make her one. We got a mask of the dude from Scream from CVS, she wore all black, we called it good. The best part was at the end of the night. It was freakishly warm that year and she's sitting on a park bench in the Common rooting through her candy. She looks up all the sudden and goes "my hands are in candy. I'm so happy right now".

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On Heartbreaking Story About Homelessness in San Francisco

@MrDean - and this is rapidly becoming Boston. They're building new housing but it's not nearly enough and it's almost uniformly luxury high rises. There is rapidly becoming nothing affordable for anyone other than the super well off.

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On Heartbreaking Story About Homelessness in San Francisco

@hoorayllamas - there was a great article in the Boston Globe today about mental healthcare in this country. It's behind a paywall but the basic take away was the old system of asylums was horrific in a lot of ways but replacing that with private for-profit companies did nothing good. It just placed the burden of the problem on the most vulnerable members of society - the poor. The wealthy can afford to pay for the services they need but the poor can't. And so we are where we are today.

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On "Is There Anything More Ironic Than Coming to Live in Des Moines"

I couldn't live away from the ocean. Every time I think about moving somewhere else, it always comes back to that.

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On Would You Pay for a Restaurant Reservation?

I'm with you, Mike. I'd never pay to make a reservation and I prefer to wait until the hype has died down as well. Last year a restaurant called Ribelle opened in Brookline and it was impossible to get a reservation there. So I just haven't eaten there. I'll finally get around to it in December, when my lady friends and I do our annual holiday dinner.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@OllyOlly - Yes, exactly. My brother's wife wanted the big engagement ring and to have a romantic story to tell. And that is what they did and it made her SO happy. It was really lovely because it was very them.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@garli - I also have a HUGE issue with the concept of you have to wait for a guy to propose to you (if you're a hetero lady). I don't know. I felt like if had to wait for him to decide if I was worthy, it devalued me as a person. It has to be just as much my choice and decision as it is his. The way it ultimately worked for us was like this: met in March of 2012 (OkCupid). Started dancing around the subject of moving together by January/February of 2013. Actually moved in together in June of 2013. Went on a trip to San Francisco in November of 2013 and we were sitting in this speakeasy (which was super cool and you actually needed a password to get into it) that didn't allow phones. So it was just a good chance to have a conversation about life in general. We clearly loved each other, the moving in had made the relationship better, etc. So I remember going somewhere in the course of it that "I'm going ot marry you. I'm sure of this" and he was like "Is this a proposal?" And it caught me off guard because I hadn't actually planned any of this but then I was like "in way, yes, I think it is" and he was like "I'd like that then". And then on our two year anniversary we had another conversation about the actual when we'd have a wedding and decided we'd do it in the summer of 2014. And that's when we told the world we were officially engaged. But there was never an engagement ring because I didn't want one. One ring is enough for me to wear. But I liked how it all played out. It really felt like it was a decision made by us.

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On 'Can We Talk Finances?' 'Not Tonight Dear I Have a Headache'

@PicNic - You should get the acorns app if you have an iPhone. You link your debit and credit cards to it and it rounds up your transactions and then invests the money in $5 increments. I feel like it's baby step investing, which is exactly where I am. The $10 I've invested so far is up nine cents!

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On Checking the Transactions

This is why I like mint (it might be the only reason I like mint). But I have my credit cards linked to it and when I check the app, it lists all my most recent transactions and I can quickly go through them.

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