On How Much More Are You Spending at the Grocery Store?

@nell The closest MB to me is in Everett but you can be damn sure at some point this weekend I will stop in to say congrats to the associates and to buy whatever I can find on the shelves! It feels like such a victory! I feel like this article captures it nicely - http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2014/08/27/with-epilogue-market-basket-drama-sight-what-have-learned/4Z26D2H1Yzh1dvf3jc1B2O/story.html "For six weeks, we were mesmerized by the sight of thousands of grocery clerks, cashiers, and other workers protesting at stores, on Facebook, and on the front pages of this paper. They did so at great risk, without the protection of a union, not because they wanted higher wages, but merely the return of their beloved boss, Arthur T. Demoulas. Who among us would do that? Not many, if any at all. We were riveted because we wanted to be them. These rebellious employees gave voice to the voiceless masses who just wanted to hold on to decent wages for a decent day’s work at a time when fat cats get $50 million paychecks for showing up, and the gap between the rich and the poor is as gaping as ever."

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On How Much More Are You Spending at the Grocery Store?

@andnowlights I get a lot of my beer recipes from this site - http://thebeeroness.com/ Everything routinely turns out amazing and she has tons of veg recipes!

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On The Cost of Things: One Year of Breastfeeding

@LookUponMyWorks Oh goodness, yes, this. The actual best thing for your baby is a healthy, sane mama. And that is so lost in this current culture of you MUST breastfeed or you're doing motherhood all wrong and you will be judged harshly. I've had so many friends who have felt so guilty for so many different things related to breastfeeding and it always makes me feel so bad for them.

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On How Much More Are You Spending at the Grocery Store?

@LookUponMyWorks It's the third year I've done it. It all started because he doesn't really need anything, so buying gifts for him can be a challenge. But he does love beer and I like to cook, so here we are. Winds up being a LOT of cooking but also tons of fun. The only rule is that all parts of the meal must have beer in them somehow. First year was bacon cheddar beer bread grilled cheeses with beer battered broccoli tempura and a chocolate stout cake Last year was honey glazed porter chicken on IPA rice with beer caramelized onions in sauteed spinach and I think some sort of beer bread side and a chocolate IPA cake that was far to IPA tasting for my liking.

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On How Much More Are You Spending at the Grocery Store?

@LookUponMyWorks That is driving me crazy. The sale price on chicken lately has been $2.69 a pound and that's just not okay.

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On How Much More Are You Spending at the Grocery Store?

I don't even know because I stop in and buy things as needed. I spent almost $70 this week buying things for the husband's birthday beer themed dinner (this year was stout meatballs in a beer BBQ sauce on French bread with provalone, honey brown ale cornbread with honey butter, and sriracha IPA roasted corn). But other than that, it's $30 or $40 every week or so. But related! Market Basket is back!!!! Can we all jump for joy and go buy things at crazy reasonable prices there again!?! With a 4% discount on your entire purchase just because?!

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On Your Waistline = Your Boss's Business

@Sean Dailey@facebook - I very much want in on this. I've run 15 miles already this week and done an hour of bootcamp. Plus I bike or walk to work every morning (1.1 miles each way). Commuting alone would get me 3.5 days of PTO a year. :)

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On Everyone's Born in the Summer Damn Them So What Do You Do?

Ha ha ha. Yes. Everyone IS born the summer! Or rather in a cluster from July to November. In my family: Mom and sister in July Sister-in-law M, niece, father, brother-in-law, and husband in August Little Sister #1 and brother-in-law in September Little Sister #2 and sister-in-law in October Sister-in-law E, brother, soon to be born niece, and soon to be born nephew-niece twins - November And then me. In April.

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On B is for Bonus

I got my first ever bonus last March. It was amazing and I'm looking forward to getting one again this winter. I get a 9% baseline bonus here. Last year it was pro-rated to the four months I had worked as a FTE (I didn't start here until the very end of August) so it wasn't that big. But still. It was something. This year it'll be for the full year. Although we've just been sold, so I have no idea if I'll actually get it. It was nice that one time though.

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On Somebody Please Buy The World Some Damn Medicine

Articles like this always drive me crazy because they never bother to mention that finding a new class of antibiotics (abx) is *incredibly* difficult. Most of the newer classes of abx are just preexisting drugs slightly modified to increase their efficiency. I spent three years in a moderately sized pharma trying to do just that. I was part of a team of 8 people. High throughput screening assays were done by all companies in the 90s because drug resistant superbugs have been on their radars for decades now. But testing hundreds of thousands of small molecules did not produce one single new drug. Not one. Bacteria are incredibly efficient at pumping small molecules out of themselves. Add in the fact that we're not exactly sure how or why existing abx actually work and you can see why we're at where we are. We were literally inventing assays to address such basic questions of "can we measure drug compound interaction with the LPS of gram negative bacteria" or "can we measure the association of small molecules with bacteria" so that when we got back to doing high throughput screens, we could start with the bare bones of small molecules we could maybe modify to be effective. tl;dr - it's really not just a situation where money can solve things.

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