On The Cost of Winter Running

Oh winter running. I have such a love hate relationship with it. I love how empty the usual running routes are (so nice to not have to trip over a million people on the Esplanade and the Commonewealth mall is all lit up and pretty). Things are just more still and peaceful. But I haaaaaaate when it gets icy or the windchill is negative numbers. Then I trudge to the gym and watch netflix on my phone while running on a treadmill. Also, my MIL got me those smart wool socks last year but they don't stay on my foot well enough to run in. I use regular smart wool socks. I wish they would though. I rather like them.

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On Monday Check-in

I spent exactly as estimated. Friday night I went dress shopping and mercifully found one at the third store I tried. Which was a HUGE relief because usually when I need something specific at the last minute, the shopping excursion ends with me in tears in a dressing room somewhere. But this was exactly what I was looking for (silver and sparkly and I could wear a regular bra with it and it was long enough and it fit really well). Dress and jewelery came to $222 and then I spent an additional $15 on shoes (Payless actually has suuuuuuuuper comfortable shoes). I let husbandman buy us dinner after that (we went for shabu shabu). And now I need to find other places to wear the party dress because it was expensive and I want to justify the cost better. But I do not tend to go to fancy parties. Alas. Saturday we lazed around for most of the day. I made cookie dough for today's cookie swap at work and made us breakfast out of what we had on hand. We took an uber to the boat party ($18) and one home ($20) because Rowe's Wharf is just not that easy to get to via public transit. The party was fun and we spent no money there beyond a few dollars for drink tips. Sunday we were up early-ish for the Jingle Bell 5K. Had SO much fun. Seriously my favorite holiday event and road race. Finished in 29 minutes exactly, which was good enough. Post race was some free beers at Foundry, followed by brunch. Had the most AMAZING bacon and egg pizzetta. I will dream of this for much time. Brunch cost a total of $44 for the two of us. Then we went home and I baked the cookies and we watched xmas movies and it would have been absolutely perfect and lovely if not for my massive headache. :(

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On Monday Check-in

@Allison - bacon wrapped dates. YES. I love those. Especially when they have cheese on the inside. My husband doesn't like them so I get to eat them ALL when we go out for tapas. Mmmm..

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On "Working Has Become More Expensive"

The comments linked here are also thought provoking: http://t.co/LTsqVH9g1a And there is this series of articles coming out over the next few days. I plan to read them all. And then be deeply depressed. http://t.co/Drf7DIMb25 Third also, I feel like someone should look into the ties between helicopter parenting and the decline of the middle class. Sometimes I feel like the pressure I place on the Little Sisters to do well in school is directly related to the fear that comes with the knowledge that there is no middle ground anymore.

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On Friday Estimate

@moreadventurous - The dress is black lace, so I am hoping I can find a fun tight and sparkly shoe as a backup in case I can't find an alternate dress. It fits, I just desperately wish it was two inches longer, you know? I hope I find something tonight, though, and I don't have to go with plan B. I'd really rather not feel so uncomfortable all night.

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On Friday Estimate

Ah, Friday. This week was nuts at work, so I am glad it is finally here. I'm going to sit at my desk today and update my notebook and call it good. Tonight: shopping for a dress for husbandman's holiday party tomorrow night. I had bought one earlier but I've decided I don't like it. I'm tall, so it comes across as rather short on me even though objectively it's probably not. But I can't get over feeling uncomfortable in it, so I'd rather not wear it. I'll estimate $200 for this because I'll likely need shoes/jewelery. Tomorrow: possibly shopping more if I don't find anything tonight. If not, then relaxing and cleaning and baking (I have a cookie swap at work on Monday) before getting ready for the party. I don't expect to pay for anything on Saturday other than possibly a cab/uber/lyft if need be. The party is one of those harbor cruise things and seaport is not very fun to get to from the Back Bay. Sunday: one of my FAVORITE days of the year - Somerville Jingle Bell 5K. It's my 6th year running it!! Might be the best weather we've ever had for it as well. We've got a rather massive group going, so it should be fun. Post-race festivities will be at Foundry. I'll probably spend $40ish for brunch and/or beers once the free beers run out. Then we'll go home and be day hungover and it will be great. So I'll probably spend $250-$300 this weekend. And then in January I will be a hermit because oh, Holidays.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic - The Slutcracker is so much fun! Also, I love the idea of Christmas donut party. Have fun!

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On The Unreachable American Dream

Word, Mike Dang. Word.

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On Meet America's Most Worthless Human Being

@aetataureate - Apparently they do not give a fuck. From today's Globe: In an e-mail to the Globe Tuesday night, Edelman said he contacted Brookline town officials, who informed him that “they wouldn’t be able to help.”

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On Meet America's Most Worthless Human Being

@gyip - Yeah, the first email is fine. It's how quickly he escalates it to notifying that authorities.

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