On Where to Sit in a Movie Theater

I think I'm one of those rare people that will literally enjoy sitting anywhere. Saw Gravity in 3D while sitting in the front row and it was great because we felt completely engrossed in the film. And then I saw Catching Fire alone and sat in the last row, centre seat, and thoroughly enjoyed not having anyone behind me so I could be completely inconspicuous crying with District 11 and eating my homemade smuggled snacks.

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On What It's Like to Be a Personal Assistant for the Rich and Famous, Part II

Being able to manage people's lives like this seems like such a superhero skill. She's a real life Alfred!

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On "A Currency for Paid Friends"

@NoName Ohhh that's a great line.

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On I Saw the "You Should Quit Your Job" Signs, So I Quit My Job

"To deal with your boss/coworker/whomever, you start imagining yourself as an actor in a play, to emotionally distance yourself from their comments." Oh wow, I've actually done this.

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On Zadie Smith On Tipping Your Delivery Person

@s. dekker I liked that too. Also: "We are subject to enough delusions in this life without adding to them the belief that the girl with the name tag is secretly in love with us." YES. Being fast and efficient should be enough, I shouldn't have to basically flirt with everyone who comes to my counter as well.

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On Feeling "Meh" About Your Realized Dreams

I think a lot about this sort of thing, especially lately. I recently quit working on a project and it was really hard to admit that it was making me miserable because my 20-something self would have died to get asked to do it. But, really, nothing is worth the stress and disrespect some people can throw at you even if it seems 'on paper' to be a dream job. Saying no to (or having no regrets or shame from quitting) a job that someone else, even a younger version of you, would die to have is actually a really empowering and rewarding feeling.

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On How a Young, Recent College Grad Does Money

I was lucky to also have my job count towards my practicum (internship). It was arranged that my practicum would basically train me for a different area of the company and I was hired on there afterwards (at a better payrate and classification!)

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On How Much Should It Cost to Fix My Shoes?

$130 for two boots seems about right. I've paid $70 for a pair of my boots to be resoled. This was completely worth it to me -- I'd paid $300 for them two years previously, and with the resoling they lasted an extra two years before I completely destroyed them at a muddy outdoor party. I also recently paid $20 to have some soles that were coming loose glued back on. I probably could have done this myself with a $10 tube of ShoeGoo but paying them to do it was totally worth it 'cause I live in a wet climate and hate wet feet so I really needed them to be glued on properly. I go to cobblers a lot and have always felt that it was worth the money. But I'd rather pay money to fix something that fits me perfectly and I love than tossing them and buying something new. Not only would that probably cost the same amount of money but it would take up more of my time (shopping) and contribute to this whole disposable culture of fast fashion.

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On Locked Out

@Madeline Shoes "ha door chains" is right! My boyfriend and I locked ourselves out while in the backyard gardening. The handle to the back door was locked but we knew the front door only had the chain on because the deadbolt was sticky. My boyfriend just walked right up to it and with one swift kick walked right in the front door. It was like out of a movie! We fixed our deadbolt after that.

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On What Would You Do With a $20,000 Windfall?

Oh I love dreaming about these things! I would pay off my line of credit ($4,600), my Visa ($750), and my student loan (only $3,400 left!). It would be such a relief to get all that paid off that I don't even know what I'd do with my remaining $11,000. Probably buy a used car ($5,000? I have no idea how much cars cost) and put the rest in savings.

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