On Low-Cost Ways of Entertaining Aunt Flo

@Lily Rowan totally! i'm a lesbian and have to buy twice as many as everyone else since i'm buying for two people, and it still isn't expensive enough to be worth the hassle for me.

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On Low-Cost Ways of Entertaining Aunt Flo

@lisaf The instead cups are totally easier. They leak a little right after peeing, causing of the bearing down, so just wipe well/wait a second and you should be fine.

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On Low-Cost Ways of Entertaining Aunt Flo

@ThatJenn @BillfoldMonkey I like the Instead cup. They were mostly good except they leak right after you pee. I tried to get into the Keeper but it honestly just hurts me, so I went back to OB tampons. They leak too, but at least I don't have to wash a cup full of blood at the office bathroom. #tmi

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On 'Maybe You Have a Rich Husband?'

@ronswansonluva ugh! this is why i stopped looking for non-profit jobs in SF and went into the private sector. it was the correct choice for me, cause i can now feed my family and keep a roof over my head. it's so frustrating that they think this in such an expensive city.

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On 'Maybe You Have a Rich Husband?'

@Erica And illegal! Employers should pay for hours worked.

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On Above The 'Fold: The Very First Billfold Live Event!

I wish I could go!

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On An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a 'Hunger for Marketing'

@fo Well, interns don't comissions basically ever, so that's sort of moot. I can see your point about the dirty word, but my experiences at startups, they don't mind paying comission when they bring in money. Comission negotiations only get tense when people are underperforming. In my opinion marketing is really different and more in in line with what he actually wanted to do, like write a blog or tweet or whatever. Marketing can be a subdivision of sales, but it's really not the same thing. Yeah, it doesn't seem like he made himself likeable as an employee. Startups tend to be big on culture, meaning if you don't get along with people, you're out. First red flag should have been no one inviting him to lunch.

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On An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a 'Hunger for Marketing'

I have to agree with the other commenters. I also found this a bit offensive and privileged: "he really embraced the task and took it very seriously and acted like it was some kind of complex art. That was sort of what he did so his job was meaningful and valuable.". It sort of implies that he was a tool for doing his job well? I mean most of us have to have jobs to live and don't necessarily love them, but make the best of them. What's wrong with that? I feel like he is implying he is too good for the job unlike this other poor guy. As someone else who works in a startup, this isn't really a marketing position so much as sales. It's really important for any company to get leads to be successfull because no leads = no money coming in the door. If you can't generate enthusiasm for the job, you simply can't be good at it. No one wants to buy from someone who doesn't even like his own company. Not to mention, how lucky to get a paid internship at a company with perks. The entitlement is rough with this one...

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On The Year of Making Things

@dromeda omg, yes. i've had a sewing machine collecting dust for five years. this summer i took a couple classes and now am working my way through the stash...but adding to it as well, of course! i've made a ton of stuff for the house and apparel. i'm not allowing myself to buy more fabric until i've gotten through most of the fabric.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Tattoos

I have 6 tats and I'm sure I've spent at least 2K on them. One of them is a half sleeve and then I have a couple others on my arms and back. I will definitely get more someday. I like Ani Difranco's line "I had leave the house of self-importance To doodle my first tattoo To realize a tattoo is no more permanent Than I am" http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/anidifranco/shroud.html But yeah, to get tatted up you have to really want it at the time and also realize you'll change and they are signifiers of your history not necessarily your present frame of mind.

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