On CA Money vs Midwest Money, & "Relative Wealth" at U Michigan

@SnarlFurillo yes x1000. I live in the Bay too so I was like "I gotta call BS on this!".

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On Friends With Venmo

@guenna77 @xtinamartinson I'm with you guys! That's incredibly rude. Do a potluck if you're that strapped but somehow absolutely must host a party. Or go to a restaurant where you all split the bill? I don't understand having a dinner party and then charging your friends. Personally I prefer the "I get you, you get me sometime" thing. I don't keep close track because they are my friends.

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On The Cost of Things: Museums

@Ester Bloom yeah! The Met, PS1, and the Brooklyn Museum all do this too, among others. The Bronx Zoo is pay what you wish on Wednesdays (go in the afternoon so as to miss school groups). I might also suggest a New York Hall of Science Membership which starts at $85 for a family and has a ton of stuff for toddlers (and older kids). My nieces and nephews go often and love it. Plus it grants you admission to hundreds of other science centers.

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On The Cost of Things: Museums

Ester, do pay what you can at Museum of Natural History (or the others that support this)! I went all the time as a kid for like, a quarter.

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On The Home I Would Choose For Myself


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On Four-Wheeled Fantasies

This really sucks. What's your car budget?

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On $13K A Year For Poop: How Does That Compare On The Open Market

@radicaledward Plus, you can not pay child support for a child conceived through a sperm bank, basically ever. The one very rare exception I can think of is a case in Kansas but that was weird and definitely doesn't usually happen! That's the whole point of using a sperm bank, that the father has no rights (or responsibilities)! That writeup was really ignorant. Sorry Ester, you're great but as someone trying to conceive using donor sperm, these facts are important to me!

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On Mr. Biscuit's Rotten Summer

aww, this was a cute story. to many more years with him!

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On The Gift Card Is The Hardest Part

I liked The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry a lot.

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On We Literally Cannot All Be Middle-Class

What are the begining and end ranges of middle class?

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