On Working When You Have No Sleep, A Guide

I know that feelz girl. Good luck and get some rest!

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On It Has Been Made Clear to Me That I Cannot Have It All

@Meaghano my company just moved out of a coworking space. IMO at that price, despite lack of niceness, it's worth it. Less time wasted looking for a place to sit, stuff to buy and moving seats to be near the power cord.

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On On Job Hunting While Married

the last suggestion is slightly offensive...?

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On The Difficult Task of Putting a Price on Our Pet’s Health

@BillfoldMonkey this is exactly how i feel.

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On The Difficult Task of Putting a Price on Our Pet’s Health

@womb bat @womb bat ugh pet insurance is bullshit, i wouldn't bother. they only pay for preventative stuff and the premiums are more than just paying out of pocket. unless your dog has cancer, i would just take care of them, have them see the vet once a year and you'll be fine. my 5 year old lab vet costs feel reasonable.

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On Living Our Best Thirty-something Lives

I am turning 30 this year also! Goooo 1984. Doesn't having a baby exempt you from Couch to 5k? But seriously, this article is perfect. I was actually just thinking yesterday about getting older is making me not care about having 'permission' to do things like call myself a writer and just do what I want to do. The giving no fucks part really rang true for me.

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On "Secrets" to Buying a House Without Getting Hosed

So agree with 'buy less than you can afford'. We want to buy a house we can afford on one income, so in case of layoffs, illness, etc we will be ok. Our friends with payments that require dual incomes are really locked in/trapped to their jobs and standard of living.

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On Help a Reader Choose Her Health Care Plan

#1, all the way, for me. Doctors cost a lot and it's not fun to make the choice of your finances or your health. $77 isn't going to break the bank and you'll be able to go to the doctor as much as you want. If you have a health issue later, you're going to regret not having better insurance. I never regret the money I spend on premiums.

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On The Cost of a Full-Page Ad in The New York Times

@madrassoup Also I think it's annoying that it's some of the richest authors in America complaining. What do the little guys think about this? Cause Stephen King is not hurting for cash under any circumstances. Not that I'm all 'amazon is the best' but this feels like a case of Goliath vs Goliath.

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On Printing & Crying

I <3 owning a printer. Makes life easier. I do tons of stuff on it. It was really helpful during my wedding as well for various crafts like jam labels, and date reminder postcards. Also, if you have a Mac you can use Preview to sign docs. http://9to5mac.com/2014/02/15/how-to-use-preview-to-put-signatures-on-pdfs-pages-documents-and-mail-messages/

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