On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

I'm with @milena on this one. I try to buy as much generic stuff as I can except in cases of a strong personal preference for a name brand or an actual big difference in the label vs generic (like OxyClean). The one thing I have to disagree with @Meaghano about is that the lower priced pregnancy tests actually are less accurate! Target pregnancy tests were only like 84% accurate vs 99% for the pricer ones. Worth it to me!

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On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

@shannowhamo My wife makes me buy real advil because of the taste! It's one of the few brand names we stock in the house.

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On Chatting About Tuna Noodle Casseroles, Jell-O, and the American Iron Housewife

@xtinamartinson haha i love this, i am the same. my wife does all the cooking and when she's out of town i just eat like cereal for dinner.

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On Chatting About Tuna Noodle Casseroles, Jell-O, and the American Iron Housewife

I am a bit of a tuna noodle afficionado, because my mom grew up in the 50's. If it was too bland, I might suggest mixing in a flavorful cheese like parmesan reggiano, plus cream of mushroom soup plus flavored noodles (like lemon pepper).

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On Account Joined

Haha this is great even though I'm pretty much the opposite. I opened our bank acount (a proper joint one) but I literally never login online to check it - I leave it to my wife. We talk about money a lot put she manages the spreadsheet/budget/bill payments.

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On Label Whoring at Thrift Town

this woman needs to be a personal shopper or something. that's amazing.

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On La La La (Do 1 Thing)

I have never used 1 Thing Thursday before as typically I don't have issues doing this stuff, but I did today and it really paid off! I have been trying to get a $400 medical bill written off because the Dr. ordered the wrong test and that's what they were billing me for. I've had several emails exchanged but the bill is due Tuesday and I didn't want a late fee. I called today and got a no, escalated to a supervisor and got another no, and kept trying to talk her into it. She finally put me on hold and asked someone else, and voila, charge removed. It was pretty much amazing since I was at the point where I was considering just paying $400 rather than making the phone call.

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

No cell service where I live, so I have a VOIP landline (Ooma, approx $5/month). I've had one in other apartments so I could work from home and also because it came with my internet for no extra fee.

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On WWYD: Judging Friends for Being Broke and Wanting to Have a Baby

What, should people without money not be allowed to have children? This is really classist and a totally bullshit attitude. People can make their own choices about how much they need to spend on their children. Also, maybe they choose to spend less time working and value quality time more than money. That's not your call. Just because people can make more money doesn't mean they should. I could get a new job farther from my house that paid 20% more, but I would have to work more than I do now and it's not worth it to me. You definitely 'don't get it' as you say. It's not your job to police supposed friends spending or childbearing. Also +1 for Meghano, because you really can't wait if you're 34 and want childen.

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On Tell Me The Truth About Debt Consolidation

My understanding is that all these companies do is stuff you can do yourself, for free, like call the credit card companies and try to make deals. However my friend did it and it helped her immensely since there is some extra discipline built in there, but it still took like a year. If you can pay yours off in that time anyway, it might not be a big deal to just keep making the normal payments and not pay a company extra.

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