On Do Do That 1 Thing That You Do So Well

@CaddyFdot Me too! We had a maggot incident last summer and I freaked out really hard.

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On Want a Free College Education? Show Up to Class and Don't Get Caught

@HelloTheFuture Okay. I guess I'm confused by the idea of "can" and "approved by the university for a fee." It's pretty clear that anyone can physically attend university lectures if they want. I do get that it can't be official policy as there just isn't physical space to accommodate people without coming at the expense of registered students.

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On Want a Free College Education? Show Up to Class and Don't Get Caught

Wait, this is a "lifehack"? Isn't it called auditing? Several professors talk about their auditing policies at the beginning of the year; it's not a secret that it's something you can do at universities that have particularly large classes. At U of T, most of the buildings are publicly accessible. Robarts is probably the most locked-down of the libraries, but many of the others you can wander right in. I've sat in on a few classes by now, and nobody cares unless you're physically displacing another student (classes usually thin out a bit after a few weeks as people drop courses, etc).

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On Tinder's New Paywall Is Going to Destroy Tinder. Here's Why.

Beyond any other numbers, it's just ... $20 a month? Damn.

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On Living With Student Debt

Hear, hear!

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On How a 5 Percenter in Los Angeles Does Money

As someone who actually remembers high school and how much I found it useless academically, and not much of kindergarten, I'm going to fall on the "spend more on high school" and less on kindergarten.

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On The Hunt for a Place of My Own

Oh, man, the "don't you get lonely" question. Too often, I try not to slip into real talk and say that I can feel lonely in a room full of people.

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On Cheap v. Frugal

How is it you knew I was thinking of Heartbreaker THIS MORNING? You're psychic, Billfold.

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On How Living at Home at 31 Taught Me Nothing and Everything About Saving

@Erica Well, your friends shouldn't have laughed at you, whether they made poor or good financial decisions. "Considering the spending choices that we see some people make even when they are 'an adult' and live on their own, I don't think that living with one's parents automatically makes them irresponsible." Quite. But don't forget she quit her FT job so she could do screenwriting, and moved back to her parents' home. She had a full time job. A lot of stories people are sharing in the comments are much harsher.

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@nichteilen Yes, my parents definitely used RESPs and savings bonds. The only trouble with those is that you do have to have money to invest in the first place. http://www.canlearn.ca/eng/savings/cesg.shtml To receive the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG), a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) must have been opened for the child. (Anyone can put money into an RESP for any child; you do not have to be the child's parent.) The basic CESG provides 20 cents on every dollar you contribute, up to a maximum of $500 on an annual contribution of $2,500.

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