On Going Without Health Insurance

Example of something you can't fix with healthy eating and exercise: I got a urinary tract infection. Not the worst thing in the world, but UGH. I took antibiotics prescribed by my doctor. I ended up having a terrible allergic reaction that put me on steroids and knocked me out for a few days of work. This was a super cheap experience for me (I don't know how much it would have cost outside Ontario .. it cost me next to nothing, and it's still not a huge deal) but it's a tiny example of something that is seen as "medically routine" going not great.

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On Going Without Health Insurance

This article is the worst. They basically interviewed the worst examples possible. The last woman thinks the plan she has is expensive for something "she may never use" (HOW DOES SHE KNOW?) but is still glad her son has Medicaid coverage. If you care about your son so much, who's going to care for him if you get sick?

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On Impatient for the Life Ahead of Us

"instant noodles with hot dogs cut up into it, or Kraft macaroni and cheese dinners, or plain white rice with scrambled eggs" Oh, wow, Mike. We had the same meals. Less KD, but more of the rice with fried eggs, and a bit of soy sauce. I still make this on weekends when I'm by myself. My parents didn't get to just ask for more money either. It's sobering to know not everyone has this luxury.

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On Impatient for the Life Ahead of Us

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On Paying for Dinner

Slick, Mike. I was brought up to basically start choking the other person until they pass out and you can grab the bill.

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On Banning Laptops, Making More Money

Yep, I'm that customer. If I pay for my coffee, I feel like I should have a chance to get off my feet (or at the VERY least, have a nice counter area to lean on, and preferably not just facing a wall). I walk out of packed places now unless I know I can find a park nearby.

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On The Class Politics of Donating Your Eggs

@Meaghano I wonder how much of that is simply the silliness of demanding a college degree of a healthy egg. Some people seem to continue to conflate education with genetic intelligence. They also seem to fail to consider that many were able to get an education through external factors of wealth, privilege, and luck -- not to mention the usual social forces/expectations, personal will, etc.

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On Income Vs. Expenses: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

@HelloTheFuture Thumbs-up here for the toaster oven too. Uses less energy, totally fine for one, even two people. Ours cost $30 (Black and Decker, I think?). If you need to boil water, get an electric kettle!

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On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

The soap thing is super, super gross. Bar soap kind of grosses me out in general, but having it non-consensually shared it is THE WORST. Don't buy TP for $13 a pack!!! You can get even the pretty good stuff for $5-8 when it's on sale, unless you need cashmere 4-ply extra quilted (which we don't use because it easily clogs the toilet, haha). If you have the extra $$, stock up when it's on sale, which is just regular enough for you to remember to buy it for the future. You'll always need TP, you just flush it down the toilet anyway, and you never want to run out, so why not have extra around? Our apartment is not tiny but it's not big either, so we usually have maybe 2 extra 12-packs lying around.

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On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

@grog Hmm, maybe ... but we use TP to wipe off the counter, etc. We probably buy a pack of 12 every 6-8 weeks? Man, I don't actually know! 3 rolls a month for FOUR PEOPLE seems kind of crazy low to me.

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