On Is There a Class Component to Catcalls

Uh, yeah ... I related a story about my friend where she feels creeped out at work by a guy who stares at her body, and my co-worker was like, "Some guys just don't know they're being creepy." Ok, wow, that really helped. And how do you know not to stare at women's bodies? Thanks.

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On The Cost of Things: A Family Wedding in the DR

Yeah, key to buying plane tickets is that once you buy them, DO NOT CHECK THE PRICES EVER AGAIN.

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On An Interview With a Friend Who Got Bedbugs The First (And Last) Time She Used VRBO

Oh My God. I'm so sorry. This is so terrible. I hope you get your money back, and then some.

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On Fall Fashion

I feel this so much.

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On Visiting Hogwarts When You're Broke


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On Good Enough Homes and Destinations: What You Get For $300,000

I knew what a clerestory is! My art history 101 prof claimed that was his favourite word and if we learned just one word that year, it was that. So it stuck.

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On Our Money Daydreams: Huge Apartments and Bustling Hometowns

I win the lottery and give enough money to my parents so they can retire and eat dumplings in Hong Kong every day without worrying about their kids in Canada.

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On Beauty Products Will Destroy You, & Not Just Financially

Yuuuuuuuup. I go get a pedicure a few times a summer anyway, because ... I don't like touching my feet. I hate paying other people to make them touch my feet, but still. My mom regularly terrorizes me with stories of women whose feet have rotted off due to unsanitary conditions. Workers' conditions is huge in nail salons. They work around chemical fumes all day and get wounds from tools, etc. That's why I try to tip well, and hope I'm patronizing a business that handles that fairly for its workers. Luckily, City of Toronto is instituting more health inspections of tattoo parlours, nail salons, etc. Hope that helps.

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

@TheDilettantista It's standard. My dad worked in a hotel for three decades. We live in Toronto, Canada.

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

@EM Well, yeah. But I'd trade it for better systems if it were feasible! There are still problems we should fix if we can try. I think universal dental and vision care are pretty dang important! People really neglect both those areas if they don't feel they have money for it, and it can lead to really serious problems. And prescription drugs should be better covered for people who have troubling afford it without other coverage. We do pay for the system through taxes (income, sales) and I don't think it's unreasonable to make sure we get the most out of it we can.

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