On A Drunk Stole My Kale. You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

I've had probably 3 or 4 car radios stolen back when I was in high school. The best was a tape deck car radio in 1997. Why bother? Twice! I've had (i assume) drunk people do expensive damage to my property. Once 7 or so years ago someone threw a half full wine bottle through the back window of my car when it was parked on the street. Luckily the cork stayed in the bottle, but glass was all over the place. Then last summer about 2 months after moving into my house some one threw a rock through the front window at 3 am. Super wtf.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@This is my new user name Oh yeah she should leave him. But I'm partly responding to the commenters who are like OMG HOW UNROMANTIC and even Prudie's response which is he should leave her. While I understand that she's addressing the letter writer the person who should leave is the person who's unhappy with the way things are.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@Meaghano Dude yes. The first handful of things out of my mouth when my husband was like "I think we should get married" might have been "oh god why" and "do you want to do this because you like our life and you want to keep it that way, or you think something is going to change because that's terrifying?" I think it's easier to talk about money.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

I am just about the least romantic person alive and I loathe the entire concept of waiting on a guy to propose to you. Relationships never work unless you communicate what you need from the other person in a clear manner. After a few years of being with someone you should know what they want - not because you're a mind reader, but because you've discussed things. Unless you're in some super long term friends with benefits situation where you only hang out to hook up? If that lady wants to marry her boyfriend she should propose herself. If she doesn't want to stay with him unmarried then she should leave him, not wait for him to leave her. And what the f is wrong with straight forward and unromantic requests? Do these people never talk about money or health decisions or even just who's turn it is to pick up the dog poo out of the backyard?

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

@jfruh It's also hot in the summer when it's hot outside! And no one has AC (although maybe in LA? It gets much hotter there). Forget turning the heat on and just sleep in sweat pants. It's so much easier.

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

@Katni Dude, right? My dorms in college were steam heat and on or off for the entire building, but I thought that was just because no one cared to upgrade them because college dorms. I didn't think apartments that you paid a ton for would have heat you couldn't control. That is totally not a thing anywhere I've lived (in a non dorm setting).

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On The Cost of Halloween, Part 1: Costumes

@Galatea One of my best friends did Sexy Bloody Tampon which was gross and hilarious. All you need is a white sheet, a rope and a ton of fake blood. (She also wore red fishnets and heels).

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On The Cost of Halloween, Part 1: Costumes

This weekend i was thinking that I don't save any money by making my own costumes (instead of buying out of the bag ones) but it's 100% worth it to never go as "sexy" ____.

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On How to Eat Right, Office Lunch Edition

This is the truest statement ever: make your eating decisions before you get hungry. Otherwise we all get hangry and end up eating a block of cheese and regretting the decisions that lead us to that point.

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On The Ethics of Only Selling Clothes for the Very Thin

@Meaghan O'Connell If I'm thinking about it correctly it was like the early/mid 90s?

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