On What Do You Do All Day?

@milena Yep, my degree is in Physics and I have a MS in Marine Science/Ocean Engineering and while I don't generally use the exact facts I picked up in classes I always use the problem solving skills I learned in school. If you think of math (and all numbers based science disciplines) as simply having to solve problems given a certain set of rules you can apply it to anything ever. I've never had a job where they were looking for someone with a degree in Physics, but every job I've ever had was because they assumed I could figure things out.

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On Working Over the Holidays Horror Stories

My husband has worked at Trader Joe's for 11 years. While they get Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, and New Year's day off that's it. Furthermore the week leading up to Thanksgiving they do as much business every single day as they do in a typical week. You can't get that week off unless you're dying. He's got a ton of hilarious stories about stressed out shoppers demanding that employees give them cooking or prep tips, or fights over the last turkey or cranberry sauce. One year the week before Christmas one of the refrigerator units broke and they had to spoil a bunch of huge hunks of meat and we ate like 300 dollars in pot roast during January.

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On Will Spoon You For Money

I am not a hugger -even for my friends- but I can't imagine what hourly wage would make this worth it. There's so many what ifs that just take it off the table. What if the person smelled weird? Not bad, just not what your nose was in the mood for? What if they said something that you found offensive? What if they were wearing a scratchy wool sweater and you had to pretend that wasn't annoying? If the business is charging $60 an hour are any of the employees making over $20?

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On Shows, and More Stories of 24-hour Daycare

@MemphisBlues Which is still a better deal then you'd get in America. I don't know of a single day care you have a chance with if you don't sign up before the kid is born. I don't have kids, but my friends do.

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On 1 Thing Will Make You Jump (Jump)

I need to send a fax, which is weird because why would anyone want a fax instead of an email? (Note: I have been in email contact with this person)

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On Shows, and More Stories of 24-hour Daycare

@apples and oranges I don't personally but all of my nieces and nephews are in Australia and I know of zero horror stories pertaining to it. I know one of my SILs is always complaining that she has to drive 20 minutes out of her way to drop her kid off, so that's the biggest drawback I've heard.

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On "The Cost of 'Daddy I Want a Pony'" as Experienced by Josh

At 33 years old I might still be guilty of asking for a Pony on the regular. Still kinda mad that my husband wouldn't let me put one in the trunk when we passed a pony farm while wine tasting.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

@Ester Bloom Dude don't feel bad about not being a lavish cooker. I'm a full blown member of "Cooking from scratch means I love you" but on the same page there is no human I love enough on this planet to clean up their puke - we all have our faults. If going out makes you happy then it's winning, I think that's what everyone is reacting to strongly too.

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On Building a Better Pancake

Waffles forever! Pancakes never! If I have sourdough starter that isn't getting used already the best recipe is from King Author flour and uses the starter and buttermilk. It's also crazy simple. If I'm using my starter for bread that weekend then the buttermilk recipe that came with my waffle maker is delicious, but a huge pain in the rear since it calls for beating the egg whites separately, but does produce super light waffles.

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On House Hunters International, Billfold Edition: East London, Vol 1

@Allison Ha, as the offspring of two realtors I hate HGTV with a firey passion. Now that we do own a house I hate the fix your kitchen/yard/ect shows because they make my husband think that he's handier than he is.

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