On Do 1 Thing Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do

I like to buy new mom friends My Breast Friend so we can all giggle and make jokes about it like we're 13 year old boys. My one thing...hope that my Husband and our housemate go see the Hobbit and I have the house to myself so I can snuggle our puppy and watch terrible tv with out interruption?

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On Holiday Excess

@ATF Yeah, this: My brothers and I were living through a kind of suburban poverty that it would take years for me to understand, or put language to. We lived in a nice subdivision, surrounded by well-kept houses and manicured lawns, but in our house, we struggled to get enough to eat, to have warm clothes, or shoes without holes. I knew what poverty was supposed to look like: housing projects or ratty apartments, dangerous neighborhoods, bars on windows. It didn’t look like having a paper route, for example, and being able to buy a Dr. Pepper, or fritter away quarters on Ms. Pacman. Is something I didn't know how to talk about as a kid, I just wanted to hide it.

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On Living In Fear Of My Bank Account

This is the financial equivalent of spending more time complaining about writing a paper in college than you spend writing it. You're making it worse than it has to be in your head. I agree with @jalmondale and @ThatJenn - download mint and check every day. Get used to knowing what's in there, and then figure out what you need to do about it.

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On A Cautionary Tale About Generation Gig

Not to be an old stick in the mud but realistically there will always be jobs that you need to be at your company to get done - try to make something or run a grocery store or get oil out of the earth remotely - and if no one wants to do those jobs it's not going to be great for the country long term.

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On The Cost of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

@Renleigh Yes, dad sweaters for life. I have this hideous rainbow sweater from the 70's from my dad and wear it every time I go skiing. I don't know what kind of of magic is woven into that thing, but it's amazing.

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On The Cost of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

A few years ago I made one for my husband (his boss wanted people to wear them to work) for under $20 dollars and a trip to kmart. I took a cheap green sweatshirt, so already cheating, cut up a cheap decorate tree skirt and hot glued the cut outs, as well as a bunch of tinsel all together. It lives in the costume box and comes out every year when his store gets into the spirit.

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On The Cost of Long-distance Friendships

I know this is very silly but for the cost of zero dollars (or zero additional dollars, since I already have a smart phone and a data plan) I stay in contact with long distance friends with weeks long snap chat conversations. Even my children of my friends will show up on my screen demanding pictures of my puppy. Which isn't to say that I never upload pictures of things they would enjoy and tag them in the comments, but it's about 95% snapchat at this point.

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On Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debts in a Year of Jubilee

@Goodie Right, but in America you can get a fixed rate for your entire 30 year mortgage. You can also hope right onto variable or have fixed for 5 years then go variable, but most people that I know of have fixed rate for 30 years.

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On The Cost of Winter Running

Dude hi five for lighting yourself up! I get why people run in black - it's kinda the default color for workout clothes but reflective vests and lights are way cheaper than getting hit by a car.

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On Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debts in a Year of Jubilee

This just makes me really curious about how mortgages work in other countries. I have a handle on the standard loans in America (and some non standard options) but unless I'm mistaken all (most?) mortgages in Canada and Australia are adjustable rate. And it sounds like Iceland is like that but also some how adjustable on the principal of the loan? Which seems nuts?

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