On Do You Look Forward to Going to Work?

Never, ever, even if my job was to play with puppies all day, would I be bounding out of bed in excitement to go to work. I love my job, but it's still a job, and it's ok that it feels like work. I'm so happy with this article! I think lots of people feel a little duped by the who "Wake up excited to go to work" line.

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On Driving Off Tomorrow, Never Coming Back

My partner, who doesn't work today, is giving me a clean house for Valentine's Day. It's free, and way more appreciated then jewelry or chocolates or whatever else.

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On Carpet Is a Class Issue

But also - this is a great post! I forgot to add that. =)

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On Carpet Is a Class Issue

So, I think this is a very geographic issue, too. You can't find a reasonable rental where I live that has hardwood floors. In places where buildings aren't old, everywhere has carpet. Carpet is for rentals, cheap new construction, and condos. Only nice house, or beat up old house student rentals have wood.

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On WWYD: The Lost Gift Card

Yeah, gift cards, unlike cash, are "extras" - you can be almost totally sure that the person will still be able to make rent without it, for example. Also, it's nigh impossible to find the real owner of a gift card. It's too bad the person lost it, but in this case there isn't much to be done.

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On WWYD: The Envelope Full of Cash

For real - that is what the Police are *for*. If I lost 1200 in cash I would go to the police to see if anyone returned it. 20 dollars is one thing, but 1200 is WAY too much money to be essentially stealing from someone.

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On The Anti-Gift Guide

Love. My rule for the last few years has been to give experiences instead of gifts (gift certificates to the theater and a nice restaurant as a date night for my parents, a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts for my sister, some really good homemade chocolates for my partner, etc). I've always loved giving gifts, but I have the same problems with consumerism that you seem to, so this is a happy medium.

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On I Lived in a House Called Beowulf And Also a Country Called Kyrgyzstan

I totally know that house in AA - I grew up a few blocks away.

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On Friday Estimate: How Much Are You Spending This Weekend?

Depending on weather I am going to the beach or checking out a huge antique market just outside of town - either way, a budget of $20. Shouldn't be too hard (I hope!)

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On When Food Comes Alive

Oh man, my partner and I make our own sauerkraut and pickles and they are so good - crazy good! And it's super cheap, cucumbers and cabbage at the farmers market are a steal.

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