On Guess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner (It's Charlie)

@faustbanana I agree with both of those statements. This is fantastic.

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On My Parents Said Money Didn't Matter, But It Did

You are a badass. Thanks for sharing this.

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On But, How Do I Know If I'm Beautiful Or Not?

@Megano! I read another of those studies that said very attractive women are less likely to get hired because HR people are usually women and, you know, JeeEeEeaALOUS! So yeah, total contradictory bunk.

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On The Agonies, the Ecstasies and the Efficiencies of Menu Planning

@MissMushkila We spend an average of $380 per month. I know this cause I did a spreadsheet. I am fun. That's for two people living in Los Angeles. Don't know if it's good or what, but it feels OK to us.

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On The Agonies, the Ecstasies and the Efficiencies of Menu Planning

Even though we cook at home 90% of the time, menu planning is very very difficult for my brain. I dream of being as organized and awesome as you. For now I will simply steal this plan, it looks great, and you've done the thinking work for me.

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On Clever and Free Costume Ideas (Give Them to Me)

I make comics, so a few years ago I was Myself in My Graphic Memoir. This is a very cheap costume, all you really need is some poster board and white and black makeup. The cool thing about it is it's interactive, all night people write your captions. I made a tutorial here if anyone wants to steal it. It's really easy!

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On Time Warner Cable's Really Obnoxious 'Business Decision'

Holy smokes, this makes me so freakin mad. If At&t tries to pull that shit here I'll...I'll Tweet at them!!

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On Wedding Costs from the Dude's Perspective

@deepomega Thanks for sharing your numbers with us. I'm happy to see someone point out that you can have an awesome wedding in LA for less than 75 grand (or whatever we are speculating the total was here.) I think you were really smart to try and look for non "wedding" vendors etc. One of the most effed up parts of planning one of these things is that everything magically gets converted to "wedding dollars" instead of, you know, actual dollars. Everything becomes suddenly relative, like, yeah this cake is 3,000 bucks, but it's a Wedding. Cake. Yeah this photographer will cost one thousand dollars an hour, but these are Wedding. Photos. Logic flies out the window and suddenly you find yourself calling a $50k party "reasonable" and "un-splurge-y." I'm not even trying to bash this author, because I had a wedding myself, so I know what happens to the brain. What's crazy to me though, is that after all was said and done I was "proud" that my beautiful, blog-worthy wedding cost "only" 11 thousand dollars, 10 of which were paid by my mother. Only 11 thousand dollars? Two years later I still think about that money. I cannot believe that a single day in my life could have cost so much. It was an amazing, perfect wedding, etc etc but holy shit. I don't even know what I would do with a $75,000 wedding hanging over me. How does that even feel? Again, I'm not trying to suggest that there's anything wrong with this author's parents choosing to spent their own money that way. But maybe calling it "reasonable" is a bit of a stretch? Maybe by Southern California Wedding Industrial Complex terms you could say that, but maybe it's dangerous to think in such terms? 75k is still 75k, right?

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On The Logistics of Paying for Your Education Yourself (Mostly)

Interesting. My dad died when I was 12, and this is the first time I've ever heard about SS benefits for kids. Were they in your name, or did they go to your dad and then he put them in an account for you? I assume any benefits we received went toward general expenses while we were kids. My father had seven children all told. Only two of us ended up going to college, and when we did, our mom paid for our tuition. When I went to grad school it was funded through a scholarship and TAship with stipend. It's been interesting to see how everybody's family seems to have a different approach to this stuff. I don't have any children, but if I do eventually, I wonder if I will try and save the entire amount for them or what. A few people in the comments yesterday mentioned that they felt almost stunted by having it all worked out already, not having to learn the value of their own work at a young age etc. I certainly see that in my younger self. I was an entitled shit. But then again, my sister also had her college paid for, and yet she was super smart about getting paying jobs throughout college and every summer, and then she immediately got a grownup job when she graduated, and has been responsible and generally awesome ever since. So, it all came down to personality with us. Likewise I have some friends whose parents didn't help them at all with tuition, but that didn't help them to become fiscally responsible, they simply took out unfathomable amounts in loan money and I guess will be paying for the rest of their lives. So, the solution is obviously halfsies. Right?

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On Knocking on Doors for the Planet (And for Rent)

Why hasn't anyone mentioned how beautifully written this is? Jia you are so good at things!

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