On Flying Over The Ocean in Economy Class

I recently got back from a trip to Europe. I flew with British Airways, and they were phenomenal! Not only did they give us dinner, but also breakfast -- two meals! I was floored. I also flew with Air France from Paris to Madrid, and they gave us sandwiches for lunch even through the flight was only like two hours. I must say that these experiences really charmed me, and that I'd definitely fly with both BA and Air France in the future.

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On A Follow-Up on the Uber $362 Car Ride Story

@Punk-assBookJockey That actually isn't part of the article's curse. That's just a friendly reminder that we're all going to die.

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On A Follow-Up on the Uber $362 Car Ride Story

If you don't share it with 9 people you will have 9 years of bad luck. Also, you will die.

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On Prudie on Having a Starving Artist for a Partner: DTMFA

"Talking to the Person is almost always better than Talking about the Person" Too true, too true. Lots of advice can usually boil down to: COMMUNICATE, IDIOT. Also, yes to that Gawker article.

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On "How Are You?" "Busy."

"Swamped" is the word of choice around here. Maybe because I live in DC?

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On Going "Gluten Free" is for Rich People

@OfficeDrone4 Thanks for that response; very enlightening! I propobably shouldn't have been so limiting when I said "people without celiac disease." If I could re-post my original comment, I'd say "people without legitimate health problems that can be helped by a gluten-free diet." That is, I was only trying to ask about people who were doing it as the newest healthy living trend. I'm glad the diet is working for you -- you must be so relieved!

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On Burning Out

@beastlyburden Yeah, let's buck the trend of ~staying late to show commitment~. If you are able to accomplish everything you need to accomplish, why not leave on time or even EARLY. We're moving in the wrong direction, all to show how busy and important we are (as well as to fuel the cold capitalist machine, but that's a point for another day).

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On Burning Out

@beastlyburden That's what happens at my job. My boss doesn't care if I stay late, but if I'm still there when she's leaving (6:30ish), she gently nudges me to leave. Part of that is that she really does believe in a work/life balance, and part of that may be guilt.

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On How to Order Chinese Food

Lily is right! It's Sichuan Pavilion on K Street. You totally wouldn't expect it based on its bland office building location (at least I didn't), but the food is really good. One of my favorites is the mapo tofu, which is delicious over white rice.

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On Burning Out

I've experienced burnout once in my life, when I was writing my master's thesis. The last three months were sleep, eat, drink coffee, work, rinse, repeat. Toward the last few weeks before it was due, I was only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night, and I was finding it really hard to think or write. (Go figure!) I remember walking home from the library most nights and feeling like I was in a dream world. Even when I finally handed it in, and slept the sleep of benevolent gods for 12 hours, I still felt so out of it. My brain rejected thinking hard about anything for weeks after.

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