On Friday Estimate


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On The Costs of Eating Out

I can definitely see the appeal of concentrating money on a few good meals. I don't do that, though. I guess I care more about the convenience of not cooking than the actual food, so lower- to mid-range places are fine with me. I guess I'm trying to say that I enjoy the fact that I'm not buying groceries/cooking/doing dishes more than I enjoy the actual food. My taste buds are like, whatever, tastes pretty good, and pretty good is good enough.

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On Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPs Up Food Stamps

I mean, using shame in general isn't inherently a bad thing. A lot of lasting international norms use shame to successfully deter international actors from doing harmful things.

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On The Billions We Spend on Our Annual Check-Ups

Embarrassing to admit, but I haven't been to the doctor in probably about five or six years because I don't know how to find a new one in a new city.

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On How a Consultant in a Long-distance Relationship Does Money

@Cnj I make less than half of what she makes, and even I try to avoid the bus if I can. The train is much, much nicer than Megabus.

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On How a Consultant in a Long-distance Relationship Does Money

"I paid off the interest on my loans so now I am only paying principal balance which is great because even though I still have the loans, I know there is no rush to pay it off more quickly." Whaa? You don't have any interest to pay at all? How does that work?

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On Childhood Career Aspirations, and Why They Didn't Work Out

I think everyone wants to be an archaeologist at some point. I also think it's because of Indiana Jones, because he makes it exciting and exotic. In real life you're stuck at a dig site and you remove like one inch of dirt per week.

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On Our Favorite Time of the Day and Other Stories

I think 7:00PM is a nice time because you still have a lot of your night ahead of you. It's like why Friday after work is the best time of the entire weekend, because the weekend is still there in its entirety and everything still seems possible. In short, 7:00PM really is a nice time, but 7:00PM on a Friday is the nicest time. No study needed; it is law.

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On Jay Z Tells Music Fans to Drink Tap Water, Pay For His New Music Service Tidal

What is actually up with the Randomly Capitalized letters? And what is Curated Editorial? Is it supposed to say Curated Editorial Content? Or is Jay Z going to write editorials about albums? I'm on tenterhooks here!

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On Is Less Than a Year Too Soon to Switch Jobs?

"Applying and interviewing is a perfect way to gain more information about the organization. Ideally, you will apply and interview—and you’ll learn more about the job and organization and make sure you actually want to work there (e.g. that you’re not moving into another toxic situation that you will want to quickly leave)." Yeah, I think it's important to remember that you're interviewing the potential company just as much as they're interviewing you. Make sure you're a good fit *for each other*.

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