On Marriage, Money, and Compromise

@Derbel McDillet it does and you're right. When it was his place I didn't care about laundry, I just noticed. Now I have to decide if it matters to me enought to talk/fight about it or if I can let it go.

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On Marriage, Money, and Compromise

@ronswansonluva Yeah, I've been living woth my bf for 2 months and so far nothing has surprised me. Yesterday I complained that it takes him forever to put away laundry but I also said "but I knew that about you before and still moved with you"

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On Marriage, Money, and Compromise

@mariajoseh was* I WAS thinking... and other* and blue* I have a new keyboard and I'm not used to it yet.

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On Marriage, Money, and Compromise

@lisaf !!! I as thinking about Brian and Lisa the otehr day, just out of the blu, as one does. I'm glad you're still together and really look forward to that update

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On The Sistercation

Now I want to travel with my sisters!! but the youngest is just 15, so maybe we need to wait a few years. They come visit me sometimes, but we've never traveled to a different place together.

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On Spring Shopping

Haham I was trying to remember what I wore at 17 and you're probably right, but I use a lot less color now. My prom dress was a pretty blue. I'd never wear that blue in a formal dress again, but you're right, I still love the shape.

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On Spring Shopping

Oh I like this because my style has changed SO MUCH. When I was a kid I was all about dresses I could twirl in, pink, glitter, sparkle and anything princess-y. Mi tennis shoes for gym class had to have some pink on them and even my socks where girly. Now I'm a black-gray-and white kinda gal. I still love dresses and sometimes look pretty femme, but always in neutral colors and clean lines, no ruffles or glitter. I don't know exactly when I changed, probably early teens.

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On How a Times Square Spider-Man Does Money

This was way less depressing than I tought it would be (Confessions of a Superhero, the 2007 documentary, gives a much bleaker insight to this job... but those are people who really see it as their career. I hope Pedro can go to school and not end up like them)

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On The Cost of Things: Museums

Mexico City is the city with more museums in the world. I have visited less than 10 of them and I feel bad about that sometimes. They are usually free on Sundays, at least the ones funded by the government and I don't think there's a membership model

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On Mr. Biscuit's Rotten Summer

@scn231 omg that's such a CAT thing to do (and I'm a huge cat lover), don't drink enough water and freak out your people. And, of course, I also loved this piece and am glad Mr.B is OK.

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