On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

@PicNic the hanging out in the house! My roomate's boyfriend also does this and I just can't deal. He has FRIENDS OVER! But he does clean everything and is not super loud so I guess I'm lucky.

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On Rookie Mag's Class Discussion

That was so hard to read! The part about electricity being turned off and stuff like that... My family lived like upper middle class but we were constantly having services cut off and I always got notices about my school tuition.

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On Five Women

I also loved this! I learned so much from my first (lady) bosses and coworkers, but now I'm spoiled and can't deal with anything less awesome.

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On How a $19B Deal Gets Made (Over Chocolate-Covered Strawberries)

I also ate chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine's Day and now I feel closer to the 1%. (oh, and I also loved this, Meghan!)

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On Interview With Someone Whose Parents Didn't Really Have to Work, Per Se

@EvanDeSimone That happens to me too! My mom was a homemaker with a few side jobs (she now works for a non-profit) and my dad was a salesman who sold everything from cars to real estate and has never ever worked 9 to 5. They didn't go to college and they don't have "career paths" and I can't go to them for advice of life examples.

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On We Thought We Didn't Want to Have a Big Wedding, And Then We Started Planning

oh, this was great. I have mixed feelings about weddings but I've always liked the idea of having all your loved ones in one place and celebrating. Also, Logan is back! I missed you yesterday :)

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On The Way We Shop

I don't buy cosmetics tested on animals or fur (but also: not a choice I've ever had to make) I have a great crocodile skin bag but it's vintage so I feel pretty OK about it.

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On Live Your Life on Your Own Terms

Wow... this hits home. My father is an expert in "money magical thinking", as I call it. He says he is going to pay for thinks even when he has literally no source of income. I've given him money and he has stolen money from me too, and then when he has money he does things like buying expensive makeup for my sisters. My solution was to move away and I'm currently not speaking to him, so I have no advice but Mike's advice is solid. Good luck!

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On The Tanda System

oh, I deleted my comment. Anyways: I'm mexican and I loved this. I know the "tanda" by another name: mutualista. The first time I heard about it was when I worked at my Grandparent's stationery shop and the best seller was the "mutualista cards", which you could buy for mutialistas or 10 or 20 weeks. I know a group of friends who do this for birthdays: they contribute to $100 pesos for each other's birthdays and then when it's their turn they get all the money. I think it is a very good use of the idea.

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On The Tanda System

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