On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

oohh, fun! 1. Spent 1620 pesos (108 dollars... omg it hurts now that we're at 15 pesos to the dollar) This year I only bought a few gifts (the sister I got for secret santa, mom, another secret santa and 4 aunts. Grandma is getting a hand lotion I got in a company event) 2. Most expensive: 570 pesos (38 dlls) a spa gift certificate for my mom 3. Least: 250 for 5 jars of homemade mustard for my aunts 4. No budget, but yes being really careful not to overspend. 5. N/A 6. Don't have a credit card 7. Yes, I'm happy. I wish I could get presents for all my sisters, but I was pretty generous all year and I'm moving in February so I gotta be careful with money right now.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Anthony Goldstein

@Liz the Lemur oh, it's OK. SHE PROMISED ME it won't end.

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On The Cost of Long-distance Friendships

Oh, yes. This year I spent a lot of money on friendship (one bachelorette weekend in cancun and one plane ticket home to the wedding, mostly), which ate all my traveling budget. We also do A LOT of whatsapp... I still miss them and I still don't have “repeated, unplanned interactions" frienships here.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Minerva McGonagall

I didn't know her backstory and now I love her even more (and she was already my favorite character, or at least on my top 3)

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On What Are You Wearing and What Did It Cost

Oh, fun! I too, like someone said upthread, remember where I bought everyting and how much it cost. Coat: 700 pesos (around 60 pesos?) Dress shirt: hand-me-down from an aunt Jeans: 700 pesos Boots: around 600 pesos Bag: another hand me-down (around 50% of my clothes fit this description. yay for shopaholic aunts who have great taste and are my size)

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On Do You Hold Back on Buying Items You Want So People Can Give Them as Gifts?

I have 3 sisters (22, 19 & 15) and we usually do a secret santa thing, but my mom ends up giving the youngest the money to buy hers. We all ask for makeup or clothes. And in the past few years I always ask for something warm (thights, flannel pajamas, etc.) 'cause I live ina colder place. My mom gets gifts for everyone and in the past few years I also buy something for my aunts, who are always very generous. This time I'm buying some homemade jam for them. And sometimes, if I have the money, I buy somehting for my best friend, who is also one of the most giving people in my life. My grandparents give me money every year, and my boss gives us all gift certificates.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Susan Bones

@mariajoseh and harry never even ASKS about them! Sirius tells him that he lived with them for a while (right?) and he just doesn't ask anything else about that side of his family he knows nothing about.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Susan Bones

@Lyesmith @Clare K.R. Miller OMG yes! this keeps me up at night

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On How Wizards Do Money: Susan Bones

"they appeared to be dating each other" hahaha I love you, Nicole!

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On Rent An Off-Season Beach House & Other Holiday Party Advice

I spent a New Year's at the beach with one of my best friends, two of her friends from Canada and another good friend. We made guacamole and had a piñata (the Canadians wanted to do Mexican things) and played Mexican Scrabble in English. It was THE BEST and not even cold because we (you might have guessed) were in the south of Mexico.

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