On Helaine Olen Explains "Expenditure Cascades" As They Relate to Birthday Parties

om, yes. I used to have a small business bringing sugar cookies and decorating supplies to parties and I got hired for the most extravagant kids' parties. One involved a carrousel, like 5 different food booths and ponies.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Rubeus Hagrid

I feel like i repeat my self with each one of these but I'm gonna say it again: IT WAS GREAT.

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On Take the Vacation

@peacheater Mexican here. In Mexico they legally have to give you 6 vacation days the 1st year, 8 the 2nd and so on (I think the limit is 12, I've never been in a company that long) Most people I know take them every year, no guilt, but one of my boyfriend's coworkers just took a month long vacation with all her acumulated days.

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On Take the Vacation

@baf yup, me too. By February or March I usually know how I'm gonna spend all my vacation days. In 2014 I used them to go to weddings and to meet my boyfriend's parents. this year I want to go somewhere I've never been.

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

I have a few health issues that i refuse to treat yet, a byproduct of living all my childhood and teen years without health insurance. My parents only took me to the dr. if it was REALLY serious. But thankfully my dad did pay for my wisdom teeth removal when I was like 19. It was a local anesthetic, and the worst pain was getting the anesthesia.

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On The Inheritance My Father Left Me With And What I Did With It

so beautiful

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On In Search of a Deal on Wheels

Meaghan, I missed you so! This is how I feel about every major adult purchase. Wish you luck

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On What Do We Want to Spend More Money on in 2015?

I'm moving this month, so I want to spend on my new home. I've lived in a shared house for 3 years and I never decorated my room or bought household stuff. I'm looking forward to making a home. Also: I want a new eyeshadow palette and to travel more.

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

oohh, fun! 1. Spent 1620 pesos (108 dollars... omg it hurts now that we're at 15 pesos to the dollar) This year I only bought a few gifts (the sister I got for secret santa, mom, another secret santa and 4 aunts. Grandma is getting a hand lotion I got in a company event) 2. Most expensive: 570 pesos (38 dlls) a spa gift certificate for my mom 3. Least: 250 for 5 jars of homemade mustard for my aunts 4. No budget, but yes being really careful not to overspend. 5. N/A 6. Don't have a credit card 7. Yes, I'm happy. I wish I could get presents for all my sisters, but I was pretty generous all year and I'm moving in February so I gotta be careful with money right now.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Anthony Goldstein

@Liz the Lemur oh, it's OK. SHE PROMISED ME it won't end.

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