On A List of Foods Associated With Jobs I've Held

oh wow this is a great idea for a story and a little trip down snack memory lane. brought back a flood of memories of High Liner frozen fish/rice/veggies dinners I microwaved and ate on my breaks when I worked as a cashier at a major grocery chain... the obscure teas I sampled and fresh baked samosas I snuck when I worked at a health food store... the fancy coffees I guiltily bought in a "keep up with the Joneses" way during an unpaid internship at a magazine... and currently, the plethora of amazing lunch options I can technically afford but would prefer not to spend my money on, at my current job!

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On I'm Working at an Office and Need Lunch Ideas. Help!

@dotcommie ooh that sounds really good! I especially like those style of salads because they're just as good when warmed up. A salad lunch doesn't satisfy me in the winter because it seems sad and cold. One of my faves in this vein is a warm lentil salad from Molly Wizenberg. I really need to get on the make-a-salad-of-roasted-veggies train again. It's pretty awesome.

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On I'm Working at an Office and Need Lunch Ideas. Help!

my lunch staple that hasn't been mentioned yet is frittata, basically a baked egg pie with lots of stuff mixed in. Easier/healthier than quiche (because no pastry or cream) and it's an awesome way to use up whatever veggies you have lying around. My favourite is usually some variation on sautéed kale, cubes of leftover cooked potatoes, grated cheddar, and onion. I bake my frittata in an ovenproof non-stick pan, but if you don't have one, you can use any ovenproof pan lined with parchment paper. They're also good hot, cold, or at room temperature. If I really have my act together, I like to bring a wedge of frittata and a small thing of soup or salad, so I don't get bored. And I keep a bottle of hot sauce or ketchup in the office fridge :)

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On Monday Check-in

My estimate was accurate overall, but way off where it counts.. Friday: instead of $50 at the lingerie sale I spent $150 but I feel good about my choice (I bought 4 things! and I love them!) Then I met my friend for pub dinner and all the beer, $37. Saturday: for my coffee date I was feeling spendy and treated my friend, $10. Dance party, $24. Sunday: $15 on going to the movies, $2 on a coffee, $5 on groceries, $18 on subway tokens for the week. total = $261. I estimated $182 so I was kinda off, but if it hadn't been for buying fancy bras I woulda been pretty close!

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights right!? then I am less fun to be around and I feel bad about myself. the magic ratio can be so tricky..

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On Friday Estimate

@Liz oh boy. half-off pirogues and beer!? may I ask where?? :D

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On Friday Estimate

@endofherleash I think buying it was a good decision. When it's cold you need a warm coat. You need a coat that you like, so that you will wear it and feel good about wearing it. Also you work outside = you cannot make money without wearing a coat. And yeah, as PicNic alluded to, you don't wanna wait until it's gone.

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On Friday Estimate

@amglory89 Friendsgiving = Thanksgiving dinner with your friends. I'm Canadian and do this with my friends on the holiday Monday (after family Thanksgiving on Sunday.) It is the greatest, do it! Even though Canadian thanksgiving it over you could do American Friendsgiving :)

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On Friday Estimate

this weekend! pretty excited cuz I think my plans are a good balance of fun friend times and introvert times. tonight: warehouse sale from my fave local lingerie company = potentially $50-100 if I find something nice. Saturday: coffee & a treat with a pal = $5, dance party at night with a group of ladies, ticket +a drink or two = $25 Sunday: seeing the new Hunger Games movie! = $12? I forget how much movies cost at non-rep cinemas :) maybe groceries and a pad thai treat at some point = $40 total = $82-$182 depending on lingerie purchasing

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On 1 Thing is Miserable and Magical

@andnowlights "well woman" kinda sounds like you're visiting a witchy/magical medicine woman healer, which appeals to my interests.

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