On A Catalog of My Worst Apartment Hunts

From what I've read and heard, apartment-hunting in New York sounds like the last circle of hell, truly. I admire anyone with the fortitude to go through it once, let alone multiple times!

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On I 'Leaned In' at My Nanny Job—and Got Fired

It sounds like you were working there for about a month maybe? I think you had valid concerns, but a month was probably too early to try to start changing the terms of your mutually agreed-upon salary. If I were you I probably would have waited at least six months to build up trust in your abilities, reliability, and professionalism. Then you would have been in a much stronger position for negotiation. But now you know the pitfalls of this kind of employment and you'll be prepared next time!

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On Take the Vacation

@peacheater It's totally an American thing. I think we are a rarity among industrialized nations that vacation isn't mandatory for workers. I make sure to take all of mine, but I know that some of the managers at my company make it hard or uncomfortable for employees to do so, which is outright wage theft, especially since we can't roll it over.

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On "If you're enjoying yourself, you're not working hard enough" (Or You're In Denmark)

Lobster rolls every day? My digestion would rebel along with my bank account.

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On Office Bathrooms: Where Everyone Is a Disgusting Monster

We have a windowless "personal" room mostly for breastfeeding moms but it was also used for personal phone calls or if you just needed a break, etc. Someone pooped in THERE! Now it's locked. No more catnaps for anyone!

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

I don't check work email from home, period. I don't have work email set up on my phone either--I have to access it through webmail if I need to. If I was checking my work email from home all the time, I'd be even more of stressed-out mess than I already am. This is a mental and physical health issue. Your personal time is valuable. Guard it like a lion, because if you start creating the expectation that you're on call at all times, it will be very hard to take it back.

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On The Value of 'Company Culture'

I had a job interview recently at a place about which I'd heard rumblings of dissatisfaction (they contacted me). I came up with the question "how do you define productivity in your employees?" Of course they just said some stuff about being engaged. I found out a friend of a friend had left the job, so I talked to her. Turns out this person had lasted less than six months and the person before her, less than that. She said the pace was frenetic, the work hours long, and the job somewhat different than described. I had no reason to think anything had changed so I said no thanks. Really thankful I was able to take advantage of some inside information.

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On Is There a Class Component to Catcalls

@morecakeplease Ha! Once I was walking along in a new dress and these two young guys (teenagers) were ambling along toward me. I steeled myself for the inevitable, and one of them said very politely, "You look very nice." I was so disarmed. It was funny and very sweet.

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On This Is Terrible, But: The Pain of Tipping People Richer Than Me

I actually asked my longtime hairstylist if I should continue to tip after she became a creative director of her salon and she was like "whatever you want to do!" Which didn't help. And she has a way nicer house than me (we occasionally invite each other to parties.) But she also is married, so they have a second income, and also she is on her feet all day. So I still tip.

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On If You Can't Marry Them, Become Them

This is so not what I want to read while my own long-term relationship is going through a crisis. But I read it anyway! Because I like to torture myself.

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