On My Summer As a Housekeeper

Well put! I hate it when you hear the argument "well, people have the opportunity to go to school and get a better job." But hello, we obviously NEED people to cook, clean, etc. Some people are doing it temporarily, sure, but many others are doing it because they either don't have the means to do anything else, or maybe can't do anything else. There's nothing wrong with that. And it's why everyone deserves a living wage if they work full time. We need to respect the labor of all people.

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On Why Can't Every Doctor Take Every Insurance?

@lemonadefish Did you read that NY Times article about this the other day? I think the Billfold linked to it too. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/21/us/drive-by-doctoring-surprise-medical-bills.html?_r=0

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On Out-of-Network Horror Stories

This is like the contemporary version of HMOs declining emergency coverage if you ended up at a hospital without getting preauthorization. For an EMERGENCY. During which you may have been out cold or at the very least not thinking straight enough to call the HMO to get authorization. The more things change . . . I got a questionnaire recently from my (quite excellent) medical group about my experiences there, all very good except for one. They asked whether the bills and charges were clear enough and I was like NO, when in God's name has a medical bill ever been clear? Even though I go in for the same two procedures every two months, the bills never look the same.

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On Out-of-Network Horror Stories

@Allison Do it! And report back please!

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

@garli Same here. No way to get reimbursed for tipping anyone besides servers.

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With $400 Shoes

I have three times in the last 15 years paid hundreds of dollars for specific shoes or boots I was dying over, and, in terms of cost-per-wear and loving them, it was totally worth it to me. They last forever (I wear them all the time) and they are COMFORTABLE. And I don't buy a lot of shoes otherwise--I have worn the same sandals for four summers--so I figure it evens out somewhere. But I must add I am in my mid-40s and make a decent salary at an office job, so I can afford the occasional indulgence.

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

@aetataureate Yeah, and plus I might have a lot of cash in there. Don't wanna be flashing my wad on the street, you know? Once a friend pulled out her wallet to give a guy a dollar, and he was like, "I see a five in there!" She told him not to be greedy (maybe not the most sensitive response, but come on), and he of course started berating her.

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

Yeah, I never open my wallet in public either. I did give a couple bucks not long ago to some guy who came up to my car window wearing one of those reflective vests and thrust a flyer about some shelter at me. It was probably a scam too. Grrr.

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On When Your Boss Monitors Your Bathroom Breaks

@aetataureate And then they'll get fired when they have to go to the doctor to treat a bladder infection from holding it in for eight hours.

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On Multiple Raises a Year

This sounds like a good idea. I'm frustrated right now because I didn't get a promotion that even my boss said I deserved (senior mgmt has to OK it) and after a fucking glowing performance review, and now maybe I'll have to wait another year because the company "doesn't like mid-year title changes." How do they like losing good employees? Because I'm starting to look for another job.

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