On When Your Boss Monitors Your Bathroom Breaks

@aetataureate And then they'll get fired when they have to go to the doctor to treat a bladder infection from holding it in for eight hours.

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On Multiple Raises a Year

This sounds like a good idea. I'm frustrated right now because I didn't get a promotion that even my boss said I deserved (senior mgmt has to OK it) and after a fucking glowing performance review, and now maybe I'll have to wait another year because the company "doesn't like mid-year title changes." How do they like losing good employees? Because I'm starting to look for another job.

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On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

I'm in Chicago. I have central air but only use the AC maybe three or four times in the summer, at most. I really like to have the windows open after being sealed in for seven or eight months! But on those three or four days, I am really glad I have it. I know people who turn it on the minute the temperature gets up to 70, and I do not get that at all.

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On Where We Work and When We Get Up

I can't plan my outfit the night before because how I dress depends on how I'm feeling that day. Lunch, though--I should probably work on that. Also I've had to add some stretching in the morning due to back and hip issues, which is throwing off my schedule. Luckily no one cares if I get in at 9:30.

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On On the Scourge of 'Office Speak'

"Bandwidth," as in "do you have the bandwidth to take on this project?" You mean do I have the TIME? No, I do not. Now shut up and go away.

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On Yes Your Commute Is Probably Ruining Your Life

So my one-hour each way commute (luckily only four days a week as they let me work from home one day) is not only hurting my physical and mental health but costing me huge money? Oy. I would gladly take public transportation for one and a HALF hours each way instead of drive if it were an option, but the powers that be chose a location that couldn't be less public-transport friendly if they tried.

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On "The Rich Are Different From You and Me." "Yes, They're Better."

For me, nothing will beat Treehouse of Horror VI, with this classic line: Marge: These monsters are destroying everything and everyone we hold dear! And you kids should have jackets on.

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On "You Are Hair"

I spend a lot on my haircut (more than $60)--I've been going to my stylist for more than 20 years, and I always get a great cut. (She didn't start out that expensive, of course.) My excuse is that I don't spend a lot on personal care: I never get manicures or facials and I get a pedicure about once a year. And I can afford it--it's not making me give up other things. However, when I finally have to start coloring my hair it's going to be crazy expensive. So I might have to figure out something else then.

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On Does Biking To Work Take All The Joy Out of Biking?

So wish I could bike to work, but it would take me about two hours each way and, um, I would probably be run over by a car. I hate my company for choosing this carcentric location!

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On The Costs of Things: Crop Tops!

Guess what? You don't HAVE to wear crop tops.

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