On Whoops, the $522 Haircut

This is what I'm afraid of when I have to start coloring my hair as I get more gray. I've been going to the same stylist for 20 years and the salon is expensive--but at least it is not as expensive as this one, yikes.

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On Should I Take This Low-paying Job in This Tough-to-break-in Field?

I really miss journalism. I now work as a marketing copywriter, and while I get to spend most of my time with words, it's not the same. I miss exploring new topics and working with people I had more in common with. However, yeah, I wanted/needed to make more money. I don't regret my decision but I wish I didn't have to make it.

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On Young People Terrible Though Great For Exploiting

I work with a 27-year-old guy who is a very conscientious worker--in fact he often works at home at night. I warned him not to do that on a regular basis--I guard my own time like a hawk, because they are only too happy to take it if you let them. Also, once they start expecting a level of productivity you can only sustain by working more than than a regular work week, you're fucked.

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On Are Cosmetic Subscription Services Worth It?

I dunno, I like Birchbox. I signed up because I used to write about fashion and beauty a lot and I got a lot of swag, and when I stopped I missed trying new items. Maybe my expectations are low, but I don't mind the occasional red nail polish or something else I would never use (although I do wish they would stop with the fragrances). $10/month is not a lot out of my budget for something fun, and like other commenters have mentioned, the points system is pretty good.

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On Susie Cagle on Eight Years of Freelancing

"professors had told us to never write for less than $1 a word" HAHAHAHAHA. What world are these professors living in?

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On Maybe Bob Costa's Excuse For Missing Work Can Be Our Excuse for Missing Work

Never used it, but if I ever need to: "Food poisoning!! It's quick, it's messy and nobody wants to know the details"-- Murphy Brown.

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On Computer Predicts the Balance of Your Bank Account

Wrong wrong wrong. This one said I have about -$21K, when I actually have a fair amount in cash and a lot in investments--I got a leg up due to a legal settlement when I was a kid. I added a question about that to make it more accurate. However, I am wondering if it weren't for the legal settlement, would I be in that much debt? That makes me nervous.

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On Our Problem With Being Overworked

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On When Your Boss Is a Twenty-Something

I have a boss about ten years younger than me and expect I will have bosses either my age or younger for the rest of my career. That's because I have zero interest in managing other people--I just want to focus on my job, which is writing, and getting better at it. I think younger bosses (and probably people in general) need to realize that not everyone is interested in the traditional management route to "success." Luckily, my boss does understand that and we have a great rapport and mutual respect.

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On The Cost of Skiing

@polka dots vs stripes Check thrift stores and secondhand sports equipment stores. I got two pairs of skis, poles and a pair of boots for all of $60. Just make sure the bindings fit the boots you get. That's a bit confusing, here's a site with a good breakdown: http://apexweb.com/xc-skiing/tips/binding-confusion-2/ I just started this winter and it's great fun (and quite a workout)!

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