The Extra Paycheck Club

Summertime! And the living is easy — especially if you are in the Extra Paycheck Club, and you might be whether you want to be or not. While two paychecks each month is still standard for many people, some employers pay bi-weekly. Instead of getting paid twice a month (24 paychecks/year), you get paid every other week (26 paychecks/year). It’s not exactly free money; you end up getting paid the same rate annually, just split over more paychecks.

A Very Practical Guide to Filing for Unemployment Benefits

Reach for a beer. It takes the focus off what you’re going to do with the shock of this day, and your skin crackling from dried tears. Very few things will taste as good as chugging that cold saltiness down, fast, barely blinking at the snow on the ground or the clock clicking to 10 a.m.

‘And How Does That Make You Feel?’ The Cost of Therapy

Logan and Martha have discussed how depression affects them (and their money). There’s another money factor involved here: When you want or need to go to therapy, how much is it going to cost you?