On I Can Walk Everywhere, But Still Love My Car

!!!!! I too have been dreaming of an old diesel Mercedes beast and lurking around on craigslist thinking about buying one. I have a car--you pretty much need one in Minneapolis unless you live very centrally and have a predictable schedule/routes--but I want to run an 80s Mercedes on biodiesel. Sighhhh, someday.

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On Reader Mail: Going to Grad School and Being Responsible

Roth IRA for sure! If you're 25 and you fully fund (i.e., contribute $5K) a Roth IRA this year and never contribute to it again, not that I'm advocating for THAT, it'll still almost certainly be worth over $108K by the time you're 65.

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On Things I Learned by Living on a Small Amount of Money In Ukraine

It's kind of dumb to log in just to say I loved reading this, but I did. Especially the little lessons.

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On The Hustle of a Cellist in New York

Thanks for this. I'm a classical musician who abandoned the hustle for a desk job 5 years ago, but I'm about to go back into it (primarily as a private teacher this time, however). Other singers I know who are performing at the top of our field are constantly stressed about where the next gig is coming from. You used to be able to go to Europe and have a reasonable guarantee of a career there (if you were good, duh), but that has changed too. One opera blogger I follow who is (again) performing with high level companies says she is on track to make 40% of what she made last year, if the year continues as it has so far. Not good.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Yoga Class, Mother's Day Gift, and a Shower Curtain

In my recent breakup/move I bought the $10 IKEA shower curtain and it looks awesome while I'm taking hourlong baths with a beer and watching Gossip Girl on my computer (which is across the room, far from the water). I paint my nails after I get out. Everything is looking up.

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On Do You Have Health Insurance?

Ooh, this is relevant to my interests because I'm definitely taking the freelance plunge this year. I've done it before and paid for my independent health insurance to the tune of about $125/month (in Minneapolis, in like 2005-2006?). I'm sure it's way more expensive now. The best part about my desk job is the amazing benefits. Also, Nancy Rommelmann gets one billion gold stars. Still, I pine for the day when health insurance has absolutely nothing to do with employment.

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On How Much Money Did You Spend This Weekend?

I had a spendy weekend: about $335 on stockup stuff (groceries, bedroom paint, etc) and car insurance. How boring! I feel like I need to admit somewhere that I also spent $6 on amazon to get caught up on eps of Gossip Girl that aren't online.

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On Should Lisa Charge a Trip to India, or Skip It?

@Katzen-party bathrobe/hella prunes made me lol for real.

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On How I Learned to Stop Worrying and (Responsibly) Love My Credit Card

I've had an Amazon rewards card for years and I just use it for everything and pay it off every month. So far I've gotten $800 worth of plane tickets and countless Amazon gift certificates. I second the word up!

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