On The Search for an Unpillable Sweater

@BillfoldMonkey All sweaters may pill to a certain extent but certain fibers are much more susceptible to it than others. Yarns made from long fibers will result in a fabric that pills less than shorter fibers. Also the texture of the knit can contribute. A fine, tight knit will pill less than a big chunky knit. I have a merino sweater that is over ten years old that has literally no pills on it. It is also quite warm. It is, however, not a soft fluffy type of knit (although it's not scratchy at all), so I think you do have to give up some characteristics for a knit that is durable.

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On The Search for an Unpillable Sweater

@dromeda I bought a new backpack because the rough surface of my old one was pilling even my cotton shirts at the spot where the backpack hit my lower back. I thought I was alone. ;)

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On The Search for an Unpillable Sweater

I've had super bad luck with J. Crew sweaters pilling. I have one magical sweater that is from Banana Republic but that I bought used at Buffalo Exchange probably 10 years ago for about 10 dollars. I have worn it a ton and washed it myself plenty and it has NARY A PILL. I unfortunately caught it in the zipper of a jacket a while back so it has a small hole in it. I am constantly on the hunt to replace it. It is Merino wool but it is that type of knit that is not soft and fuzzy at all, it is almost rough feeling? The knit is very fine gauge and is not fuzzy at all. The texture is almost crepey (is that a word?). But it is still very warm. I am having a hard time describing this type of knit, but I feel it is the secret to NO-PILL sweaters!! lol. My husband had a great Brooks Brothers sweater that was very resistant to pilling, that was victim, along with most of his other wool sweaters, to a moth infestation that only seemed to affect his drawer. We went to go replace it (it was a gift from his family a long time ago) and the equivalent would have cost like 300 dollars. Nope! So I bought a similar one online from Ebay for 50 dollars. Turns out it had a hole! Too good to be true, etc. But when I complained they refunded my money and didn't have me send the sweater back so I just mended the hole and that's how my husband got a free BB sweater. Sorry for the sweater novel, this topic is relevant to me, haha. Edited to say: Most higher end companies will refund you even a long time after purchase if you complain of shoddy craftsmanship. J. Crew refunded a sweater of mine that had pilled a couple months (maybe even 6-12 months) after the purchase. It is always worth it to complain. Nothing to lose.

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On The Cost of Things in the U.S. After Being Away for 14 Years

I also enjoyed this.

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On Holiday Shopping Check-In: Chatting about Progress and Perfect Gifts

Uggghhh. My husband and I spend Christmas with his family every year because they care a lot about it and my family would just as well have us visit another time because they don't really celebrate anyway. The in-law family is all adults, and I really wish we would do away with the gift giving but it's not my family so I don't feel I can be the one to promote that. My husband has two siblings, one of them with a long-term SO, and then there's his parents and grandmother. It's just a lot of gift buying and I really feel that everyone is just buying gifts for the sake of giving a gift. I don't like spending the money, and I don't like other people spending money on gifts for me that I don't want/need. It's all just such a waste, but I feel like such a grinch. The other problem is that my husband is really bad at/ dislikes shopping for gifts, and although I don't like wasting money/ buying useless crap, I am actually a pretty good gift buyer so I end up doing all the shopping for his family. I kind of resent it but at the same time if I left it up to him he would wait until the last minute and we would end up spending more on last-minute shipping, or just spending more because when you buy at the last minute you are more likely to just settle for something to get it over and done with rather than taking the time to comparison shop, etc. I also kind of resent that if I pick a really nice thing, my husband gets most of the credit for it, but if we had crappy gifts, I somehow feel that it would reflect poorly on me, as shopping is more of the "women's realm", and my husband's family is kind of traditional. Anyway unfortunately the gift giving season brings out a lot of neuroses for me. I think I would enjoy the holidays a lot more without the gift giving. I also feel that I should just try to relax and not worry about it so much. Any tips on that front?

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On Lost Your iPad? Buy It Back In Alabama

I read that someone got a notification from the "find my ipad" app that their ipad was turned on and it turned out to be at this place. She contacted them and they returned the ipad to her right away. I may have even read this in a comment on this site?

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On In College and in Search of Free Food

My neighbor when I was a grad student kept showing up at events he didn't really have any connection to, events that happened to have food. I found out that he had subscribed to a Free Food listserv that collected all the advertised events that offered free food in one place. That is like, next level. Also, I'm not very squeamish, but the idea of eating someone else's leftovers kind of grosses me out. If it's fresh, like the day they cooked it, fine. But you know how when you reheat food and it's a little smushed and weird but you know how it looked originally and you know that it tastes good and how long it's been in the fridge so it's not a problem? If I just got, like, a mystery tupperware that had been sitting around for a while... hell no.

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On Flying Over The Ocean in Economy Class

You can fly very cheap on Norwegian Air, which runs a shuttle from NY to London (Gatwick, not Heathrow). You get one checked bag for free, but food and picking your own seat (!) is extra. If you don't care about that stuff though, it's a very cheap direct flight. (I paid around 400 one way) Unfortunately for going back to NY for Christmas we couldn't book on Norwegian for some reason so we have to do Iceland air which is soooo much longer with the layover in Reykjavik. And is also bare-bones but the cheapest option.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Elyse Haha this reminds me of a story a friend told me about her much younger sister from when she visited her family after leaving for college. The little sister had her own bathroom attached to her bedroom, my friend was in this bathroom briefly while visiting with her sister and noticed there was no toilet paper, thought to get some to replace it then forgot. Then a couple days later she is in that bathroom again and still no TP. Then she notices the state of the hand towel.... she asks the sister about it and the sister just says she was too lazy to bother replacing the roll... I think she was pretty little, but older to know better, like 7 or 8.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@cryptolect I have always puzzled about this too! I have had two roommates who were adult women who seemed to be normal functional people in their public life, but were just so dysfunctional at home. This must mean that many people we know but have never seen their homes must be total surprise slobs! The first one was I was only subletting with for the summer. I arranged the place without seeing it in person as I was coming from another state for a summer program, and she seemed like a normal person. That's when I learned that seeming like a normal person means nothing! The bathroom looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months. The bathtub was covered in a fine layer of mold; floors, toilet, sink are dirty. Kitchen floor is dirty and counter tops are cluttered with things like: stacks of take-out coffee cups. I understand the re-use recycle impulse, but jesus. Get yourself a reusable mug if the waste bothers you that much! I didn't want to do a deep clean of the apt. right away because I thought she might be offended. Boy was I right. I waited about a week and a half, suffering through having to use a filthy bathroom. Then I cleaned everything, and she still made a comment, like, "if you thought it was so dirty you should have told me". Some people clean their bathrooms every 1-3 weeks even if it isn't totally filthy, but somehow my cleaning the apartment after 1.5 weeks was taken as an insult. But after that it was relatively clean for the 3 months I was there, who knows what happened after I left. The second bad roommate I had I lived with for a year. We hadn't set up a chore-sharing system because I thought as 3 adults with normal adult responsibilities it would just be normal. One of my two roommates never once cleaned the bathroom the entire year we lived together. My other roommate and I just switched off. She would also not clean up after cooking. There would be a cutting board with peels and ends of veggies she had prepared for dinner, and would just leave the whole thing for days, rotting and smelling. And she refused to wipe any food debris/crumbs off the counter after food prep. She would leave dirty dishes on the counters and dinner table. Eventually I told her that if she was going to leave dirty dishes could she at least stack them in the sink and wipe down the counter after cooking and throw out food garbage. She said okay but didn't talk to me for like a week. I just started putting her dirty things in the sink, but then the sink would be full of dishes and not available for the other roommates to use. She would just leave trash around forever until someone else threw it away. It's like once she set something down it became invisible to her. We tried to alternate taking out the trash but every time it was her turn she would wait until the trash was over flowing out the top of the bag, so of course someone else would take it out. Then she would make some comment like, I was just about to take it out. She would also use our shared dining table as a work space and leave all of her things there, books, papers, laptop, stacks of old newspapers etc such that if you ever wanted to use the table you had to move all of her stuff into a pile on the floor. I don't understand how people can be professionally successful and that lazy/dysfunctional at home. Also inconsiderate! This second roommate in particular had not a care in the world how her habits were affecting a shared living space.

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