On What Is It Like To Go Luxury Shopping In Sweats

@RachelW Who buys their mother a Tiffany necklace?

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On What Is It Like To Go Luxury Shopping In Sweats

I was friends with someone who was a salesperson at a very high end oriental carpet shop in the SF Bay Area. In the Bay Area especially, what with all the tech rich, it is very possible for a casually dressed person to have potential to be a big spender. He said that he could tell if they were rich, regardless of whether they were in t-shirts and jeans, by looking at their shoes and jewelry, especially women. It's not that he was trying to treat people with greater means better, but it probably helps to get a sense of someone's disposable income when you are trying to make a sale. He might direct them towards a different level of quality/ price for instance, even if they say they are just browsing.

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On The Gift Card Is The Hardest Part

@muggles California has a law that if a gift card has 10 dollars or less on it, they have to give you the cash. Businesses were making so much money from remainders on gift cards that were too small to buy anything.

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On The Gift Card Is The Hardest Part

@ATF I feel you on the ordering thing. I also have a local grocery store that I sometimes stop by to grab a dessert. There are three areas that have desert-like items, and I have caught myself looking at the options in each section more than once. I had the thought that if someone was watching me on security cameras or whatever, they'd find me very suspicious, just walking back and forth in the store, inspecting things repeatedly. I definitely feel an edge of OCD there. Like, if you get something that isn't that great, you just won't get it again! Not the end of the world!

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On The Gift Card Is The Hardest Part

Yeah, I am a maximizer and the danger is that you wait so long that you lose/ forget about the credit. There is one advantage to being obsessive about comparison shopping though. There have been times I just can't pull the trigger and then enough time passes that I just decide I don't need said item. So I end up buying less. I also have a bad habit of spending gift cards on other people's presents. Like, I use amazon frequently for sending gifts, so if I have a gift card for Amazon it's hard to spend it on something frivolous for myself when it can pay for the next round of (carefully considered) gift purchases.

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On A Honeymoon Remembered in Receipts

I lol'ed at "poops". Who says "hero"? Everyone I know says "you're-oh".

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On The Cost of Feeding Myself On Travel

Oh my god. When traveling from the UK to NY for christmas, my husband and I flew with Icelandic Air and it was a pretty long journey all in all. I am super cheap and I hate spending money on overpriced shitty food, so we put together a bunch of food and snacks, including a tortilla espanola that we made the night before to take with us. Then tragically we forgot the whole bag of food at home on the morning of our departure. I almost cried. We ended up eating a full English breakfast at Heathrow before the first flight and it wasn't even really much more expensive than it would be where we live. I think airport food options have changed a lot, and it's not quite as much of a ripoff as it used to be. I still bring empty water bottles with me though, eff that ess.

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On Craigslist, ETC.

Man, NY studies pay well! I did a bunch in Chicago last year and they typically pay 10-15 an hour. I did a couple that paid more because they were more invasive. One was pretty interesting, but challenging. It involved reactions to people based on their moral and financial status. It involved wearing an EEG cap while they showed me photos of people. But first I had to memorize the pretend "statuses" of all these people- so there were 20 photos of men, and each one was assigned either low moral status, high moral status, low financial status, or high financial status. So when I first arrived I had to memorize these and show that I knew them 100 percent or I couldn't continue with the second half of the study. I kind of thought I wouldn't be able to do it because my memory is bad, but I did it.

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On The Working Life of Gwyned Filling, the 'Career Girl' of 1948

@aproprose More sexing.

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On Was It Worth It? The Craigslist Coffee Table

Nice rug underneath... looks like a Turkish flatweave?

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