On Coffee vs Diet Coke vs a Pure, Uncaffeinated Life

@siege91 I agree. As someone who didn't start drinking coffee until grad school, drank it regularly for about 5 years, and is now off again for the last 6 months or so, I can confirm that the caffeine high is nothing that can be obtained naturally, at least not by me. I do think it's possible that the caffeine crash may not be worth the high, but that's another matter entirely.

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On The Costs of Living in Kazakhstan

The difference in cost between produce and eating out probably has something to do with income inequality... poor people are probably not eating at the restaurants that she is going to, or even at all.

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On The Ultimate Hummus Showdown

Wondering what the ingredient list of the packaged hummus is....

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On Chatting About Tuna Noodle Casseroles, Jell-O, and the American Iron Housewife

@cryptolect Yeah, I've heard of putting honey on cereal but not sugar.

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On WWYD With a Five Figure Check?

As for the 10 grand, I would pay off any loans. If no loans, I would put it towards an emergency fund (6-9 months of living costs in an easily available location like a savings account). If you already have the emergency fund I would put it into investment, and set a little aside for a special purchase or treat (probably less than a grand). Boring, but rewarding.

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On WWYD With a Five Figure Check?

In your blurb, you make it seem like the premium is 10,000 a month, which would be insane obviously. In the article the couple profiled is paying 440 a month which actually doesn't seem that bad considering the premiums I researched recently for a good insurance plan for a thirty-year-old. The 10,000 a month is the pay-out for care once you need the coverage. In case anyone else was confused.

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On Hustles

@jfruh There was another BART scam where you would buy a ticket for 7.90 (it had to be under 8 dollars I think because you could only add fare to tickets under 8 dollars), and cut its magnetic strip into 7 strips which would then be glued onto 7 demagnetized cards. Then each of these would be inserted into the machine to add fare, and after adding 10 cents or whatever 7 new card would be printed with 8 dollars each on them. Loaves and fishes! Don't know if this still works or if they've prevented this somehow, I haven't lived in the Bay Area for years.

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

@zeytin Thanks for the advice everyone! I actually don't have a car so can't bundle with that but I now have an idea of what to expect. Thanks guys!

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

After another apartment in our building burnt down, I decided to look into renter's insurance. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? I don't know where to start. I have never had any insurance other than health insurance and applecare.

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On I Made $25.24 From the Bank of America Overdraft Settlement

Were you automatically included in the class action lawsuit, or did you have to opt in? I have paid overdraft fees to B of A as well, but have not heard of this case.

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