On Hustles

@jfruh There was another BART scam where you would buy a ticket for 7.90 (it had to be under 8 dollars I think because you could only add fare to tickets under 8 dollars), and cut its magnetic strip into 7 strips which would then be glued onto 7 demagnetized cards. Then each of these would be inserted into the machine to add fare, and after adding 10 cents or whatever 7 new card would be printed with 8 dollars each on them. Loaves and fishes! Don't know if this still works or if they've prevented this somehow, I haven't lived in the Bay Area for years.

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

@zeytin Thanks for the advice everyone! I actually don't have a car so can't bundle with that but I now have an idea of what to expect. Thanks guys!

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

After another apartment in our building burnt down, I decided to look into renter's insurance. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? I don't know where to start. I have never had any insurance other than health insurance and applecare.

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On I Made $25.24 From the Bank of America Overdraft Settlement

Were you automatically included in the class action lawsuit, or did you have to opt in? I have paid overdraft fees to B of A as well, but have not heard of this case.

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On Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

So her husband got into a "great PhD program" that was not funded at all? Doesn't sound that great to me. But they made it work, so I guess it turned out okay. I generally tell undergrads who ask me for advice to not consider unfunded PhD programs.

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On 'Here Is a Gift Card to Target'

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Total anti-climax.

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On It's Hard Out There For an Adjunct

@garysixpack It depends on when you graduate moreso than your age per se. The longer you've been on the market, the less attractive you look to committees. Often unfair, but true.

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On It's Hard Out There For an Adjunct

@Allison Yes, or there could be other reasons, like family living nearby that provides child-care. If they move away, paying for childcare might offset any gains in cost of living, etc... We don't know their situation.

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On Breaking Down the Costs of a $90 Electric Kettle

It's also really hard to find one that doesn't have plastic on the inside. Many of the metal ones have a translucent plastic strip on one side to show the water level, for instance. I didn't need the temperature control aspect so I ended up getting a $25 dollar Chefmate which has plastic only in the inside of the top lid, so at least the water doesn't touch it. I have been very happy with it so far.

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On What Product Is Currently Stalking You?

These kind of ads are what finally pushed me to install ad-block. I found it creepy, and as someone else mentioned it can ruin surprises when your SO sees what you have been searching for. Also, usually when I am looking online it is just a fantasy thing, and I don't want to be reminded of the things I am not going to buy. Facebook is so refreshing without ads. You guys should try it.

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