On Adjusting Your Life to Your Partner's Career

Yea, my man and I talk about this all the time. I'm finishing law school and have a job in a city that is the best place for my career, but is not ideal for the type of medical residency he wants. He is ranking his preferences based on this city choice because we want to be in the same place after many years of long distance, and because he is a true partner and feminist. I do hope we keep up our commitment to an egalitarian relationship. Mostly, I worry that I'll be brainwashed by motherhood and forget all the cool things I wanted to do in my career. I'm less worried about his career slowly phasing mine out. I feel like it's in my control, but maybe I'm being naive.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@deathcabforcutes just because it's romantic, I guess. I'm a little bit traditional, but not so traditional that I want him to decide by himself when we're ready for marriage.

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On A Drunk Stole My Kale. You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

I had my purse snatched in a foreign city while I was busy making out with an ex I had reconnected with. All my cash, camera, and photos from 20 days of travel were gone. The purse was found in the men's room of a bar, and the owners were able to track me down by my hotel key. I was elated to have my license and other important cards back, and to not have my identity stolen.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

Yea, I don't understand how you can date someone for years without talking about life goals, timelines, and practicalities. What DO you talk about? I think if you and your partner are communicating properly, you shouldn't need an ultimatum because you'll both know where you stand. Also, romance and practicality are not mutually exclusive! My bf and I have been talking marriage forever, and job/location realities prompted discussions of when we should formalize our plans. We decided to get engaged within the next 6 months, and went to look at rings together. He will ultimately choose the ring (now that we know my taste) and surprise me with the proposal. This suits us :)

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On The Cost of Calling Off an Engagement

I can't believe both women gave back their engagement rings! If the giver of the ring calls it off, the receiver should DEFINITELY keep it.

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

I'm shocked that the bride had the foresight to warn you there would be nothing for you to eat, but not to place at least one veggie option on the menu.

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On Tipping by State

At sit-down restaurants I tip 20% for dinner, 15-18% for anything else, unless the service was stellar. At bars I usually pay cash, so I'll give a dollar per drink no matter the price (usually a $5-6 beer). I don't eat at food trucks that often, but I don't tip there when I do. The way I see it, they might be assembling my meal (like a burrito or something), but I don't tip at Chipotle so it doesn't make sense to tip at the food truck. I don't normally tip at coffee shops either. There is one where I tip because they have two tip bowls, each with something different written on it, and you vote for one with your tips. It's mundane things like which dog breed you like better, but it's cute and often clever. For services like nails, hair, and massage, I always tip around 20%.

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On Listening to Music While Working

I can only listen to classical music when working, and when I really need to concentrate (like on writing a paper) it can only be instrumental. I get distracted if it's opera or chant because I might know or understand the lyrics, and the voices are so beautiful that I want to focus on them.

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On I Literally Only Spend My Money on Coffee and Food

The lines in that Trader Joe's are INSANE, though. I go to Fairway just a couple blocks north and take the bags on the 1. Really glad I started doing that.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks, Spent Mostly at the Airport

You are not alone in your trashy mags only in airports habit.

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