On Me And My Boo in My 1 Thing Riding

I understand Meaghan! I'm 2 weeks away from also wishing for a dilated cervix. Get. This. Kid. OUT OF ME! My one thing is to finish packing a hospital bag. And my husband's one thing (which I have assigned him, ha!) is to install the car seat bases because he will do it right, whereas I will say "this looks good enough I guess" and likely endanger our soon-to-arrive spawn's safety. Supermom already!

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On WWYD (If You Were Me), Acupuncture Edition

I'm 37 weeks. My baby was breech, and my doc suggested acupuncture to try and turn him. No success, though I did enjoy some aspects of acupuncture (and I had an external version procedure which worked to turn him, thankfully). My acupuncturist said he's had definite success with inducing and we can explore that when the time draws near. I'm going to try it. Sex has worked for some friends, not for others; the tea and herbs, etc., not so much. But given how I feel now, I imagine when I hit 40 weeks that I'll be willing to give anything a shot to get the baby OUT :-)

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On Does Biking To Work Take All The Joy Out of Biking?

I LOVE my bicycle. When we lived in Washington D.C. biking was a bit terrifying -- but now we live in small town Colorado, and I road bike 50+ mile rides whenever I can, because it brings me joy. Takes a bit of extra effort to bike commute to work, but so worth it.

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On Just Two Ladies With Bachelor of Arts Degrees, Talking About Life

Most important sentence in here: "A degree is not a guarantee of anything, unfortunately." I have an MFA. Three year program, full funding, teaching appointment. And now - whoopdedoo! There are about a million other folks with MFAs, all battling over the perhaps three quality teaching jobs in the country. Masters degree doesn't = professor, and it sure doesn't = a great creative writing position. Though if you want to work your butt off teaching comp for $20,000 a year, well then - an MFA could be just the thing for you! I am thankful a full-time tenured teaching gig was not my goal.

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On Places I’ve Lived: Behind Ben Folds, Two Capitol Hills, and a D.C. Fixer-upper to Call Our Own

Good score on a DC place! We (my now-husband and me; back then we were just shackin' up) lived in Georgetown, in a 400-square foot basement studio apartment for $595 a month, all utils included. We considered it the best deal in Georgetown, despite the occasional cockroach :) Now, with a much larger house to clean and maintain, I sometimes long for those simple, cheap days!

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On Monday Check-in

@andnowlights So true! Appliances are hard - some people say only Memorial Day / Black Friday times are good to buy, but I disagree. We saved more than $400 and had free labor (a good pal) to help install everything, and didn't have to pay delivery fees because we could borrow a truck. So we went for it. I love seeing those discounts on my receipt :-)

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On Monday Check-in

This weekend we went to Lowe's in search of a new ceiling fan. We left with a refrigerator, dishwasher, some new lighting and three ceiling fans. Not entirely unplanned -- we knew we'd need some new big-ticket items in the kitchen and had been keeping an eye out. We happened to find the style and brand we liked on sale, and then got extra savings on top of that by asking, and by using military discount (they give one to veterans, yay). So our modest weekend of home projects turned into a $3,000+ weekend of home projects. Very happy with the outcomes though.

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On How Do Couples Use Joint Accounts?

My husband and I have one checking account and one savings account. Both our paychecks go into the checking account. We are each paid once a month. I have a color-coded, categorized spreadsheet (categories are mortgage and utilities, savings and retirement, loan repayment, transportation, groceries and home-keeping, entertainment) that I fill out and discuss with him, and we agree on all payments and allocations and also discuss upcoming expenses or "wants." Then I move money around / pay everything. Boom. Done for the month. We do each have individual IRAs, but other than that, it's shared and it works well for us. This is due in part to the fact that he wants and trusts me to deal with the finances, and I'm the type that needs to check our daily balances, etc., while he prefers to be hands-off. We stick to the plan, and while he earns a very good living, we don't spend more than $40 or so on any personal / fun item without checking first - what the spreadsheet shows for the month, whether we have extra, etc. It worked when we were broke together and it works now, when we don't have to wonder if we have enough grocery money for the month.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@The Mole I agree wholeheartedly. Our situation works because we approach it as a team; and any time I've felt bad about my earning potential vs. my partner's, he always reminds me that it's a team approach and we're not in competition. It would be different if you / he didn't enjoy your jobs, I suppose -- we're grateful that my partner does. If there comes a point when he does not, we will address it and figure it out.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

Sheesh, people - this is an honest article, cut the man some slack. I don't believe he has his head up his ass. Perhaps that's because I'm also a writer with a partner in the medical field who brings home a very nice paycheck while I bring home embarrassingly little, between writing and the occasional teaching gig. I have taken numerous jobs I've hated, for the paycheck, and held 3-4 jobs at once while my partner was pursuing his medical education and couldn't work at all. Now the balance is different. As the author stated at the end, they're figuring out how to navigate the situation. Everyone handles it differently.

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