On Pittsburgh Store Charges Women 76 Percent Less Than Men, to Make Up for the Wage Gap

@Duckles Yup, I was like WHOA THAT'S A BIG WAGE GAP.

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On The Costs of Eating Out

@@fo I will never, ever pay that much for a cold generic sandwich on nondescript bread.

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On The Costs of Eating Out

I think it helps to categorize dining out as fun/leisure/discretionary rather than food (which, for me, is only groceries). The difference in price between dining and groceries means that dining a) won't fit in the food budget and b) won't displace enough food to lower the food budget. So the choice isn't really between dining out and eating in. It's between what to do/buy for fun. Easier just to keep it separate.

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On Are You Paying A Marriage Penalty Or Enjoying A Marriage Bonus?

Interesting. In Canada, CRA (our IRS) can deem you as married for the purposes of taxation. With equal marriage etc, it'll be interesting to see how this can possibly be applied to roommates etc. http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/bnfts/vldtn/menu-eng.html

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On In Which I Learn That My Dream Apartment Might Be Affordable

Inertia is SOOOO hard to overcome! You should go for it! Haha the difference between a hovel and happiness is not washing your dishes in a bucket! If you've been good with that for so long, I think a kitchenette will do you just fine.

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On That One Gray Crewneck Sweatshirt

$55 for s sweatshirt? /blanches Unfortunately, I don't have any Uniqlo's nearby. I'm due for a major clothes shop because I tend to buy everything and wear it until it wears out all at the same time (usually a couple of years).

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On Restoring a Ramshackle House at 22

Inspiring! So glad it went well and worked out well.

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On A WWYD? Update From The Millennial Whose Parents Want Her Hard-Earned Savings

Ok, so this helps. Basically, the answer is "do nothing till you have more details". 8k isn't a lot to fall back on should you have to find yourself a place to live. It doesn't sound like your parents would want you to undergo hardship so they should understand. On a more tough-love note: If you are a graduate with no student debt and aren't paying rent and you've only managed to save 2.5k/year (emergencies happen!), you might need to examine your earning/spending. It sounds like you might need to follow that free rent to Florida with your parents - 2.5k isn't close to covering a year's rent!

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On How Do You Know When to Stop Spending?

I'm pretty precise with my budget - years of practice. My budgeting program (wesabe) has "targets" in a bar graph and I used to log in weekly to see how much I had left in each category. Nowadays, it's so ingrained that I only do it monthly and then yearly. (Grocery budget 2014: $3k, Spent: $3019.90) Also, I kinda carry a float from month-to-month so that if I spend more or less, I can carry it forward mentally. It helps that my budget doesn't have that many major categories - just 6, 2 of which are pretty static (utilities, datacom vs car, food, fun, bigticketfun). I do sub-categories as well, just to keep an idea of the finer division... but I don't track them unless something is going awry - "Why is my Fun spending so high? Oh... spent $400 on subCategory Dining this month!"

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On The Cost Of Things: Going From NY To DC And Back Again

>>you may be surprised to learn that the biggest supplier of U.S. oil imports is — Canada. Second on the list is Mexico. Less than half the oil imported by the U.S. comes from OPEC. Something is strangely vague about the math in this article - there's no source link in the article that appears to explain it. OPEC's "less than half" implies "close to half" (otherwise, they could strengthen their point by just saying/estimating even lower or giving a direct percentage). But if Canada and Mexico are larger, then they should also be "close to half". That takes us over 100%. TLDR: estimations without numbers are useless and shouldn't be reported that way on economics/science articles! ETA: and even though posts like this are held to a lower standard, here's an actual link: http://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.cfm?id=727&t=6 So I feel like there's some agenda there because: OPEC (35%) + Persian Gulf (25%) = 55% but the Persian Gulf is conveniently not mentioned. Canada (37%) is just barely above OPEC, but I think that is obscured by the "we get a lot of our oil from North America!" tone of the article. And Mexico is only at 9%, so that's an outright falsehood. Crude oil stats appear similar (but didn't list by percentage, only barrels and I didn't feel like doing the math): http://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/pet_move_impcus_a2_nus_epc0_im0_mbblpd_a.htm

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