On If You Buy Your Wife a Mansion

@scn231 exactly.... As long as it's MY house I'll be grateful. But where are YOU going to live?

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On How Wizards Do Money: Blaise Zabini

I am willing to use whatever pronouns people want but I guess I'm slightly prejudiced against plurals being used as singulars. I think there is also a singular non gender specific pronoun that the community likes but I don't recall it.

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On Honey, Sweetie, Chief, Boss: How We Talk to Strangers

While I don't really care what people in passing call me, servers get a special exemption because presumably they're using whatever gets them the most tips - so if I didn't like it, I'm an outlier. People who are being overly formal (sir) that I'm having an extended conversation will get a "Jay is fine" but otherwise I'll ignore as meaning "it's easier for me not to remember your name".

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On The Second Time I Lost My Life Savings

@garli Augh. The only thing not to feel great about is not getting help that one's entitled to! That's actually the decision I thought was being regretted until I read it again. Also... feeling entitled is only bad when you're not actually entitled! Medical, living wages, equal marriage, etc. I've been privileged enough not to need much assistance but I hope I'll be able to swallow my pride when the time comes. We had a heartbreaking instance in our city (details are hazy, it was decades ago, and my google was unsuccessful) where three young sisters starved to death rather than seeking help, by reinforcing each others' will.

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On Jews Who Write About Money Talk About Being Jews Who Write About Money

@janicek nope I'm broke and you're an anti semitic ass. Depending on your mood, said with a grin or patronizing sincerity!

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On Unnecessary, Compulsive Frugality

Hmm, I live frugally but maybe because of a combination of not wanting things and being lazy. For example... I'd like a new fridge and a dishwasher, but I really can't be bothered to get rid of the old one, or get one installed. When my kitchen faucet broke, I jury rigged it until a nice one went on sale (about a year?). The only thing that I'm truly cheap about is air conditioning... I can't seem to make myself pay for it. I sort of think that when I get it, I'll never turn it off and it'll cost a fortune in electricity. And I really only regret having it a couple days a year.

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

I have crazy years of emergency savings, though some of it's more a function of low monthly costs combined with a healthy emergency savings account.

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On On My Own: Doing a Personal Finance 180

@dromeda I got a bottle in Canada... Don't know if it's different but it was really bad... Tasted like celery salt. I was very disappointed as it ranked very highly in America's test kitchen rankings.

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On "How Are You?" "Busy."

You win the misery poker game by bursting into hysterical weeping!

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On Should Uber Have the Right to Charge $362 for a Ride?

@Sean Dailey@facebook Ah, ok... never used it, so I was just going on the article's description above. Consider the sympathy evaporated (except for the "I'm sometimes dumb too" sympathy).

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