On Time Banking In Ithaca, New York

@anecdata That's a great idea, actually. I really like it... I guess there's a lot of uncertainty involved (is the time bank going to be around in 40 years?) but as a concept it seems workable and really, we should try to help elderly/sick people anyway... so even if the bank isn't around to 'pay back' it's not a complete waste of time. It seems naive to expect that all hours are considered equal. Basically that implies that supply and demand do not affect availability/economy. Which leads to only 'low-wage' services being offered, or that this is a volunteer/community-building exercise. Despite what they say, one can't reasonably expect a handy firefighter to offer the same quality of work as a professional plumber... unless he's fighting fires, of course.

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On Horrible Job of the Day: Hitler's Food Taster

@Meaghan O'Connell Or maybe it's that vegetarians are evil! On a more serious note, at the beginning of the article I was wondering if all the other tasters were poisoned, but that didn't turn out to be the case. Instead they died a different horrible death. Between that and the horrific abuse that this survivor went through, I pretty much discount any optimistic theories of humankind.

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On Wages For Housework!

Agree with the whole thing. Although, it was my dad who stayed home, and once my sister and I were both in school during the day, I didn't buy the 'I spend all day cooking and cleaning'... because it does not take 7 hours a day for that. (Sigh, if I spent an hour a day cleaning my house, it'd be pretty spotless.)

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On Quitting in a Blaze of Glory, NYC Waitress Edition

@theballgirl Can you be a 'bro' at 57? I'd say that's more in the 'dirty old man' category. Though obviously, 'asshole/sexual assailant' knows no age limit.

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On Sleep Gadgets That Work?

Scam alert. Most of the things look fine but that 500 bracelet is super sketchy the paper that is referenced is an unpublished manuscript from an institution with no reputation. It does not even bother to try to explain how a frequency can be embedded into a bracelet. Then again there are people who believe in Q ray bracelets as well.

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On Saying Yes to the Dress, Pt 2: KLEINFELD'S

What about all these dresses in my budget that I found on the website? she asked. Sorry, said the docent. We don’t have those in the store. Scam. Grrr.

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On Susan Miller Deserves a Vacation

She’s probably at the level of notoriety that she doesn’t have to string along people who can’t afford her services… and it looks like she doesn't charge for anything but her app? But I would think that the usual business model is somewhat less benign. Still, a lot of people made their riches illegally or immorally… It’s not just confidence tricksters.

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On Job of the Day: Silicon Valley Home Stager

Years ago, my family was advised to remove all Asian related paraphernalia when selling the house. It is so stupid but you do what it takes... It's not really the time to stand on principle.

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On The Delicate Nature of Asking Your Parents for Financial Help

I feel like my parents are willing to help me out freely when I don't need it... So I'm pretty stubborn about not accepting it. But in general I don't think there's anything wrong with accepting help in the spirit it's being given in. It's not really an adult child thing... It's a need/have to offer thing.

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On Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

This is the way expensing should work: You get a flat amount to spend per day (per diem :) ). You keep anything you do not spend. There are no receipts. Exceptional expenses (flight delay, entertaining clients, etc) require receipts. The reason for this: if employers demand receipts, employees (except Mike) will spend more than they ordinarily would. Then the company is always spending the max amount AND paying for the traveller AND the auditor to process all the receipts. A friend's company goes back and forth on this - it's hilarious and pathetic - and it's indicative of a company that's more concerned about its employees 'ripping it off' than being reasonable.

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