On The Year We Saved $10K: Homes and Weddings

Lauren: That's quite the healthy discretionary budget! But a healthy income too. As long as you're saving, that's kind of the main thing, right? Sara: Having an extra salary is a form of security that I (being single) envy :) I do all of the same savings things that you do and it does get to be a habit... I hope it goes into your emergency fund next! You said: We started buying the almost-not-quite expired goods at the grocery store, the ones with the “$0.50 Off!” But you probably meant: 50% off, right? I used to do that, but then the grocery store got cheap and the stickers only say 30% off... not worth it for me most days.

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On When Giving Makes You Feel Rich Vs. Poor

The only time I feel stressed about it is when I'm giving something that receiver has asked for but I think they will be disappointed with eventually. Like Pokemon cards. Sigh.

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On The Beach: A Bargain or A Bummer?

I'm not a beach person but even I enjoy reading in the breezy shade of a hot beach day.

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On The IKEA Furniture We Live With That Inevitably Ends Up on Craigslist

Aw, I would've found a corner for a cat's favorite chair! (But I don't live in an apartment building, either, so...)

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

Seems there a theme: saving=boring. But paying off mortgage/student loans with extra payments of $10k counts... that's kind of what I was referring to back when I didn't make very much and was paying an extra $15k/year. (no travel, no furniture, no car, no eating out ExceptWithFriends, no drinking, no vacations) But you know, it wasn't that bad when I was living it and it was only 5 years. Now I save more than that (no mortgage...) but it's super boring because I make more money now. Back then, it took a bit of privation, which I've gotten used to actually.

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On My First Job, Or How Not to Deal With A Boss Who Masturbates at Work

Hm, yeah, totally sexual harassment. The thing is, I think this is actually predatory behaviour - he HIRED you for this. And might be doing it to others. What a f-er.

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On More Women Are Vegetarian But More Men Are Vegan

Agreed an all points financial and ecological... maybe not sociological/gender. Unfortunately, meat is delicious and I love it. I generally only drink water (and sometimes coffee/tea) but the savings are incidental... I don't like alcohol, juice, pop etc.

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On Job of the Day: Former Beekeeping Brand Ambassador

@A-M It's possible... based on eating, lip licking, etc. But I think all moisturizers work the same way - by blocking moisture loss to the elements. I think some women might have trouble with skewed testing because lip gloss/lipstick/etc have the same effect, even if they're not using chapstick. Heh, it takes actual pain/bleeding for me to put it on.

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On Job of the Day: Former Beekeeping Brand Ambassador

@Meaghan O'Connell I can say from decades of first hand experience (and through cracked lips) that NOT using chapstick does not lead to self-moisturizing lips. I'm still too lazy to use chapstick, though when I experimented during last year's cold winter, AFTER my lips were cracked and bleading, I found it did indeed work and my lips actually healed.

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On The Billfold Book Club Discusses Helaine Olen's 'Pound Foolish'

@@fo If logic and math don't work for people, then an emotional approach that works is clearly better. I do wish they'd try some other motivational trick though, so that they'd pay off the debt efficiently.

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