On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

@TheDilettantista Hmm automatic/opt-out birth control - while I'm ideologically in favor, I think the law of unintended consequences might have disastrous effects. And just to clarify - I don't really think you're a monster or anything. And sadly, genetics do confer advantages (I could use a bit more supermodel in my genetic history, please). But it really does take all kinds, and I'm super glad that no one's counting on me to propagate the human race!! Also, if we're competing in super-evil thought experiments? Some days it's cathartic but horrifying to contemplate what would happen if I could annihilate oppressive regimes with a thought.

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On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

@TheDilettantista While I can certainly feel like "Oh god, you SHOULD NOT have kids (not ready, can't support, whatever)" the part where it crosses the line is the "not ALLOWED to reproduce". Once the issue is external restriction ... well, we're crossing into eugenics territory and (for me) absolute rejection is required.

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On A Life Without Retirement Savings

No one should be forced to look at suicide as a 'last resort' plan... that's bleak. But I really hope by the time I get old, there's a graceful planned exit available. That's not bleak, that's just good planning - and there should always be contingency in case one wants to reconsider. Currently, I'm thinking 70-75ish, depending on overall health. With regard to parents... sigh, that's hard. I don't think I'm willing to live with mine, though I am willing to throw money at the problem. But to be brutally honest, living with them as a child had me pretty far along suicidal ideation - the bleak kind.

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On When Budget Beauty Starts to Hurt

Heh that seems both too extreme and not extreme enough! Why not just replace anything you use it on an ongoing basis?

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On Women Are Saving More But Have Saved Less

@Beans as a guy who plans to remain single... Ditto!

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On Women Are Saving More But Have Saved Less

@lisaf That's a common misperception with TFSA's - that they can only be used as a 'savings account' (it's in the name!). It's actually just like an RRSP - a registered account that you can put anything in (stocks, mutual funds, GIC, etc). So you can invest in your TFSA the same way you would in an RRSP - most brokerages offer them. If you are only interested in savings accounts, though, Peoples Trust offers 3% on their TFSA... but they've had some security breaches - might want to google. RRSP vs TFSA/IRA vs Roth - it depends on what your retirement and salary look like. If you're in the highest income tax bracket, then you want the tax deduction from RRSP/IRA. However, if you'll be retiring in a high income tax bracket (you have a pension, etc) you'll want to max out the TFSA/Roth. These conditions aren't exclusive of one another, so... The difference in retirement is that RRSP withdrawals count as income and you have to withdraw a certain percentage every year. If you have a huge RRSP, that could disqualify you from some income based programs (like Old Age Security). While that's not a horrible problem to have (because you're rich!) a TFSA withdrawal doesn't even count as income.

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On Women Are Saving More But Have Saved Less

@lisaf TFSA, though our Tax Free Savings Account is a bit more versatile, I think. But the basic concept is the same - you pay taxes before you put it in, it grows (ahem) tax free, you are not taxed when withdrawing funds. TFSAs are simpler and more flexible - not income based, can withdraw earnings as well as capital, and you can re-contribute any funds that you withdraw the next calendar year.

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On The Actual Cost of My Discount Personal Trainer

It depends on what you want to do, too... It's more efficient to control weight with diet than exercise - and even though both suck, exercise makes me hungry :)

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On How To Get Our Belongings of Questionable Worth Across The Country

@TheDilettantista I gave downloaded ahem every single book that I own paper copies of. I never unpacked the physical books after the last move.

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On In College and in Search of Free Food

My only reservation would be that it shouldn't take more than minimum wage time and effort to score the free grub unless you don't have work available to you.

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