On How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chain Restaurants

@mahiki I was thinking Patisserie Valerie.

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On Outside's $1 Tipping Rule

@forget it i quit I think it should be the local equivalent of $1. Giving US currency in most countries is a pain in the ass - for small amounts, going to the bank to convert it won't even be worth it, so you're essentially giving them a pretty (and worthless) piece of paper. So, in the UK tip £1, in Europe it's €1 (those are both slightly more than $1, but you know what I mean). Even in Canada, tip with Canadian dollars, not American ones. The service charge is a thing that happens in the UK too - some restaurants include 10% or 12.5% on your bill, but there will also be a space for a tip on your credit card receipt, so you have to be wary of tipping twice. I think a lot of tourists fall into that trap.

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On Opportunities Overseas

@WaityKatie I know there are tax calculators for the UK like this one: http://www.listentotaxman.com/. I'm sure they exist for other countries too. I definitely don't think that Western Europe is the way to go if you're looking to save lots of money. I think the cost of living is comparable. Some things are more, some are less, but it essentially all evens out. (Also, don't forget that you won't have to pay for health insurance! That's a big savings for most people.) If you're looking to make enough to seriously save, you've got to go somewhere where the cost of living is way lower.

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On Opportunities Overseas

@WaityKatie You do have to pay taxes in the country you're living in. Which makes sense, since you're living in that country and using it's services. I'm Canadian, and have lived in the UK for years. I pay tax here, and haven't paid Canadian taxes since I left, except for last year when I earned some money through a property sale. I've always thought it was crazy that the US can tax you for money you make while working and living abroad (although I guess only over a certain amount). That makes no sense to me.

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On Lena Dunham Explains Why We're Jealous of Her, Is Totally Right

@plasticpalace To be fair though, that's because she was AWFUL in that movie. She wasn't given the job because she was the best actress up for the role (there's just no way that's possible), she got it because her dad was the director. If she'd been amazing as Mary, no one would have said anything, other than maybe an aside that she was Coppola's daughter. That being said, her directing career is something different - I'm sure that being a Coppola has helped her get her films off the ground. I'm sure it hasn't hurt her, in any case. Her films also really good, which is why you haven't heard much "God, are they still letting Francis Ford Coppola's daughter make movies? Nepotism, blah, blah, blah."

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On Be Nice to Your Barista ... or Else

@stuffisthings Yeah, tipping totally isn't a part of the culture here (here being the UK). You only tip at restaurants, and then usually only 12.5%. Also, she used "line" instead of "queue". Pendants unite!

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On Stop Buying Useless Crap, and Other Tenets of Militant Minimalism

@Craftastrophies I once terrified my dad by explaining to him that I'd bought something that was such a good deal that I would have been losing money if I hadn't bought it. I think I almost made his head explode with that logic.

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