On How a Couple Merging Finances Does Money

I'm moving to Atlanta and reading these comments have definitely given me more perspective.

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On "Sometimes all you can do is take the loan & worry about consequences later"

My company does this! They have a contract with a company that offers financial advice that isn't sketchy (they don't try to sell you anything they just answer any of your questions). Plus if you call them it counts toward your fitness reimbursement.

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On When Two People Work From Home in a One-Bedroom

@OllyOlly OMG my bf and I are moving in together this summer and I've never even thought about him just being there ALL the time. (Which I know sounds crazy cause duh moving in). But like you said what happens if I get home he's already there every day. And I never have the space to myself like ever? Gah!!!

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On Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPs Up Food Stamps

My criticism of this when I first saw it was the potential lack of forethought. Cause really why does she have 7 limes ?!. But if these foods will create meals to last the week then fine. I'm just skeptical that these can make cohesive complementary meals.

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On In Which I Learn That My Dream Apartment Might Be Affordable

Please move! It will be so good for you.

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On YouTube Offering Ad-free Paid Subscription Model

@Liz the Lemur Me too, I kept think but I used AdBlock Plus I don't see ads already. And honestly there's no one on YT that I love so much that would make me pay to watch their videos.

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On KonMarie and Me

I used KonMarie on my clothes and it has been such a blessing. It's allowed me to be more critical of my purchases. I've also started buying more expensive/well made clothes because I have to think about how new clothes will fit into my current space. Also just because my stuff has been KonMarie'd (?) I'm still messy as hell. For me it was more about getting rid of useless clutter rather them making me a neat organized person.

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On Our Favorite Time of the Day and Other Stories

I get what kind of culture Zappos is trying to create but a "hierarchical" system will end up naturally emerging. Will people who didn't have visibility and control before be able to show their skill set? Yes they will. But what about everyone else. Some people love direction and being given tasks to do all day. Not everyone is a leader or wants to be a leader. Some people enjoy knowing they have a to do list generated by their manager and completing it in a timely manner. I just hope this works out for them without loosing to many good people.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2015 Check-in

Loans Student Loan Feb 3877.27 Mar 3573.21 Car Loan Feb 10993.71 Mar 10733.64 Savings Vacation Feb 855 Mar 1055- 518(AirBnB reservation)= 537 House Mar 279.97 Goal 75,000 Emergency Mar 8743.96 Goal 20,000 Christmas Mar 249 Goal 1000

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On Traveling Lighter: Results

@ckd02006 I do this too!

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