On Think Of The Money I Could Make By Simply Ruining My Life With Airbnb

@peutetre If you're looking for the validation of an internet stranger . Here is it is: Call you landlord or rather write an anonymous letter detailing, with photos your neighbors infractions.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Balancing a Relationship With Financial Differences

This was really great advice. I'm facing a similar situation and even though the bf and I have talked about it, I still worry we're not on the same financial page. When I try to bring up the subject he just claims up. I gotta work on that and let him know that we're talking about this or don't let the door hit him on the way out.

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On The Odious Things We Do for Money

Someone I know grew up extremely poor would steal stuff and sell it to help feed his family. He's super not proud of it but it's also how he didn't starve sometimes.

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On Empathetic Personal Robots! $2000, Available Soon

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.....I must start preparing for the when the robots take over.

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On New Orleans Shutters Its Last Public Schools, Goes All Charter

@@fo There is more to this question then what is on the surface, it seems to me. Kenyatta is recognizing that in order to get along and not be a "troubleamker" she had to abide by the rules predominantly white authority figures have set. She seems to be picking up on the idea of her culture and identity are wrong and she must assimilate. But they are wrong according to whom? This is where code switching comes into play for people of color. You act one way in the presence of white people, be it friends or coworkers, but act different with your Black/Asian/Latino/etc friends and family. It’s really not about her not wanting to follow rules, but about her feeling like maybe her identity or sense of self is being erased in such a rigid environment.

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On At 22, Being a Starving Actor Was Romantic, But at 26, It's Getting Old

The biggest thing is recognizing what actual lifestyle your current earnings can give you. It's hard in NYC (former New Yorker) with all the glitz and glamour everything is so fabulous in the city you want a fabulous life to match it. But it looks like you don't make fabulous money. There are plenty of people in the city who survive on what you make. But you have to do the hard work of living a lifestyle that you can actually afford. It's a hard thing to face but you have to let go of the 28$ martini's so you can eat, save, and pay your rent. Once you actually have money in the bank and have saved for that friends birthday you won't want to go back. Good luck!

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On On the Scourge of 'Office Speak'

Ping me later We need to get in the ideaation phase Please advise next steps It's the nature of the business Also it's review time at my office and in the email sent out for peer review the opening line was, "___ has asked for the gift of feedback..." I saw that and nearly rolled my eyes out of my head.

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On Some News Today

Yay! the first Billfold baby. Good health to Meaghan and the baby

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On Seattle Uber Drivers Unionizing

@andnowlights In Atlanta, where I live, Uber is HUGE. That's how almost everyone gets around the city and it's how people go out to clubs and come home. Every time I've used Uber its been a professional private car/taxi service that comes to get us. (We don't use the special black car option-that's just how it worked out). But I know people who only choose Black car/SUV. So I totally understand this man investing that much in a nice SUV. He shows up in a beautiful well maintained vehicle it in theory should help with his rating.

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On When You're the First to Arrive and the Last to Leave

@twofish @twofish Are you me? I tend to do this on slow days. I have "work" up on my screen and a tiny window open in the corner where I catch up on my favorite blogs at the end of the day.

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