On Some Costs Associated With My Roommate’s Boyfriend

This is not okay, not in the least! You need to: a) tell your roommate that if her boyfriend is spending more then 60% of his time at your place he needs to start chipping in on stuff. That's not fair b)go college style and keep all your stuff (shampoo, laundry detergent, toilet paper, etc) in your room and only wash your dishes or c) find another living situation where you're not living with Bevers from Broad City

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On Should I Take This Low-paying Job in This Tough-to-break-in Field?

Don't ever forget about your need to pay bills and create a sustainable life for yourself. Adjusting your dreams isn't giving up on them.

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On Ruling Declares College Football Players University Employees

They might have to pay taxes. I got a fellowship for grad school and also worked part time. At tax time my return was around zero because they negated each other.

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On Mainly I Want to Talk About Having 13 Kids

@dotcommie I think it depends on what having your kid paying for college looks like. Should you make an 18 year old take out 100k in loans for school? No. But can your kid work part time and go to the local community college for 2 years? Yes Not everyone needs to go to a fancy private liberal arts college. Also not every parent can afford to pay for their kids college tuition, even if the child is going to the local community college. There is a way to go to school with minimal to no debt. It just takes a bit more ingenuity and time researching scholarships and other grant programs.

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On Finding a Lucky Break Recording Six-Second Videos

Really glad they have record deal. I'm listening to them on Spotify right now and they are totally relevant to my musical interests. Looks like they found another fan :)

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On Lizard Heads, Frogs, Crickets: The Things We Find in Our Lunch Salads

@annecara I agree with this sentiment.

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On Listening to Music While Working

Yes to this! When I'm doing something repetitive at work. I immediately turn on Spotify. Also on Thursdays I have this major report to due, but I've done it so much that I listen to The Read podcast. Always make it go a bit faster!

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On Let 1 Thing Go

Please don't take my 1 Thing away! I love the community of this post and it's a great reminder for me to do my 1 thing(s).

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On 18-Year-Old Sues Parents for College Money

A college education is a privilege not a right. I was reading about this last night. In NJ if a student is accepted into college, parents still have a legal obligation to the child even if they are older then 18. But then I think about what happens when the parents can't even afford college. In NY child support goes till your 21, does this mean children can sue for things their parents don't even have? Rachel is definitely being led astray by her friends lawyer father. He isn't representing her and when she loses her case she's the one stuck with 20K (she's already 12K+ in the hole) to pay back. Which she would have anyway if she took out loans for school. I'm going to be paying attention to this case to see what happens.

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On Our Guacamole Is at Risk

I remember a few years ago there was similar issue with tomatoes. Menu fast food places stopped using them in sandwiches because the price had sky rocketed. I also think this just effects Chipotle. If South American Avocado farms are fine then the rest of the supply chain should be good too.

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