On How Important Is It To Love Your Living Situation?

@andnowlights @dromeda My current job has me going to different facilities for a year. I go where my company needs me. It's a rotational program so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have 2 more moves ahead of me and 2 down so far. My company pays for everything as far the move is concerned and pays apartment deposit fees. It's not bad but it does get old. I'll be glad when I can settle somewhere for a little while.

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On How Important Is It To Love Your Living Situation?

I'm more of a Mike. But I think that has to due to my current life situation. I move every year and that a guaranteed fact cause of my job. So I more or less just need a place to hang my head temporarily.

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On How Apartment Hunting Is Different From Shoes Shopping

Nicole, do you need to move this summer? As you say you're on a month to month least. Maybe these apartments might have more openings in the fall.

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On Apartment Hunts, Communities of Excellence, and Living in NYC on $5,000 a Year

Yeah after reading that post I thought, "Well who would want to live with you?". They seem like the most uptight non fun bunch. I've ever met. Also congrats on starting your apartment hunt. I wish you well and lots of kitchen space!

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On Disloyal Grocery Shopping

I'm loyal to a grocery. I find my store and I shop there every week.

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On Disloyal Grocery Shopping

@allreb I love Wegmans too! I miss it so much since I've moved. I would drive 10 min and pass several grocery stores (I lived across the street from one!) to go to Wegmans. The sandwiches, the sushi, the bread! I'm excited for the people who are getting a Wegmans in their neighborhood!

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On Whole Foods Opening "Values-Oriented" Store For Millennial Shoppers

I wonder if you can use your phone to check to out. You can scan/un-scan groceries and you place them in your cart. (I'm assuming the target audience is people who already bring their own bags to the store). You get a receipt emailed to you. I bet everything is digitized. I just had another thought. If your phone is used to buy items prices wouldn't need to be on the self you can just scan the items (or search for it) and the price would pop up. If they even go in that direction this could be very interesting.

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On Food Substitutions

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On Food Substitutions

This is one of the reasons I'm excited to move in with the boyfriend. I don't have to eat the pint by myself anymore. Huzzah!

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On How a Couple Merging Finances Does Money

I'm moving to Atlanta and reading these comments have definitely given me more perspective.

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