On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks @ThatsMyOtter The $8200 is 3 months of expenses. I was thinking of putting the amount I'm currently saving toward the rest of the loans. But now I definitely will. Thanks for the advice!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

I have question to ask related to student loan debt: I have $12,000 left in loans and $8200 in a saving accounts. I was wondering if I should just save the $4000 this year and pay it all off next year. The only reason I hesitate is because that would mean $0 emergency fund and starting all over and I'm not exactly thrilled. But then I think no more student loans would be amazing. What do y'all think is best?

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On Nail Polish That Might Save Your Life

@guenna77 That's true, but if you keep tripping over something that keeps causing you to break your leg, shouldn't the object be removed. I get that this a good thing, but it a good thing in the sense that we're saying, "Men are going to try to rape women, so let's give women the tools to prevent said rape.", which on the surface sounds good. But I would rather focus on getting men to not rape women. It's just something to mask the real problem.

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On Nail Polish That Might Save Your Life

@Thursty Exactly it's like the article from last week about giving young women the option to use an IUD. Neither of these solve the real root cause.

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On Chatting About Amusement Parks

Y'all are making me feel bad for my love of water park> amusement park.

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On The "Give Everyone a Goalie" Kind of Sex Ed

@polka dots vs stripes I totally get what you're saying, but yet again I guess this is meant for those who want to stick their heads in the sand. But also don't want their teenage daughter to get pregnant. It's a band aid but its a working band aid until people are willing to admit their children are having sex and it's everyone's responsibility to be protected.

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On I'd Do Any One Thing For Love (But I Won't Do That)

@JNC Musings Factory I totally know how you feel. The same thing happened when my bf at the time moved in with me and got extra keys made. But Walmart is the one who screwed up, I think we ended up going to Lowe's to fix the issue. Argh it shouldn't be so hard to make keys!!!

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On How a Chronically Ill Person Does Money

This article makes my heart ache. But it seems like your trying to strike a good balance between enjoying your life and managing your finances around your diagnosis. Good luck to you and good health.

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On Equality /= Dystopia

Why do people always conflate equality with sameness. People don't want to be the same, we want to embrace and enjoy our different cultures. What we don't want is to be discriminated against due to those differences. Argh why don't people get that?

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On Help a Reader Choose Her Health Care Plan

I'm on the first consumer directed plan at my company. I would check out what's the max you can put into your HSA/HRA funds and how long can it can rollover before it expires. This way you can go for either cheaper option and have a decent amount of money sitting in one of these accounts for a medical emergency. Btw I'm really jealous that your company lets you roll over the money in account. Ours is use it or lose it.

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