On How To Get Our Belongings of Questionable Worth Across The Country

@Meaghan O'Connell Don't get bungee cords. Get ratchet cords, the bungee cords might not be be able to hold onto your heavy furniture but the ratchet cord will. I've moved long distances twice in the last two years. I've done full service movers and ABF U-Haul. U-haul was the best and cheapest. I hired movers at both ends to pack and then unpack.

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On What Marriage (And Remarriage) Has To Do With Money

Flames, flames on the side of my face about that Fox News Article. Yeah men have absolutely no responsibility in making a relationship work/fail it's all on us womyn to make sure everything is fine.

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On Friday Estimate

Groceries: 90$ Movie: Big Hero Six and Interstellar 30$ maybe- haven't decided if ill get popcorn or not So 120$. Other then that its going to be a quite weekend for me.

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

I think about this too and my decision is to raid my emergency savings to get me and my stuff-that I haven't sold-back to my parents house in NY. Right now I'm in a smallish town in Arkansas and job prospects and hunting would be much easier in the NYC metro area. Plus all of my friends and my family are back there so I wouldn't be leaving a current network of people so much as going back to one. Every time I think of this I think about how lucky I am to have that be the number option.

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On Good Morning! How'd Y'all Sleep?

@garli are you me?! I have the exact same schedule where I have to be at work by 7am. But on Tuesdays I come in late to meet our night staff (the plant runs 24/7) so I usually go to bed around midnight and wake up at 7am. Tuesday's are my favorite day of the week, simply because it lines up with my natural sleeping patterns.

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On A Father/Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: What Career Path Should I Take?

YMMV with what I'm about to say next but it's food for thought. I have an ex co-worker who got a Master's in History at NYU and worked at a museum. Realizing how much in debt she was she moved to Atlanta to work at a fortune 500 company so she could pay down that debt. After 2 years of not being in her field and having saved she decided she wanted to move back to NY. She job hunted and is now back in her chosen field and her city of choice. I say that to say that it's possible to leave your field work for a few years and come back.

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On The Results of the Money Affirmations Experiment

I did the affirmation once and forgot. I did get 200$ but that's because I already had a work reimbursement coming to me. But I went out with co-workers last night and didn't get anything, which is a first for me. So I'm counting that as a win.

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On It Depends on What the Definition of "Unlimited" Is

I was wondering if someone was going to do something about this. My friend who was grandfathered in under unlimited data always said once she reached 2 gigs, they slowed down her data rates. And I always thought that was super shady of ATT. I wish I could change my plan but I don't live near a metropolitan area and I travel for work so sometimes I'm in the middle of nowhere Virginia or Kentucky. So I need reliable service.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Dean Thomas

OMG I love how you tied both series together. I swear if you don't get a book deal, I'm burning something down.

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On My Last $100: Dating Edition

The answer is always "Own the shit out of him".

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