On A Chat With Mike The Mailman, Who Delivers the Mail (For Now)

Get well soon, Mike! He sounds awesome. I love the USPS and get very angry about the political shenanigans designed to drain it. I'll send some mail today just to support Mike and his friends.

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On 474 People in America Named Richard Rich

@Lauren I have every reason to think I am the only person in the world with my name, and that my sister and I are the only two with our last name. It's pretty cool when I think about it!

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On The Costs of Not Dying From Rabies

@stuffisthings Well, that was the optimistic part. No.

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On The Costs of Not Dying From Rabies

Is it wrong that I wish this would happen to Mitt and Paul (just the contact, not the rabies), just so they could see the bill?

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On 'I Set Out to Get as Many Scholarships as Possible'

You and I had very similar ways of affording college, and very similar ways of looking at money. Nice. Most of my education was funded through a university-granted scholarship, but I got lots of little scholarships from groups like the Lions and my grade school and the choir boosters from my high school. I got about 10 scholarships, mostly just a few hundred dollars, and for several, I was one of like four applicants. And I went to a huge high school in a big city. Crazy. And WTF would they ask that interview question?! I probably would have blurted out that story too, if it was mine, just for being put on the spot so awkwardly. :(

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On What Your Friends on Facebook Think of Your Clothes

@ThatWench I would love that. Short sizes are often still too long for me, so I'd be so happy to just try on the pants. (American Eagle, interestingly, is pretty good about stocking at least a few shorts and longs, and I've found them at Gap and Banana Republic.) And have you ever tried on the "sample" bras at Victoria's Secret that they keep in the fitting room? I never really cared, but how many boobs have been in THOSE?

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On Paying to Clean Clothes In the Dry Way

@cherrispryte I'm a big believer in steamers. And I just got mine replaced for free at Bed Bath and Beyond, because my old one burned me and I still had the box and all the parts (it was pretty new.) It's one of the most useful presents anyone has got me. Thanks, Mom.

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On Justifications Used to Buy Things I Don't Really Need, But Do Really Really Want

The thing I figured out about dates is that usually, they have no idea what your wardrobe is like. So you can wear the same things you wore to a bad date last week, or to a party (as long as there aren't too many public photos of you wearing it, I guess.) And you can keep showing up in outfits that look totally new to them for a while.

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On 'I Was Never One of the Boys'

Even in kindergarten, I had this sense that I should compete with the boys and befriend the other girls and try to boost them up. Now I try to be more gender-neutral in my interactions, but I think it was because there were 4 of us who got accelerated curriculum, and I was the only girl. Anyway, yes, let's mentor each other more! Especially in industries and communities where women are often left behind. I've learned a lot from my boss b/c he isn't afraid to teach me things and delegate. I had another boss like that at another job, and she was a great example to me fresh out of college. She was very patient and gave me opportunities to try new skills.

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On Become a House-sitter, See the World

I housesat a lot in college and have always wanted to do this around the world. I'll definitely look into this.

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