On It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Don’t Do 1 Thing

@Meaghano My mom and I used to do this thing where she would email me half of a sensitive set of number (social security number, bank info) and text me the other half with no other information in the text or email. I guess if someone swiped your phone they could still figure it out but it made us feel better about it.

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On Money Talks: An Advice Column for Women in the Workplace

@aetataureate YES. Would read.

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

@MeGaspar Yes obviously these perfectly rational choices are made in a vacuum and not impacted in any way by the misogynistic society in which we all live. I'm not trying to get all second wave on you, but there are some pretty clear limits to choice feminism.

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On OK, Gentrification is Lousy. Now What?

@apples and oranges Yeah the number of Class A condo/apt units coming onto the market in the next couple of years is the largest in the country, it seems mind boggling. On the other hand, there are a lot of well paid lawyers and think-tankers who can afford them. Where the breaking point is is an open question. There have been a couple of smaller developments that seemed to fill up immediately- the former funeral home on Florida and 2nd and the red brick place on Rhode Island and Florida. I'd love to live somewhere like that once I pay off all this student debt and leave group house life behind.

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On OK, Gentrification is Lousy. Now What?

I haven't read the article yet (I will!) but WHAT is this image? Where is the 8th ward? The Anacostia river? That's not really where swampoodle is? This is so confusing.

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

@vanderlyn If you can't understand that parenting and children are more complex calculations to me than the resources they may or may not use, this conversation is over.

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

@Ester Bloom Special thanks for #3. Parents have definitely heard the just adopt/what a waste/why tho? perspective before.

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

@vanderlyn Please tell me where these unwanted children are. And when you find them, why it is the right thing for them to be ripped from their birth parents and birth culture to be raised by someone else. Because if you've ever spent a minute interacting with the foster care system you would know it is a lot more complicated than picking out a kid from a website. Most children available for adoption in the US are over six and/or special needs and/or part of a sibling set that needs to get placed together. Are you going to provide the sick time I need to take my traumatized four year old to two family visits a week plus therapy for their PTSD and verbal processing disorder? How do you propose to balance the right of the birth parents to parent their child with both the long term welfare of that child and the immediate need for that child to be cared for? This is adoption triad thing is complex, heartbreaking stuff. Lack of permanency, termination of parental rights, adoptee anger. And international adoption is a mess, waves of corruption have all but (rightly) shut most programs down. The only program really moving anymore is China special needs. Again, more resources required, more time off, more accommodations. And this is not about having the perfect child, it is about having a family that makes sense for your life. If you are just questioning someone's base desire to parent, perhaps because you don't have that same desire yourself, you just need to accept that people have different wants than you. I don't really know how to explain my intrinsic desire to be a parent to you, and I don't have to. In the same way that you would (hopefully) respect someone's decision to terminate a pregnancy you should respect someone's desire to be a parent. You're on the internet. Do some googling (UNICEF, Hauge Treaty, UN rights of the child) and read some blogs (angry adoptee, fosterhood, fosterwee) and familiarize yourself with the reproductive justice paradigm that goes far beyond choice. And please stop dehumanizing people, particularly children, as resource usage.

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On Fall Haul

@notnefkat YEP. I don't like most of American Apparel's ads but I like that their clothing is made in safe conditions by people making a decent wage. I mean, would a reasonable person say out loud "But GAP's holiday ads are so cute, I just don't care that those clothes are made by children in unsafe conditions"

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September 2014 Check-in

In July I was considering buying a condo but I've pulled back from that idea and decided to focus on my student loans. I might be moving to a different place (one where I hopefully have my own bathroom, like a queen!) when my lease is up though. I am also very very very close to a positive net worth. I'm calculating it again on the 10th and I juuuuuust might make it. I'm targeting an ACS PLUS Loan: my dad took this out for me when I was in a financial aid bind, with the understanding that I would be the one paying it back, so it is a priority even though it isn't my highest balance or interest rate. I want to kill it by the end of the year. Merry Christmas Dad! 9/1 Balance: 3,811 10/1 Balance: 2,046

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