On Hotel Preferences: For The President, ESPN & A Gym

@Marille As a proud union member and Hilton Gold status holder Hilton is kind of the best out there. Though the Starwood system is pretty good too. That list is a boycott and LABOR DISPUTE list meaning those hotels have a union, but contract negotiations are probably not going well and the union is showing their power by calling for a boycott. Marriott is anti-union across the board. That doesn't mean NO Marriotts are unionized, but they fight them a lot harder than Hilton. The agency that does the travel for my company won't even book us at Marriotts any more because of their anti-union practices. If we have to go to one for a trade fair or something we have to book it ourselves. [I travel a lot for my job and have become one of those people who can talk about flight status and hotel points ALL DAY]

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On A (Freezing) Day in the Life of a Background Actor

There is power in a union. And that power is bacon.

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On The Doggy Bag Dilemma

I feel you on the job/"informational" interview situation most of all when you're on the side of being interviewed/screened because usually the person interviewing you pays for your meal and if you're taking leftovers it seems more like you were using them for the food? And then when you're shaking hands at the end sometimes you're juggling this container? Ugh. I love food but it isn't worth it in that context.

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On Friday Estimate

@Tripleoxer I am moving into a new rental soon and will be spending at least $5k this weekend between deposit, 1st month's rent, and deposit for the movers. At least you're building equity or whatever?

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On Friday Estimate

@A-M There's an Aveda training salon in Chinatown, friends say it is good but slow (instructors have to check it and so on). I get mine cut at bang salon and depending on the stylist you go to and the level of "finishing" you want (a thorough blowout adds an extra $10) it is between $49 and $70 for cuts. No regrets.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2015 Check-in

I’m paying off a private student loan Jan check in: $7759 Today: $7253 My original goal was paying this by the end of the year, but now I'm moving which is hella expensive. We'll see!

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

@Christy It is the unbridgeable divide.

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On Talking to Millennial Homeowners Who Just Bought Their First Home

Under 30, living in DC, currently apartment hunting. I know buying would mean a lower monthly payment, I think almost everyone knows this from the endless ads about low low LOW mortgage rates but most people don't have this part: "So we both have been saving for many years and are both fortunate to not have student loan or other debts. We didn’t do extra saving specifically for a house, but rather just realized that we’ve got the money now to move forward with a purchase."

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On The Cost of Throwing Money at the Problem of Getting Sick

Have you heard of the Stand With app? It is a good way to direct people who are all "how can I help?" it was developed for cancer patients but works for a lot of chronic illnesses. http://www.fastcompany.com/3030134/most-creative-people/standwith-is-fuck-cancers-solution-for-people-who-ask-how-can-i-help

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On CA Money vs Midwest Money, & "Relative Wealth" at U Michigan

I mean, jeez it is not like they're millionaires! Or, they don't make millions, they just have assets totaling millions, which is different. Something something Hunter boots? That whole thing was a mess.

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