On Monday Check-in

Fun and relaxing weekend. Fri night: dinner with bf $15 Sat: pedicure ($33), cheese steak (9.85) and shopping with a friend (74.05 on a new blouse) Sun: groceries (39.58) and GRE prep (99) and reading free kindle books About 237.48 Estimate 185... Hadn't anticipated going shopping

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On Friday Estimate

I am gonna try to participate in these estimates this year! - 45 for groceries - 40 for lunch and dinners out - 50? For massage - 50 for study materials Gonna have a life planning sesh with a friend, prolly go for a massage, and try to start studying for the GRE (or at least purchase some materials). $185.... Little more then I usually spend.

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On Friday Estimate

@annecara condolences and hugs :(

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On One Is the Loneliest Number, So Find a Cell Phone Family Plan

I am not on a family plan! I pay 30/mo on T-Mobile and have unlimited data and texting but very few minutes that I don't use anyway (100). My mom doesn't use the internet so I pay for her dumbphone at only 20/mo. Cell phone plans are inexpensive without the phone subsidy. My bf on the other hand is on a family plan but pays his parents every month.

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

It's interesting to see the different levels of financial support everyone has. Obv can't judge because everyone's family and circumstances. My parents were immigrants so they never had much. I borrowed student loans and got scholarships and grants for school so I always had enough for rent and just ate very frugally in college. My dad would give me money sometimes (only later did I realize it's because he bought my siblings cars and not me, so it was his way of evening the score.) Nowadays I pay my mom's cell phone bill and occasionally send a check to her. I was able to pay off a loan she owed. I never gave my dad money and I doubt he would have accepted it. Once I loaned him money when he was in a tight spit and he paid it back very quickly.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@fletchasketch is your 401k also a roth that is after tax income?

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On Waiting for That One Job

@deathcabforcutes hahaha yes. but accounting jokes are THE WORST.

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On Waiting for That One Job

Wow everyone graduated in 2009! I did too, and I got a relatively low-paying job (33k in San Francisco proper) but it provided good benefits and stability. I went back to community college and now work as an accountant and make around 67k per year! I haven't decided on going back to grad school, but seriously considering it to find a more appropriate career path for me. (Also, maybe I'll get fired because I am too sassy with my boss, so it's my fallback plan.)

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On What Is It Worth To Us To Live Alone

i used to pay about 50% (a little more) of my income to live alone (bills, rent). i've actually had pretty good roommate experiences and my roommates generally liked me, but i prefer living alone because i am total hermit and like to sleep whenever i want, have quiet time, etc. i now live with my boyfriend and it's hard to not have time alone. i'm really surprised how anyone would actually want to live with me.

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On Money Tips From John Green

I have such a nerd crush on John Green, I am embarrassed by it.

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