On Professor Dumpster Is Everywhere

@ChristinaMichelle I'm working on plays set in tiny houses right now, and I've realized that it really, really isn't for me. I've been spending ~5 hours a day each weekend in them, and they're just not for me. I don't have a ton of stuff, even, but I need real furniture like a couch or easy chair.

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On Professor Dumpster Is Everywhere


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On Secret Debt Threatened My Marriage

@Jordan, I'd've reacted like Erik. My girlfriend and I are really open about finances (and everything else, really), and a major secret like that would be really really hard to deal with. Honestly, I can't imagine him handling it any better than he did. Like, to have to reconsider your wedding on a few weeks' notice? I'd be terse too! And I would totally reconsider my wedding. I'm the one in my relationship with debt, and we won't get married before I pay it off. It's only $23,000 of student debt and $6,000 of car debt, but it's still a big deal. Like, the debt on its own is/was a big deal, and the lie made it a bigger deal. I'm glad you worked through this! And I'm glad you're writing about it.

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On Fall Fashion

I've expanded my summer wardrobe into winter by just adding tights and cardigans and occasionally boots into my winter wardrobe. I refuse to wear dress pants.

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On Analyzing America's Most Affluent Towns

I live in the most affluent town in Maryland! In an apartment that's really doesn't feel like part of the town at all and feels much more like the small city to the east. When I drive through the actual town I like to refer to it as "Mansionville," because there really are so many mansions. People are obscenely rich. We have two independent groceries (three?) and they're expensive but lovely. There are trails and synagogues and mansions. That's basically my town. I like it a lot, but mostly for the trails. My apartment is right near the creek that runs through, and the view out the windows is woods. It's quite lovely.

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On Open Thread: When Do You Replace Your Phone?

@charmcity Are you 100% sold on using the entire Apple ecosystem across your life? If you're not, go for an Android. I thought I was pro-Apple (I have a MacBook Pro) until I got an iPhone and realized I only use Chrome and Gmail, and I decided I shouldn't have gotten something just because it was pretty and my friends had it.

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On Crowdfunding Your Life, Including Your Abortion

Can I just say, I love the feminist/political tilt that The Billfold has taken recently? I'm not sure if it's the new editors or what, but it's awesome. (And I've loved literally all of the editors here ever.)

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On Trying to Define "Enough:" How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

Have you talked about your debt and how much you have and how you're paying it back? I'd be really interested in details but understand if it's too personal.

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

I'm due to be a bridesmaid in a wedding in Florida next spring, and THEY'RE PAYING FOR MY DRESS AND HOTEL. I'll only have to pay for my flight, my shower gift, my wedding gift, and incidental food. It's still going to be expensive but I'm getting three nights at a luxury hotel + the joy of seeing my dear friend wed.

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On The Billfold Book Club: David Allen's 'Getting Things Done'

I was given a copy of GTD a few years ago at work, when everyone got one. I didn't really pay attention to it then. I started reading it for real just before you suggested it for BBC. I've read a few chapters, and I've started implementing a combination GTD/bullet journal, where I write everything down in a bullet journal. I live by lists, and I'm really excited to read more of GTD so I can get a bullet journal for work and implement GTD in it. Oh, and I've also started dividing my work to-do lists into follow up, long term, projects, and immediate to-dos. It's something like GTD.

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