On The Cost of Living in a Non-Profit Women's Residence

@SnarlFurillo If I could get the all-woman communal living without the Jesus and with sex, I'd totally do it.

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On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

I don't but mostly because I'd want to spring for the gold embossing that my (ex?) boss has because it's so pretty. And I just haven't bothered. Like I haven't ordered checked for my new address even though I moved in July. Plus I'm in a bit of flux within my employer (good flux). Get them, Mike Dang!

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@notahipster Eh, you're allowed your opinion. I put my stuff on the Internet for everyone to read. (Definitely appreciate the backup from @deathcabforcutes and @steponitvelma though.) But to answer your question about what happens if I can't repay the debt (because I die), he's a 50% beneficiary on my life insurance, so he'd actually come out ahead on the deal. And if he dies, I'd just pay his widow or my siblings. And if he really needed it, like for some sort of medical emergency, I'd pay it back asap. And I'm mostly being a realist when it comes to moving back. It's highly advantageous to me to move home if necessary--I would be lowering my mother's relative mortgage payment by paying rent, my rent would be below market, and expenses would go down for both of us. We would both chafe at it, but it would be a good financial deal. I don't think I'm particularly determined to stay independent. I enjoy my independence, but living with my mom wasn't that bad. She's more independent than I am.

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On How Living at Home at 31 Taught Me Nothing and Everything About Saving

I would love to hear how your parents feel--and I don't mean that in a snarky way. My mother, however, barely wanted me to live with her rent-free or low-rent during graduate school. So I'm just curious as to the other side.

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On Parents Send Invoice After 5-Year-Old Misses Their Child's Birthday Party

Rainbow Chip frosting (far more delicious than Funfetti frosting) is no more! It was discontinued and my life has been far less complete ever since.

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On Deciding to Buy Renters Insurance

Geico administered my renters insurance but it was actually from Travelers. I loved it. Now I have Farmers, who I loathe. I LOATHE Farmers. I have Geico auto insurance and I've really only had positive experiences with them. Highly recommended. Do you think you could actually replace everything for $5000? Including all your clothes? Because even if you're a thrifter, you're probably not going to thrift when you have literally no clothes because of a fire. Doing some math--$1000 for a new MacBook Air, $300 for a new phone (being conservative for the smartphone world), $500 for a mattress (conservative), $100 for a bedframe, $200 for desk (not quite as conservative, but given that you make your living at home I think that'll get you a decent Ikea desk and chair), $100 for kindle (guessing here), $1000 for clothes (between undergarments and basic clothes and outerwear and the like, this sounds reasonable to me), $100 for basic dishes, $100 for sheets and linens. And we're still not even up to $3500. So I stand corrected, $5000 should be plenty. And it's so worth $7/month. (Cheaper than Netflix!!)

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On Advice On Employees And 403(B)s

I work for the US federal government. We get an automatic 1% of our income in our version of a 403b, and as of this year, I think, it's being automatically put into a lifecycle fund instead of into a bond-only fund. We're also auto-enrolled into 3% savings rate, so it ends up being a total of 7% of your pay being automatically saved (it's your 3%, and then the weird match means that you get 4% from the government). I think opt-out is the way to go for new employees. There's enough going on when starting a new job that you might not think about retirement, and it's easier for employees to adjust to having more income in their paycheck (when they opt out) versus adjusting to less income in their paycheck (when they opt in).

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On On Appreciating the Little Things, Especially Around the Holidays

@Intravenus de Milo I think because it's easy to say "you need to save 3/6/9 months of expenses" but it can be very hard to actually do that savings.

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

1. Around $500? 2. A $260 record player, the #1 suggested casual listening record player on The Wirecutter. It's for my girlfriend. This generally exceeds my entire Christmas budget for her but I feel guilty that she bought the Winter Classic tickets and I didn't kick in money. (It's because I kind of resent going.) (Shh don't tell her.) 3. Aforementioned girlfriend is making bread as host gifts/grandparent gifts, and that'll be something like $2 per loaf. 4. No real budget, only a sense of dread at how expensive Christmas is. (I'm on a temporary promotion so I'm only spending like one month's worth of unexpected income.) 5. n/a, though I did spend more than I intended to. But I'm happy about the record player. I'm the audiophile in the relationship even though she's the one who listens to music. 6. Everything's on a credit card for me. I pay it off monthly. 7. See above.

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On Do 1 Thing Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do

You really can be Aunt Acid now! Perhaps you could give your brother a book for infants. May I presume to suggest Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, as it is very fun to read and has bright colors for when the infant can finally see color? My one thing is to go to the gym.

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