On Return of the "Good Guy Discount"

My mom will straight-up ask for the "pretty girl discount" fairly often. She's pretty flirty, and I'd say it probably works about 30% of the time.

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On Gold Diggers And Deadbeat Dads

If my girlfriend asked me to co-sign a loan (for anything other than a mortgage or MAYBE a car), I would run in the other direction. Same with secrecy around money. Transparency around money is really important to me. (Luckily, it's important to her too.) And like commenters above, the lie would be substantial enough for me to end the relationship. Definitely.

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On Our Google Searches Reveal Our Financial Dreams

Weddings! And travel, but I intend to take those trips. I freaking love doing wedding research. I will end up eloping because I'm cheap. (Omg if June is wedding month on The Billfold I will be as happy as 1D fans are sad today.) Btw, Nicole, it's a $1 billion with a b bet.

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On Fifty Nifty Small Town Rankings

@Christy btw my apartment is like super affordable for the general dc area, for context.

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On Fifty Nifty Small Town Rankings

@BillfoldMonkey I live in Chevy Chase! (In an apartment that is $1630/month for 1000sqft. and a cat.) It is lovely, though my neighbors don't always shovel. (I am literally at the chiropractor now treating my back after a fall on ice on Friday.) My apartment complex is full of actually middle-class people and is quite diverse. Chevy Chase seems really down to earth compared to the surrounding area. I wish I were kidding.

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On The One-way Gift

I know I have, but I can't think of any examples at the moment. I do it for my girlfriend all the time, mostly in the form of books. But for others? I surprise-visited my bff in Florida last month--his fiancée knew about it but he was totally shocked. I did it as a surprise one-way gift--it was just to show him I cared about him, and I certainly don't expect any reciprocity.

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

I am a nearly-lifelong Marylander and I would not move to the Virginia suburbs, so I totally understand your feelings.

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On Location, Location, Location: Where To Move When You Could Go Anywhere

My girlfriend and I are going to do this! We're going to move from the DC area to Kansas City, because why not? It's just a matter of my girlfriend finding a job there so I can follow with my job. (I can work almost anywhere in the US.)

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On 38 Roommates in 10 years

This made me tally up my roommates. From August 2006 until May 2013, I had 22 different roommates. 14 of these were all roommates in the six-person house I lived in for three years in college. I loved that house. I got to live with some of my dearest friends in that house. My college recently bought it and uses it for offices, which is somewhat devastating.

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On City vs. Suburb

@Christy have you ever been to Wunderbar in Covington? Maybe my favorite bar anywhere.

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