On My First Job, Or How Not to Deal With A Boss Who Masturbates at Work

Dear Billfold staff, Can we please talk about assertiveness at work? And maybe even stories about it and tips for how to increase it? I'm trying to work on my assertiveness, and it sounds like perhaps if Isabel were more assertive she would have indignantly quit. (No judgment btw, I wouldn't have quit on the spot either.)

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On The Cost of Breaking Up and Moving Out

@charmcity My girlfriend and I just moved in together this month, and we're writing a cohabitation agreement this weekend, and one thing that it will specify is that she will get the apartment if we should break up. (My family is all in the area, and more of my friends are in the area. She's from across the country.) We should consider adding in the concept of breakup and moving costs, though. But I really like the idea of figuring out these things when you still really love each other and want the best for each other.

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On How David Shapiro, Creator of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, Does Money

@angry little raincloud I don't know. Referring to professions as jobs like doctor, lawyer, and banker rubbed me the wrong way. Is he saying that other careers aren't professions or professional? Because you can be a professional hairstylist, or a professional cyclist, or a professional chef. It's not just high-prestige jobs. It feels like he's saying these other types of jobs aren't professions.

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On Link Round-Up: Index Funds; Women-Oriented Companies Run By Men Because #Patriarchy

@A-M You are living the dream.

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On From Night Shift Obit-Writer to Corporate Monkey: An HR Exec Reflects

That is so true about the corporate headquarters. I'm currently a federal employee in DC, and I'm afraid that if I ever get the opportunity to leave this godforsaken hell of an area, I'd have to come back eventually.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Balancing a Relationship With Financial Differences

I highly recommend NOLO's Living Together book. It talks about all sorts of living together agreements that you can create. My girlfriend and I just signed a lease together and we've been discussing our agreement for some time now. We just have to actually implement it. It's not scary, because the book makes it so easy.

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Mallory

1. I literally snorted when I read about the triad. 2. Interesting that the older sister of triplets is in a triad relationship. I guess the brothers didn't really fight that much, and she saw how a three-person relationship (of a kind) could work.

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On I Don't Own a Microwave, AMA

My girlfriend doesn't have one, and the only time I miss it at her place is when I want oatmeal for breakfast. (I make mine with milk because I'm not a heathen.) I have one because it came with my apartment, and I use it for oatmeal and for leftovers when I'm feeling lazy. It lives above my fridge, just like the commenter above. Our new (merged) apartment will have one built in, so we'll have one. Girlfriend wanted a tiny red one, though, mostly for the cute factor. My work has a microwave, which I use for reheating leftovers and for cooking my frozen breakfast sandwich every morning. Oh! And for my microwave popcorn. I would be FAR sadder if my home had a microwave and my work did not.

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On 'Gold Diggers' 2005/1933

This song is featured in Songs of the Depression, a collection that I encountered when sound designing! I love this song--the version I have is by the Boswell Sisters. So many of the songs in that collection relate to today. (Link: http://www.allmusic.com/album/songs-of-the-depression-boom-bust-new-deal-mw0000049142)

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On The Best Places to Raise a Family (Or Not)

@samburger Take me with you! I'm trying to convince my girlfriend of the dream of the lesbian separatist compound, but (1) she doesn't want to have to live on a compound, (2) she'd rather just live alone/with our little family in a rural area and never see anyone else, and (3) she's not a lesbian so the language is a minor issue.

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