The Cost of Things in Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ Music Video

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to live in Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” video, at least for a couple of days. Pure white horses, vintage cars, gorgeous dresses, hot men … knives. Tears. Goats. It’s a glorious, overindulgent dream/nightmare vision. I love it unreservedly.

Places I’ve Lived: Sleepwalking, Mice Herding, and Craigslist

Where have you lived, Katherine Coplen?

Change Bowl

Where does it come from? Y’know, the usual places.

Things I Would Pay $200 for, If They Existed

My hypothetical $200.

My Last Hundred Bucks: Air, Power, Berries

Where’d your last hundred bucks go, Katherine Coplen?

$2, in quarters, air. For filling up my chronically-low car tires. I feel very proud of myself after this (My 1 Thing) and buy myself a Diet Coke, too.

$1, in quarters, air. For filling up my spare tire after walking into the parking lot and discovering a flat the next morning. I shake my fist at the tire gods. Don’t they know I filled them yesterday morning?!

Abridged Catalogue of Impulse Purchases (2007-2013)

Impulse fish.

The Story of My Secondhand Stuff

So here’s the story of my old stuff. It behooves me to say that I’m blessed with an extremely generous family, who’s helped me get on my feet in a variety of ways. Stuff is just stuff, sure, but everything comes with a story.